Republicans take back house (guaranteed)

>Republicans take back house (guaranteed).
>Impeachment formally expunged and removed from all record.
>yes they can do that.


inb4 "doesn't work that way" because it works EXACTLY THAT WAY.


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how does it work like that

You’ll understand how dumb this is once you get to Civics class in high school.

b sure is random

cant you pick something new to meme, this one is 4 years old

it does not work "exactly that way". you're reaching on them retaking the house, and impeachments don't get expunged.

You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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how does that have anything to do with what i said?

I can't imagine giving a shit about his record one way or another. The people who crow about how impeachment is forever a stain on his dignity as a person all need to be recycled into raw protein.

I'm hoping some republicans lose their seats over this. A lot of people on both sides wanted a real trial at the very least. But I don't really expect it.

Our best hope is Bernie. He's the only one who realistically has a shot. The DNC is absolutely hell bent on cutting their own dick off in order to preserve the status quo, though. So we'll see.

The house could pass a resolution to expunge the impeachment from the record. What actual, tangible effect that would have is debatable.

The effect is that the impeachment is removed.

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Well said, brother. Bernie or bust!

I mean it will always be on congressional record, it doesn't really do anything, even Turley says
> It will create a record of its own but not alter the record of the prior Congress.

Yes? And? An unenforced impeachment isn't worth the paper it's written on. You're just following up bullshit political theater with more bullshit political theater. Can we please move the fuck on?

>Democrats take control of the Senate
>Reopen impeachment
>Retroactively find him guilty, reverse any and all accomplishments that happened after the Republicans in the senate went rogue.
>yes it literally can happen.

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Yes, and expunge that shit also. Don't worry, it will happen. Our gift to Trump, our finger to Pelosi.

>my tits when my fathers been impeached...twice

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Nips out for impeachment

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take control of Senate how? They can't even control a caucus in a little flyover town.

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Republican education ladies and gents.


He must be from Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee. One of these shithole red states.

anywhere, as long as it's not dealing with that question

we all knew it was bullshit in the first place

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Trump's a cocksucker, everyone knows it.

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>You can touch my tits for free though, everyone else has

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the joke
your head.

christ you leftist faggots are actual retards.

>being dumb
>HAha I waS ONly pReTeNdiNg tO bE reTarDEd

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>doesn't get the joke
>haha everybody but me is dum

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when i was looking for cheap glasses to see the eclipse, i saw some that were popular and looked just like those, black with gold letters. reviews were that they were crap and NOT to buy them because they weren't truly safe. i got another set that were white and came with a book about the eclipse. i was drunk and stoned that morning, ditching the first day of school, and i got to see it pass over the sun in three major moves. next one is in 2024 or something and will the same, but cover a different part of the sun and go in a different direction when viewed from arizona. i can't wait.

Happens all the time on /b. Its getting so you can't distinguish the retards, the false flags pretending to be retards and the bots that have been trained to seem retarded so they fit in.

What a fucking loser of a human being. Look at his ugly face.

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Fat dick monkey dick clammy dick granny dick spider dick micro dick slave dick horse dick veiny dick throbbing dick nutting dick cut off your dick bloody dick screaming dick hospitalized severed penis reattachment surgery dick.

Roll, evens fucks Ivanka, odds have to vote for Trump

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Watch me roll evens, and vote for Trump anyway

sounds like enough shit to make a man go insane.

almost in tears at her dad's inauguration

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non-cringe version

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Can’t dog. She won’t fuck you then. Rules are rules.

Cringed harder at Trump unironically giving the peace sign.

bet like he could learn a thing or two from YOU right? hahaha

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we definitely care

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>Trump lost the popular by 3.5 million.
>Scraped a win in the electoral
>Against Hillary
>After Comey fucked her over right before the election

It's been four years,Trump has delivered fuck-all in regards to his promises and a chunk of his voters have either died or decided they don't like him anymore. The only way he gets re-elected is if the Dems shit the bed and even then it's not a done deal.

Trump is nowhere near as secure as he believes and I For one can't wait to see his bitch tears if the election does fall blue.

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Happy Canadian here, let's go Trump 2021

God I love it when they stay mad

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Bernie can't win.

We appreciate your support and vow to immediately deport Megan Markle from your glorious country as soon as Trump starts his next term.

Tfw you stay mad kid

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>he only way he gets re-elected is if the Dems shit the bed
I mean to be fair that's exactly what they're doing.

And that's not the only way he gets re-elected.

It would take a smoking gun for him to lose.

Trump winning in 2016 revealed the silent majority. After his voters realized they weren't alone, they became less and less scared to publicly share that they voted Trump. Now that it's way less taboo, Trump will gain voters.

The left is not gaining supporters, nothing has been done to drive people who didn't care enough to vote in 2016 to support them. If anything woke culture will drive these people to vote Trump out of spite.

