Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

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Honestly yeah. My wife is latina and she fucking hates it.

Well at least you have a good one

Indeed, she's very intelligent and classy.

Define “act black”

its a south thing. socal, texas kinda thing.

I live up in Washington and that isn't the case here what so ever

when they do that ghetto clap while talking

SoCal is the polar opposite of the South. And Mexicans in Northern California act black as fuck

found the socal fag

LA. Nigger and Spick gangs

Saying nigga a lot, saying "ion", "we was", zero copula
Wearing Jordans, not listening to music other than rap, etc.

Or when they twerk and speak niggerfied english

The Latin gangsters used to have their own style, but now they don't

he's not wrong. i'm norcal and i can confirm

Post more ass OP

Yes and they don't deserve the title of Mexican

Yeah I'm not from California but it's obvious that both NorCal and SoCal Mexicans act black

africanized mexicans

only in the US tho
ive been in mexico for a while now and havent met any chicks like that

LOL fucking no haha. Where the hell did you hear this from?
Sound like you must live in a place where you don't run into latinas.
Although, you obviously have those that act like niggers cause they think its cool, and thus are nigger-loving skanks. But these types of women are not even a half of the latina population.

Do most white American males under 50 act like girls?

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>But these types of women are not even a half of the latina population.
No. I know exactly three non niggerfied latinas (two of which are 40+)

I don't know what part of California most whites hoes look like this

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Wtf? Where are you from??? Mexican tend to be very racist and definitely do not act "black". I assume you mean that thugish city type ignorant blacks. No hick southern country blacks. Fuck I just took the bait, unless you are terminally autistic.

Well obviously actual Mexico is different
Though I think their underclass actually is influenced by black Americand

That's an Italian thing my guy. Well Italian and Spanish (i.e. Dominican, Rican, Cuban, Mexican)

Do you live in Texas?

How'd you know?

That is clearly a black American thing
You are clueless

You are way out of touch, Mexican-Americans worship black culture and try as hard as possible to copy it

Houston and Dallas Latinos swear that they have sickle cell

Well didn't know that, and I stay the fuck away from those absolute shithole cities.

Lol... are you a fucking retard?
Last time I checked, "Shaniqua Jones" wasn't an italian name.

It's not just latinas... any single brain-celled clout whore lookn thot, speaks only the words and syllables their minds can best comprehend... one less brain cell and they would literally be brain dead, illiterate, and mute.

What part of Texas are you from?
And I was joking but that was a metaphor since Houston and Dallas have the blackest acting Latinos ever.

Mexicans are like the worst Latinas so who cares.

I've seriously tried dating some "bad bitches" because I like the glass hair aesthetic and the Calvin Klein top/bottom and the double pigtails that start as corn rows.... but fuck me they have nothing to add to a conversation, and are always on their phones and making stupid faces, and always on fucking xans and shut

Beyond looking at them, they have nothing to offer

Panhandle, they are serious shitholes though.

...oh and they are always bitchig about someone/something when you just got off work and wanna chill and talk about some productive shit... an fb comment will dictate how their day goes.. I've coomed puddles with more depth

Amarillo? Why the hell would they act black there? Are there even 10 black people around?

>Why the hell would they act black there?
Because Jews run the media and the jewish media glorifies nigger ''''''culture'''''' it's why white girls act black too.

Yeah those girls are tards but can make you bust a fat nut at least

same reason we had a stripper pole at the Super Bowl halftime show

Damn, if they act black in the panhandle (country bumfuck town) then all hope is lost.
I was hoping to find a non-ghetto Texas Latina qt, but it seems that there is no hope

>all hope is lost.
>I was hoping to find a non-ghetto Texas Latina qt
You can do better. Even a non-ghetto latina is but a shallow copy of a white girl

Fucking A man, I didn't watch the superbowl since I don't care to watch niggers run around a field but it was sooo bad one of my friends literally called me and said "Ok tell me about the Jews because this shit is fucking degenerate"

Did Patrick Crusius call you from jail?
And football is low brow anyway, that is not the Jew's fault. The superbowl revolves around drinking beer and stuffing your face with buffalo wings, who cares if J Lo shakes her ass?

