Give me a sincere, thoughtful answer as to why you believe Donald Trump is a bad President. Not baiting. Not trolling...

Give me a sincere, thoughtful answer as to why you believe Donald Trump is a bad President. Not baiting. Not trolling. I actually want to know why people think this way. All legitimate contributions welcome.

Thank You

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No you don't, but here's a few:

He clearly threatened to withhold aid to a foreign country unless they helped him personally. That's not only illegal, but immoral.

He demonizes any group that isn't him.

He spends millions of tax payer money on golfing trips, something he promised he wouldn't do.

He's currently getting ready to let his drilling buddies rape the natural parks in Utah.

There's more but that's all I feel like typing.

He is pushing the limits on executive authority and it’s genuinely disheartening to see such “small government conservatives” fall right in line to support it after spending decades attacking it. Also his national labor relations board is radically anti-labor and is overruling all precedents that really helped workers organize and collectively bargain. His asylum policies violate international law but then we want to turn around and lecture other country’s on how to behave. He’s slashing so many environmental regulations and climate change is real so maybe we should start acting like it it. And his tax cuts were just a handout to billionaires who didn’t need a tax cut

You remember back in school there was always the kid who thought he knew everything? That has an uncle that "Worked at Nintendo"? That thought anyone who didn't agree with him was a faggot,or a loser?

Donald Trump is that kid. The guy who can't take criticism,can't stand to be 2nd to anybody and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Most presidents have a team of advisers and read briefings daily. Trump has yes-Men and gets his briefings from unreliable sources.

Let's be honest here. We all know he tried to blackmail Ukraine into helping him get re-elected. He withheld vital aid and support to get dirt on a political rival. he put HIMSELF above the country he swore to serve. He broke that oath and the only reason the impeachment failed is because almost all the senators in his party are lemmings. The biggest even said he was going to fuck-up the process any way he can.

Not a Trump Hater but I'll humor you.
>has power...uses it
>emboldens religious right, pro-lifers etc.

He's too impetuous. It scares me.

His ego is too big and he can't admit fault, therefore he is more concerned with his own image than with doing what's right for the country.


Please don't judge me in the regard that I want to understand what I don't know. I am currently working toward my doctorate in rhetoric and I simply want to know what deters fellow-Americans from siding with him. I'm aware he is an abrasive figurehead.

>He clearly threatened to withhold aid to a foreign country unless they helped him personally. That's not only illegal, but immoral.
I agree that it is immoral but it is not illegal, as there is now upheld international legislation

>He demonizes any group that isn't him.
Valid. However, American politicians have operated this way since the 1700s. This man is simply straight-forward with his intentions (Not an excuse or justification for his behavior, rather seeing it for who he is)

>He spends millions of tax payer money on golfing trips, something he promised he wouldn't do.
This is impossible, the U.S. President makes ~$200,000 per year before taxes. Sure, he doesn't pay for these outings himself, it is simply a perk of being the fucking President, man. Every president since Washington has demonstrated some movin' and shakin' of their own. Also, it isn't tax-payer money, the Presidential Estate is funded privately, as to not affect the American people.

>He's currently getting ready to let his drilling buddies rape the natural parks in Utah.
It's happening here in Nebraska, too. The Earth is certainly going to have a finite amount of resources; if we aren't harvesting our own, it would be a farce.

>There's more but that's all I feel like typing.
I'm interested to hear what you have to say to my reply

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Deficit in a time where rising income tax revenue should be paying off the debt that would naturally accumulate during the recession.
If we let this continue the u.s. going bankrupt will plunge the entire world into an even greater depression

Oh and he committed treason


>He is pushing the limits on executive authority and it’s genuinely disheartening to see such “small government conservatives” fall right in line to support it after spending decades attacking it.
This is intriguing because I have examined this myself. This type of by-design adhering to the incumbent is a manipulative self-serving bias by the GOP to further their own agenda. This, in itself, makes bipartisan politics laughable. Before 2016, Trump's politics were demonstratively Democratic; it allowed him to become the Donald Trump we know him as today.

> Also his national labor relations board is radically anti-labor and is overruling all precedents that really helped workers organize and collectively bargain.
Never expect someone that has never lived your lifestyle to understand. Sure, they might advocate for you, but they will never understand what you truly want.

>Not baiting. Not trolling
If trump followed that then I would have a lot less problem with the dipshit

>This is impossible

Trump's golfing outings cost the US taxpayer more PER YEAR than Obama did in his entire presidency.