Lastly the DNC votes are split. If they fuck Bernie again, which they've already started doing and will finish, Bernie supporters will likely just not vote at all.

The only votes the democratic candidate will get are from Never Trumpers.

If they haven't been able to fuck Trump yet, they're not going to before this election. So their really is no hope in sight for the dems in this election.

Thank you and have a good night.

>The left is not gaining supporters
Every day more whites die and more shitskins stream over the southern border and shit out 50 kids. I agree with everything you say (trump's definetly winning) but don't get cocky.

There's not enough time for them to import enough immigrants to sway even 1%.

I'm not trying to be cocky, I constantly fear that the dems are going to pull some bullshit especially since they make up some shit and launch an investigation every two weeks but as of now I really don't see how they could win.

Sorry trumptards lost moderately thinking republicans. Demoshits going to win the house and senate for two years

>There's not enough time for them to import enough immigrants to sway even 1%.
All they need is to flip Texas and Florida and that's it. Game over. Both of those states are border states and are being overrun by shitskins and cubans. Don't kid yourself, Donald Trump is the last republican president.

Also, Pelosi crying the entire sotu was way too real. If she had any hope at all she would've been her normal smug, bitchy self. It's clear how badly she hates Trump and her demeanor told a story of someone who knew they're going to lose badly and can't do anything about it.



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Not a chance.

Long legal entry process to US and illegals can't vote.


if anything white men are becoming more extreme


Seethe in... BOI

Can I have some of whatever it is you’re smoking?

>posting this unironically

Yea bro, you jack off to hot chicks. You're a better pussy grabber than orange man.

Or, just KYS for being such a sad sack of shit.

>illegals can't vote.

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Or just KYS you pathetic whiny little fucking internet faggot.

Pelosi is a paid actor, she's not one of the puppet masters.

Scraped? It was a landslide.

take out all them illegal votes, and he won by a landslide


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He can't defend his words, none of the left has been able to since early Obama.

The Right says debate
The left says you hate


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Since that's funny, explain to me in detail exactly how illegals register to vote.



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I figured. I usually stay away from CNN and FOX but all the independent news sources i know have said the opposite of what he did. That moderates and even actual Democrats are jumping ship because of all the bullshit. I just wanted him to link a CNN or WaPo article.

California is online.

Oh did I trigger you, snowflake?


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Yeah Dems jumping ship is kind of exaggerated itself as only one guy did as far as I know. If sources don't lie they have to exaggerate or they'll get no viewers.

That idiot was probably talking about Mitt Romney. He's not changing parties, he just voted against Trump for impeachment bc he fell for the Dems false rhetoric.

i think you need to get doctor, quick

So you're both foreign and dumb.

>he doesn't realize there's no precedent
Until NOW. The House retains the power of impeachment, nothing out of order with the constitutionality here.

they can't change previous congresses records

If that were true, laws would never be overturned.

Nobody expected it to go through. I suspect the who investigation was another propaganda piece.

Old question.
What is the go with this dudes hair?

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laws are not records

Laws aren't ever overturned.

Laws can be amended or removed.

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>>Scraped a win in the electoral

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This is the absolute state of the republic party. No achievements, no accomplishments, nothing delivered on any of the campaign promises.
The only thing to celebrate or discuss is that somehow Trumpypoo has managed to avoid prison for another month.

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So can an impeachment based on fraudulent evidence and hearsay. All it takes is a new resolution being drafted exonerating the president.

wrong. sorry buddy but you're going to need a constitutional amendment to remove that type of shit from a record

I'll see your bitch ass in class tomorrow, faggot

Under what section and clause? There is NOTHING in the constitution for or against overturning an impeachment, the power simply lies with the House to make determinations regarding it.

This is stupid

Why is it that everyone here can tell just by your few sentences that your a young Californian?

Must be the echo.

why is no on one mentioning Trump's obvious medical condition? He' can hardly stand up. His pupils today were full blast "I just snorted 10 Adderall" big. He's a fucking mess.

Proof that this country is full of ignorant rednecks.

>There is NOTHING in the constitution for or against overturning an impeachment
which is why you would need one

You do understand that impeachment is not a criminal offense, it is not on some criminal record. It cant be removed because its now part of history. Its not like the house of representatives can somehow make it so that history books don't list Trump among the presidents that have been impeached.

Thank you for pointing this out, but it's only fair to say the same thing about the Democrats. I'm liberal and Trump is obviously retarded, but the DNC and these young Democrats in the house are just as dumb


There's no need since the power of impeachment covers it in its entirety. "Power of" = full-control. Period.

You don't overturn an impeachment.

An impeachment is a call to question, it's not like a criminal charge.

Bernie? If you are counting on the communist Jew to be your savior, you have severe mental health issues or you are a lazy nigger looking for gibs.

once the articles get sent to the senate, you can't revoke them, which is what the whole showdown of pelosi holding them was for


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>Impeachment formally expunged
yawn. there's no such power.
>inb4 reality

Guy's been boring as fuck.
Zero impact on the status quo.
Yuge disappointment.

