Good old fight thread

Good old fight thread
>your age height weight
>how many fights you won/lost
>do you have formal training in a combat sport and if you do, do you compete?

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5' 6"
W: ~30 L:1
No formal training

Damn, Linus Sebastian really buffed up during retirement

20, 6’2”, 84kg
At least 5-6 lost 0
I did kick boxing for like 5 years, (never cared about competing or even having a belt) but I usually try to avoid fights nowadays and I advise that to everyone. Pepper or gas spray is advised, as it can not cause injury over 8 days. In this world, everyone is recorded everywhere and it all could and will be used against you in court.

>20, 6’2”, 84kg
fucking chad

Thanks if its not sarcastic user. Is that really chad data? Im working my way up to 90 at the moment by working out. If I reach that I might go higher but we will see.

5’ 10”
6% body fat

>Never had a chance to fight on the street
>Purple belt in BJJ
>I have competed

28 6'4 90kg
Never had a serious fight lol

Can I suck your cock /fit/izen?

forgot weight, 168 lbs

yeah that's chad stats, at least the way I see it it's the right balance between size and athleticism, don't know what you will be like at 90kg but if you can stay athletic you'll be fine

you compete in gi or no gi?


Thanks Cred Forumsro, you made my day!

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>5ft even
The game

28, 6'1'', 80kg

Won 0, lost 0

I've boxed for 1 year, trainers told me I had very good technique for a rookie. Not sure if could win any fight cause my reach isn't great and my hands arn't big.. Afraid I will break them.

never paid much attention to bjj until I got a flosports subscription, competitions are intense and it looks like you hate one another lol

>5’ 10”
>6% body fat

May I please see your cute boy pussy, little twink? ;)

>W: 3 L: 2
Not a great record but I never trained anything, only play soccer and swim

205-215 (varies a bit)
Fights? I had 14 arrests as a minor for fighting in public and simple assault. I had to attend fucking "counseling" sessions til I was 18.
My last arrest, the chief of police in my small hometown said " in a month you'll hit 18, and I promise you, I'll throw your ass in prison". I believed him.
Then, a few bar fights. Some were pretty nasty.
I boxed a little in college, only for fun.
No physical confrontation in about 4-5 years.
I feel confident that I can handle myself in almost any fight. I have zero desire to test that theory too far. I don't want any part of mma fighting.

>Then, a few bar fights. Some were pretty nasty.
elaborate? were they all drunken fights?

Fake n gay

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6% body fat is fucking impressive bro.
You on a paleo diet? I assume you do cardio 4-5 times per week? Nice height to weight ratio.

6' 4"
I've started kickboxing classes and did martial arts as a kid
W: uhm.. 4 I think L:1

Mostly, yeah.
Some people never knew when to shut the fuck up when they were drinking, ( me). Or wasn't smart enough to just leave.

You forgot to offer to suck his dick with ur asshole. Faggot

were you already training when you lost?

>making things up on the internet

170 lbs
Golden Gloves Winner (10 years boxing xp)
Any street fight in my adult life (about 3 fights) all ended in knockouts against heavier fellas.

260 lbs
W:0 L:0 D:0
No... But i have watched a ton of jackie chan movies!

nah the loss was in highschool and a buddy and I were way too drunk and had the idea to slap box. It was one of those a drunk punch was too serious and the sparring got real kinda things. Neither of us got knocked out, but I bled so Loss, Right?

No blood does not mean loss

Pretty accurate user.
>I am on a paleo diet, not strict though.
>2 meals a day that strictly meet my macros
>I do cardio 3 times a week, but try to fit it in as much as possible.
>Alternate with cycling, swimming, and running
>2 hours each session
>I always do a full body workout when lifting at the gym.
>High reps, low sets
>2-3 hours each session
>I am vice and drug free
>1-2 rest days per week

That's pretty lanky of a build.
Lanky fags I've met were either:
>Incredibly weak for their size
>Incredibly blessed with near retard tier strength
Nothing in between. If your scoring ko's, I guess that answers that.

50 - Old Man Club
200-205 lbs (if I've taken a shit or not)
Flatbed trucker
Street/parking lot/bar fighting

>your age height weight
22, 4'11", 85lbs

>how many fights you won/lost
Do I have the numbers of a god damned fighter? I'm a certified grade XXS manlet.

>do you have formal training in a combat sport and if you do, do you compete?
My GF made me learn some self defence when some shit happened at work. That's it.

I basically learned to fight dirty like a little bitch.

>51 6'3 300
>Jujitsu, Judo (black belt) and a little boxing (19 amateur fights)

All the fights were in my youth, I worked as a bouncer and was to be honest quite an angry young man.
Anyone who tells you that they have won every fight or only lost to multiple fighters at once is a fucking liar, it only takes one lucky punch or one mistake and it's goodnight Vienna.
I am old, fat and slow now but I'm still too stupid to back down from a fight.

>bar fighting
Far more common back in the day than it is now.

