Nostalgia Fap: The Thread

Nostalgia Fap: The Thread

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I’ve legit blown out a gallon between tawny, Jordan raven and Tiffany...and Kate

Who is she

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So new you still have the wrapper on.

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Every nostalgia fap thread winds up being nothing but this saggy tittied whore.

Georgia Jones & Capri Anderson doing homework

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I have this picture signed from her.

Fuck You Dood, I'd hit that so hard whoever pulled me out would be the next King of England.

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Did she let you sniff her butt?

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No unfortunately, I was too busy staring at her tits and trying not to cum in my pants

l used to jerk off to my neighbor a lot as a kid, she had a pool

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She was easy, but I would always act too weird around her because I was constantly jacking it to her

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If you were 13 in the early 2000s, you fapped to this.

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fucking lost

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this is what she looks like now

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And this

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i heard she had something wrong with her foot

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I think it was Next Door Nikki who had the foot problem.

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A lot, since i was 12.

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Think I turned a towel into a rock because of this slut.

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Unironically, this.

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Kate from Kate's playground

The one and only Traci...

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"non nude model"

i probably have 1 or 2 pix left on a zip disk somewhere, so I'd have to find a dip drive, but there used to be a site called AAAAAAAAaaaa celebrities missing their panties and they had a just straight up model sight called AAAAAAAAaaaaa teens missing their panties. Lots of nudes, came swimming pools. Maybe i'll find my zip drive...

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do u have a pic of it?

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Welp, enjoy prison buckko! Cuz a prison you a going! Boy, you’re going to prizuuuuun!

Oh boy oh boy...
Torrie Wilson.. I remember being probably like 10 years old and I found out my oldest brother who was like 16 at the time printed out this photo using my dad's computer from her Playboy shoot.. probably the first pair of boobies I've ever seen

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A retarded kid from school got me onto pokemon porn. Fuck that kid

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Join now before it's too late


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Vex the Pirate anyone?

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Was cute
Probably got knocked up by david spade
Still alive?

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Don't wet yourself friend, that and a thousand other pics of her before she was 18 are all over the internet.

Sum boy scout skills there.

Join now before it's too late

Why Spade? Do you mean Rob Schneider?


Yeah, I hear that they have a special “Lords prison” out in the middle of Montana.

She might have been hogtied for too long.

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Spade apparently gets tons of pussy.

Kelly Bundy all day long

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Your dubs confirm her slut

Dubs confirm still a slut

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Oh god yes!

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What’s the record for most dubs in a thread?

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I think you hear that from the voices in your head.

I had a whole collection of Elle McPherson nudes cut of magazines when I was young, pre-internet of course

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Yep, used to fap alot back in 99 to a image of
jessi getting fucked by a Squrtle, Wartortle and Blastoise, but haven't been able to find that one since.

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Holy shit dude. Was that maxim or stuff cover?

I probably fapped close to 1,000 times to this picture

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I want to know how chicks can walk in those things. It seems so unnatural.

Check out Private School if I remember the name right.

Oh yeah. I was a serious fan of hers for quite a while.

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Holy shit is that Jennifer Connelly? I'd let her fucking eat my brain if she wanted to

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What sucks is that some user, before Cred Forums, made a compilation of that movie with just Phoebe Cates and another with Betsy Russell and I lost them both on a HDD crash, before I learned to back stuff up. Dumb ass me.

Edgelord unless you have moar

I had to size this down so it could be uploaded here.

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I feel ya bro. I discovered Phoebe Cates on a discount shelf in a VHS shop and hunted down everything she was in, then made compilations of her and Jennifer Jason Leigh, since they were both in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. JJL was in something called Flesh + Blood, some medieval fantasy. Super hot.

The funny thing is, Phoebe got married with children I think and she's just chilling out and enjoying life. But whatever happened to JJL, she just sort of disappeared off the radar?

This made me the lolicon i am today

Bobbi Starr

Not "that" old, but I'm nostalgic since she retired a few years ago.

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Yeah I heard that about Phoebe too, good for her. I just checked and it looks like JJL is still working, making serious films and doing stage parts. I always liked her style, absolutely fearless.

is captcha being an absolute ass for anybody else right now?

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Naw I got a pass but it expires soon, so if they expect me to use bitcoin bullshit to get another then they have another thing coming.