"I'm going to be so busy I won't have time to golf"

>Sure, he doesn't pay for these outings himself

Who does, dipshit?

>American politicians have operated this way since the 1700s. This man is simply straight-forward with his intentions
>>American politicians have operated this way since the 1700s.
>simply straight-forward with his intentions

I think he’s a bad president because of his toxic, petty, and vindictive personality. It’s more than just setting an example for others to follow, as a leader should, but it’s a bit terrifying having someone so fragile holding such a powerful position. That and the fact that he only really cares about the less-than-50% of the country that supports him. A president, regardless of political affiliation, needs to care about the population as a whole. A president needs to unite, not divide. I think he’s a bad president because he doesn’t grasp the gravity of the position he was entrusted with.

The anti-trump sentiment on this site is pretty clearly manufactured artificially.

The only legitimate reason to be against trump is because he's a zionist puppet furthering the same agendas regardless of party affiliation or supposed views, because nobody is allowed to win the presidency unless there is a guarantee of them falling in line. Every presidential election in living memory has been rigged. Every single one.

Anyone who criticizes Trump for any reason other than his Zionist affiliation is clearly either The Fool or being paid to post.

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Speaking to
How do you answer the JQ?

>Can't believe anyone would actually dislike trump
Okay, trumpie

a big oof to the liberal movement to be sure

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I don't understand how fiscal conservatives haven't pushed back against the deficit spending. There have been flickers of recession on the horizon (the inverse yield curve, market volatility) and having a large debt will limit our ability to respond to it.

>Also, it isn't tax-payer money, the Presidential Estate is funded privately, as to not affect the American people.
He plays at his resorts that the US tax payer pays for. The US government literally buys rooms at hotels that have his name on it. He also said publicly that he wouldn't golf. It's a lie.

>I agree that it is immoral but it is not illegal
It most certainly is.

He is going to lose because people are tired of talking about him on both sides. Its predictable and boring to both people arguing and those who can't go a day without hearing about this endless attention whore who can't go a day without doing something stupid that needs to be talked about.

Care to respond?

Go away

This. They're always "muh deficit" but haven't been saying anything under Trump.

He speaks like a retard, makes us look bad, and claims shit the previous administration put into place as his own accomplishments.

What do you mean by JQ?

They'll just blame it on Obama or whoever is available to blame

How do you answer the JQ?

Figure it out, normie. Search term: Zionism.

For all of you people freaking out about these golf trips, you have to realize that a lot of these are business, not pleasure.
I dont blame Trump for golfing, and I dont blame Obama for golfing.

This is a completely nuetral post. Lets see which political affinity attacks it.

>How do you answer...
But I'm not real, bro. You said do yourself

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The only people that could possibly think he is bad in any way are in my opinion:
People that watch too much cable news
People that live sheltered lives and don't venture into public enough
People that refuse to admit they were wrong about Hillary
People that are arrogant enough to believe they know everything
People that are rather annoying and socially awkward

>cable news

those people are called informed,unlike you snowflakes who think trump's twitter account is a legit source for news of the country

Thoughtful, huh? Because he’s a fucking piece of shit. That’s why.

Hypocrisy is shit

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He lies.

That's the only reason I need. Once I have established he lies, why would I trust another god damned thing he says or does? And sometimes it's over the dumbest shit.

Easiest lie to prove he told. Tax returns.

He said dozens of times he'd produce them. Lies. Then he said he couldn't because he was under audit, which was a double lie, because he wasn't under audit AND being under audit doesn't prevent them from being released.

Then there's just...retarded crap like this:

And when he is called out he just lies more.

Like, at that point, why even bother with anything else when the man is fundamentally untrustworthy?

So you didn’t support Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and you’re not supporting any of the current Democrat nominees either, right?


>wall of sperg

5 more years to go.

Don't pay attention to any of that user. I know my stance on important issues facing our country and I vote for the person that closest matches my views

Do you vote how a cable news show tells you.....because they are so knowledgeable and have zero self serving interests?


I don't support either Clinton.

I did support Obama in 2008 and 2012 hoping he'd end the war in the middle east, because having been involved in death over there firsthand it's a fucking travesty. He didn't end it and started three new conflicts, that lying fuck so fuck him.

Obvious I don't support Trump.

Of the current Dem nominees, Biden, Klob, and Pete are all right out for being little lying political opportunists. Warren is out for the faked Sanders outrage shenanigans at the last debate, Bloomberg and Steyer never had a chance.

