The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth

>The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth
>you must spend the next 18 months in a specially constructed underground bunker with 20 anons until the surface is habitable again
>you're allowed one and only one movie to bring into the bunker
choose wisely, Cred Forums. you'll have to watch it every day for 18 months.

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Dark Knight rises


Amadeus. I watched it 100x in college while I studied

Fresh Guacamole

I’m honestly amazed how popular these Batman movies are. What’s the appeal?

Depends, does the sun crash during the day or at night?

leekspin, 10 hour version

what exactly does the sun orbit?

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>sun has fallen out of orbit
>on a collision course with Earth
>"A bunker will save me!"
Nigger I think you don't need anymore movies, maybe it's time you read a book instead.

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>The Sun has fallen out of orbit
?? Galactic orbit? That would have zero effect on planetary orbits

>Sun is on a collision course with Earth
>in 18 months surface will be habitable again
?? what the fuck

I generally don't nitpick at SF but this is too far down the stupid hole

Observe and report
Fuck you fukkk you fuckkkkk youuuu.

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your fat mother.

Probably a good porno. I would guess that sex is going to be the main entertainment in that bunker.

The sun doesn't orbit or is this flat wary 3 bait

riley reid compilation

Yeah and then we all die of some std? Fuck that

The sun orbits the center of the galaxy.

>watches 10 Cloverfield Lane for 12 months straight
>start casting suspicious looks at other bunker anons

sun is is going to crash into the earth but it'll become habitable again?

the center of the galaxy

LoTR - Return of the King

The Earth is the object in orbit and if there is any collisions to be had it will again be the Earth falling into the Sun.


Hour of foot fetish porn

Both the Earth and the Sun would be falling into each other.


the sun does not orbit the earth, dumbfuck

> the sun is on a collision course with Earth
Are you literally retarded? Do you understand the size difference between the two objects? Not to mention that one of them is made of plasma that is hotter than anything that has ever touched the surface of the Earth? It'd be like dropping a nuclear bomb on a marshmallow. You're retarded.

>The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth

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The ox bow incident

Why does it matter if we're all going to die?

high levels of retardation in most people these days, too busy sucking up whatever lazy shit holywood pumps out.

If this was any other board i'd be like "yeah this cunt is trolling, poorly" but people really are this fucking stupid on Cred Forums

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>Do you understand the size difference between the two objects?
Not OP, but the difference in *mass* of the two objects is irrelevant. Each exerts a pull on the other. Both objects will fall into each other, the more massive object doing less falling than the other.

OP is probably a flat earther retard that thinks the sun is smaller than the earth.

How the fuck will the Earth be habitable after the Sun has hit it?

To answer you question though I would bring Vertigo.

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>the sun has fallen out of orbit

SuN ReVolVe R ounD EaRtH

Women, frozen sperm, and whatever they want to watch. 20 is a significant genetic bottleneck, but for the species...

t. autism, the post

>>Realising this is copypasta and not a troll
>>Realise how long ago it was originally posted

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You misspelled 'science', faggot.

Lol that's not what that stands for silly

The Hunt for Red October

>STDs appear from thin air

You'd notice pretty quick who had an STD when you entered.

Rape would be the more likely thing going on down there or nothing because the sun is in a collision course with earth....

Some random 6 hour scat porn

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
Who's silly now, BITCH!?!

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You moron. The sun is in orbit around space, and it would fall to the ground like everything else does.

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>thinks the sun is smaller than the earth
It's the same size as the moon.

Get baited SON

>The Sun has fallen
>collision course
Just give up, its over

Man, it's like saying Beetlejuice's name three times. Mention flat earth and morons appear.


extended edition of Lord of the Rings 2 towers

or maybe the Irishman, that will take 18 months to watch right?


Stupid retard nigger

this nigga here still lives in 1382.