“Like fo real fo reals nigga...”

Non ghetto Latinas are great, though. I'm from New York and had a few already.

Not from my experience. My wife is a 31 yo Mexican, none of her family or friends are ghetto at all.

Pic related.

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You're probably dealing with cubans rather than mexicans tho

>who cares if J Lo shakes her ass?
It's national TV. It's fucking degenerate.

>posts naked wife's asshole on the internet
>Not ghetto at all

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are you a 40 year old mom, otherwise why would you have a reason to care

Are you 80 years old? TV has often been based around glorifying murderers, I would consider that to be worse.
We have way more Mexicans than Cubans in New York. Though, the girls I've been with are Ecuadorian or Bolivian.

>fantasizing about someone in real life wanting to talk about Jews controlling the media

Cred Forums is always shifting their autistic anger into new things.

>are you a 40 year old mom
24 year old man
>otherwise why would you have a reason to care
I care because I don't want my younger sister ending up like that whore. I don't want my younger cousins watching that disgusting skank on live TV.

>Ridicules White American males
>Has a lieu of different Reddit tier pictures of white soy boys available online
>Uses the one photo where most of the soy boys aren't even white

user what the fuck

Right, we all know that people who think like that don't have friends in real life

The worlds waking up buddy, believe it or not.

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J Lo has more money than your whole family ever will

Meh my cousin lives there and says NYC is overrun by cubans but then again NYC is HUUUGE.

>Money is the only thing that matters
kike detected

You've had "your guy" in office for 3 years and literally nothing has changed

I learned a new word today, thank you user.

Money (and lack of money) is the root of all evil, so yes

correction: trump has changed nothing
that doesn't mean nothing has changed, you're in complete denial if you think this is the same country it was in 2016

>"your guy"
Trumpstein? He ain't my guy, he's just another jew worshiping cuckservative.

You're welcome!
No way, I barely know any Cubans. We have everything else in spades, though.
But the nicer parts of the NYC suburbs have a lot of non degenerate Latinas thankfully

>But the nicer parts of the NYC suburbs have a lot of non degenerate Latinas thankfully
I'm sure of it. My wife is a Latina and she's from a good old tradcon hardworking rural family.

I'd prefer to stick my dick in tatted up crazy goth who watches anime and games... that shit I can stand a few months of even...

I have never slept with a dumb girl, even in high school, she wasn't a thot, just a prep... but I will never forget the feeling of embarassment I had for her with every, "whhaaat??"
I try stick to pretty girls that don't really fit into categories for relationships... and psychopaths for sum fuck.. at least they have stories and can relate to the fuckery that has been my life
Dream wife is probably Morticia Addams: sweet&psycho

P.s I think of suicide everyday, so maybe I deserve these crazy bitches

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I don't like him because he kisses Saudi ass and caves to the Dems/cuckservatives on certain issues

>caves to the Dems/cuckservatives on certain issues
He caves on literally every issue. He's all talk.

It's not that Latinas are inherently bad, it's just that the way things are right now leads to many of them being extremely influenced by black hood culture.

I know. He isn't principled on any issue.

I'm not too sure about that, my wife her mom and sister are the only Latinas I know that aren't niggerfied. Then again I suppose things might be different if hood culture wasn't shoved down our throats.

Angeleno here. Los Angeles Mexicans don't act black, they act LA Mexican. Chicano. It's a different type of Mexican. Cholos, cholas, that type of shit.

Yeah, it's soo sad to see morons worship him like some savior when he's literally making things worse. Like fuck man his "I want more legal immigration" thing at CPAC was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

Tbh my rich gangster Mexican friends are latin af... last party they threw we were all doing blow and dancing to some old country shit.. this is canada though.. a lot of "Ayayayayyy" too looool

>this is canada though.
Fucking hell no where is safe

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And a weak/non defender of 2A and personal freedoms

Liar, the new generation (30 and under) absolutely acts black. The 90s cholo shit is dead

Most non-asian minorities act black because they hate whites, so they act the opposite of white.

Damn that's a great point.