Yang is fine.

But Sanders, that man has the most integrity of any elected official in the US currently serving, period. And that's who I support. Fight the powa. He pisses off all the lying snakes in the DNC and RNC and I love it.

Oh, and one more thing: just because someone else lies doesn't make Trump's lies okay.

>important issues

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Fake news

because this happened last year

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hes not destroying the country fast enough

Is that the face your dad makes when he sees cock

He has torn down environmental regulations in an era of ever worsening climate change. His tax cut was just a crooked give away to the upper class. He almost started another pointless war with Iran. He held foreign aid back just to get another country to harm a political rival. He has imprisoned refugees. He is an idiot who embarrasses us on the world stage every time he speaks publicly or tweets. He didn't give a shit about helping American citizens in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit.

That's a good sampling of the reasons why I think he is a shitty president.

Attacks on science, the facts, and the balance of powers.

Sure, vlad

I don't like commies and I can give a pass to indirectly aiding putin once or twice, but like 14 fucking times? Cmon this guy bleeds red, full stop.

Also he puts people into positions of power who are either horribly corrupt or completely fucking corrupt.

>all lies are created equal

Follow his twitter account. our president is a fucking child.

You almost got that sentence right. He hardly knew epstine though, so clearly nothing happened. WITCH HUNT

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A man who bragged about sexual harassment on tape was voted president.

>Bot fucking detected

Not taking the bait.

You can intellectualize fraud all you want, but when you're honest with yourself, you just like him because you hate other people. many presidents have we had that cheated on their wives, had fake marriages, fucked girls on the desk..

But yeah this one is the bad one

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looked up one of those tweets on google and holy shit, those are legit tweets

>"Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault"

How can anyone who's been paying attention to american politics honestly ask why someone would think trump is bad? are you fucking blind?

It's okay user
I mean none of us have cock munchers Dads

But you'll be fine lol

No you're a towel

I could care less for Trump. Hes a Clown. A Front Man. A poser. These lemmings need to wake the fuck up and stop looking at the left hand and start looking at the fuckers standing behind him on the right hand pulling the real strings.

What is a bubble?

WE're economically booming right now. That's the only thing that matters, too. Everything else rides off of that in some way shape or form. If you care about others' feelings you're a faggot who needs to be gassed.

Economically booming because of short sighted mechanisms that will surely result in only the rich getting richer and the poor being barely sustainable.

Welcome to the dystopian future, it's been here for the past 30 years.

When you have money, it makes money, user.

Lol no.

The stock market =/= the economy.

Will we be able to do trophy hunting in those parks though?

>being a Keynesian economist in 2020

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And his supporters act like his opponents are after him for no reason. Well, obviously they would be. It's politics. But trump is being that kid that pokes his neighbors poodle through the fence because he likes seeing it pissed off. One day he pokes a little too far in and the dog bites him so his parents (supporters) immediately blame the dog and its owners...
Can we have a POTUS who isn't a fucking troll please?

I only heard like 5 things from his campaign to now that are fully true
Not a Republican
Whoremonger supported by hypocrites
Slum lord
Morally and financially bankrupt.

I should add I'm a Republican also so you tardbrains don't say libtard mad. He won my Christian conservative county by 3%. The last 4 elections Republican won in the 80%. Even Republicans don't like him.

The Merovingian line is 1000s of years old, user.

>And the bot has a custodian

As a Jewish psychologist I can tell through your consistent use of analogies relating to childhood that you had a troubled relationship with your parents.

Specifically I'm interested in your father. Would you consider him a disciplinarian? How harsh?

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Yeah, unless you store that shit away to pass around at super pacs and 5 star resorts. That shit circles in their very own septic tank.


research anything written about him in the 80's 90's early 00's before he became the hillbilly hero.
He was, is and will always be a piece of shit.
>yes, I know you are really trolling

Jew. Like, the kind that killed jesus type.

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Stop sucking so much cock, user.

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I don't know what that means.
That would make you a shit rag.

You may find this interesting....And useful for future arguments

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I'm guess an ausfag running a small bot farm from your basement. Some kind of white nationalist....

Not even gonna front, OP seems okay here

His speeches are often just stream of consciousness garbage. Instead of inspiring and coherent speeches, he rambles and rants like a moron. It doesn't convey a sense of competence. When you heard Obama or Reagan speak, they sounded intelligent and inspiring. Even Bush sounded better than him and Bush was a moron.