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Ice try. We already played that trick on Hillary. Get your own dirty trick.

If thats the case then why don't you leave?

You're special ain't ya, Mississippian?

It still occurred in error, no sense in letting it fly.

The vote was already cast, she was a hair's breadth from being held to the very charge they tried to pin on Trump, "Obstruction of Congress". Once the vote was cast she was under obligation to send it, likewise she could also hold a vote to overturn the very impeachment they laid out. Such is the great machine of bureaucracy. Nothing is permanent provided the votes are present.

It could, but the chances are somewhere between slim and none. There is a very good chance that the Democrats overreach will energize the conservative base and the republicans retake the house and expand their majority in the Senate plus Trump gets landslide reelection.

Can tell by your tone that you have severe depression and a high chance of committing suicide in the future. You should get help.

nice ATTEMPT at a save.
Every trumpy does the same as their SFB hero does.
>it was a joke
>no, what I meant was....
>i never said that

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Did he hit a nerve lol, spic.

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> she was a hair's breadth from being held to the very charge they tried to pin on Trump, "Obstruction of Congress"
lol, no.
>Once the vote was cast she was under obligation to send it
correct, but it was her choice on when to
>Likewise she could also hold a vote to overturn the very impeachment they laid out
before she delivered them to the senate, yes, but after that, no.
>Nothing is permanent provided the votes are present.
the congressional record is

This is your family after inbreeding

God damnit, liberals are so mad lol

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MAGA hats don't pay for themselves

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>the silent majority
>lose popular vote by millions
>win because antiquated way of performing vote
the silent majority is just people in shithole redstates getting more say than they deserve

>lol, no.
Holding the Senate back from conducting regular business is an obstruction and not delivering articles of impeachment post-vote is a dereliction of her duty as Speaker.
>her choice on when to
See above. It's not, the House is only one-half of Congress.
>before she delivered them to the Senate, yes
She could but there would be no point, since they had literally just voted to proceed by a wide margin. Post-delivery (i.e. Right now), she could hold a vote to overturn the previous ruling IF she wanted to. It's the House's prerogative to give or take, as per the Constitution.
>congressional record is
Indeed, the new resolution overturning impeachment will be included in it, if they so choose to pursue it.

>be a smug jackass
>take pride that people get annoyed with your bullshit
modern republican idealogy has a shallowness the midcentury republicans wouldn't have believed

Thanks, Obama.

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Promise kept:
100 miles of new wall build w/ 400 more by end of year
2 new trade deals
Over 40 regulations repealed
Lowest unemployment in 50 years
Economy rocking
Manufacturing jobs returning
157 billion dollars reprated to US by US companies
2 possibly 3 dead terrorists
Criminal justice reform
Shall I go on?


California and New York have entire homeless cities.

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>Holding the Senate back from conducting regular business is an obstruction and not delivering articles of impeachment post-vote is a dereliction of her duty as Speaker.
they can continue working until the articles are delivered, that's how impeachment works. i mean there's 500+ bills in mich's graveyard that they could have voted on while waiting.
>See above. It's not, the House is only one-half of Congress.
sole power of impeachment is the house
> Post-delivery (i.e. Right now), she could hold a vote to overturn the previous ruling IF she wanted to.
no, you cannot, or else you would have seen republicans try to take them back after clinton.
>Indeed, the new resolution overturning impeachment will be included in it, if they so choose to pursue it.
well they have to get it done by the end of the congressional term(jan 2021), which is highly unlikely.

Don't bother, they'll just tell you everything you said is a lie. Then they'll refuse to back it up with facts because, well, they don't exist. Then they'll insult you because they think it will actually make you mad but the truth is that they're the ones with the thin skin.

but true.

I would rather be homeless, than live in a decrepit trailer park in Missitucky wearing my maga hat waiting for my E B T
But, hey. You do you

mmmm milkers ahhhhhghhhhhhghh

Texan here. Texas will never be blue and we have too many safeguards in place to keep the illegals from voting. Most legal Hispanics and US born Hispanics vote conservative. Sorry burst your bubble.

Can't wait until the coronavirus eradicates California.

That will rid us of at least half the fags and a good deal of spics too.

Keep up the good work.

why are we stuck at 2% gdp growth?

i kept telling retards back then that he wasn't actually impeached yet but all they could screech was

Guess i got the last laugh but is it really the last laugh if I already knew they were retarded?

Impeachment isn't the only business the House brings to bear, nor is it the only matter that the Senate responds to. There's more to congress than impeachment. Republicans had no need to overturn Clinton's, nor did Democrats even attempt it although they could have. The 117th House of Representatives will overturn the previous House's articles, there's no law forbidding it. Cope, I suppose.

