Family fap thread

family fap thread
stories, pics, experiences

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reposting anons hot sister from last thread

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Got the hots for my cousin

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No pic, but my stepsister asked for a back rub when I first met her. I refused, not understanding girls (I'm retarded).

Time keeps going by, she keeps making advanced towards me, but I keep missing them.

Eventually, we get drunk together and go to bed. She comes into my bed, asks again, I know what she means this time, and I oblige.

She has her back to me and grinds on my dick. She turns to me and tells me that she won't kiss me unless I kiss her first. I do so (obviously), and things... progress. She climbs on top of me, and begins to dry hump my dick. She is wearing sweatpants, and no underwear. I take off my jeans (yes I sleep in jeans, fuck off). I pull of her sweatpants, and she puts it in. I had never had sex at this point, and the feeling was unlike anything I have ever felt before. I don't know if it was because I knew it was wrong, or if it was because she genuinely was just my type, but I have never felt anything like this to this day. Then again, I've only ever been with three girls, including her. Anyway, she rides me, sort of just grinding our pelvis' together.

I don't think she came (fuck off it was my first time) but I did. Right inside of her. She didn't climb off until I pushed her off.

Probably the hottest memory I have. To this day, I can't watch stepsister porn with heavy roleplay because it just feels weird.

Anyways, sorry I am shit at writing, I was just happy that I finally have something to contribute.

Bikini of her? More generally? What sort of fuck of shit do you want to see done to her?

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my niece

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my mom

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How old were you guys when this happened? Did she take Plan B after or what? Also you would KNOW if a girl is cumming. Trust me, she didn't.



That shit don't even count bro.

roger roger

Hot asf, more?

I'm not gonna lie, I was going to say you're fucked up for wanting to fuck your mom, but after looking at the picture, I don't blame you bro. She is fucking fire.

yeah id want to fuck her too

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this is bait - no numbnuts would post his niece to a fap thread with a pic that shows her name and school

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I'd bury my sperm deep inside her womb and give you a sister

Let's see, I had come back from freshman year of college at that point, so I was 18, she was 16.
I honestly have no idea if she took plan B. I never acknowledged that it happened. I knew at this point that she believed she was in love with me, so I wanted to shut that shit down.

Our respective parents would not approve of a relationship, and I am not a fan of relationships in which you can't get away from the other person if it goes wrong.

And on the stepsister note, pornhub would disagree with you, but I see your point.

she liked it

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true but i can't really make out her name or school

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How hard would you fuck your mom, user?

Sister coming out of the shower naked (cropped version).

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I had sex with my sister when I was 15 and she was 17.

She caught me rocking my ass with her rabbit vibrator and freaked out at first but then told me it was ok and she wanted to watch. I was 1000% against it and embarrassed as hell but she tapped me into it. Eventually she took control of the vibrator and fucked my ass.
She was touching herself while doing it and decided to join in. Ended up putting it in her ass. When I saw how wet her pussy was, I wanted in. Me in her pussy, vibrator in her ass. Vibrator ended up out but I stayed in.
We didn’t have sex too long. Maybe a few minutes before I busted, but she made me cum in her. It was my first time so I didn’t think anything of it.

She tried to catch me jerking if all the time after that and even gave me the vibrator. But I felt weird so we never did anything again.

>I honestly have no idea if she took plan B

Well damn user, I'd say you dodged a bullet there. Also practically all incest porn has 'Step' in front of it, probably because incest is illegal in most states, so it is an easy way to get around it. But really bro, stepsister hardly constitutes as family. She isn't even your blood.

ever see her naked?

Please more

plz post full

why would you crop it you stupid retard?

not gonna post them but I have my cousins nudes and I’ve been fapping to her for years so it’s remarkable

So perfect. No bikini? Ass?

clothed pic? howd you get them?

my collection is limited. op is brother and comes around so often to post her

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would love to ass-to-mouth fuck her

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Look up Sixfootsevenson on Motherless. Dude has videos of him getting blown by his mom. There's one where his "sister" (allegedly) is blowing him and he goes to hand the camera off to his mom and says "here mom". I tried to link them but it says I'm posting spam.

Mmm fuck, yeah you would. Bet you'd love to feel your mommy slide onto your cock too, wouldn't you?