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This one I also lost on a HDD crash, some dumb asian chick squirting baby squids out of herself. It was pretty funny though it shouldn't have been. I should have been horrified but it was so funny that I couldn't help cracking up laughing.

It's taking me literally 10 minutes and about 50 clicks to make each post.

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That's why I bought a pass, doing googles bidding isn't in the cards for me.

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oh FUCK I've cum gallons to Heather over the years

Oh the things that I'd do with her.

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Kalindra Chan?

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Right, well it's not so bad most of the time.

JJL wanted to wind up with Rutger Haeur instead of the soyboy hero, but they wouldn't change the script.

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okay...but where is the sauce


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Claire Abbott at age 14 is absolute peak woman.

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Agree. Aged better than angie too

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Wish that was Jessica Alba with me, but then who am I, nobody. I like it that way.

Google "Monroe Porn" images and videos

No lymrics?
Early in the morning
In the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
back to back they faced each other
drew their swords
then shot each other
A deaf policeman heard
the noise and came and killed
the two dead boys
If you don't belive my story true

She definitely went downhill as she aged past 16. She was rivaled only by Sophie Churcher.

In one of her videos you could see at least 3 old dudes behind the camera.

The two bits of nostalgic fapping I miss most are a picture I found on kazaa called shaved teen shower that was a girl kneeling in a shower nude that looked exactly like my best friend at the time and a video that I haven't been able to find in years from xnxx that was a girl recording herself pleading to the guy she wanted to date and she stripped talking about how he could have all that if he just gave her a chance. Both of them are so fucking hot to me that I still jerk off just to the memory of them

Yeah yeah

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Well yeah she peaked around that age anything left is downhill

For some reason I read that as "SPACE CRUNCHER"
That might be a good name for a pron flick.
They're not doing that for free, duh!

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Based. My first love.

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Yeah yeah, I watched that with a girlfriend and the uptight bitch she was couldn't crack a smile. I'm glad I didn't marry that bitch or have kids with her.

I remember when Sophie Churcher had a Queen of Cred Forums phase she used to post here a lot when she was 16/17. Still hot as fuck too.

This is legit perfect tier body

I had this on my wall for years, good times man

Way overrated because she's hispanic and has an annoying flat face. The hispanics will be an uproar because their not very good at taking critisim but in the end, they can piss the fuck off.

Queen of /b? What are you stupid?

forever goddess.

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"I sit on the bridge, the most important part of the ship, doing nothing except, very very occasionally, I say how an alien is feeling."

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Is that a "drippy wall?" you weirdo

Needs moar lovecraft...

Boxxy? Are you mentally ill? Lurk more.

I thought she was a lot hotter in "Fools Rush In", before she got all hollywood'd up. She had an earthy natural appeal then.

Feeling old af

"..on the occasion of her return to the porn industry..."

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bark bark bark
I'll have you know I'm barking at the Lovecraftian ooze!

Someone post some Sophie Churcher dammit.

i tell you hwat

You may think it funny but I had to counsel those squid.

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Katie's World rocked!

If you know what it is then you post it you fucking faggot, this is /b you're expected to do something for yourself and not be a nigger.

hahaha! those poor things. I hope you got some good billing for that.

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That's real cheap, expecting others to do searches for you to get search hits? You fucking stupid cunt, you might have better luck on /ck.

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Maxim Magazine. I was 9 when i first saw this photo and is stuck in my head.

Hold my blunt bitch...

Teenage me was liking the shit she put out.

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Hot seeing all those "non nude" cunts transition into their granny years and realize the cheesecake stuff no longer pays the bills so they start opening up their acts more.


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Thanks, a friend or two in Russia will like that.

who is this chick, anyway?

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Before shit went digital the fun was trying to watch shit between shit screen shit. There was a pattern to it and it could be detected. That was good JO materiel.

Kelly Q...what a stunner

Look up Betty Boop


Little one name "stars" and now those fucking twats couldn't get a free drink from it. "Do you know who I was?" LOL


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Betty Boop?

Few celebs can make fat look good and she can. She looks like she’d be fucking fun to bang when she has extra meat on her bones.

where the fuck is perfection girl?

sleeping with her perfection doggo

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Then you get assholes like bloomberg and de blasio, remember what bloomberg did, he threw some hundreds of millions at the nyc counsil to resind what was on the books as to how many terms a mayor could be for, then he threw more money to try to cover it up.
That sack of shit will never be president of the USA.

Join now before it's too late

Wasn't she 17 when she did this?

