You have the power to eliminate ONE thing from existence...

You have the power to eliminate ONE thing from existence. What would you get rid of in order to benefit the world OR cause as much chaos as possible, and why?

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Everybody named Steve. Sorry Steves.


Haha, is that for chaos or benefit?


Yeah, dickbumps


You know Steves we couldn’t do without?

Niggers or Indians. Dubs decides which

Religion. Any and all religion.


The only correct answer.

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75% of the population of the planet starting with those who have a high level of for fringe radical beliefs, mental illness, low intelligence, addiction, and narcissism

just land lines and carphones are acceptable. it will absolutely improve the world



I'd eliminate all electronic communications.
No radio, TV, internet, not even the telegraph.
All human experience would again be reality, all experiences would again be local - No global anything.
Fuck globalism. Fuck communism. Fuck the interwebs.

Zionist jews

Wanting to eradicate 75% of the population is already fringe radical and a good indicator of mental illness, narcissism, and low intelligence my dude. Kys first

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Trumps Republicans.

>Someone who is using the interwebs
I bet you're a communist too.

The Earth

all the T-cells in black people. if you're 12, that would mean they would all die within months.

i mean, you have to do it right as not to just say "all black people". that would be a big problem. first, they take up physical space, and plenty are driving, operating machinery, etc. you need to kill them as fast as possible safely.


Everyone browsing Cred Forums at this very moment

Earth is dying

Uhm, mosqetoes

Or maybe instead of eliminating them, just eliminate the idea or ever possible idea that enslaving black people is wrong. Now they are just farm equipment again.

what are those


Im not a doc, probaby some sort of lie imbedded in me from nasty stank puss. Thats all that really mattres, rest is bio

you mean those little bumps on the shaft? not under the head but like on the actual dick shaft.


every single human on the planet that is still there



What the fuck is wrong with you faggots? Clearly niggers need to be eradicated. Next up Jews

This thread

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Protons. For the lulz.

my dude that's natural.
i've seen a looooot of dick in my day, and taken a lot of STD tests. that's just something guys have on their dicks. apparently they're big hair follicles or something on the shaft/balls, and under the head they're types of glands iirc. dunno what kinda gland since i've never seen any fluid come outta them, but i know it's natural.

I've got to agree here. Steve's tend to be douchebags. I can think of 5 shit steves for every 1 good steve that I know.

All anti-drug laws.

The mentally retarded.

We're the nice guys while you people are so mean to (insert here). We'll kill you all. At least the Nazi's aren't hypocritical about their hatred.

Blacked and the concept of it


Got it backwards. Take care of jews and the rest of the problems fall apart without jew backing them

The first law of thermodynamics


You can kill the leadership or kill the army. I'd kill the army since leadership is useless without an army.

For chaos and the betterment of humanity as a hole

LeBron james gets the jewish money

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suck a nigga, whoever you are.


Black people. You could wipe them out at any point in history and no one would know or care. They're that irrelevant. Honestly, it would better everyone elses lives if they were gone.

Burn in hell

a guy named steve spoiled breaking bad for me for no reason.

But the sciences says we came from black people in Africa so then none of us would exist because we would not have had black people that evolved from monkeys which we also come from derp derp

The 'Out of Africa' thing has been disproven for decades.

All people who subscribe to any form of monotheism. That wipes out billions of shitty, pushy and fanatical people.


No. We all came from one thing and adapted to different environments. Blacks are just one of the many things that modern humans turned into, and they have shown their existence is a failure.


But we're already workin on that..

Human Greed.

>Can't even search for it himself

you'll figure out how to manage money someday.

daqfuq you saying?

do all you russians use google translate?

All porn that isn't vanilla in the missionary position.

did you even read the article?
"[The researchers] are not denying that it happened," Trinkaus says, "just that it was less important than movement across Eurasia."


Hmm must have saved the wrong article then. Either way it doesn't exactly matter since in this fantasy world where I exterminate all niggers from the beginning of time doesn't exterminate humanity since niggers are a human sub-species.

Umm the article is about a paper saying the original europeans came from asia. Those early asian humans still originally migrated from africa.

But what if like the whites are a sub species of blacks and blacks were the original homo sapien sapien which evolved from other genones of the homo? Which of course evolved from the monkey.. somehow.

All of humanity

are you advocating for the multiregional evolution hypothesis?
because that is still much less accepted among experts than the the recent african origin of modern humans hypothesis.

to say the out of africa hypothesis has been "disproven" is a exaggeration of the current debate, since it is still the most widely believed hypothesis among people that study this.

Cred Forums

Neutrons. For the lulz.

The ability to reproduce.

But that is the only reason you are here, literally.

which were you trying to do? that would benefit the world more than cause chaos. we'd all just live out our lives, using all resources, not have to spend money on children, etc. it'd be like retiring.

I would rather not interfere with G-d's creation. If it was up to me id eliminate all slaves, but this would leave very few people alive.

Porn posters on Cred Forums

God is in favor of slavery though. If you don't want to interfere, you can't do anything like that.

Worship, in it's most oblique meanings. Worship or a higher being, a higher meaning, money, etc. It doesn't remove love, but it removes a level of attachment that often overshadows many aspects of life. People are still going to love their God (or fear them). They'll still want to pursue life goals. They'll still try to get rich and love their spouse, but it removes that small degree that makes a fanatic.

That would just make Cred Forums an endless stream of logposts though.

you're deranged.

Get rid of the internets to make people get off their fucking phones


Sex Drive is now gone. WWYD?

Female energy is dominating anyway are you happy now?

Continue being a virgin, but no longer care. Sounds pretty good I guess.

Donald Trump

Kek I forgot about wew lad. That one fucken sucked balls.

where is it dominating? in movies that end up bombing?

Not sure if this is intended to benefit the world or cause as much chaos as possible. Or maybe both?


Toilet paper

Its self explanatory

Hey, op says benefit or chaos. This could go both ways, u just think it will be interesting either way.

bees, so everyone starves and we all have an excuse to try cannibalism

take voting rights away from the woman

OP, of course.


Niggers anal sphincters, because black people being unable to stop shitting themselves uncontrollably would be hilarious.


The iron molecule. Now that would be chaos.

All bitches with wizard sleeves...for the lutz

Niggers are worse than any other race

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iron isn't a molecule. you wouldn't be able to breathe, shithead. iron is what allows you to process oxygen when you breathe. hiccups are actually an iron overdose. that's why holding your breath cures them.



It's a tie between niggers and Jews.

Why is there a tie fighter to the right of jesus?

>hiccups are actually an iron overdose
ive never read something so stupid in my life

black lives matter

All of the followers of Islam

The iron element then, fucking science nazi. Jesus Christ, your blood pressure must be horrible.

I'd eliminate the dark triad personality traits from humanity ie psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism.

Id rather have my gold knee replacments dig into each other than to have fucking witches in this existance am i right


Death to all humans kill all humans