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Why tho

Because they smell, ignorant, big bulbous neanderthal skulls. Sub human

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Right there with ya Cred Forumsrother.

because you're not human and you should leave our countries

that's a fucking retarded answer though since whites have Neanderthal DNA you fucking moron
stop making whites look dumb you fucking retard

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me too user

more of these kinda pics?

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that's a fucking fact though and I'm white you moron
all non Africans have Neanderthal DNA



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would you classify me as a N

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if that's you you're a mutt

can i get away with raceplay or no

I’ll partake

yes you can
mulattos were slaves too
she wasn't asking you, faggot
and only fags say partake

i don't think this is entirely true, the neanderthal DNA in some europeans was a really recent discovery and i don't think there's any definitive evidence

Don't be so hard on yourself!

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Some niggers are white.

But what am I saying? How silly of me!
You already know that! Or do you prefer the term "Caucasian"-- or maybe Anglo.

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