Be me :

be me :
> 20 year old neet
> when i go outside i feel like people are watching me but realistically i know nobody could care less
> i may or may not be insecure about how i look? yet i still know i don't look bad
> sex addict but i barely have actual sex?
> can't talk to girls?
> i need help, please help anons : (

i'm looking for serious advice on how to fix these problems and what to do

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@OP Sounds like depression to me, better get a therapist.

Imagine you're hungry animal who hasn't eaten in a very long time, go as far as even fasting for a couple days shoot for 7 if you can. Get acquainted with this feeling. Realize that woman are your food and nothing will get in the way of that, and you will find the spark of inspiration you're looking for. Nothing gets in the way of an animals next meal besides death. Your mind will adapt and as nature as a Rivers flow so will your words and actions to obtain pussy.

Also abstain from busting nuts outside of intercourse during this period. Sexual energy and creative energy are on in the same. You'll need all of the testosterone you can get.

You know the answers, you actively avoid doing them. There isn't an alternative.

Sounds like you have some serious problems in your life that you should work through. Shower and get a haircut, go get some new clothes, workout a little, then understand that you have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Work through your problems a little at a time, get help from how-to guides (wikihow is unironically a great source for this stuff), and avoid getting blackpilled because people far worse off than you have managed to achieve your goals. You'll get there, you just have to work on yourself - a lot more than you think...

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now, you could do what you're supposed to and see a therapist.
you could open the m y s t e r y b o x and take some shrooms. some recent studies have shown it's extremely effective in conjunction with therapy as a way to treat treatment resistant disorders like some types of depression, ptsd, etc.
if you've got any family history of schizophrenia then stay away from 'em though.

but yeah, changed my life, honest to god.
i grew up in an absuive household 'n got raped and stuff about two years ago, wanted to off myself, tons of self harm.
took shrooms twice, now i've actually got a positive outlook on life, i'm off my antidepressants and anxiety medication, i can laugh again, i can cry again, and as far as i can tell it's not temporary. i'm working hard on shit and fulfilling my potential, i'm making plans in life and smiling at myself in the mirror, i stopped drinking to get drunk and weed just isn't appealing anymore, and i don't have any urge to take more shrooms either.
crazy how nature do that.

in the end though it's your life, don't take some user's word, do your own research 'n shit.
and litsen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about.
happiness is a habit.

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None of this is necessary to get laid. You can be a complete loser and get girls if you act the part, or persuade the pillow princess. All that working on yourself is complete shit. Its as easy as telling yourself "this is what i want, so I'm going to get it" then carry yourself that way. It may not happen with every girl you try, but it will work.

i don't think that advice is for getting laid, my dude.

Its better than enabling him with inadequacy by telling him he has problems rather than letting him know sexual desire is more common than he thinks. Along with ideas that he can't help himself. Like fuck just set him up for failure by telling him he can't get poon cause he hasn't climbed an imaginary wall of standards and acceptability. Anybody can beat cheeks all it takes is attitude and delivery.

>None of this is necessary to get laid.
First of all, OP seemed to be lamenting the fact that he's a depressed social reject, not a virgin. You need more than occasional pussy to stave off the loneliness. Second, it is possible that you get laid without trying, but you probably underestimate how much of a basementdweller OP is. You cant get laid if you look and act like you just crawled out of a dumpster - and it's hard for men to deal with rejection. If OP just approaches random girls without trying, he's gonna get a lot of rejection and it's gonna destroy his self-esteem because he doesnt have any confidence, yet. No confidence = no approaches = no grills

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I am to this day said basement dweller, but when i want pussy i strive for pussy. Everybody deals with loneliness he'll get over it. Being awkward it some scenarios is a plus. Dont underestimate yourself op. Nobody knows your best qualities like yourself. He'd be much better of gaining confidence thru life experience than building himself up with hot air from books or guides that don't actually get u laid. Even if you're scared you go in for it OP get your fucking dick wet.

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no see his goal here isn't...
regardless of whether his goal is sex or not, he's gonna end up as a better human being and be able to get laid much easier if he learns to just chill and focus on living life instead of fucking.
you can have sex and focus on yourself, they're not mutually exclusive.

>enabling him with inadequacy by telling him he has problems
The first step to solving problems is realizing you have them.
>Along with ideas that he can't help himself
Literally no one said that OP cant help himself. You actually told him that he doesnt have problems and shouldnt try to improve his miserable life.
>climbed an imaginary wall of standards and acceptability
Forgive me for informing OP that interacting with humans requires the bare minimum of self grooming and hygene.
>Anybody can beat cheeks all it takes is attitude and delivery
Something that OP doesnt have yet, you retard. He has to get it first.

This is a fucking troll.
2/10 made me relpy

Fuck these none believers OP. Its called being an authentic individual. You swallow that fear, you push thru the pain, and you find your way. All it takes is yourself and how bad you want it.

see that right there makes you sound desperate
but yeah you're right though with most things in life it doesn't matter what anyone says, just how bad you want it, that's good advice

Its 2020 and people are still afraid to be passionate about the things they do or want. Lol now they call it desperation.

when it comes to sex, the more you want it the harder it is to get, usually. like a chinese finger trap.
but other stuff it's cool, like working hard or getting fit or learning a language, huge respect to whoever says "fuck what everyone else says, i'm doing this no matter what."

This is like telling a heroin adduct that getting cured is as simple as not shooting up. Like, yeah... it could technically work, but it's really really hard without support. The baby step self improvement/confidence boosting we're proposing is that support.

You've clearly missed the root of the probably and deserve a proper backhand. He's afraid of the attention you cunt bagel. He needs the exposure. Also it doesn't actually work that way. All girls are different. The people that say if you try to hard its creepy and they pull away are the same plebs that get angry that a bitch won't slam her rump roast down on his floppy boi. Along with being the same incels that send the same pushy texts, then insults to her negative reaction over and over again expecting different results

The moral of the story OP, is its going to suck donkey dick, but don't stop trying. You'll learn thru life, and I believe in you.