>>Promise kept:
miles of new wall build w/ 400 more by end of year
he was promising to throw the wall up with mexico footing the bill within the year
he's only managed 25 miles of fencing a year? lol
new trade deals
because he tried to erase the old ones to own the libs and engage in a trade war and the business republicans shat their pants because he was fucking over their bottom lines
>>Over 40 regulations repealed
yeah. shit water, more pollution, unsafe products and all the other dumbfuck shit you faggots think is a great idea. maybe once another river catches fire, twice, we can actually fund and push the EPA again.
>>Lowest unemployment in 50 years
I grant that. Too bad our economy is all gigs and no benefits for most people. but fuck them, right? that seems to be ya'lls usual tact. I'm wondering how they're counting as well. I remember them discarding people that were looking too long and other shenanigans.
>>Economy rocking
meh. wall street rocking. average consumer not doing so hot.
>>Manufacturing jobs returning
I don't know anything about manufacturing, so I'll take your word for it
billion dollars reprated to US by US companies
I assume you meant repatriated
>Even so, the total remains well short of the $4 trillion President Donald Trump said would return as a result of the 2017 tax law
possibly 3 dead terrorists
asking an ally to barter peace with an ally and enemy, then smashing the enemy is just the kind of bullshit you guys love, isn't it. make sure the word of the US isn't to be trusted under any circumstance
>>Criminal justice reform
>>Shall I go on?
sure. I hear mostly bullshit about trump because of my news sources. the guy looks like a hack that's surrounded himself with family and yes men, driving out anyone that disagrees or bores him and generally being a prick that failed upward his whole life

>100 miles of new wall build w/ 400 more by end of year
>2 new trade deals

>Over 40 regulations repealed

Lets us know how you feel about that when you get cancer.

>Lowest unemployment in 50 years
Riding the Obama economy

>Economy rocking
See above.

>Manufacturing jobs returning
WRONG. Google it tard, we are bleeding MFG jobs

>157 billion dollars reprated to US by US companies


>2 possibly 3 dead terrorists
Still pissed Obama got Bin Laden are ya?

>Criminal justice reform
Yeah, especially if your name is Joe Arpiao

>Shall I go on?
Go on Lying?, sure you and trump are good at that at least.

Watch fox news
repeat fox news
watch fox news
repeat fox news

Attached: fox nation.jpg (205x153, 7K)

Remember when he said he wouldn't take campaign donations and would finance it himself. And then he didn't spend a single penny on the campaign and let stupid republicans pay for it? Yeah. I remember that.

Another Texan here. Let me add by saying the reason we appeared purple during the midterms wasn't because we're getting more liberal, but because so many of us can't stand Ted Cruz

>Impeachment isn't the only business the House brings to bear
and the house can still do shit until the speaker of the house decides to send them articles over. Republicans dun goofed, and newt knew it. I don't know of any other way to get through to you with this, but the 117th house can't change the records for the 116th. So you will have to get a constitutional amendment to allow them to do it, which is next to impossible, all for something that will remain on a wikipedia page, news article images all over the internet. It will look even more like a coverup, which i guess i should be supportive of.

More like your already beat out asshole to Trump lmao you fucking cuck

he was impeached, dumbass
he was acquited in the senate
impeachment just means the house has determined he's a piece of shit. the senates job is to try him. the senate responded that he looked pretty republican and closed the matter as fast as their chamber's bylaws allowed.


Damn, you called it

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Closer to 4. I believe the last quarter was 3.6

I gotta bullet with a name on it
bullet with a name
I gotta bullet with a name on it
bullet with a name

Attached: czech-republic-studena-slaughterhouse-pigs-slaughtered-hangs-bleeds-BA6JJN.jpg (1300x918, 173K)

Attached: GIF-200205_170138.gif (320x240, 1.71M)

I'm sorry facts and truth don't matter to trumpies.
Or was it just too may words for you?

Attached: rudy.gif (320x240, 1012K)

Attached: IMG_20200205_214454.jpg (2048x1536, 520K)

Might want to look that up again, chief.

user. I'll make this as explicitly simple as a I can. There is no law or amendment to alter, the Constitution states that the power of impeachment lies with the House, always as their constitutional power. That power doesn't grant immunity to previous House's of Representatives. Perhaps you should try reading the Constitution.

lol no, 2.1

Attached: gdpgrowth.jpg (757x377, 47K)


>list bullshit
>"they'll just call your bullshit because they're mad"
>"hey that's bullshit"

>That power doesn't grant immunity to previous House's of Representatives.
It prevents future representatives from altering previous session's records. I certainly hope by this point you are just trolling, and haven't gotten your hopes up, but hey, you do you

Join now before it's too late

What are you gonna shoot it out of, that hole they left after you had your dick removed?

Everyone knows it's against the law to sell guns to lgbts bc they're not human.

They downgraded it. I was wrong. At least I can admit it.

this is a tardgradememe. only the most resilient idiocy can survive direct exposure to the void inside their heads.

