walking past a primary school

> walking past a primary school
> you hear giggling
> turn and see this

Wat do, Cred Forums?

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Join in, what else?

I'm reporting this

For what? Sexiness?

Jerk off and spray both of them with my cum. What else?!


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aaand I'm out. Loli stuff is fine but interracial fantasies are morally indefensible.

The only way you'll ever get a girl is by conditioning a child.

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Kill them with anything
Take a pic of the dead Bodies
Send it to their parents
"This is the result of your bad parenting"


Call my friends and have a bukkake

you're summoning the party van user

girls aren't allowed to have fun?

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see if i can get a quick bj and nut inside both puss

A whole new world is opening to assist pedos in controlling their illegal desires

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>ywn brainwash a child into being your sex slave
why even live?

What's "primary school"?

The US calls it elementary school, the rest of the world calls it Primary School, amerifag

Checked and hebepilled.

Girls from 12-13+ should be allowed to have sex with whoever they want

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call the police we got two child molesters molesting each other. Walk home to fat wife and tell reddit how cool I was today

>rest of the world

lol that's how we see it and um, we don't give a fuck. don't get butthurt like your sphincter UK flag... didn't you just tell "the rest of the EU" to fuck off?