The grim ripper

the grim ripper

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What the fuck would I be doing having association with this office. All this funding but you can't to the one important thing- (survivak-space). Sounds like you want attention. Jealous much

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great embarrassment ripped paper, we does we americans keep elect people like she?

Registered Democrat from california here who voted for Trump in 2016 by the way.
I am a hispanic male
Im tired of this shit and you know what.
Im glad its turning out how things are turning out.
>Nancy Pelosi loses her shit
Its almost feels like the announcement for his second term.
I will be voting Trump again this year as well.
Its just so fucking nice to see the defeat so much even the shills refuse to shitpost "ITS OVER"

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da komerade.

i have no idea of which you talk about

Try harder

I have a positive view of Trump and will probably be voting for him come november. first time, too.
but he should have shaken her hand. that's etiquette

That’s hilarious. I’m a California Republican (been so since 1985), white & male, and there’s not a chance in hell that I’m voting for the Trollin Dump. I feel like my party has been hijaked by a bunch of spineless radicals & plan on voting democrat just to keep them in check.

two peas in a pod right there

I agree but thought the handshake timing looked off-beat. You know, like when someone reaches to shake your hand but you're already turning away or whatever. He didn't shake Pence's hand, did he?

Every legal spic I know thinks this way. Many are much more conservative.

Rooskie bot, you should learn to Engrish first.

Your state says it all. your a democrat. I was a registered democrat years ago until they became the communist party.

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american politics is hilarious
why are you guys so rabid?

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genuine laughter

Nancy Pelosi did not lose her shit. She was standing over that Orange Cheeto and did exactly what would drive him and his cult fans crazy. Y'all would think she shredded your Quran or something, instead of the bag of farts SOTU speech the Gaslighter-in-Chief handed her with great ceremony.

thats so embarassing

>wall of sperg

5 years of your tears to go.

Keep crying baizuo, we all know how pathetic you are.

"Let me speak to your manager"

It was awesome when she did that!

Russian bots and the mossad agents are the most rabid.

BumpyDump deserves worse! Like someone taking a piss on him!

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Lol nobody is being driven crazy. They are all celebrating and happy right now you dumbass. They think Nancy is hilarious. She is the butt of the joke and so are you. baizuo

lel you thought it was great when joe wilson called obama a liar on the house floor. but now you have a problem with this? your partisanship makes anything you say null and void and you are ignored.

strawman argument. You have no idea what he thought about it. Hell he might not even know what you are talking about.

lol which one is pelosi?

Crusty Old bitch should just be happy she made it thru the speech without making doo doo in her diaper.

Joe Wilson is true american hero, unlike that socialist Obama

He also at least apologized and owned up to it. Democrats are fucking nuts. What they are doing at Trump speeches is far worse and they will never apologize.

Of course they will never apologize, for they dislike freedom too much, maybe they deserve a little gulag?

She had to make sure it wasn't that Tyvek paper. It will be next time...

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i didn't even watch the speech, i'm just mining salt bro

She's got right!!

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i had to watch the video 2 or 3 times before i saw she had her hand out. i think it's possible he just didn't see it.

He didn't see her hand. He turned away while she was fumbling around with the papers to try to get her hand out.

And he didn't shake Pence's hand either

You mean until fox news told you they were the communist party.


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She's just mad cause a bird her age can no longer attract any men with a lot of power.


Sorry shill. Republican Hispanic is believable. Illegals are making them all look bad and the smart ones are getting fed up with being lumped in with all the anti-Americans. You see the trouble with you shills is you always have to reach too far and your desperation to sound convincing can literally be smelt.

>I don't know what communism or socialism is

If Nancy had ripped up his speech, thrown the pieces over his head like confetti and then yelled "You lie" ...that would have been far worse. But she did not do that. So your statement that what the Democrats did is far worse is quite inaccurate.

old lady farts

I wanna suck her big old dick anons

So, you know about gulag but not freedom of speech? Occams razor says you are likely a Rooskie. Or a Trumptard who does not know what the Constitution actually says or means.

I don't think a single one of them besides Romney voted with anything in mind other than their own re-elections.

What kind of faggot thinks a liberal is human?

>because you have a juvenile mind

Look she’s stickin’ it to the Orange Man.

>what everybody else sees

A 70 year old woman throwing a temper tantrum on live tv.

Goonie, sure you didnt watch the 70 minute temper tantrum the 74 year old man threw on live TV today from the East Room?

Democratic White is way more believable than Republican Hispanic you absolute moron

why is it you libtards always cry "russia russia"? it is like you have no other villian to whine about, cry babies

Fact of the matter is if 16 of the Republican senators would have banded together and voted to convict because they know Pence would be an adequate and actual conservative, "normal" replacement, Trump would have been out by today. And nothing Moscow Mitch or their rabid constituents could have done about it. But no, not only did Congress demonstrate no bite but not even the ability to stand up on their hind legs and bark before completely bending over.

Cuz Putin has his hand so far up your totem's ass that when he opens his mouth, I can see Putin's fingers moving his jaw. But y'all carry on happily believing everything the ventriloquist's dummy spouts.

fact of the matter is, with 100 guys voting, there should have been a number of them on both sides who voted differently, and some would have voted yes to article one and no to article two. or vice versa.

They voted exactly how they had to in order for the constituents that elected them to vote for them next time. They all voted for their re-election not for the matter at hand.

It would be political suicide for a democrat to vote not guilty, a republican to vote guilty. Look at the shit Romney is getting for daring to vote his belief.

>Look at the shit Romney is getting for daring to vote his belief

because you are supposed to vote based on facts, not beliefs.

Yes and he seems to have believed the things that were presented as facts, were facts. That's how being a jury member is. You believe that some testimony presented is either true or false unless it is an undisputed fact or piece of evidence, and nothing in there really was, just a bunch of mocked up he said she said bullshit.