Give me one good reason why we shouldn't bring back anti-miscegenation laws

Give me one good reason why we shouldn't bring back anti-miscegenation laws.

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Can't think of one. My oldest is part asian though, and he doesn't look retarded.

because it can only lead to even further government intrusion into our personal decisions

because racemixing makes people like you cry, and that's fun.


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Because race mixing is ok as long as white people aren't involved in it.

De Nero should have known not to microwave his nuts if he was planning to have children.


This. The less control the government has over us and our lives the better. Raise YOUR kids right and they won't fuck niggers, simple.

Is that mongoloid thing cuck boy Deniro's kid?


Dear GOD what a hideous abomination.

Yeah. De Niro is no stud but he could have done better.

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deniro said in an article that that kid has autism, no joke

>a-are you mad? hehe
hapa abomination confirmed

those DeNegroes sure are goofy looking

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it shouldn't be a law
we should just fix our fucking culture

It's going to be funny when whites are a minority in the USA

yeah, imagine how hilarious all you mutts are going to look?

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Christ, what a tard. Imagine throwing away your genes like that.

You guys keep importing full blacks from Africa though, in the end you all will be pure black.

Yeah It's going to be so much better without whites around.

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Sounds like you want De Niro to cum in you instead

I could give him a better son, a deformed turd with his cum.

Because they're unconstitutional. And because they're largely ineffective and unenforceable.

They look like retarded Fijians

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