>Don't bother, they'll just tell you everything you said is a lie. Then they'll refuse to back it up with facts because, well, they don't exist. Then they'll insult you because they think it will actually make you mad but the truth is that they're the ones with the thin skin.
Quit proving him right

are you 12?
Seriously, you sound, at best, like a high school kid.

They promised 4% with those tax cuts yet we are staying at 2.

and you two just keep sucking each others prepubescent dicks

Try harder.

Attached: Polaroid.png (600x470, 98K)

the GDP might be, but the richfags are making bank off the lack of taxes
more poors getting desparate too, so even the trickle down is getting cheaper as more turn to whoring

>Then they'll insult you because they think it will actually make you mad but the truth is that they're the ones with the thin skin.
You just can't help it, can you?

well it's not just that, but it's less tax revenue than what they were claiming would come in, that's why he's on track to add more debt than obama


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Attached: 1581048165376.png (800x1131, 1.37M)

Attached: 1580964992062.png (428x480, 236K)


Attached: GIF-200206_095344.gif (232x232, 1.43M)

the republicans always run up debt without bothering to find ways to pay it. then they cry the whole time the democrats balance the budget, telling anyone that will listen that the dems are just taxing them to toss the money in a hole somewhere and that they'll stop it next time!
of course, taxes just get paid to military contractors, poor people, farming bills etc. the money doesn't vanish, it just floats back up to the same coffers it was taxed out of while doing some good along the way.

Why do you think everyone is like you? Kinda peculiar.

>Impeachment formally expunged and removed from all record

why would they want to do that if he is innocent

Attached: 015.jpg (102x120, 4K)

>You just can't help it, can you?
I can't.
I try to teach the uniformed, the under educated,
But, trumpies usually just screetch
>no u
so I have no choice but to leave all rational thought behind and stoop to their level, just to TRY to get their simple little brains to understand anything beyond 2 or 3 word phrases captain douche bag feeds them.

I'm sure you'll now quote this with another witty
"you just cant help it" type of reply.
Thats OK, it's the best you can do with a 7th grade education.

I hope you are the teenager I think you are, because if you are an actual adult, GOD help us.

>More like your already beat out asshole to Trump lmao you fucking cuck
Seriously, WTF are you trying to say here?

>Don't bother, they'll just tell you everything you said is a lie. Then they'll refuse to back it up with facts because, well, they don't exist. Then they'll insult you because they think it will actually make you mad but the truth is that they're the ones with the thin skin.
How's it feel being a walking stereotype?

you can't "remove" trump's impeachment from historical record.

the house impeached him, kid. he'll always be the 3rd president in the US who was impeached

>thinking you can expunge and remove an impeachment
>only a republican can be so retarded -- or a russian

Attached: KEK.png (229x220, 94K)

Any of you sun starved bootlicking zionist tumpist incels willing to meet in the streets. If any of you chan-inoculated social rejects lives in the Minneapolis area. 2701 4th St. se mn 55414, Minneapolis, MN. drop your fucking kik or whatever. Really want to meet one you dudes face to face.

>the uniformed, the under educated,

Attached: 000-027.jpg (660x660, 67K)


Attached: dddddasdd.png (1654x1270, 1.36M)

oh god the fucking asshurt kys

Attached: 000-287.gif (475x278, 1.81M)

>Texas will never be blue
Yes it will dumbass. Beto lost by a thin margin. Clinton lost Texas to Trump by 9%.
Sorry, Sanders is taking it.

Kek being a liberal at this point in the game is just a maturity issue plane and simple. Don't debate me cause I know I'm right.

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Attached: 1580765609919.jpg (640x480, 60K)

>Watch fox news
>repeat fox news
>watch fox news
>repeat fox news




just like they said trump will never win
>never say never

Unironically using 'Kek' at this point in the game is just a maturity issue plane and simple. Don't debate me cause I know I'm right.

Attached: 1497754195582.jpg (843x768, 111K)

I'd throw a draft at you but you'd probably dodge it.

Wait are you an idiot?
Would you like a record of you being accused of sexual assault 5 times, even though later acquitted?
Shit’s gonna follow you

Trump is literally the father.

Never brought a shred of information to back up your refusals, yet he’s the uninformed one?


Go to grindr if you want to find a man.

14 Y/O detected

>being a liberal at this point in the game is just a maturity issue plane and simple.

>plane and simple
>a maturity issue

It's PLAIN you retard

> Don't debate me cause I know I'm right.

>A bachelor's in gender studies counts as being more educated than being a welder
Let that sink in

but you want to cover it up tho

Attached: 023.jpg (841x1071, 99K)

You are the dumbest of fucks.

>Go to grindr if you want to find a man.
or see if melania is available
>she has a bigger dick than donny, not that's saying much though

>are you an idiot

Attached: 000-343.jpg (500x376, 31K)

That's the last president that has a tranny wife, user. What you on?

