We settle this shit, now

We settle this shit, now.


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fagu sucks

Add Bravo to the list. Bravo sauce is best sauce.

They're both way too sweet in my opinion. Why don't American consumers grows out of the "yummy" phase and grow some adult taste buds that don't require added sugars?

Prego is liquified fetus


I used to only buy Prego because it just looked better and came in glass jars while the Ragu (at our store) came in plastic containers. I always keep the jars

But Ragu tasted so much better. I never went back

Neither faggot

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This. Holy shit.

Stop putting sweeteners in pasta sauce.

Tomatoes, extra Virgin Olive oil, garlic, herbs.

I’m a chef. I make my own.

amerifats are at it again, everyone hide your cuisine

And allowing the tomatoes to reduce down a bit will naturally concentrate and sweeten the sauce with the sugars already present in the fruit. And lightly sweating some onions before before adding the tomatoes will also add a dimension of sweetness. Although it will not be anything like dumping in cane sugar.

the best is prego roasted garlic parmesan doctored up with my own extra seasonings (a lot of extra oregano, adobo, lemon pepper, crushed red pepper, ground red pepper)

I make my own.

Same here user. Been at chef at Wendy’s for about a year now.

which ever one is cheapest at the time, it all taste the same if you eat it fast enough


what do you make /year

Dioporco mangiate merda!

you're a sous chef motherfucker, don't short change....

Right?!?! Why even discuss these broke ass sauces..

+pasta sauce is only used as filler/body... reducing tomatoes onions and garlic is the best... you get to control the herbs, spices, seasoning

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No idiot.., I told you I’m a chef at wendys. Youre just mad because you cant make homemade burgers like me retard

Both suck, Newman's is the best


Classico, if I have to choose an off-the-shelf product.

from scratch or die

i'm not mad, you're mad... dammit.

this classico shit is the best


Newman's is actually worse that the two in the OP. Maybe they market better and have people convinced it is another tier. It is not.

I find Prego is too thick to slide down the funnel.

whatever you like. i don't like. you fucking non-liking faggot of things i like. fuck you...

i'm just kidding, do you want your dick sucked?

This was quite the rollercoaster ride. And yes, you seem like a nice person so a dick sucking would be appreciated.

All the flavors or just a solid classic if you wanna go full Hell's Kitchen on that bitch

Only time I ever bought the other 2 sauces mentioned.. was when I was broke/borderline homeless...

quite, love sucking dick. do you like fast & furious, or thoughtful torture???

Neither, make your own

I like to be surprised.

Homemade you lazy faggot. If you can't make it you should kys

i'm not showing you my tits for these faggots.

A bottle of Hunts ketchup with some added vinegar and some spices... beats everything posted here.

Sockarooni or GTFO

That is unreasonable.

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Not sure faggots would even appreciate tits. Maybe.


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It is getting a little saucy in here.

This stuff is good because it's so basic you can add to it

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I also hate my life

Don't be so impolite. You probably prefer a white sauce.

Behold! A challenger enters the ring! And proceeds to ass rape both of his "competitors" to death.

>using store bought pasta sauce
I seriously hope you guys dont do this.

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Oh wow.

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Hope dashed.


>spending three hours cooking red sauce every time you want italian for dinner
Shiggy Diggy

I eat whatever sauce the person cooking puts in front of me.

Whichever is cheaper

So ketchup packets stolen from Burger King mixed with water? Works for me.

What if they jizz all over your fucking fettuccine?

It takes 15 fucking minutes you dingus

Won't know until I try it.

i personally cum in every jar of sauce.

Someone doesn't develop flavour.

Dont like ketchup.

Cheapest sauce with a little Rasta Sauce mixed in is the height of cooking.

No, I mean what if they jizz on it in front of you.

I have pretty bad hemorrhoids so I just bleed in a bowl and toss in some ramen.

I'd probably allow the monocle to fall from my eye.

Take out the sugar and salt and probably half a tomato in there.

Rasta Sauce is good for hemorrhoids. just toss a liberal amount into your food and the next time you take a shit, it will sooth your hemorrhoids. Give it a shot, im serious

Ragú obvi nerds

>good for hemorrhoids
too much dick?

Probably alcoholism

Both suck, taste like youre eating candy. Classico four cheese mixed with roasted garlic is best.


They only make four cheese I'm pretty sure.. but I'll forgive you because you're holding it down with some self-respect and class... also four cheese is bomb af

this is the best

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Checked, and agreed

Well, those little fuckers are delicious!

Fagu, flassico, frego are all shit compared to newmans

Top lol!

Anything made by noname is questionable content. Their stuff always tastes like they used everyone elses discarded bits. I would feed noname to my dog.


Homemade >