You see this dumb bitch in your room. WYD?

You see this dumb bitch in your room. WYD?

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What a weak idea for a thread. Try harder, OP.

She's a slapper. Would 100% slap the fuck out of her.

Just fucking kill her

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take out her colored contacts and cum on them


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those are her natural eyes home boy..

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Check her asshole for dildo and then finger her until she squirts like a sprinkler all over the room and my partner comes in.

Tell her, “Get out my room dumb bitch! GET!”

i see what you did there andy

Fist her bum until she wees in my mouth.

Get a mop and some towels

Is that Krissy Lynn?

I think it's Adriana Chechik

tell your to do my laundry and clean my house.

make her anus look like the end of one of those horn things

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that's the idea

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and so it begins

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vanessa lane

Dropkick her in the side of the head, rip her pants off and take back my jeweled buttplug.


throatfuck her for hours

Obloterater her cellphone, shake her purse out, take my clothes off of her, grunt, do some chest pounding, maybe a ground pant... Chase her the fuck around until she agrees to consentual sex. Mount.jpeg. Chase her the fuck out

Tell her to sit next to while I make tea.

I bend her over and pull out that shiny butt plug she inevitably has in her asshole.

Not a single one of you says "call the cops"? ya'll fucking disgust me.

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I like her. I think you're a troll faggot, OP.

Call the police. I don't know her or have any understanding of why she would be in my room.