It can't be that bad
I met some Mexican girls from El Paso the other day and they seemed normal.

AOC is anti-white and she doesn't act black at all
Same thing with all those Asian girls who love Bernie Sanders
But overall, you have a point

It's why those who value intellectual pursuits, like chinese, japanese, indians, etc act polite typically, which is called 'acting white' while being overly rude, braggadocious, boisterous, arrogant, etc is seen as acting street or black. Values that whites on the whole have historically shunned and despised.

It's like Simple Jack - can't go full retard and can't go full hood and expect to win a seat in the government. Still need too many white votes. But that will probably change one day.

>I met some Mexican girls from El Paso the other day and they seemed normal.
Goddamn man that has NOT been my experience (then again I was in El Paso a while back and it was a brief stay)

They are cool.. and no.. canada is no longer safe in general... first time I was ever jumped was actually in a town that used to be a little white country area, till it was degentrified by adding projects and then trash from the cities moved in (which is the common practice all around now)... luckily I'm fucked up too and I recognized them lol, first time I met someone with a gun on them with criminal intent

...from there on out it was just crazy.. like after 2009 or some shit. Guns at parties, 15yr olds with guns doing molly

My friend getting stabbed by a Latin Philippino, literally set up for a gentleman's fight over phone, when we showed up my buddy was throwing dirty hooks, then just slows down and drops.. starts rambling about how he has to go to work tomorrow etc... fuck this world

We always used to scrap here and shake hands afterwards.. around the drake era when fuckboi rich kids thought they were prettyboi gangsters is when shit got gay


>That's an Italian thing my guy. Well Italian and Spanish (i.e. Dominican, Rican, Cuban, Mexican)
No it isn't you dumb nigger. They get that dumb shit from blacks.

Laregly yes. Nobody is saying that Latinos should act like Ned Flanders, but copying hood niggas is doing them zero good.
It could be a confirmation bias, people with money to travel are usually not ghetto

My gf is Mexican and doesn't act black. But yeah a lot of them for sure do though.

This. That is 110% a black thing
Same thing with dropping conjunctions from sentences

>But these types of women are not even a half of the latina population.
This is such bullshit

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I think it's actually about half, that sounds like a good estimate


Texan here. All of them do. Stupid big fake nails. Drawn on eyebrows. Too much make up. I will give any person 20 dollars who can find a Mexican girl 18-25 that doesnt act like a nigger and show her to me. The ironic part is i know more actual black women and men for that matter who dont act like stupid niggers. But mexican women at least under 30 might as well be niggers.

Good point about actual black people, they know they're actually black so they don't have to be tryhards. And even when they are stereotypical, it's less obnoxious since.
Where in Texas are you?

In Houston don't a lot of white people do the same? In my city, there's a pretty ghetto half of it where all the white people are uneducated and think it makes them sound more street/gangster so therefore scarier/protected

Allie Brooke from Fifth Harmony is 26 and she's not like that. I don't know any other famous Latinas from Texas.

North Dallas/Ft Worth. Grew up in Plano.

For every wigger (Paul Wall), there are 20 Tekashi 69s

Lets narrow the field and say non-celebrity mexicans. I am assuming the person you mentioned has some level of celebrity about her.

Yeah, I hear there are a lot of ratchet Latinas in Dallas and Fort Worth. Many even try to sound like Southern black women.
Though, one guy from North Dallas told me that most Latinas he knew from his area are whitewashed. But maybe he's from somewhere upscale like Richardson.

Well, she's from a pop group so yeah. But I only bring up celebrities because who else could I show you?
I'm going to Austin soon and I wonder how ratchet the Latinas will be.

Well whats funny is 2 of the women I work with are mexican DACA recipients and when they talk to me they are normal but when they talk to each other or on the phone or even when they talk in spanish it just sounds mad niggerish.

