Squatter user again

Squatter user again.
I planted my for rent sign in the dark of night and also didn't need to lock pick the door because the front door was unlocked.
I'll take pics next time I'm there, but its disgusting inside. There is dog shit and piss all over the carpets and the kitchen is ripped out. So there's no sink, cabinets, fridge, stove, nothing but a bare wooden floor and pipes where it all should be. What a let down. A $400k house and its gutted and destroyed inside. It would cost thousands to fix up. But good ol' poor ghetto ingenuity won't stop me. Looks like the power is still intact so I can have hot water.

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Seems odd the power would still be on and the taxes be so delinquent...and that they would maintain a power bill after gutting the interior.

You better timestamp something otherwise you're just an attention seeking faggot.

Also raided my alternative location too, but its really in the open next to a busy ass road. Its like some kind of ball room looking place. Its basically 2 mobile homes stuck together. It looks pretty good. Has everything except a driveway or garage. This one has a higher chance of me squatting longer than 3 years.

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I'll get some pics next time. Its really bad in there. But the interior is amazing and huge.

I'm really getting use to this thing. Picked a dead bolt lock in less than 5 minutes. Door handle took 30 seconds.

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Give us a recap for all the newfags who haven't seen your story.

Tired of paying rent and want to go off the rails.
I was thinking about squatting this this guy's house as he is currently in jail. I was going to pay the tax man $5k to keep the tax sale away. The jailbird won't be released until 2023 and there is no tax line or mortgage lender on the deed. So it's free and clear. I got lots of lawyer and property manager anons to give me tips on it. But after looking deeper into this house, I don't need to pay the tax man. There are other properties that have been on the tax man's scope for well over 4 years before they send the homes to a tax sale. So I'm just going to squat in it for free. Just need to watch out for nosy neighbors and file a lawsuit to kick me out.

The history is more interesting.
The guy is muslim and killed his uncle for stealing money from the tobacco shop they ran together. He shot him in the chest and cops took him away. This happened in 2016, he was finally in jail in 2018. Now the Tax man wants to take the house.

So in my state if you pay taxes on an area of land for 7 years you legally own it. Make it happen op

Beautiful house on the outside, but when you go in, its ghastly. Old spilled drinks and random toys and dog vomit/shit everywhere. No kitchen because it was gutted out.

For all the shit you were scheming and talking in the last thread, only to find out that the interior is basically unlivable, you, at best, sound like an idiot who is going to get fucked by risks you haven't considered and, at worst, are an attention seeking faggot playing on an idea that we (anarcho-fags) all wish were more realistic than it actually is

I might actually take over the alternative house that's not so special. Its a standard 1200 sqft 1 floor house with 1 bathroom. Its really nice and open. Like a ball room or some kind of rentable studio.

What kind of risk? Arrested for tresspass? Lawsuit from neighbor?

Why is the power still on? Did you think the owner/family might send someone around monthly if the power is being paid monthly, i.e. that when you pay that 5k in taxes and someone acting on behalf of the owner may come back next month, or any time in the next several months, and find you there, take legal possession and rob you of your 5k?

And this is just one risk scenario I strung to together on the basis of the information you've provided. I'm sure there are plethora other that you haven't even connected the dots on yet, most concerning would probably be the HOA angle.

Point in case, objectively speaking as someone following this, your story isn't adding up and it's either because there's something else going on with the property that you aren't aware of or that you're full of shit.

Gtfo larping faggot

Why are you so interested if you think its all bs?

Good defensive answer

I know of a homeless guy that checks on a guy in jails house for him for some cash... don't get stabbed in your sleep via hoboknife or bollockdagger

right, i only briefly went through this last night. how long do you have to stay in it again before its "technically" yours?

20 years where I am, uninterupted, meaning the owner doesn't actively seek to evict.

I'm interested because I am of the belief that squatting is a legitimate means to housing, and if you had any reading comprehension you'd understand that I don't think it's all BS, I'm 50/50 split over the belief that you're a fucking idiot and that it is BS.

There are risks in squatting which, as previously stated, I think you've at best been ignorant to,

Another scenario: dude is deep i debt to some shady individuals who, looking to recoup their debt while this guy is in prison, have come by and stripped the interior and let their dog shit all over the house just to be dicks. Those guys got there before you and believe the place to be empty and you may ave to confront them again if they come back. While I recognize what you're attempting is not legally adverse possession, I get the sense that is essentially the quasi-legal position you're taking and the key to adverse possession is all the adversarial bullshit you need to go through. The other squat looks better IMHO.

I got good with lock picks, i can get through a dead bolt in like 2 minutes

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jesus christ, can you even hook power up and shit?

Maybe aspire to be more; seems like you're basically giving up on accomplishing anything in your life. I mean, making money is super easy compared to other things; if you can't manage to even do that, you're hopeless.

Yes, getting utilities turned on isn't a problem. You could just get it "moved" to a new location if its within service area. Like comcast, you can transfer it to a new address.

all of that damage is from other hobos like you. they will keep coming back, the neighbors will call the cops, and you will be kicked out/arrested on livepd.

