Time to weed out the retards

Time to weed out the retards.

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oh look its this faggot thread...

PEMDAS nigger


9 as always



why don't you ride your eensy, weensy, tiny bicycleta to an education.

>time to repost the same unoriginal content
>time to exploit an ambiguity in linear mathematical computations that has been known since the time of Hilbert
fuck you op, you might convince a few 10-year-old newfags desperate to prove their "high IQ" but everyone else recognizes this shitty bait for the shitty bait it is

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As a unit of measurement i deduce its....
0.099 World trade centers in height!

A knows. I've taught class along with other students that have. B talking shit, A walks in.

Six divided by, two times the sum of one and two.
Will give you 1

Six divided by two, multiplied by the sum of one and two.
Will give you 9

Chose which eve one makes you happiest.

6 ÷ 0=?

learn how to write shit clearly you innumerate retard

Jesus is 9 and only. Parentheses is done first ye but that just means calculate the inside of the parentheses and stop there. Then you go left to right and multiplication/division have equal order.


Go back to school you stupid fucks

>doesn't understand order of operations

Answer is all about generational differences in interpretation of math notation clearly demonstrated by the fact that everyone gives the answer 9 if it is written 6 / 2 * (1+2). But why accept a reason for there being a difference in answers when we can just use it as an excuse to call people retards.

6/2(3)=9 ... You do them in that order. In PEMDAS it's multiply OR divide, from left to right, whichever comes first... Not multiply THEN divide. Look it up

I got 7

the answer is "Fuck off Faggot" because no one cares

Ah the good ol ambiguity of the obelus thread.

What's the first letter of pemdas? What needs to be eliminated first? That includes multiplying the number inside


Parenthesis first retard.

Now do this one goys.

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He did the parenthesis first, inside the parenthesis counts not out


Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction. that is like 8th grade

So you consider math to be Jewish?

from the LEFT. there would be division to perform before you get to a parenthesis.

to add:

you assholes are all like non-parsing fuckheads. just remember to listen for the timer when you're flipping burgers.



I hope it's 1

Very easy op, 25 millions

Come on, no retard would ever argue over an ambiguous math problem that has no real world application.


Holy fuck imagine having to assure yourself you're successful when you say something stupid on the internet. This is an anonymous image board. You're not losing honor by admitting you got it wrong. Unless your ego is super fragile in which case you should stop posting here.


fucking sage


Remember the six gorillion

Engineer here, it's fucking 1 (one) you retards. 6/2(1+2) must be viewed as a fraction. What if it was 6/2×2×2 (six over two cubed)? One would multiply out the denominator and then simply the fraction. The original probably is literally the same as 6(1/2(1+2)). Pic for those who still can't understand basic math.

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this thread is a troll thread for retards like you who don't know how to expand their parenthesis


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b8 or retarded?

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M an engineer too and I can only say that you’re retarded.

M a bigger engineer and I say you're retarded and have AIDS

You all are a bunch of idiots, the correct answer is wrong because 6/2(1+2) does not equal question mark

Hey, engineer for 28 years here, just wanted to say that anyone with a brain can obviously tell the answer is 7

you have to type it in correctly

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i just had a stroke reading that


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i get 7 too

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I almost got this but then I realized it was 911


At first I used BEDMAS and got 1 but then I remembered than divide or multiply takes place left to right

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6÷[2×(1+2)]=OP is a fucking faggot.

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>Actually understanding math is too hard so here's an over simplified set of rules for morons to follow which results in confusion when presented with ambiguous notation.

here we go again

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6:2*3 = (6/2)*3

It is equally valid to argue that 2(1+2) is a bundled term and so there are ()'s implied.
>if you actually care:
Harvard Math Department has several papers which demonstrate both of the following are equally valid interpretations:
(6 ÷ 2) × (1+2) = 9
6 ÷ [2×(1+2)] = 1

>tl;dr only an idiot will argue that there is only one correct answer

Then why don't you fucking utilize it and answer the damn question, cum-for-brains?


6 GorillaZillion

no... you're just fucking stupid and wrong.


it is not a bundled term you idiot. You can't just add parenthesis.

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PEMDAS. left to right if evaluating the multiplication/division and addition/subtraction.

6 / 2(1+2)
6 / 2(3)
Translated for you retards:
6 / 2 * 3
Left to right due to multiplication/division
3 * 3

doesnt matter tho retarded mongrols will still say 1

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I really like you, you’re pretty neat.

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6/2(1+2)= 3(3)= 9

6/2(1+2)= 6/6= 1

What metod you use faggot?

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