In Austin youre more likely to run into white or black people or trannies. Any mexicans you see will probably be doing some kind of landscaping or construction

I know one DACA recipient in Brooklyn and she's not like that thankfully. But her parents actually cared about her education and sent her to Catholic HS, so she didn't turn out like the street kids. She told me her HS was mostly black, though

As in they behave and talk like niggers. Either your brainless or you’re a journalist digging to find shit that’s already blatantly present here

Austin is 35% Hispanic, that's higher than Chicago and NYC
Yeah it's so fucking obvious.
Alternatively, he might be a Hispanic in denial who thinks that Hispanics creatdd that culture

Cope harder Pedro, your women behave like niggers

Talk like an ignoramus. Wear tight clothes when they are fat. Can’t plan for the future. Low iq. Blame all their problems on someone else.

Should i go on?

Another retard touches the beacon

You should fuck with them and use that vernacular with them
Or if you're cool with them (like super cool) I would ask why she sounds black when she talks to people besides you

I don't get how anyone can be that retarded. At least 30% of US born Hispanics act like 6ix9ine

Well the one girl really likes me and we have actually had political discussions and if she doesn't agree with something i say she asks why i feel that way. And i tell her. She doesnt get mad and listens. She thinks i am super smart. She has promise and asks the right questions. I would sponsor her citizenship if such a thing were allowed. I tell her about the stuff i did when i was her age it blows her mind. Shes a good little catholic girl.

There might be one white dude in that picture

Ive been to Austin 3 times in my life and I only remember seeing hipsters everywhere. Needless to say idgaf about Austin. Sorry I spoke out of ignorance.

Only 34%. I live in Allentown PA. The population of Allentown, PA is 50.6% Hispanic or Latino, 34.4% White Alone, and 10.4% Black or African American Alone. We're all Rican, Dominican, and a few Cubans. Almost no Mexican up here.

All useless either way. Same goes with aboriginals

Well she can be redeemed at least. It's good to guide people who can be saved, and also good to have friends who aren't exactly like you.
I know a Mexican chick from a really ghetto Bronx neighborhood, and she actually ended up going to college down South and getting knocked up by a 6'5 white ginger
I was jealous, but happy at the same time

Allentown is also tiny
And dominated by Portal Ricans

Yeah she is a good one. I told her boss how smart she is. But its funny because her boss is a woman who hates women and all the guys in her department are really attractive. If I tried hiring all gorgeous women Id be fired. But she gets away with it no problem. Luckily all the people she works with seem pretty sharp.

I might actually do that but because I am white and in a position of authority i am not sure how I could word it in a way that doesnt get me fired if someone hears our conversations.

Does she talk black with just that one friend of hers?

Allentown isn't that tiny. It's the 3rd biggest city in Pennsylvania. A few hundred thousand people.

Oh okay. I didn't realize it was a sophisticated kind of job like that.
I work in a warehouse and everyone curses 24/7

What's your favorite bar in Allentown?

Dunno. She does on the phone also but I dont know who she is talking to. All i know is when she talks in Spanish its her mom or dad usually.

I usually go to Joe's Tavern in Bethlehem .

Yeah I guess its sophisticated. If anyone who worked here actually knew me I would be fired or probably just not promoted.

Maybe she's talking to Tyrone
You said you were from Dallas, right?

Haha maybe. Idk if she has a bf or anything usually we only talk about work or current events. I dont have anything in common with her shes 12 years younger than me. Tbh i think she has a thing for white guys.

Only the dumbest types of people want to sound ignorant by default. That's fine by me, more actual jobs for the rest of us.

No not all of them but alot of them would like to believe they are entitled to act black although i’ve also met white girls that do this too

Well hopefully you can get some
Where are you from though?

I live in Denton County but I work in Dallas

I hate people like that

What is your favorite part of Dallas?

Also even if we werent work associates I really doubt I am her type despite her comments about cute white delivery guys etc.

Well not everyone can be our partners of course. But maybe she can hook you up with other people

I like uptown near SMU to hit on college coeds at some of the dive bars there. The art district is good to I suppose. Depends on what youre looking to do.

100% as a matter of fact, glad you asked.

