Imagine actually thinking that this rat actually beat Bernie in the Iowa caucus

Imagine actually thinking that this rat actually beat Bernie in the Iowa caucus

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>imagine thinking a Democrat's going to win against the greatest president ever

This is the year of the rat.

I know... the establishment is flipping to Pete considering Biden has no support. rigging the results why else wouldn't you release them earlier


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>Imagine thinking a fag is going to carry the black and spic vote.

>Imagine thinking a corporate Democrat is going to win against the most pro-corporate, Israel/Saudi whore, pro Wal Street President ever.


Still somewhat skeptical, but it must be true

Mind you, I mean like a rat he is going to cheat the nomination and get it. It wasn’t a compliment.

Who else here is a Butt Bro?


>greatest president ever
he didn't even do anything, just sat there like a vegetable spouting "mission accomplished." Dick Cheny should have been president on that ticket, he could get shit done.

Imagine OP being so retarded he can't even google the results.

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Fucked up phrasing but true. The only way Trump loses is if Romney runs 3rd party.

Imagine being such a naive mongoloid that you believe those results so blindly

What's sad is before that, he geniunely came across as a decent human being. Now when I look at him, all I think about is how much of a lying piece of shit faggot he is. Just another corrupt democrat douchebag.

Romney couldn't even beat a nigger.

Obama was awesome a true man of firsts.

First to have hope and change as a slogan, leaving a legacy of having more people hope and begging for change.

First to have a horribly broken healthcare system named after him.

First to make the entitled more so by having a phone named after him.

First president to be married to a transgender.

First to be a nigger when it served him, but was half white.

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I truly hope buttigieg wins the nom. Think left leaning conservatives (family value / religious) blacks, Latinos, Asians are gonna vote for him? LMAOAOOAOAAOAO.


Not sure about Asians but blacks and hispanics will definitely not vote for him. Niggers and Puerto Ricans especially wouldn't want a faggot telling them what to do.

A moderate, Rhodes scholar, military vet, polyglot or old hippy with ridiculous ideas that will never pass either house or side of the aisle.

It does not matter Cred Forumsrother it's all about the Yang

All those programs got named after him by Republicans though.
Obama care was supposed to be an insult, it's called the affordable care act.
But that name makes it harder to convince people it was bad because government healthcare is bad. Rather than being bad because the government is bad.

Going on about the phones just makes you look pathetic though. Its very easy to find information on why that is incorrect.

This. Another example of how the democrats just assume the votes of certain demographics without considering anything about them

Imagine voting for an ass slammer.

>dem digits
he speaks the truth

They don't care what minorities want. They just pretend they do when it's election season. Soon as all the votes are in, they send them all back to their containment zones.

Obamacare is bad because it doesn't go far enough. He had the banks by the nads but didn't have the nads himself to make it something that would work. Instead he settled on yet under government subsidy (corporate welfare) program

Truth. Too bad the containment zones don't really contain them

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if they did i'd vote for them

Imagine being such a fucking retard that you think 11 is larger than 11.

This guy scares me and I have no idea why. It's not that he's gay, there's just something all wrong with him. I'm not crackers, no one else, including Trump, affects me.

he made a healthcare system that didn’t work over the course of 8 years. He’s a fag

And yet for some reason he is remembered as a bastion of progressiveness. Rather than then black republican that cut ACORN funding because of an edited video.

I think Bernie is a commie fool, but the DNC is clearly dicking him over just like they did last time.

In Asian cultures gays are tolerated but looked down on. In Asian cultures which accept gays, they are still expected to marry women and have kids, to do otherwise is shameful.

Cuz they know he can't win. The truth is none of them will win, so the point is moot...

>Cuz they know he can't win
But this fag can? You can't be serious

A smart racist who can call minorities epitaphs in several languages is still a racist.
They actually said a gay white dude is equivalent to an African American as a minority. No need to coddle.the black community.

Imagine this fag cucking Trump the Alpha... Id actually like to see that

>cucking Trump the Alpha
This faggot can't even cuck his fucking husband

Which makes it all the more fucking insane if he own over Trump. The subversion is what gets my perversion

I am screenshotting this to tell my sister's kids about this historic moment one day

Wouldn't that make it Trumps last year in office if he loses?

You know he was never going to be spun as anything but great. A couple times when he was really starting to slide I was seriously worried they were going to cap him just so they could play on all the "great things he would have done if only.." rather than his actual record. Instead he just ended up another mediocre president they could call black for the history books. Luckily they can revise and spin mediocre so they didn't have to raise him to godhood like MLK.