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>Who does, dipshit?
The American Government, bud. It's what they do.
>Trump's golf outing cost the US taxpayer.....
stopped reading because it was already clear you know nothing about budgeting or politics. The fact that your brought trivial golf outings up as a serious issue of Americans politics is enough of a display that you are a bleeding-heart liberal loser-ass fag who will be a pussy for the rest of your life due to lack of a legitimate male figure in your life. Way to go, buddy.

Imagine being this retarded

The point is that it's nothing new, buddy. Stop being mad about stupid shit for the sake of being mad about stupid shit.

Good to see you provide some substance to support your claim, buddy.

Imagine being so mad as to not support your stance because you know you truly don't have one

you're cute, bud

English isn't their first language, user

He did not start the divisiviness and racism in our nation. But, what he did is consciously make a bet that stoking divisiveness, giving voice to it, giving white people the permission to freely and openly admit their racism, bigotry, xenophobia was his path to POTUS. And once he was there, he leans on that even more - there is no attempt at unity, collaboration or doing anything in the public interest for ALL AMERICANS. That makes him a terrible President - one that will take years to recover fully from - because Trumpism will long outlast the very small and petty, self-absorbed man that America elevated to POTUS.

What other things have politicians been doing since the 1700s that you seem to have forgotten between statement 1 and 2......

Hypocritical stupidity: the post

Sure kid

Join now before it's too late

>buttmad samefagging: the post

The primary issue I see is that his rhetorical style makes it more difficult to negotiate with a (partially) hostile Congress to get stuff through.
Usually lame ducks are just lame cos they're useless, this is the first one in a while where the lame part arises from active hostility in both directions.

I don't get it.

There's a lot of picking and choosing going on here, OP. I can agree with you on Trump being the "figurehead" that he is, but this rhetoric does not alleviate him from his responsibility to represent his constituents (not the other way around; we don't have to represent him).

No I think he’s genuinely trying to do s good job is h perfect absolutely not but I think he wants to be talked about in classrooms as a good president

Costs of filing a patent in the USA

>giving white people the permission to freely and openly admit their racism, bigotry, xenophobia
Citation required

It also bugs me that this is the longest audit ever

Aside from the barrel-scraping attempt with the 1700s shit, most of this is fair


Another reason:
His supporters are clowns such as these.

The state of the union address was 100% niggerr worship and watching it will prove this.

Disinfo is obvious and fools no one and nobody. Get a new job.

My agency's budget is much, much higher than yours.

cute, bud

I live here, too. I'm for them sending pipelines and drilling here. We have the resources and available land. We need to get known for more than and more publicity than just I-80 West.

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>He has torn down environmental regulations in an era of ever worsening climate change.
This is something he ran on though, so it's more a complaint about the US voting public than about the President per se.
>His tax cut was just a crooked give away to the upper class.
While I agree it wasn't necessary, it did serve to bolster consumer confidence, and as tax cuts go that one was more favorable to the working and middle classes than others by Republicans have been historically.
>He almost started another pointless war with Iran.
Not sure there's really a criticism here. It could just as easily be framed as "he kept the US out of another pointless war". There's plenty of folks on both sides of politics who are itching to have a go at Iran, keeping them in check is an achievement itself.

> He held foreign aid back just to get another country to harm a political rival.
This isn't proven. The mere fact that the subject of inquiries into possible corruption may be a political rival doesn't invalidate the inquiries into corruption.
The relationship between the aid and the investigation is also something inferred by others, not explicit. Even if it had been explicit, it's common, accepted practice to use various available tools as negotiating instruments in foreign relations - including aid.

> He has imprisoned refugees.
As has almost every western leader, particularly including US presidents, going back a very long time.

> He is an idiot who embarrasses us on the world stage every time he speaks publicly or tweets.
The world isn't electing him, his role isn't to represent the world. What the world thinks of him is essentially irrelevant to his job, except insomuch as it may affect his ability to perform foreign relations (and US power is such that it doesn't have much practical effect anyway)

> He didn't give a shit about helping American citizens in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit.
I'm not familiar enough with this specific incident to comment

He's literally a coastal limousine liberal elitist shitbag. A wanna be, failed, C list celebrity from the 80s that wanted so badly to rub elbows with pedo hollywood because he likes young kids.
But he triggers my mom and facebook friends so it's funny and I'll vote for him again in 2020 because my iq is double digits

This may be a hard pill to swallow but no President ever elected into office cared about the "little guy"

The anti- labor you talk about is really just union busting, which is just getting rid of communist organizations
His asylum policies are nothing more than asserting US sovientry. International law should never overrule domestic law.
The repeal of regulations that hamstring business is a net gain to the people, considering that there are plenty of scientists that dispute climate change.
The tax cuts are what led to the lowest unemployment in 50 years and record wage growth.
All in all he is quite successful in his America first policies.

