Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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Thanks user

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3/10. this thing is ugly as fuck.

those are 10/10s for me goddamn

sure. these fucking suck, retard.

Why thank you user

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Is that a new one?

doesn't do it for me, maybe 6/10... at best

Thank you
And understandable

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OP here

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muh dick

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damn that’s a real nice dick. 9/10

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10/10 10/10
I love that thickness

4/10. have you ever been with a woman?

Hot, you got kik user?


How's mine?

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not good. 3/10

that curve

thirsty, lying, faggot.

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mine in my girl

hopefully the photo doesnt rotate on me here

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5/10. did she ask you to come back?

8/10 nice balls
9.999/10 love the juices
Thats a THICC boi! 6.5/10

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jesus christ, this is awful. 2/10.

Small dick but nice body


Thats not nice

why should it be nice? that's a horrible penis. i'm ashamed for him...


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post yours faggot

i don't have one, faggot...

8/10 good length and girth. Nice head. Too bad you're parents mutilated you.

then tits or gtfo

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so sorry a fem interrupted your cock sucking party. this is dick thread, i rated it. go fuck yourself, shit licking faggot.



Rate them all?

I've got plenty of inner skin, so it's whatever.

my favorite

i am, douchebag.

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nice head on it, 8/10

You’re clearly a man stfu


stop whining, bitch.

Stupid bitch kys

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god, you fucking cock worshiping faggots are pathetic...

i like the foreskin 6/10

Why larp as a female? You hate yourself that much?

user isn’t wrong. The size is ok I guess but it’s just not aesthetically pleasing.

thank you kind sir.

whatever you have to tell yourself, peanut. good luck.

He's pretty pathetic huh

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Rate pls hehe

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is this court evidence?


i'm sorry your tender feeling are hurt, pumpkin....

Maybe one day you get your dick chopped off in hopes it finally fixes the depression and your broken brain .... but it wont and you’ll still kill yourself by 37

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not likely, you guys are so sensitive about your pathetic peckers... wow.



Show off your balls

do your girlfriends tell you it's ok? or do they laugh at you? this is really just sad.

girlfriends? i'm gonna die laughing now!!!!!!!

my friend showed me this board, and i'm never going to stop now. i'm showing all my girlfriends, cause this shit is hilarious....

Stop larping please

Reigning the thread back in here what yall fags think?

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omg, you fucking queers are so sensitive. i love it.


Slightly better pic here

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i found my new thing, super sensitive penis posters. ha ha ha...

Your new things pretending to be a girl on the internet? Ok buddy if it makes you happy

oh, i'm so sorry, sweetie. you can still praise cock at will. i don't have, and i won't. what a whiny turd....

wow thats hot. how big are you?

Femanon should do post linking to all at once so we know it's her also show tits and pussy.

Oof. Alright last one I'm trying to average a passing grade lol

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that's called halloween fun size.

So its small....

Ok “lady”

sure, whatever helps your fragile ego and your pathetic penis. this is fucking fantastic.

post with skin back?

it is what it is. you choose to label it with these dipshits.

>93 replies
>24 posters

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i'm sorry i hurt your feelings, precious...

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handbreeder can account for at least 60% of that...

Legit haven't posted my glorious cock among my Cred Forumsrothers but still want to see you naked.


Cool. Post more pics?

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sure... i'll get right on that.

My feelings arent hurt its funny you pretend to be a woman like a single person believes it LOL kill yourself retard

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Is that fully hard?

i'm just rating your pathetic peckers, just like you asked.

stop hurting me... butthurt faggot.

youve got miniscule balls lmao, 7/10

Not yet

i hope not.

I like it so far. Post it when hard.

Post more of your cock.

Please do

holy shit. faggots brains are as big as their penises.

let's see your glorious cock, pee-wee...

Thought u were working on those nudes for me.

You fool no one retard if you want any benefit of being a woman here show your pussy if not we all know you’re a fat greasy maned neck beard

i can be as fat and greasy as i want. doesn't make your penises any less ridiculous....

keep posting, i'll make fun of these things till the end of time.

Hey Cred Forumsros

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Let's see your cock.

nice pec. How big is your cock?

thread needs moar dicks

hold your breathe for me, daddy... go fuck yourself.

don't have one, durrwood. just here for the funny ass view.

notify your mom then.

Post your cock.

Stop being Gay

Wow “femanon” you are so funny haha you should be the next Amy Schumer

he he he. fuck you.

what a bunck of cock sensitive faggots. wow.

Lol I like it when u call me daddy. Keep going you angry little whore

You're just a bad troll sucks to suck

keep crying, this shit is so lovely.

post your penis, then cry when all the faggots in the world don't slobber on it. what a joke.

Thanks user it's a lil under 8×6 last time I checked

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exactly, these posts are never about rates. it's about wanting to hear you're monster hung no matter what. attention whores

ever been kicked in the balls?

carry on with your self sucking session faggots, i'm going to bed... you should all kill yourselves. no self respecting woman will ever want you.

Kill yourself and live stream it for us :)

now, you can be real men. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

sure thing faggot. god you people are pathetic...

Rate me

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I thought you went to sleep dumb bitch

10 please provide your kik!

Do you have kik?

Kek yes I have user not sure why youd ask tho

Nice. Pull the hood back

r8 plz, just wanna know if it looks average

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Not bad. How big is it?

Fuck it, dick in the dick rate thread

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Old pic. If there's any interest I'll take a new one tho

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Really impressive. How big is it?

10! More!

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If the thread's still alive later I'll take another one hard :^)

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You have kik?

Nah sry


you are disgusting

post another one pls i'm in love

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If you're going to get it hard make it shoot for us

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kinda liking yours a lot user, moar pls?

based tbh

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Fuck it.

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Nice dude that's a huge head.


Join now before it's too late

thanks i like it

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gotta be a familiar product to use as scale girlfriend

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id let you choke me with it user

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Nice. Got more?

plenty :D

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Roll that hood forward?

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like this?

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Rate pls

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10/10 long, thick, nice complexion, perfect foreskin.
Also, heres me

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How's mine

weee, thank you! I'd kneel down for yours any time :*

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anyone wanna swap regularly?

No coomin bc that's a hassle, but I'll compromise with a quick video

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Thanks. Would def return the favor.

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Oh look its the faggot who's always posting in these threads and because he's an insecure fuck he always rating dicks better than his low marks, fuck off faggot, your pencil dick is hideous.

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So Hot user, i would milk you daily, hourly ;)

Post moar!!

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Thank you :)

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Your cock has amazing length to it. You've got a great curve going on and a nice even complexion. Your pubes are neatly trimmed and you have a nice bell-shaped tip. The subtle jiggling of your balls is also a nice touch. Have you ever been sucked?


Almost every day :P

anyone wanna swap some vids?


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I’m thinking about sending this to my crush rn should I? Am I big enough

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are you that pilot fag who was in jail in indonesia or something?

Did the steroids shrivel your cock or were you always tiny?

I like that body n cock combo. Is there more?

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Gotta show the glans... diamonds

heres mine rate pls

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Thanks for the 7.5

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rate my dick

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me too

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9/10 Very Nice, would suck.

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If only my fat ass could attract some one

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Love how it hangs over so nice..

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Cute, let's see the assets :)

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The booty, girl, let's see the booty!

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Fun size sounds about right. My ass is too tight for pringle can monsters. No homo.

Clean up needed?

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Literally the best 2 dickpics I've ever seen in a long life of faggotry

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I'll rate what you send, make it count.
Snap me tony_garret2020. Or Kik rob.jones.e

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