Come on Cred Forumsro don't hold out, she's the hottest in here.

paste link, delete . replace with (dot)

yeah thats why im waiting for him to come back

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heres some of my slutty cousin lol lmk if interested

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She looks like a hot dom

Yeah, even less so since we met when I was like 16. So we didn't even grow up together. and yeah, I definitely did.

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wow, thanks for sharing.

I would be all over that niece... I bet youve grabbed her ass when youve hugged her

u like?

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Mmm, can you imagine your mom riding you, user?

She's pretty damn hot. How do you feel about her?

I'm literally too stupid to get it right, user. I'll give it my best shot because I did what you said and it's still calling spam.

motherless dot com forward slash 174D115

you're a golden apple and dont ever forget it

that's what i'm thinking right now

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search gets nothing

I don't get it, your brother has more pics?? You guys share these pics between the two of you?

First time i see someone repost her, glad that you like, I had fap to that ass for long

Thanks, user.

Motherless dot com forward slash 6958A23

Second other user's post...definitely looks like a hot dom. Post more friend

Mmm fuck your mommy...thrust your cock in the hole you came from. Let her creation make a new creation with her

You can go to Google and type in without spaces sixfootsevenson. It should bring up the motherless link. I'm sorry I can't post the url, I don't know how to bypass the spam filter.

Sister is hot. Brother posts sister, is OP. people repost until OP comes back and posts more

im just an user

she is fine af moar? what city she from/close to?

if you see a motherless thread just post /6958A23 and people will get it

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what a thick ass. any more ass pics?

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Holy shit I'm hard... do you think you'll ever actually try seeing if she'd be interested in doing anything with you?

I've never seen one! But I'll remember, thank you!

Oh, makes sense

anything revealing?

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1. Paranoia.
2. Nasty people like you.

I was thinking about posting the full, but you've given me a good reason not to.

go on...

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column broooo

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Damn shes cute

younger cousin, was always cute growing up and now i save as much shit of hers as i can

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Great body

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Fuck thats hot

really is, she's always been attractive even when we were younger but she's definitely growing into her woman body well

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Yeah shes looking real good, and she probably looked fanatastic young as well

No one would've been nasty if you posted the full thing, but let's be honest, you would never have posted the full thing because you're a fucking pussy and are using this as a cop out

damn i'd fuck the shit out of her

you got anymore?

Is that you next to your mom? how big are her tits?

Was legit tough sometimes seeing her when we were growing up, always was real girly and wore girly shit. This is her a bit younger, before she got a couple tattoos, which actually arent to bad on her. Hot to hear to that you would fuck the shit out of her.

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My sister makes a protein shake a few nights a week, puts the leftovers in the fridge and then finishes it the next day.
I almost always jerk off in it at night

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That is such a sexy stomach made to cum on

Do you have any stories of you and your mom? have you seen her completely naked?

Little cousin i wanna fuck. I see her on tinder all of the time, next time i see her i want to swipe and see what happens

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any pics of her ass? I know this slut probably has a few

If anyone wants to do a cum tribute to my cousin my kik is Kaimoore400

i fap to my older sister all the time

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I'm happy to inform you that your niece has her nipples pierced.

any other photos? seems like its always the same one

Fuck i wanna fap to her too

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i got a lot

i already am

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her tits look big user

they’re pretty big

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love her stomach, and ya she has a few ass pics, she's not shy to wear bikinis around me and the fam which is frustrating on my cock. This is her couple years ago on a trip i didnt go on

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Nice ass body

Damn shes got me so hard right now

Fuck yes i do

>not shy to wear bikinis around me and the fam
So she's a normally adjusted person? Fyi she can feel you staring a hole thru her soul. Maybe that's why you're not invited anywhere?

We went from all porn to literally clothed full body facebook posts. Ironically, that's even more degenerate. Christ you faggots are sad.

Nice, you ever try to initiate something? Or do you just hide it and jerk off in private?

Needless to say, i wanna put a baby in my cousin after seeing that

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Cousins are not real incest. Most places it's legal to marry your cousin

No, I do! Lol I check out her ass in her tiny little athletic shorts during every holiday

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Keeping an eye on my stepdaughter, I got this win...