Attached: 1581021332270m.jpg (1024x792, 83K)

but I bet you think trumps degree from wharton, is better than Obama's from Harvard? right?


Attached: 1581050123249.jpg (1280x1779, 362K)

good thing that the ability to develop an app is unrelated to campaigning for office

Cool whataboutism bro. Try addressing the point next time

keep repeating
keep repeating
follow the retard leader

Attached: trump moron.jpg (480x319, 23K)

only 10% of the degrees in that analysis came from humanities disciplines, within that domain probably less than 1% were gender studies since communications majors took up the vast plurality. Also those holding advanced degrees in STEM fields bend to the left. Also those with left wing views generally score substantially higher on IQ tests, and a propensity to creative thought.

Attached: Political ideology.jpg (590x472, 22K)

I know ZERO about gender studies.
Maybe ask one of your dads

Literally the only reason I am repsonding is that those are SOME BODACIOUS TATAS.
Now post nuds or I will kill your whole fambly.

>I know ZERO about gender studies.
>Maybe ask one of your dads
Because yours no longer speaks to you?

Attached: ylyl_175.png (903x866, 50K)

Love all that sauce you provided to back up those Reddit images (that are totally based on current data)

Attached: 1577890013217.jpg (1080x1147, 196K)

psychologytoday put dot com in fAGGOT /us/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201003/why-liberals-are-more-intelligent-conservatives

>obvious bias
>article based on one study
>and it's not even cited
>only reference is another article written by the same guy
I know calling himself the Scientific Fundamentalist probably wasn't supposed to be a reference to self-fellation and circular logic, but kek

Why would anyone follow the cleaning lady of the house?

the mere fact you have that meme, says all we need to know about you.

jesusfuckingchrist I KNOW you trumpies can hardly read, but I (wrongly) assumed you can see pictures, and tell the difference between genders

>I'm so assblasted
Then this must really fuck you up

Also, nobody can say that, even when arguing with the cuckiest of libs, I don't check em

Attached: YAipVON_LN09mEvzIGOF6mm3gbNKR_rm7mWLS1eXdEg.jpg (640x1069, 80K)

>all that money
>cant buy a decent bra

Attached: !!!.jpg (210x240, 5K)

Bullshit. That commie Jew doesn't stand s chance in hell in Texas.

trevanka's tits are down to her HIPS!


They can't even manage a caucus in Iowa....why should the Democrats be trusted to run the whole country?

OP is a coward

Exactly what bias?
and really
>one study
Here you go dude:
Alexander, Richard D., John L. Hoogland, Richard D. Howard, Katharine M. Noonan, and Paul W. Sherman. 1979. "Sexual Dimorphisms and Breeding Systems in Pinnipeds, Ungulates, Primates and Humans." Pp. 402-435 in Evolutionary Biology and Human Social Behavior: An Anthropological Perspective, edited by Napoleon A. Chagnon and William Irons. North Scituate: Duxbury Press.
Atran, Scott. 2002. In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Gale, Catharine R., Ian J. Deary, Ingrid Schoon, and G. David Batty. 2007. "IQ in Childhood and Vegetarianism in Adulthood: 1970 British Cohort Study." British Medical Journal 334:245-248.
Guthrie, Stewart Elliott. 1993. Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion. New York: Oxford University Press
Hamilton, William D. 1964. "Genetical Evolution of Social Behavior." Journal of Theoretical Biology 7:1-52.
Haselton, Martie G. and Daniel Nettle. 2006. "The Paranoid Optimist: An Integrative Evolutionary Model of Cognitive Biases." Personality and Social Psychology Review 10:47-66.
Horne, Christine. 2004. "Values and Evolutionary Psychology." Sociological Theory 22:477-503.
Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2001. "De Gustibus Est Disputandum." Social Forces 79:1131-1163.
Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2002. "Bowling with Our Imaginary Friends." Evolution and Human Behavior 23:167-171
Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2004a. "The Savanna Principle." Managerial and Decision Economics 25:41-54.
Kanazawa, Satoshi. 2004b. "General Intelligence as a Domain-Specific Adaptation." Psychological Review 111:512-523.
Stigler, George J. and Gary S. Becker. 1977. "De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum." American Economic Review 67:76-90.
Trivers, Robert L. 1971. "The Evolution of Reciprocal Altruism." Quarterly Review of Biology 46:35-57.
Whitmeyer, Joseph M. 1997. "Endogamy as a Basis for Ethnic Behavior." Sociological Theory 15:162-178.

They have been saying Texas will turn at the next election for the past 30 years. They even did a recent study at UT and found that the people moving in from California become more conservative the longer they live here.

bernie sanders isn't a democrat

vote DSA in 2020

Ha,ha,ha, no.

Go back to Cred Forums. Republicans will be lucky to keep the senate.

