I guess this is the million dollar question: Is there any hope for guys that are short? Personally...

I guess this is the million dollar question: Is there any hope for guys that are short? Personally, I'm a 5'7" white male. I'm 23 years old and haven't had a girlfriend or had sex. I'm not particularly ugly and am in good shape. But I have always been extremely insecure about my height. I've also seen surveys where women say they wouldn't even consider dating a short man. What are your thoughts?

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I think if a bitch wouldn't date you because you're not 6 feet exact they have bigger problems and are shallow.

Love is supposed to be caring for another human no matter what. It's supposed to be deeper than appearances and if you can be judged so quick based on a trait you're too good for them.

Fuck em op.

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I appreciate your optimism but I guess my question really was, am I screwed because I'm short when it comes to dating? Like l said, it's hard to find women who will even date me. And I think it has to do with my height.

Just date a asian lol


so what? find a girl, your size, larger or smaller. who cares, normi? at least you can

first guy has it right, you gotta have self respect.
my first boyfriend was shorter than me, but really stuff like height and hair and this and that all falls the wayside when you fall in love with someone.
just spend time with people and have fun, don't focus on finding love or getting laid or making yourself look cool, just have fun with people.
love's like a cat, if you go chasing it then it'll run away. just do your own thing and after a bit you'll look to your left and suddenly bam, there's a cat right there.

to summarise tho, you're not screwed, confidence > height, and being fun 'n relaxing to hang out with > everything else

You have strengths that many other men don't have, you need to identify them and hone them. You can equalize yourself with education, physical fitness, special skills of all kinds, and don't neglect fight training of some kind. Not because you should ever need it, just because you need to know you can if you have to. My dad was 5'-4" and he fought his way across Europe under Eisenhower, worked for the forestry service clearing firebreaks, got a PHD and became dean of his college at UCLA. Nobody ever noticed that my mom was a head taller than him. He was always the tallest man in any room he walked into because he believed in himself.

Not the guy you replied to, but...

I'm 5'8 and I've never really had a problem. There are PLENTY of women out there shorter than me who have no issue dating my height and there are quite a few who are taller than me who see no problem with it, either. I dated this Russian chick years ago who was like 6'2, a woman a little while after her who was 6'1; my wife is 5'10, we've been together for about seven years now. It isn't as big an issue as you think it is.

What I WOULD point to as a possible issue is your confidence when it comes to your height. If you're worried about it in terms of women then yes, it will become a problem. I'd suggest putting women and sex on the back burner for now and focusing on the other various parts of your life. Work on yourself a bit, finish up education that may have on the go, keep working on yourself physically and head to the gym a few times a week, or start running; just get out of the house and move. Hang out with your friends, get out and do things; get a new job, start your career, whatever. Just work on yourself and your life...the rest will come later.

Confidence comes with enhancing your own life and women respond very, VERY well to confidence; more so than anything else, I would say. You carry yourself differently, you speak differently, etc, etc, etc...those are things that show through. Plus, you'll be happier in the long run and women respond well to that, too.

Start going to the gym every day for 2 years and get fucking shredded. See if they give a fuck then. If your short you gotta up your other game.

can confirm, confidence is like fucking catnip to me

nigga im 5'4" and i get laid
shorter girls exist, and tall girls will fuck you if you got the charisma and confidence it takes. my current GF is shorter than me and she's fine as hell. she fell in love with my personality, despite be being a balding almost 30 short fuck.

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>is there any hope

Nigger I'm 5'7" and have fucked more than 30 bitches. I also occasionally take dick up my ass too, so that may have something to do with it

based and redpilled

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OP here. I get what you're saying and respect it but it's hard bro. I went from being a fat NEET to a guy who forces himself to be social and am now in shape. I listen to a lot of Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux, etc. But still in the back of my mind, I got this demon eating away at me. It's an extreme insecurity about my height and when I talk to girls at the job or social events that I attend, I can almost see it in their face, them judging me because of my height.

Also, had one horrible experience. Met a girl on POF and was talking to her. (Not interested in hookups by the way.) We were talking for a few days and were going to meet. Then I mentioned my height. She didn't respond for a bit. Then like 6 hours later after I hit her up again, she responds with "What do you call guys that are under 6 foot tall? Friends." and then blocked me... That hurt man.

fucking oof.
i'll never understand people like that, sociopaths, the lot of 'em.
atleast it can be a good source for hate-motivation, spite 'n shit.
get with a hot girl just to spite that bitch.
become like the best guy all the girls wanna date, just as a fuck you to that bitch.

Not downplaying or discrediting your insecurity, user, I know it's real and it can be crippling. I was 5'-9" but I didn't break 100 pounds until high school because of severe illness throughout childhood. I got bullied something fierce, and it made me a social leper. I did not have gf at all, although looking back I came to realize that several girls liked me and would have responded if I had had any self-esteem.

I finally took the bull by the horns, worked out, took boxing and joined the service for a hitch. I came out much more positive and successful in life. Two good marriages (my first wife passed away), and a string of successful businesses. You are still very young and you have everything to gain. Hang in there, friend, and don't let negativity eat you.

It's hard to change my mind set. I know plenty of people who say what you just said, "just take the bull by the horns and think positive" but it's almost like I don't have the ability to do that right now. I just wish I had some help IRL. But I don't have a father figure or an older brother, or whatever. I listen to Stefan Molyneux like he's my father lol.

Sure it's hard. Sure you have some strikes against you. But you're reaching out to total strangers for advice, when you need to be looking inside yourself. You need to decide that your life is worth the sacrifice. Don't look to others to prop you up, and don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Find your own way to self improvement and satisfaction and don't worry about women. They will recognize the right man in you when it's the right time.

Thank you

One of my exes was 5'7 and im 5'6. Dated someone else who was 6'8. It was so much more comfortable cuddling, holding hands, hugging and kissing someone who's similar in height.

As someone who’s 6’4, height ain’t everything. It’s just one quality some women like. How confident, fit, funny, and well dressed you are matter just as equally if not more

6’8 man or woman? Because tall girls are ridiculously hot

6'8 man

I see

You're welcome, friend. Best of luck.

Good answer.

You're fine. I'm 25, 5'6 and have had a few women and plenty of sex. Don't pay attention to "surveys", they're always biased towards a specific outcome.

Try online dating. Not Tinder, but ACTUAL online dating sites. You can more closely match up with people you desire there, while sifting through the endless supply of people for someone who will like you for you. It's how I met my fiancée.

I've had taller and shorter girls; and you're taller (and probably in better shape) than me. Embrace your height, don't let it dominate your life.

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Like I said, I'm on POF and am not interested in hookups. I want a relationship, not just sex. Thanks for the advice.

My nephew is probably going to be 5'5" or maybe even 5'4". I'm kinda worried.

>Love is supposed to be caring for another human no matter what. It's supposed to be deeper than appearances
Were it so easy. Humans truly are deplorable creatures.

Nothing to worry about. Help him gain confidence in himself. Not overconfidence or arrogance, just self esteem. He'll be fine.

That's definitely good to hear, thanks.

I'm 6'2", and my best friend is 5'6". We're 27. Guess who got married first? Him. And I'm still a virgin, to boot.

You'll be fine, OP.

Many are, and that's discouraging. But they aren't who anyone would want to attract anyway. There are good people with integrity and self respect who will make good partners in life. Be worthy of that kind of person.

Yeah. It's called "Rohypnol" or Roofie, depending on where you live.

>Be worthy of that kind of person.
I don't think I ever will be.