Instead of lifting himself to to the role of president, he has dragged the title down to the personality of a reality tv star/ rapist/ WWE celebrity. Sad.

The majority of people that watch cables news are not informed... they are influenced. Every single cable news outlet, especially the big ones, are clearly biased and pushing their own agenda. Sounds like you fall in the camp of the weak minded that get tricked into believing whatever the news companies want you to believe

Good god, you are one naive child. They ALL lie. Every fucking one of them. That's what government does.

You support a communist Jew who would destroy the economy and tax you at 70%? You my friend are a fucking moron.

Because he wants to be a Dictator and rule for eternity. He's corrupt..a liar...a racist..a bigot...I could go on

He's a documented criminal and thinks he is above the law. Hundreds of federal prosecutors have said they would indict him on the existing evidence. Just watch what happens to him in February.

How will he rule forever? Hes racist how? Please go on

> February comes
> liberals are all wearing white
> Its a sad day but we are introducing articles of impeachment 2.0
Then quietly Epstein Bernie

>Give me a sincere, thoughtful answer as to why you believe Donald Trump is a bad President.
I'm not gonna read the thread, so I'm sure threr's a bunch of dupes here, but here goes.

- scofflaw
The guy's been breaking the law, with little to no consequence since the Nixon administration, and has shown no remorse at all.

He's incapable of serving a higher cause (like America, or even his own party). In his mind, there's no greater cause than his own ego.

- senile
Compare current Trump to 1980's/1990's Trump. It's like he's not even the same guy. Even further back, he graduated from college, even if we'll never see his transcripts, but today he's barely literate.

- in over his head
From the nuclear triad interview, through his current claims that Article 2 gives him unlimited power, it's pretty clear he doesn't really know what he's doing, and doesn't understand his job.

-self deluding
This relates to the above issues to, but he just plain believes whatever he wants to believe. He keeps saying (and probably believes) that 3-5 million illegals voted in the 2016 election, even though not one got caught. He STILL brags about his Electoral College victory, even though it ranks 46th out of 58 in terms of percent of electors won. He also had two "faithless electors".
He also seems to genuinely believe the "perfect call" transcript exonerates him, even though it helped launch his own impeachment.

-populist demagogue
This is the scary part. He's got this rock-star persona that makes all the above super dangerous. Stadiums full of chanting fans throw themselves at his feet, supporting him and his ideas regardless of facts.
They still chant "lock her up", even though he's had three years to do so, and it should be super obvious there's no way to convict her of any crime, despite his continued insistence that she's crooked.

I could go on, but that's all for now.

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Those commie unions are why you have a 40 hour work week, safety regulations, and even the slightest ability (less every day) to stand up to your employer rather than be a slave for their profits.

But yeah, the ultra rich really should maximize profits at the expense of everyone else in the country. You stupid motherfuckers really drank the koolaid.

> So what modern president wasnt a narcissist?
> Scofflaw, name 1 thing he went to jail for
Your just upset your side didnt win. You presented a loose case based off feelings and MSM hysteria

>How will he rule forever?
Not him, but...
Trump won't stop contesting the last election, and he WON that one.
No matter how partisan the Impeachment was, the basic problem is he doesn't respect the Constitutional limits on his power.
Withholding aid wasn't just wrong because of his corrupt motive. It wasn't just wrong because it violated the Impound Control Act of 1974 (despite his claims of "no crime").
No, it was a problem because only Congress is supposed to control the purse strings, as part of the system of checks and balances.
But he still doesn't care.

Your overlord George Soros manipulates currency for a living wrecking economies.

Obama sent blankets to Ukraine. Trump sent missiles and weapons. The president of Ukraine didnt even investigate Hunter Biden.

I like his China policies, however, I think he is a narcissist and that's probably not a good thing to have as a president.

Sure he gives the white middle class a voice who didn't have a real income growth since what like 30 years. I also like he doesn't intervene in other countries as much as other presidents did.

