Why are girls so obsessed with black dicks?

why are girls so obsessed with black dicks?

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mainstream perpetuated myths and ratchet pop culture brain washing. and bc whiteboys sit around and play video games and are beta by a huge percentage.

>bc whiteboys sit around and play video games and are beta by a huge percentage.
that's like 90% of pol

just something you have to try for yourself to understand

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The better question is? Whynot?

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they aren’t, unless they’re a gay man or trans lmao

very few are. Cred Forums isn't real life, it's where the incels come to let out their crazy. don't believe shit you see or read on here.

They aren't. You just watch too much porn.

they're not

muh dmg ctrl

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The only ones that feel threatened by this are insecure beta males. Nobody else gives a shit.

1) foreign 2) Marvelous 3) Rebellious towards white race savers 4) Makes a statement 5)Maybe he fucked her real good

It's a fetish, like fucking dogs. blacks are dirty and tribal and animalistic. It's just another escape from perfect life fantasy

Better to play Vidya than milk welfare and shit up the place.

Because they like to have a baby and then become a single mom?

not really
better to be a single mom then have a child for a husband

I think it is just conservative white men that are obsessed with black cock.

Most aren't.

they aren't only insecure faggots are

they aren't retard, get outside

Sorry rabbi, it's the jews that are obsessed with pushing that nigger shit. That is why nearly every pic or video was taken with a jewish owned camera and sold by jewish owned companies.

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Size matters.

why are you so obsessed with posting this thread multiple times a day?

I think black men pay a lot of money for interacial porn. Porn reflects the desires of black men. I also think whites did selective breeding on black slaves so only attractive healthy muscular blacks reproduced. Blacks are handsomer than whites because noone forces artificial selection on whites. There are a lot of ugly white couples.

As a whole, they aren't. But transgender redditors repost their ideas several times a day. And they do it for free and pretend to be happy. And we let them because they're embarrasing themselves just to drip one drop of piss in an ocean of piss.

They aren’t. If you actually talked to real women you’d know that. Also, projection

bug chasers

They arent. Only faggots with small dick thunk they are as a cope.

most white women i know would probably never fuck a black dude.

actually white women are one of the most racist demographics on the planet lol

You tell me.

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More like why is op obsessed with BBC

what weak fucking cumshots though.

Why you paying attention to the cum whiteboy