How does it feel like being a closeted user though?

what was your most recent loss?


183 cm
130 kg
Dunno... 20ish/1 (ish)
Yes. TKD black belt, boxing, wrestling and MMA, as well as infantry training.
I did compete in TKD, and won a national award. But it was a very cheap victory. I really never was that good.
I have, however won way to many fights. I don't get disoriented when drunk, but do get antagonistic, extremely flirty and boastous. Thus I've gotten into too many fights. Usually with someone really drunk, and I'm betting none of them expect a standing Americana.
I haven't really hurt anyone except twice. Usually I just work towards control and then off handing to some security person.
But I was attacked by a (drunk and big) Dutch soldier once, and he opened with kneeling me in the nads. I was drunk and got scared so I went full in and ended up with some ground n pund on asphalt.
The second time I hurt someone I got attacked in Barcelona by some drunkard that was yelling in Spanish. He had friends, I was all alone, and I broke his nose badly. Then ran.
I "lost" one fight. Got hit in the back of the head while standing outside a mini bank in Berlin. Passed straight out. Still makes me anxious sometimes, 13 years later.

Won more than I've lost
Formal training: consist of being an Irish drunk who trained in bar fighting will cut you with a nigger knife if that's what it takes to win.

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I'm alright with that.
Even the fights I won, hurt the next day.

Only competed in MMA once but hoping to have a second fight this year:
black shorts
Apart from that a few street fights, I'd say I only lost once, most recent was against some retard on campus who thought he could take me on because apparently wrestling is for fags

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>He had friends, I was all alone, and I broke his nose badly. Then ran.
I'm not sure you necessarily made a bad decision there user.
Probably a good idea.

>Not sure if could win any fight cause my reach isn't great and my hands arn't
I feel your pain. I trained TKD, and did fine I guess. Trained boxing at the same time and learned that I had short arms for my height. Dint care to compete, would just lose. Was more fun doing the TKD then, where I also could compete and actually win.

>I fast for 48 hours once a month.
>I make sure to drink 6L of purified water a day.
>I consume plenty of matcha and green tea.
>I try as much as possible not to fap and watch porn.
>I take pre workout supplements
>I take whey protein post workout
Forgot to mention in case anyone wanted more specifics.

>I don’t lurk on Cred Forums for long and much, come here every now and then. Pretty solid threads still exist, so it’s not bad.
>I keep my political, and this a secret from everyone. No one knows.

>I basically learned to fight dirty like a little bitch
In competitions two fighters fight fairly, within the rules, to see who is better.
In street fights you try to not lose. How you accomplish that isn't important. There is no "dirty", unless you're starting to harm people needlessly.

About 4 years ago. Got into a scrap with a biker at a Flying J in Ohio. Blasted me in the temple with a fist full of stainless steel rings. Rung my bell. Nice scar on my left temple.

Godbless you.

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36yo, 6'3", 300lbs
No formal training but I'm an incredibly dirty fighter who has lived in some very rough areas.

>Got into a scrap with a biker at a Flying J in Ohio
Lol, why tho?
Those faggots usually mind their own.
Lemme guess. Either an argument at the pump over parking, or something to do with a female.

Get off Cred Forums while you still can, don’t think /fit/ is any better. Prosper, and grow bro.

Lol most bikers aren’t tough machismo shit. Just closeted gay bears.

I'd bet it's a faggot biker revving by all the trucks where the drivers were sleeping.

Bikers do not keep to their own any more than packs of wloves do.

>5'11 180
>been inside for assault
>PENI member so been in a few fights, won most, lost a few

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Man everyone here is such a fucking bad ass

Lost: like fucking 12? probably more
Won: 1, but at least they got it on camera

>Roasting inbound

>I'd bet it's a faggot biker revving by all the trucks where the drivers were sleeping
I could see that.
Plus user mentioned truck driving.
Makes sense.

39 yo
5’8” 240
38-6 24ko’s
Boxed for 14 years. Haven’t lost a fight since my 20’s. Now I work executive protection and get PAID.

Public Enemy No.1 member?

>How was it in the can?

5’11” 186 LBS

Win: ~23 Loss: 4

Tai Kwon-do and Boxing. Also lift pretty regularly

Was pretty shit, food wasn't bad but everything else sucked.

really good record man, those losses were in tkd or boxing?

0W - 0L
self taught with what feels natural

Unaffiliated biker. Thought I deliberately cut him off on I-80 but he came from behind was was going damn near 100 mph. Never saw him until he was trying to blow past me on the right as I was changing lanes. He very nearly ended up under my trailer. He followed me to the truck stop and wanted to throw down over it. He shoved me. Thats all it took. Fists flew.

In my experience, most bikers like to ride motorcycles and talk about engines and wheels. And how bad people who drive cars are at driving.
But some of them get drunk and punchy, like with everyone.

The Flatbedder here. 10 wheel dump truck drivers are actually the worst for that. They blow through the rest areas with thier Jake on high. They think they're funny.

