It's middle of the night here, I'm about to drop outta college and I'm all alone in my tiny apartment...

It's middle of the night here, I'm about to drop outta college and I'm all alone in my tiny apartment. So how is your day going?

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I'm going to play D&D with a group of friends later

i'm doing alright. my throat hurts, but i don't have class tomorrow, so i'll manage.
good luck, user. i believe in you.

i made a private story on my snap to put up semi risky pics of myself (Faggot here)

Gonna play Smash with my girlfriend

Gonna fuck this guys girlfriend while he plays Smash

I'm going to eat the corn out of his girlfriend's shit and I don't even like corn

I think I ran out of luck. Besides, I disapointed everyone I know.

fuck off attention seeking faggot

ok qwiddle

Just sitting here wasting more of my life online instead of actually trying to do something productive with my life. Same shit as always.

and I'm going to eat the corn you're going to shit later

Fuck them. In today's world simply managing is perfectly fine. Everything is fucked anyways. Might as well give up on living up to expectations while you're ahead user.

productivity is a myth anyone who said they were ever productive lied

I don't mean productive in terms of society, I mean productive in terms of i'm 24 years old living in my dads spare bedroom working at a gas station making $10 an hour and more than $40k in debt, and i'm on here talking to you instead of trying to fix it.

Just got back from my dead end job, looking for some very specific rule 34 which probably doesn't exist

I’m gonna corn the shit you’re gonna eat later

What r34 do you seek?

you know the rule it must exist. what are you looking for exactly?

It’s all a process. Accept what is and just try to improve certain aspects of yourself everyday by little. Be grateful for what you have so better things can come.

Preferably nismo twin turbo

Honestly user idk how to fix anything. Everything is always fucked and I honestly don't have any real life skills.

OP. Pick a date a couple months in the future where you will shape up and start trying. Mark it. Until then, doom coom and moonch. Enjoy niggerfaggot

Like, you want r34 of someone fuckin the car? Or people fuckin in the car?

R34 for Cruella de Vil. Everything I find for her is crap.

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in my experience it doesn't matter if you have skills or not life sucks either way

No lies here user, get a girl, any girl, and have kids. If you are the least self-aware of your fuckups, you will get motivation to do better for your kids. Might take a few years, but it will come. 30 is the new 20.

Fair point

I mean shit I know a few easy ones so might as well find a use for em.

only woman I ever had a relationship cheated on me what to do

You do have you’re just denying them and your potential. You’re enabling yourself. Chillax and if you do really wanna start changing find a kundalini yoga guru in your area and attend some classes. Your choice if you want to get better and you won’t lose anything trying.

Why you dropping out, man? What year are you?

I'm doing okay. Kind of depressed and missing my ex. Drinking to make the pain worse, ya know?

My ex told me to try yoga, I shouldn't judge anything based on her but she was an evil cunt so idk man, but yeah worth a shot.

Doesn’t mean shit but go with the flow. The flow brings you there and I emphasize on kundalini yoga. Not anything else. Hatha is ok too but with kundalini you will feel changing very fast.

first year. shit is hard man and im failing everything
i'm also drinking my problems away

plenty of opportunity out there right now. wasn't shit for me in 2003 so i went to war. got out in 2008 and there wasn't shit for me. went back in and got out in 2011. been struggling along ever since, but things are opening up like i've never seen. reach in and get you some, ya faggot.

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Life isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. I wasn't a functioning adult until I turned 24. As in, I was stuck in bed disabled until I turned 23 and it took a year after getting out of bed to return to normal life.

You've got this, bro.

Thanks Cred Forumsros, I needed this.

Don't mention it user

I see.
My advice (because it's what I did) is always to go junior college unless you have a scholarship. Same education as the first 2 years at a 4-year for 1/10th the price. You transfer to a 4-year with a new GPA and save yourself thousands.

I wouldn't give up, though. Just learn from your mistakes. It's not game over. Just calm down, go for a run, and figure out what you did right/wrong.

i don't have much time though besides trying to cope with loneliness is driving me insane

At least you were in a relationship. I've never been out with anyone and years of internet porn have made it so that no woman will meet my standards

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well that long distance relationship left me in ruins as I got cucked by an older guy.

At least you go to pretend that a woman actually loved you. That is never going to happen to me. Chicks don't exactly line up to date the guy everybody hates to be around