Furthermore I really believe he was on one of the lists of Russian secret agencys. There are plenty of source that document Russia wanted to fuck up the U.S. from the inside. If you can't attack a country geopolitically, because it's richer and more powerful, then you go into psychological warfare and other things. There is the Russian troll fabric, which is still working, also on Cred Forums.
And sure there is this video of Donald Trump getting pissed on by Russian prostitutes in a hotel in Moscow. May that's why his Russian policies are so friendly. What did he talk with Putin about in Helsinki, when they were left all alone? That's not normal.

If you dig a bit you know Russia wants to fuck up the U.S. from the inside. Best way to do this is to have them elected a president with a personality disorder who doesn't unite but divides the country. Divide and conquer motherfucker.

Also I don't like how his stepson Jared Kushner lobbied Israel through Trump.

Trump basically ONLY got elected because of Russia and Israel and China has to pay for that.

Kushner and other people spent so much on FB ads during his campaign, he would have NEVER been elected without that.

>> So what modern president wasnt a narcissist?
Any of them?
See also:

>> Scofflaw, name 1 thing he went to jail for
None, that's part of the problem.
See also:

>You presented a loose case based off feelings and MSM hysteria
a) I'm not Nancy Pelosi
b) Even GOP Senators admit the case had merit.

Also: do you know how to meme arrow?
You're supposed to quote me, or at least paraphrase me in a sarcastic, strawman kind of way.

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>The president of Ukraine didnt even investigate Hunter Biden.
The president of AMERICA didn't even investigate Hunter Biden.
Almost like he knows there's no dirt there, huh?

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It's okay to not like the president, just stop being an emotional "intellectual"

He wants to be like Putin. He wants his family to rule forever. If you can't see this. Then you're blind and stupid

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

I live in a at will work state. I and my family have never belonged to and never will belong to a communist organization. As for the 40 hour work week and health and safety regulations, not to mention minimum wage the labor relations board replaced unions a long time ago. There is no need now for unions except to support communist and the mob.

>just stop being an emotional "intellectual"
When was I being emotional?
Oh, wait....
Is this what kids today call "Sea-Lioning"?
You know, somebody (you) wants to "win" by pretending their opponent is just plain angry?

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The fbi is very honorable and trustworthy

I don't really support him, i didn't vote for him. But my main gripe with him is the china trade wars/tariff shit

a single tweet by the man makes the world markets go crazy volatile. But other than that, 95% no issue with him, he avoided war twice so far which is great.

Wasnt roosevelt the dude that made us have term limits? Also, trump loves to rustle jimmies. I see his twitter meme of trump 2024 is making you lose sleep

>The fbi is very honorable and trustworthy
Lol, yeah,
Remember Marion Barry?
Google "i can't believe the god damn bitch set me up".
tl;dr: FBI sells Mayor of D.C crack, girlfriend/informant has to teach him how to use a crack pipe, he takes one hit, FBI bursts into room and arrests him.

...but that same outfit couldn't manage to get ANY dirt on Hillary.

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>Implying we won't see more Trump running for various office now and for the foreseeable future.
It's all dynastic now

Give me an area where I can be critical of him.
I don't think he's handled many area well.
Especially foreign diplomacy and job creation.

illegal drone strikes, just like obama and bush

This. Trump is jerking off his ego at the cost of actually doing any fraction of his job. Half of his appointees never get vetted and our "temporary acting" head of departments. He appoints people who don't believe in education to manage education, people who don't believe in justice to manage the justice apartment, people who don't believe in the importance of safe drinking water to manage the EPA. A good portion of his national security council is a revolving door of Yes men. He literally states "I alone can do all that is needed and I do not need to have a proper amount of staff or appointees in the federal government"- then he spends half his day shitting around on twitter and spends half his time milking the government to go to his properties with his entourage.

>hoping he'd end the war in the middle east, because having been involved in death over there firsthand it's a fucking travesty.

A big reason for my Trump support is that he hasn't taken the bait in Iran or Syria. The war drums were beating for both and he said no.

anyone who posts legitimate criticisms are going to be ignored

this is an exercise in rhetoric

Bill C. Was a rapist that used the Arkansas state police to intimidate witnesses and cover it up. Trump brags about gold diggers letting him fuck and it's sexual harassment.

Not American so really dont give a fuck. Just calling it as I see it

I don't understand. You're blaming the anti-globalist that actually did something about China and NAFTA for not doing enough?