No doubt, assholes with reefers are too. You were in it with a biker, and bikers gotta biker.

Nothing like some fucking asshole pulling up right in your thong and running his reefer in your window.

Ever notice that they love to make sure they have their fridge right next to your bunk?

145lbs around 7% body fat
I dont really have any formal training but i know some basic shit for boxing and wrestling

Amen brother. Reefer drivers are scum. (As a skateboarder, I'm required to say that. Lol.) Invariably, I get the ghetto Freightliner that has a malfunctioning air line dryer and the 20 year old reefer thats got a hole in the muffler and a squealling belt parking next to me.

I've never been a driver, I'm 22. I remember how bad my dad was when he got back from a month on the road. He didn't have a lot of happy stories about trucks stop parking. The best day of my life was when I started making enough money to help him retire. I still remember him crying.

Thats awesome. You're a great son.
Its a highly romanticized profession thanks to Hollywood. Truck stops are miserable places full of miserable drivers pretending that they are living the dream.

175 cm
55 or maybe 60 kilos (i'm skinny)
I've won one fight when i was 12 and almost broke the kid's nose but it bleed a lot like a cup of blood
Lost one to the same kid when i was 13 and got a black eye
No training or anything but i sometimes train on my door and it became a habit and i like it

34/5' 7"/165 lb
30 won 5 lost
No training
One fight was 2 of us 5 of them was lucky/quick/brutal enough to not get hit once.
Adrenaline rush is something else, have k.o'd with 1 punch, have won a fight that i took to the ground with stamina and experience, also i've had a gun and knives pulled on me but luckily have gotten away.

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what was your worst loss?

>34 , 5'9", 180lbs
>Formal Tae Kwon Do training, never competed. Never used TKD in a fight. its mostly good for kicking with your shoes off.


5 ft 11

175-190 depending

Training: Boxing and Martial Arts

Street Fights: 3-0

Boxing Sparring Matches: 0 and like 21 lol

Confirmed glass jaw

trained in mma/taekwondo

only got into 2 real streetfights since graduating hs, but have had to manhandle countless normies and zulus

only streetfights/physical altercations ive been in was when i was a bouncer in new orleans/monkey kingdom

only lost once because i kept slipping on beer in club. all because a nignog didnt want to take off his bandana

32, 5'10 185.
W- 25+ L-4
No formal training

>whole thread is a buncha faggots posting stats and not replying to anyone else


>only lost once because i kept slipping on beer in club. all because a nignog didnt want to take off his bandana

when was your most recent fight? thats a lot of fights for someone with no training

50 5-11, 174lbs, 27-3 GG boxing, low karate skills. Most street fights. I'm set out to pasture now. I did well fighting but the fights I lost took a long time to recover from.

>but the fights I lost took a long time to recover from.
why is that?

219 lbs
W: ~20 L: 1
Did boxing for a few years as a young teen. Not much else. Used to be a decent fighter until I hurt my back when I was 20. Nowadays I stay strapped or get clapped.

Well its because I took a good beating, two fight lead to broken bones. I look back now and think what an idiot I was. With age comes wisdom I guess.

damn what were those fights about?

Not including the official boxing matches, but it was the bare knuckle bouts we mutually agreed to that hurt the worst. I took a boot to the face once and there went my teeth :) however these were all mutual agreed to fights with some incorporated by foolish pride.

5'8 160lbs
never had a fight
have trained martial arts on and off for 7 or 8 years now

0 fights
130 lbs

theres not much story, canthave bandanna in club, told him to take it off. he says he "better not find out im on that hate shit ill blue you up"
get mad and stupidly say i am on that hate shit. go to put him in rear naked and next thing i know im on ground.
use his pants to climb back and we swing.
i slip on beer. this happens like 2 more times and he only hit me 3 times but he punched like a girl.
big dj grabs him and i punch him twice because of adrenaline spike. thats all there is too it

sorry for not greentexting had a couple drinks didnt think about greentexting till now

0 fights
i practice professional sitting

kek seeing the DJ get involved mustve been hilarious

That's a great practice! Tonight's big LOL!

I started BJJ no gui, do you recommende me doing gui ? also gratz on being a purple belt it is a lot of dedication.

not that user but i will say training in the gi can be fun. its also much harder defensively in my opinion. that being said i prefer no gi

lol funniest that ever happened was my first night when i had to drag a 300lb orangutan down a flight of stairs while she tried to hit me. dj followed us screaming "YEAH GET OUT YOU FAT BITCH!!" i get the bitch to bottom of stairs and start dragging her onto sidewalk while normies beg me to stop. other bouncer comes and kicks the rest of the whale out the doorway and that was that lmao. i dont think the police even came



29 years old

5’10 21 yrs
2 fights both in my final year of high school (16)
No fight training

how did those go?

>25 6'4 134lbs
>Won 1 lost 0
I got punched in the face one time and in the back of the head another but I wouldn't qualify that as losing as fight, would you?