Do i pass?

do i pass?

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With a D+.

Move your hair

Pass what?

you know... pass...

Yes, now show your dick

Show a video of you cumming please. You're gorgeous.

timestamp and tits or gtfo

If i knew i wouldnt be asking "Pass what", explain yourself

Dick or GTFO.

Yes. Also I like your hair :)

would you take me home to mom and pop?

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No, you still look like a beaner

am i a good trap or nah

yes. then breed you upstairs after dinner. you pass A+

kill yourself. you are fake and as much as you'd like you will never compete with a real female.

you are worthless in this world.

You look more like a guy than a beaner

this is all i want in life, is to be taken home to my white boyfriend's loving family who completely 100% thinks i'm a bio girl and then get fucked upstairs afterwards

where is my face showing off masculinity most?

If you're a m2f yes you pass

I thought you were a chick. I might be slow, or you might be really cute, but you're definitely more attractive than most girls I know.

Yes. Also this is my favorite trap porn star.

Nigger faggot

Do you pass as a woman? Mostly yes.but also no.

>"What a cute girl, user!"
>"Aha... yeah... Thanks dad. Well, we're gonna watch some Netflix upstairs."

>Clap clap clap clap clap

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i feel as though my face looks a little more masculine when i'm smiling? where can i improve in terms of make-up?

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Thicker eyebrows, more blush around cheeks. Maybe go heavier on the eyes too. That's about it. Definitely eyebrows/around eyes.

Are you serious coming to Cred Forums for make up advice? Just post your penis, faggot, and stfu.

You couldn't pass a green light

you look like mizkif with a wig

ok this is helpful, maybe something smokey? do guys still like girls with dark lipstick or is natural pink the best route?

>post your penis
don't call it that :c

either or, you could pull both off. if youre trying to go with dark lipstick you should go all the way in other areas (e.g., eyes). hotter/darker (than flesh) pink is always great

post your clitty then and ur pussy while ur at it

o 3o i love when you call it that user

Post your feminine penis.

post that gorgeous wet clitty in between those thicc femenine thighs, femanon u.u

do you have a weave?

no >:c that's all my hair and took a long time to grow out.

i'm at work ._. u guys make me...

Own any lingerie?

Yes you do....right into hell.

sure do!!

go to the bathroom, take those leggings of yours off, and take a slutty pic of your boy pussy for us ;)

Hope those photos are real and we're not being catfished.

Guys do i pass???

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once home
nope, am real, just wanting perverts to tell me whether i'm take-home material yet

Fuck off

your a guy? you look just like a girl

post social media

As a 30 year old Mexican mom maybe

I'm gonna have to agree. The hair style does have a milf quality to it. But I do find that alluring.

Thanks sweety! *kisses*

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Your face doesn't look masculine when you're smiling at all.

no problem, are you sure your not a girl, you look like a girl

Go jerk off to your sonic fan art, Chris.

you look mexican, but more of a early 20s mexican chick thats rly into Christianity

She looks like a Dominican Wednesday Addams.

i'm your trap milf mommy, come take a sip of milk


Nose is wide like an abo claiming Centrelink.

Eyes are tired as if you've got a job.

But hair is very pretty, you've obviously put some work into it.

As for the body you don't look like you've been having McDonald's during smoko.

Overall a pass.

Pass here

I admit that I downloaded the photos you posted to jerk off to for a trap milf fantasy. But would definitely take you home.

Yes in the face, but it all comes down if the hands give it away or are your hands not a give away. Grats on the real hair thats a GG WP right there

Also, some of the comments here got me laughing hard xD

haha yes some of these comments in this Cred Forums thread has left me laughing out loud!!

Has OP abandoned us

Was OP really ever here?

Dont do this man haha, i need to know the hands situation of this here passable trap

That's why I wondered if we got catfished. The photos don't bring up any other results on google images. But it is a bit weird that OP used the excuse of being at work. Despite the background of the photos don't really look like a workplace.

Could be ones from a while ago, or they work from home maybe idk i dont really care i just need awnsers

i just wanna be the type of girl a guy wouldn't mind introducing to his rents, do i pass enough

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Glad to see you are back. Wish you could wrap those thighs around my shoulders with my head in between those legs.

you pass, for sure. totally thought you were a girl anyway. anybody that says otherwise is cappin

Please get bangs and you’ll be fine

lick my clitty mr. user

i hope you're only posting here to troll and not for genuine attention, because you do really pass and you're quite beautiful but this place is going to be purposely spiteful to make you feel bad

Post cock before evaluation.

>lick and suck
Also those lips look really luscious.

More pics?

Tits or gtfo

Honestly yeah , enjoy the confidence boost you faggot

thank you >:3

More pics, i think you just got me into passable dick is so confused.

Join now before it's too late

i am male around your age.
i think you are beautiful. what is your ethnic background? can you post a photo with your hair up?

>a single chosen still picture
>do i pass

Im good, fuck that loli pedo shit thats were i draw the line

Fuck this is a trap? I guess i'm into traps then.

You pass very well, and your hair is lovely

For PR or Mexican?

Asshole and beef curtains to know if you pass.

this is my kink

I wouls like to cum on your face

more pics op

“Eyes wide like an abo”

Only a faggot yobo on centre link would say thisssss...

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op looks like a retarded boy wearing a girls wig

Post dick please

don't call it that >:#

Post clit in doggy style position.

Deliver more OP

Show clitty and asspussy.

you want my ass pussy? :3

If you're OP, yes. I want it bad.

Whatever you want to call it just post your was and what's between your legs

call it my pussy, you meanie

You retards actually think this is a man? You faggots really aren't disproving that homosexuality isn't mental illness when you're this quick to judgement absent ANY evidence. I'm guessing you're a bunch of normies

I know you're some kind of Hispanic cause I'm Dominican. You 100% got female energy. But your cryptic answers make me question the tools you're working with.

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Honestly at this point I'm convinced that OP is actually female and is just playing with us. Or just is male and has photos of a girl.

no, down the street, not across the road

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i'd definitely pass on you

Smash raw and impregnate

Figuratively impregnate.

Marriage and adoption