Except he did assassinate one of Iran's generals, which in diplomatic circles is considered an act of war. I'm happy that he backed down after, though.

The guy he killed was a massive piece of shit, yes, but generally you shouldn't prance about killing world leaders willy-nilly. Sort of an ethically grey area, which is a bit of an improvement for Donnies usual state of being

President Trump is not running the country to further America's growth as a world leader, but instead runs the country to make as much profit as the President as he can. So his leadership is not based on taking care of his followers, but only taking care of himself or others who will turn a blind eye to anything he does.

It's better than sending the money to Jihadis, right? The dude welding pipes in Nebraska isn't using the money to buy RPGs.

Just ONE of many is he is funneling America's wealth and influence into himself and his businesses. Secret Service overpaying for Trump hotels. Foreign policy and trade tips at Mar-a-lago. Also many, many bad things from bad people, many are saying.


>Trump brags about gold diggers letting him fuck and it's sexual harassment.
He's also been accused of flat out rape, in one case a girl as young as 13.
Plus he can't shut up about how hot Ivanka is, and we all know he's got no self-control.
Oh yeah, and remember when he was desperate to impress c-list celeb Billy Bush by claiming to be a serial molester?

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But he is still dealing with Saudis just like Obama was, but even more. He sold your military to them as well.

>Also many, many bad things from bad people, many are saying.
Some say the worst!

>> He didn't give a shit about helping American citizens in Puerto Rico after the hurricane hit.
>I'm not familiar enough with this specific incident to comment

This is bullshit. We had supplies on the ground in Puerto Rico and the local government there botched* the distribution. There are warehouses literally full of supplies that have been left to rot.

* it is unclear if this was intentional theft or just incompetence.

He sniffs a lot.

He says billions and billions too often.

He constantly wants me to believe him.

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He replaced NAFTA, with NAFTA.

I don't have a problem with optional unions. I have a huge problem with unions where membership is required to work. I refuse to be a part of a union that shovels money to anti-gun politicians.

Form your own union. It's actually pretty easy if to our whole workplace is a go.
Don't blame the union concept on a few predatory unions run by more rich fucks or political partisans

Someone better tell GM that. The new minimum hourly rate in Mexico caused then to scrap plans for an engine plant there. They are reopening a US plant instead.

not really

I'm not sure that's even a good thing...

>Don't blame the union concept on a few predatory unions run by more rich fucks

So you're saying not to judge unions by the 90% that make them look bad?

why do you stupid libs keep falling for B8
you've become almost as stupid as trumpanzees

You have no idea how many unions there are, do you?

Government doing something you don't like doesn't all of a sudden make it "big government."

Your IQ? Questionably double digits, but may be. Your age, though .... unlikely to be in the double digits. So voting to trigger your mom ..... yeah, hard skepticism on you being voting age.

Citation needed

Not one thing you asserted is accurate or true. That shit only works for Trump, you should find yourself another gig.

The NEA is the largest union. Here is their data
Not a lot of Republicans on that list.
Looking up the rest is up to you.

Not even going to accuse him of anything, but ive seen his rallies. He reminds of that guy in every friend group who thinks they're a lot cooler then they are, when in reality they are just an annoying asshole. His leadership style sucks: Instead of trying to pull the country together, he accuses his opposition of hating the country(which dems really have done nothing to help tbh). But in reality the reason he's so disliked is not even his fault. Its the assholes who see him as the second coming of jesus, the maga shit posters, and the assholes who think not having verbal discretion makes you ballsy and funny.
Trump is a president he's bad at it because he views the presidency in the same way any politician does. As a prize instead of what it should be which is a burden.

No, but the president exercising fake emergency declarations he himself publicly admitted he didn't need to do to circumvent checks and balances certainly fucks the representational system a bit, and puts a lot of power in federal, rather than state, hands.

Keep kidding yourself that these aren't big government Republicans.

No, it is not. You said 90% of unions. You then named one when asked to provide any evidence of your claim. Claims without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

It's not the constant lies, or the crimes, or being an ass to veterans or their families, or having no respect for anyone else, no dignity and no loyalty.
That makes him an immoral asshole, not a bad president.

He has antagonised our international friends and allies.
He has institutionalised corruption.
He is working to give corporations even more power over individuals.
He is actively working to create more pollution and raze more forests.
He is trying to male the polarized political landscape even more polarized.
He is trying to tie the senate and Congress even more up in bullshit rather than trying to make them work.