>'m 50/50 split over the belief that you're a fucking idiot and that it is BS

wut? This math doesn't hold up as the 2 aren't related.
If 100% is bs, then 50% of that is truth.
If 100% is idiot, then 50% of that is clever.

So which is it? Do you think that 50% of this situation is true and happening or is it 100% not happening and all bs?

just watch out if that house is owned by a bank or have you looked it up to see if it isn't, I wouldn't go for the first house as it's owned by a killer and the house needs repair

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Yes yes, that's already been said.

honestly this is the most interesting shit to be on Cred Forums in years. i hope squatter/b/ro keeps us updated daily.

I feel stupid even replying, but I own my own house and am well employed...just to point out your retard baseline assumptions.

I recognize and support squatting as a legitimate form of housing because lording unused shelter, especially in dense, populated areas, is unethical.

Perfect defense. Explained everything.

nice. never thought of it like this before but you have a point.

Simply stated, I am unsure. I regret using numbers, as I see they are confusing for you. To state my position linguistically (i.e. with words):
Without knowing anything about you, I believe there is an equal chance that you are 1.) not very smart because you cannot imagine the risks
or 2.) are "merely pretending" to sound not very smart so that people will offer their opinions

I'm actually closer to 90% convinced you're just not very smart and/or very young and/or on drugs at this point.

Go for it though! It'll be an experience.

He's 12

15 actually.

Meant for

Definitely keep posting squatfag. Waiting on those pics. You know that you are taking a big risk legally doing this. Don’t fight it if the authorities step in. Just leave. You’re not a nigger, right?

Not user, but he either thinks that the guy is 100% an idiot, or he is 100% full of shit.

He just doesn’t know which one he’s leaning toward more yet, so 50/50.

OP here. I'm not. The Robert Kennith guy that did it and got on the news would've gotten away with it if he didn't get on the news or file for claim before the 7 year mark.

don't Cred Forums while doing drugs, newfriend

Maybe you shouldn't go through with this.. with your "cunning" you finna get poked fam

Someone's got to do it. Otherwise, we let the banks destroy homes and families through debt.

Wait, am I reading this correctly and squatterfag is actually 15?

you don't think op has some shit to protect himself? he seems pretty savvy

He doesn't have anything to defend himself with. He'll get arrested for trespassing. /thread

he doesn't seem dumb. you may think he's wrong, but he's not dumb. he knows that there are hobos that will eye his spot and in a world where you only can rely on. yourself for protection you make sure you have the proper tools to do that.

Stop boosting yourself... regardless.. gotta sleep some time... or you'll have headphones in and BAM.. a dude who has just been waiting for you to come home... that's what my homeless acquaintance does anyways... he literally bats someone to the face every other week, sometimes I see him and he looks like it was seriously bad, but the other guy is missing

i'm not the op dude

And you let him do this? You could be a victim of his one of these days.

Seriously, even if this constant threat of someone (anyone) legally challenging your right to stay in the place you rest your head at night wasn't enough of a risk, imagine having to live in constant with the constant thought that someone else might just show up while you're sleeping, for any reason at all, particularly because they don't expect anyone to be there.

I mean, I guess you can just ignore all this potential discomfort (what I would call "risk"), but that's truly a calling for the young only...your time would honestly be better spent learning to integrate into some kind of productive social group and living in a group setting...even if it's another squat.

Yeah, goto bc canada and be a hippy or something would be more worthwhile, safe, fun, communal, and all that free spirit puss

Niggas gotta eat lol

Plus I don't really talk to him after I nearly slapped the fuck out of him kuz I thought he pickpocketed me lol... I'm still nice to him, but he's extremely schizo and I can see he is still cheesed about it.. also I know when he was high has tried hustling me for money before saying he'll run and go get the weed, etc

On top of all this.. I don't tell anyone where I sleep you stupid dumb idiot

Why you typing like you're a nigger?

Ugh if I didn't think OP was on the cusp of becoming I degenerate juvenile convict I wouldn't be agreeing with you, however juvenile crust punk communal hippie is somehow the lesser of two evils from my (admittedly limited) point of view...gross

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Are you sure you're not just a bigot? My sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation is legible enough for 4fuckingchan... you stupid fucking monkey
You talk like a boring neet is why no one attractive wants to touch you or even look in your direction, for fear that you may decide to interact w/ them

We need to redistribute these tiddies

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I thought about it.. but no nets, I wanna make a mill before I die (spent well over that, but want to be sitting on a mill+), and will probably catch something from fucking those whores

...but on the plus side: drugs.. specifically mushrooms

You really think he's underage?

I'm really trying to provide benefit of the doubt here, what with the "BS attention whore" angle as my original hedge against "complete fucking idiot"...having since decided OP is most like a complete fucking idiot, im trying to hedge that already shitty categorical affiliation with "too young to understand better"...underage would make most of this shit seem totally rational, speaking from my own experience as underaged irrational squater 15 years ago anyway