They take their state-issued California or New York Drivers License to the polling place and vote. Not that hard to figure out, really.


sounds like you're a fagot who listens to book learnings

go back to france you queer

if you pay taxes should should be able to vote

illegal means nothing if you work and pay taxes

>expecting Cred Forums to have nuance
I agree, but dude

you're the dude, shut the fuck up idiot

stop posting this cringe cope

>posting 'cringe cope' sincerely
dude you realize its the 2020 primary, not 2015

YOU have the gay meme and, i'm the cuck?
well there's some projection there

Oh, but wait, random digits decide truth?
In the eyes of retards, i guess they do

Attached: stupid jet.jpg (432x343, 15K)

That's not how that works. Donald Trump has been impeached and there will never be a point ahead of us in time where that us untrue.

the famous american presidential race that happens every 5 years


They would first need to amend article 1 section 5 of the constitution to be able to remove any of their past proceedings from the record. They are constitutionally bound to record all proceedings, permanently. Removing the impeachment from the record would violate the constitution.

Why are you so angry? Your Godfather won.

That one made me laugh. Actually I am a cowboy living on my own land with a degree in cyber security. I also happen to live in the redest part of Texas.

All I was saying was, stranger shit has happened.
AKA a fucking retard clown draft dodger con man became president because he said maga/buildthewall and the tards followed.
>just sayin

cybo what now

shut the fuck up you queer

If they would fix the laws so it is impossible for an illegal to get a job or rent a place to live it would solve the whole problem.

hows the meme war been going?

you might as well try to fix the laws so it is impossible for illegal firearms to exist

it would solve the whole problem

>one study
The article you linked referenced one study without even citing it. That's verifiably true. The fact that you thought that an op-ed piece was equivalent to actual scientific research is laughable.
>This reference page from your gender studies graduate thesis
Based on the titles (that's all you have me to go on), only three of those MIGHT address IQ differences between political ideologies, and all of them were written during the Bush administration or earlier. Considering one of my qualifiers was CURRENT data, I feel no need to reply further

forget about that, you should meet my friend red herring

he's got it all figured out

Found your Twitter account
>pic related
It's you

Attached: shino_puppy.jpg (900x1200, 191K)

I mean seriously. It's like Pied Piper tweeting and the retards just follow.

dont doxx yourself OP its against the rules


Attached: 1580942804983.jpg (401x455, 38K)

Maybe he wouldn't have won if he had an opponent that wasn't even worse
>just saiyan

Attached: IMG_20190419_212526_182.jpg (117x155, 5K)

All it would take on the illegals problem is to make the fines so high that it would not be profitable to risk it. A million dollars per violation should do it. The problem right now is that if a company saves enough money hiring illegal then there is a profit incentive for them to do so. Take away that profit incentive and they will quit hiring illegals. No job and the illegals will quit coming.

>n-no u!
Damn, you're even running out of 3rd grade insults?

Attached: american_politics_2019.jpg (1024x768, 132K)

likewise if we fined illegal firearms at a hundred billion there wouldnt be any illegal firearms

bingo bango gun control problem fixed

>>pic related
>It's you
redundant much?

what are you 15, 16?
First time on /b?
i'll go with both

Acquitted Like these patriotic Americans !!!!!

Attached: 85139997_10207201139943597_8344319409640177664_o.jpg (809x960, 102K)

>expunge = unimpeachable

the democrats should file new articles of impeachment for some of the other allegations that are on record

Nah m8, been here since before you were hired to stop is from meme'ing Trump into a second term. I just argue at the level at which I am certain that my opponent will realize that he's being insulted

Attached: 1535755678494.png (1595x941, 151K)

Don't forget Hillary. She was acquitted as well

commiefornia is in 72 billion dollars in debt

Except that gun ownership is protected by the Constitution. We actually need less gun control. Every gun law past the 2nd amendment is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Once you get rid of the illegal laws then there would be no illegal guns. Presto problem solved.

She was never on trial,retard.

There was a third article of impeachment. Bribery . congress kept that on hold

Sorry my mistake. They let her off the hook after declaring that, due to gross incompetence, she did not knowingly commit a crime.
Again, my bad, friend

Imma fuck my fleshlight n think of her no cap bros, as soon as the shit arrives imma fuck it up

There is literally, not the "new" version of literally
but LITERALLY no worse eligible person than trump to be president.
take off your maga hat and see that.
I don't LOVE Clinton, or Obama. they were competent elected/appointed officials.
trump is an idiot, elected by bigger idiots.

I shook my head when GWB was elected, because I thought/think he is stupid.
He is 1,000X smarter than trump or any of the dolts that voted for him

Attached: 911.jpg (480x320, 28K)

cant wait to detonate my legal hydrogen bomb

sanders will take what he is permitted


Attached: 1576205337594.jpg (1024x981, 87K)

>>Impeachment formally expunged and removed from all record.
>>yes they can do that.