Because you're all spics and retards and mentally ill

You deserve every bad thing that happens to you

I named the largest explicitly and have verified the pattern for the top ten largest unions in the us representing a total of 13 million plus workers. They donate overwhelmingly to Democrats and their Pacs. I'm phoneposting or I'd drop in a pile of data for you to confirm it.

>One big predatory union
No shit. That's what I said.
But if you worked in a shop and all the guys agreed you could all form your very own union.
Unions aren't bad. Faggots who want too much money and power are. It's like you're saying all hamburger places are bad by usin Only mcDonald as an example

You said you didn't have an issue with optional unions, you said 90% of them make others look bad. How many of those top ten are mandatory?

Hint, it isn't ≥9.

Nor is it ≥90% of all unions.

Start your own, quit bitching about the concept. The concept is sound, most are not mandatory, and you are an idiot with no sources and such a hefty bias and preconception that all of this is going to go over your head or be disregarded because you don't like it, since it doesn't reinforce your preconception.

Literally nothing wrong here, The replying user is a pussy-ass bitch who can't defend his claims and retorts to "ORANGE MAN BAD AND STUFF!!"

unions are gayer than this thread

Prove it, bud. Lemme guess.... Russia and stuff, right?

lol bernie buds can't hang

Actually it is, and I'm here to properly pontificate that you're a faggot-ass pussy bitch, buddy boy :D.

>Straw Man: The Magnificent

Donald trumpis the best president America has ever seen. He has done more for the economy than Obama and saved the country. Donald Trump is responsible for the booming economy and lower non employment in the country because of his make America great again and America 1st views. He has protected the country from all threats and even raised defensive measures to stop terrorists and anybody wo is a threat to America and he stopped ISIS by himself because of his policies on Syria. There is more too

listen Cleatus not everyone lives in hickville nowhere Alabama. Not everyones a sisterfucking overweight pinkfaced hick who blindly follows Fox news

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you're laying it on WAY too thick there, Ivan.

Where are the invisible Russian hackers? Oh wait now it's the impeachment thing but what happened with that? lol

16,300 confirmed lies.
sounds and acts like a retard.
demonizes people like a fucking despot.
cozies up to dictators.
treats allies like shit.
worldwide embarrassment
WORST criminal in US political history.
Is Putin's personal bitch.
worst betrayal in US history (Kurds)
Destroyed midwest agricultural industry, probably permanently
Deficit back at a trillion
spending like the US treasury is one of his failed casinos
FLOUTS the Rule of Law and shreds the Constitution
CONSTANTLY profiting off the presidency.

Donald Trump is the enemy of this country and every value it has ever had.

kill yourself Ivan. you aren't fooling anyone.

holy SHIT you are RETARDED.

Let me guess,the TV told you these things

our eyes and ears did, actually. Trump is a complete imbecile and commits his crimes on camera and gets caught lying about them easily.



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Don't blame him on Ivanka, sexy as fuck with nice tits

Climate change

Lol did Gretta make you believe that bullshit? .

Donald Trump has secured the oil in Syria from ISIS and defeated ISIS. Donald Trump has stopped the jihadist funding in Syria and legitimized the free Syrian army from al Qaeda infiltration. Donald Trump upholds the constitution and is protecting the rights and foundation on which the country was made. Donald Trump did not betray the kurds and he is not putins bitch, Russia had to protect the kurds on the front lines and will not attack the US ally turkey and they began high level talks and the US controls the oil near the Euphrates river which was previously used by ISIS

Still mad Hillary lost

no, just a basic understanding of how elementary school science works.

every statement in your post is objectively false.

STFU liberal nigger

Which one is actually false and tell me why

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lol ok faggot. let's start with "defeated ISIS" and go from there.

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Where is ISIS now inside their holes hiding because they got bombed the shit out of? What did Obama do? "We have to fund the FSA (which was basically all of al nusra getting the weapons" letting them get out of control and take cities and land and then al nusra merges with other jihadists to form ISIS with all that US/ Saudi money and weapons

Btw, why isn't there more American news about Arsenal arms and other Bulgarian weapons manufacturers?
They have supplied assault rifles, medium machine guns and rpg tubes to Isis Daesh and other rebel groups according to Syria, Lebanon.
John McCain had close relations with Arsenal and always wanted intervention

Just look at the fucker. He's orange! Do you really need actual politics to hate him?