How brutally would you fuck my emo friend?

How brutally would you fuck my emo friend?

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she looks like trash, no thanks

I would really like to grudgefuck a generic egirl until she passes out, so pretty roughly.

Insane body. Ibdon't mind the tats on her body. Except the ones on the face, gotta keep that clean.

I want to choke her so badly as i cum

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She looks like this girl who went to my high school. What's her name?

she's kinda meh. I would fuck her with an average amount of brutality

/ \

Would use face as automatic flashlight.

I would fucking destroy that whore, nearly break her neck with how hard I choke her

She’d be my fuckslave

OP is LARPing this is just an Instagram slut.


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And I know her, dumbass.

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Post a conversation between you then

And then lose her as a friend if she sees? Lmao

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Yeah keep telling yourself that. Whatever makes you feel better.

I can prove it, got kik?

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Your friend has really nice tits.


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Fuck if you are sharing her on kik - Brashanon

Lol I'm not giving you my kik you're a freak who pretends to know women and post them on Cred Forums so people give you sick fantasies about them.

I wouldn't

....and she's not your friend because you pay for her show.

Why wouldn’t you?

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Any pics of her feet???


Check her insta. It's literally watermarked into her photos

I cant find feet on her insta. She needs to post. I’m sure they’re hot

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I didn’t see any feet pics. Either she has Eagle Claws like Charlotte Flair or Chiclets for toenails...

Or she just doesn't wanna feed into foot fetishes? Not all girls are chill with that lol

She poses in lingerie, why stop at feet?

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Who were you thinking of? Pamela?


I want to see her in some fucking porn

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With a body like hers, it would be pretty rough user.