Citation needed. There have been so few presidential impeachments, and it has never come up before.

Attached: laugh even harder.gif (288x198, 957K)

can you do it in the middle east please?

Attached: 1577755828926.jpg (790x741, 73K)

What trial was that?
Oh, thats right, that was a hearing she VOLUNTARILY testified at.
Unlike cuckboy trump who chickenshitted out.
prove me wrong!

>>Retroactively find him guilty, reverse any and all accomplishments that happened after the Republicans in the senate went rogue.

No mechanism for any of that, sorry. I mean, they could try, but do you honestly think the current Supreme Court would let that sort of extra-constitutional stuff stand?


Just found out this fake and I am dissapoint

Not really, no.
If I don’t announce I had a runny morning shit to people around me, that’s not because I “cover it up”, what a sheepish thing to say

>not realizing it is correct

In the vietnam war, the US lost 40,000 soldiers. The vietcong lost 400,000 soldiers and another 600,000 civilian deaths. Vietnam was saved from the communist regime and remained a free country. We negotiated a peace treaty and you can fly to Vietnam from the US right now for $400 cash and fuck a hooker for $10z. I'm pretty sure that US won that war.

One thing we know trump well take things to a new level . We will not be disappointed for more lolz

Attached: imgpsh_fullsize_anim.jpg (640x555, 96K)

And yet, he still won. She lost. Get over it. Maybe next time don't fuck over your own candidates in favor of the elite. I love all this projection, but at some point you need to grow up and figure out that maybe the reason you lost was because you fucked up, not because everybody else is out to get you

make me coward

Maybe Ivanka is his actual wife and he poses her as his daughter so nobody knows

>I'm pretty sure that US won that war.
You are obviously smoking the same shit trumpies are that make the believe he is working for them

vietnam has communist single payer healthcare, meanwhile americans go bankrupt and kill themselves every day because they can't pay for basic pharmacy bills

vietnam won, get over it

Ironic considering that George Zimmerman was definitely innocent. It was such a clear cut case self defense and that all 12 jurors found Zimmerman not guilty

Anyone in the US who can't afford healthcare gets it free. We've had obamacare for like 8 years now. You obviously don't live in the US.

>Get over it
I have nothing to get over.
YOU brought her up not me.
I don't LOVE any politician.
I have never donated to one, bought a hat, or a sticker, nothing. Never will.
You maga fucknuts though are a special kind of tarded.

Attached: trump fool.jpg (650x650, 83K)

why must you turn this website into A HOUSE OF LIES

The impeachment of Donald trump will not be seen as anything special by historians as there will be an attempt to impeach every single president going forward.

Impeachment will become the next "motherfucker" a word whose meaning has been lost due to over use.

Feel the same about OJ?

I can't make you grow up user. You have to do it yourself. Here, some cardio will help take your pent up imprest rage, as well as improve your outlook on life.
Just take it a step at a time

Attached: Couchto5kwithemikatawashoujodoyou_a8ed8f_3973679.jpg (780x1938, 215K)

of course not, i hate niggers

give up, bernie won and he's going to be president

>YOU brought her up not me
You brought up the election, specifically the winner. It is not a great leap to bring up the loser in the context of how the winner won
>I don't LOVE any politician.
pic related

Attached: 1571641584484.png (1024x887, 391K)

oshit, got me there

>>Democrats take control of the Senate
They'd have to do more than that -- they'd need a 2/3 majority. Republicans have 30 guaranteed because they are not up for re-election in 2020. So the GOP wins 4 out of 30 and your scenario is ded.

exactly as I thought.
OJ was/IS guilty
Zimmerman was/IS guilty
MY opinions are based on facts, evidence.
yours on race and ignorance.
Thanks for playing

Attached: angry republican.jpg (640x640, 75K)

Trump is a total ass clown, but as far as war/peace goes, he is one of the least militarily adventurous presidents ever.

But he has the economy going for him. Whether or not you think he had anything to do with it, presidents tend to get credit or blame for the economy.

>OJ murders two people in cold blood
>Zimmerman uses lethal force to defend himself against a clear and present danger
>These are exactly the same
Plus, it always irks me that I get called a racist for defending a Latino. Like, they tell me it's all progressive and shit until one little niggy gets shot

nicole brown attacked him, why else would those gloves be there

case closed, nigger innocent

nah m8 it was a different black athlete that got the shit beat out of him by a white woman

be that as it may i think we can all agree that we need to kill elon musk

Attached: file_0.png (680x447, 199K)

>You brought up the election, specifically the winner. It is not a great leap to bring up the loser in the context of how the winner won
SO, if I mentioned Tuesday, you can "not great leap to" Clinton because election day is a tuesday?
Face it you are easily triggered.
mostly because you KNOW trump is an idiot.
It only took you 3 years

bernie won

>bernie won
great. WTF does that have to do with this conversation?