Have lost buckets of cum to her since I was about 14

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Only if it helps you to fap.

Something like that, but it's art.

this took up an entire page of a magazine i found when i was younger. wish i could find a higher res image

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Oh fuck the hell yes

Everyone went through a Britney worship phase. I know I sure the fuck did. Bad.

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This clip, found it on a cd me and my brother got from some older guys along with other pirated games and stuff, guess they forgot this was one was on it cause it was labeled American Pie, luckily my brother didn't notice it when we were going through it so I hid it and kept it to myself.

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Too fucking soon, asshole


Attached: 96747150.jpg (669x1200, 63K)

"Too Soon" in 5... 4... 3...

Attached: alizee_sexy2.gif (233x285, 1.12M)

Aaaggghh,,, fckn slow ass captcha.

That picture of her in a little school skirt dress really pissed my girlfriend off.
That was kind of funny.

Attached: Brittany-School_Skirt.jpg (407x610, 50K)

So you took that time to say what you did instead of just getting a pass. OK dood, how much more crack do you need in your life?

Attached: Heather_Graham.gif (383x295, 1.46M)

How do you figure?

Attached: 6D043E17-5C97-4454-9E67-D8D2BD225360.jpg (1937x2955, 1.03M)

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Attached: b54y5uj67k.jpg (2286x3225, 1.9M)

Godney was the fucking best. I got into some weird spiritual shit when I went through it with Britney.

Attached: Britney-Spears-63.jpg (1024x768, 136K)

I dropped SO MANY loads to this shoot back then.

Attached: mjh6548.jpg (1600x1200, 178K)

Vintage Godney right there. I really believed she was the Savior.

Oh shit there she is!

Still do honestly even more recent her is stills sexy. I have pic related hanging on my wall.

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Attached: bs4566.jpg (848x1172, 112K)

Do you believe Britney speaks to her followers through imagery and messaging?


Attached: FmDY4jI.jpg (3450x4276, 1.49M)


ahh very nice

She was so fucking hot in that movie, 12 year old me was pleased

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Attached: 1430792730015.jpg (500x633, 62K)

who else

Attached: liz_vicious_56_013.jpg (640x960, 192K)

Xtina was a cunt. She couldn't hold Godney's tampon. She was a fucking pretender.

absolutely. and i loved hearing everything she had to say

Same here! She commanded my dick and it behaved in ways that were beyond normal.

Is that... No... it cant be the Demolition Man

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Attached: 950184062.jpg (369x497, 34K)

My nigga. God she was a bad ass slut. Always seemed like she was having fun too.

Anyone else?
I remember myfreepaysite used to have a while section for flash games.
Played that shit for hours

Attached: download (3).jpg (250x202, 15K)

Go away.

Even still. Dat ass. Ughn!

Attached: f538016c3abad77530d3a010525b3a8b.jpg (3000x2092, 540K)

Can't believe she's 50 now. Fuck.
Still fuckable too.

Great ass.


Oh, can't wait deepfake tech makes her do stuff! Goddess!


Attached: selina-18-nude-5.jpg (750x500, 75K)

Tatu's "All The Things She Said" music video was my first lesbian experience so I was diamonds

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 15K)


ou yeah, diamonds to her

Live long and prosper, sir!


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Attached: np-1-034.jpg (664x954, 153K)

she was a pornstar when she was 14 and stopped being a pornstar when she was 18, almost every porn of her is cp

i know that is suppose to be hot, but it just feel so fucking awkward.

Attached: 1558552566457.jpg (1077x1616, 155K)

Are you referring to Sandy?

Attached: premium_poster.jpg (920x435, 116K)

Attached: 1558552498274.jpg (1616x1077, 153K)

Next Door Nikki

Attached: 1558552537209.jpg (660x841, 147K)

Attached: 386.jpg (300x430, 36K)

only if you are a autistic fag

Attached: pepe-der-frosch-mem-100__v-img__16__9__l_-1dc0e8f74459dd04c91a0d45af4972b9069f1135.jpg (606x341, 28K)


At the time the movie came out, being hispanic didn't win anybody points on the victimhood privilege tier, in fact most people thought they were greasy and dirty. Selma was just hot as fuck.

Graham had a great body, never really liked her face.

Attached: 1517581091062.jpg (1000x1500, 163K)

I actually had a legit pokemon card that looked similar to this. Many a fap were had.

Amen brother !!!