There's nothing Whites can do to stop me from posting Superior Black Men

>there's nothing Whites can do to stop me from posting Superior Black Men

Cuckservatives lol

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whatever you say Asian microdick nigger cock sucking faggot

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you didn't sage

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Where's the border wall?
Cuckservatives can't even get $40 Billion for a wall...that's only 1% of the total federal budget...

And you are all such cucks, you wont do shit about it!
>we aren't violent like the Left!
>so much for the tolerant Left!


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what are you doing except losing elections chink bitch
good job with Yang LOL
nobody wants tiny Asian microdick

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you type sage in the options not in the regular text you fucking retard

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Since I began managing our company's Forcepoint/Websense and monitoring user web traffic I have noticed an interesting phenomenon.. the users that are browsing cuckold and bbc/interracial porn are also constantly on Fox News, Hannity forums, Breitbart, Newsmax, etc. Strange correlation between being a conservative and an affinity for cuckold porn. You always hear about it maybe being the other way, with liberals being the audience for that stuff.


I'm literally dutch german and vowing not to ever have kids and I'm going to convince as many white women as possible to not have kids
You mad nazi?

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I've noticed it's 90/10 liberal majority in the bbc discord servers I'm in
But maybe thats just the people who talk in the servers and not counting the lurkers

Makes sense. I have a friend that is a big Trump fan, calls people faggot and queer all the time but they also are obsessed with traps. Not openly, he just has a massively organized set of folders on his laptop that is all tranny/traps that I found. If he ever pisses me off I am going to call him on it.

Difference between having a fetish in private and forming your whole identity around a fetish and being "proud" about it in public

I think it is just extra taboo for someone like that to be interested in that kind of porn and therefore they are drawn to it. Like preacher's daughters being sluts. it is an attraction to that which is counter to traditional values.

no you are not Asian bitch

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>obsessed with traps
not the same as nigger dick

Good argument if you ask me


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Sure they can. You want to post that shit on Cred Forums but they delete it and ban you. So you come here like a little bitch to spam it...

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Who said it was? The common thread is someone railing against that which they purport to hate but then jacking off to it themselves. Keep up.

The argument being that those that call people faggots and queers are secretly gay themselves but ashamed to be so in public?

where is they evidence they jack off to it? all this proves is that chink microdicks spam black dick and love black dick up their ass cause they're mad about white guys fucking Asian women

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anecdotal evidence
all it proves is that one person is like that

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I don't think it is a mystery that there is a major crossover between Trump lovers and sad white guys that want to see their fat gfs/wives fucked by black dick. If you have been on Cred Forums for a minute this would be obvious already.

No one has mention asian people other than you. The original poster was talking about conservatives, which I am not sure is an asian demographic primarily.

Hey Nick, how's it going?
Enrolled in classes or change of plans?

Asians spam this shit because they are butthurt about white guys fucking their women

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no there isn't
most cuckolds are liberals and this is a known fact
being a liberal is literally being a political cuckold

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and you react because you know white women can't resist BBC

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fucku disu pussy whitu boiii

I know you're an Asian faggot microdick loser
and no we respond to stop Asian faggots like you from peddling propaganda and lies
sorry you're genetically inferior and that whites are the superior master race

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How about we discuss this on discord

post your discord

what's your height?

Okay, so everybody is screwing everybody else. Shocker. This hasn't gone on for centuries, has it?

6 feet

don't reply you fucking moron

Records show 5'10"
Why do you lie?

This is objectively false from my experience. I monitor web traffic over 140+ nodes and 14k+ end users and there is absolutely a direct correlation between users that browse cuckold/bbc porn and also frequent conservative sites like Fox News, Newsmax, Breitbart, Hannity, etc.

LOL at thread boss. Keep working, retard.

>objectively false
>from my experience
lol so you're a fucking retard
in my experience every cuckold I have ever seen was a liberal

source: your ass

what records you lying moron?

Also, the way to reach us by discord...

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I am sure you have a great deal of experience interacting with cuckolds. We know, you have a Cred Forums education. You shouldn't take offense, those facts are not a direct atack on you, so why be so sensitive about it?

In MY experience, every closeted dick sucker I've met has been a conservative. And I've had a few on my dick.

so i guess you can't label conservatives homophobic anymore.


mmmm he must have a fat Jewish cock

Sure, like all the fallen conservative congressman that have been anti-gay but then been busted fucking other dudes. It can be both. Weird, I know.

He's greek.