Haha if only. I have usually not had trouble picking up girls though. I was fortunate to have slim attractive parents but the relationships never last because it is always superficial. Longest relationship I had was 3 years and it was a random girl I hit on at a gamestop. Its like my job no one knows me personally but they like that i dont stink, show up on time and do my job, but a job doesnt care who you are if you do the work. With relationships if you arent connecting you get bored or find the other person annoying and it ends. My point is if she actually knew anyone who might be my type we would probably have some level of magnetism and we do not.

The older generation is racist but he said under 30 in OP, and that is the exact group that likes urban and hip hop culture; more so as that being popular culture.

True story.....

No my sister is 16 and she's one of those edgy vintage shirt tucked into oversized jeans from salvation army girls that listens to tyler the creator and likes tik tok. No she's not attractive. And no, she's not niggerish, really wish she was instead of such beta scum.

Yeah I agree that connection is important, relationships can't be forced

Trust me, you'd rather have that than a female Tekashi

thats a tranny isnt it?

I am black. and this is true. I am not one of those glasses wearing uncle tom ass niggas either and I live in a 100% minority neighborhood (east harlem 125th street) only Hispanics and black people here and some asians and arabs and everyone here "acts black" even the asians and by acting black I am guessing you mean wearing jordans, tims, mostly street clothes and use a lot of slang and saying nigga. honestly even the white people here say nigga.

I blame instagram, tik tok, and rap music for everyone wanting to "act black"

fuck crackers, fuck chinks, fuck spics, fuck mudskins don't act black its fucking lame and weird esspecially larping ass niggas posting those BBC threads I don't know any Cred Forums nigga posting BBC threads you cucks are lame for that too

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The funny thing about "urban" is that it has nothing to do with actually being urban or not

The only white people in East Harlem are mega soyboys, no wiggers
But Hispanics in East Harlem/Harlem acting black makes more sense because it's a true ghetto and most of the Hispanics there are Caribbean and therefore black mixed
It's different from Mexicans in Utah acting black

nigga the only mexicans in utah are those niggas standing outside of home depot

Wrong, Mexicans are deep in Utah now. Wyoming and Colorado too.

The same reason Asians try to, they seek to emulate the dominant minority culture

Yeah no, I'm the tekashi of my family lol

What people here are referring to as "black" is actually low income/intelligence behavior. It is not race specific.

ima be honest I only lived in new york and Virginia so I don't know what good with utah

White girls do that shit too. Don't deny it.

Are you proud of being a wannabe black?Barely. The extent of their fakeness is shit like "squad goals", not speaking ebonics 24/7


Or that weird Spanish music with the accordion

That's not black at all

Join now before it's too late

I really want to eat one out regardless

Join now before it's too late

This is hot. Post more.

Act black?
Social status like chads and betas don't really exist as much in mexican culture, people have hobbies, just because you're a nerd or a football player doesn't make you a loser or winner inherently
They're a lot more flirty and accepting because of it

What about cheerleaders?

caring a lot about a butthole

Doesn’t matter which city in Texas
they’re black washed and it’s sad.
They can be better yet they need to
identify with blacks. Like I remember
that before the civil rights movement
whites were classified as white in
Court jury’s

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That's just weird to me

So you're saying if I went to Lubbock or Odessa, most Mexican girls would act black?
That's so odd to me


No, not all

A lot do, though
Probably like 30-40%

i cant believe somebody did a thread with my ass
i still cant find the same angle

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This is my area more like 25% of them 50% are normal act white then the other 25% are over the boarder quiet fat roll bean dippers

I'm not counting the fobs
What would your calculations be with only US born ones under 30?

Is that really your ass?


Because anything is better than being Mexican

Being a fake black certainly is not

Depends on the region I think. Most Mexicans in my area, both women and men, act more “southern” I guess.

Where do you live?

are you a tranny? i think i know who you are.


I live in a purple state, so most Mexican people around here try and behave white it seems.
My girlfriend is second generation Mexicana and most of her family are all white washed as fuck.
She has some cousins who used to fuck around with meth and prostitution, but we don't talk to them.

Trannies usually have gross asses. Hers looks normal

What state?


I went to Vegas but also went to the non-tourist areas, the Mexican girls I came across sounded normal thankfully

Mexican girl's buttholes smell so good