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Fuck yes! Do it!

buddy im talking about her wearing stuff like this around me, as a dude who's always had a kink for her, its tough to see and not wanna move in on it.
We're around the same age so our friend groups have mingled and partied together. When i was younger i would have quick private jerk sessions often cz we were at camp a lot, would be lying if i said i didnt have the odd one nowadays

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she kept it in when she was around the house

PSA: Girls know when you're staring at them with your precummed chode. The fact that they don't even approach you to stop tells you how low on the chain you really are.

Yeah she would cause me to jerk all of the time

>PSA: Girls know when you're staring at them with your precummed chode. The fact that they don't even approach you to stop tells you how low on the chain you really are.

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She just finished masturbating...her bed is just to the left, off of the camera. Here's another nice one of her flashing her pussy and beautiful ass...

Attached: Bending over and flashing her pussy.webm (1920x1080, 1.61M)

Does tinder let her know that you swiped on her?

How many hours did you think she left it in?

would prob be around this age i started noticing her, im a couple years older so seeing her one day like this just hit me. Took and played with a pair of her panties when she was out swimming with friends

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Not much, do you like her ass?

Hell yeah borther, came buckets to it earlier.

It’s better in person
Nah normally it doesn’t, if you have the free version you can only match with people you have swiped on. But I know she has tinder gold so she’ll see that I swiped on her. This was the last time I saw her

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Mmmm fuck love em younger

what age is this?

she lives real far from you
will the pussy be worth it?

There ya go without panties, hope you fap to it I surely do often

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prob around 13, i was like 15-16 at the time. Would of loved to have innocently fooled around with her when we were younger and didnt know right from wrong

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We don't live too far away from each other. I see her every other day, but I'd do anything if i could get the chance to fuck her.

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Can someone do a cum tribute

My cousin I went through her phone cuz I wanted her pics found some titty pics

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I was only going off the 14 miles on tinder
you ever come on to her?

Yeah best part was they have her face and she had no idea I took all of them

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she has fat tits

No I haven't.

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Fuck! You got kik?

can you get into more details about this "innocently fooled around"?

Yeah she does

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would love to pull that top down

what else did you find

It’s mainly tit pics and a facial and then a few bra and panties

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lets see the bra

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Theres a red one too I found

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no kik sadly sorry.
Always wanted to fool around with her on one of the bunk beds at camp, quietly play with each at night when everyone is asleep, like i said im a little older so i prob would of been helping her and lead her, show her how to feel good. Fuuuuck I've thought about these things for a while..

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Yeah I want to fuck her so bad

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thanks for ruining it with the trashy tats

looked almost hot then the disgusting tats showed up

once i was repairing my sister's laptop, went into the downloads folder to get something and found a buncha porn there. copied it to a flashdrive cus i'm a horny fuck, and lo and behold found a video of her masturbating.

i regret deleting it, but at least i know my sister's a squirter. either that or she just liked pissing on the floor, who can say.

too bad the tats are a sign of venereal disease

she looks good in red

Looks better in nothing

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keep posting im stroking

Saving her for later too?

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Thoughts on my cousin Jasmine?

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It’s not crazy good her ex can’t bust well from the looks

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guess i scared you all away, any other interest? I wanna bust a nut for her before bed

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Case in point. People like you don't deserve anything.


Are you even allowed to post underage in a thread like this?

not really posting anything wrong, kinda like how people have threads talking about first sexual experiences and shit like that. Just wanna cum for her, anything you wanna know?

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Yes, you do have a chance. Too bad she's a slanty-eyed pinpong.

The perfect way to ruin a nicely pale body.

incest here


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Had sex with my stepmom at 14 and she raised me like her son since 5. She caught me madturbating i was sleeping right next to her she would let me sleep in the same bed as her because i would cry about my real mom being dead. She woke up and saw what i was doing and started jerking me off and laid me on my back and sucked my pp dry i remember whimpering mommy when i came. Never told my father.

You want to cum into her 13 year old version?

Sounds like you didn't have shit and now want to give shit excuses.

Post the full video please.


want to bust a fat nut in my step sis

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Attached: 31556974_1524916874279006_2619824583343079424_n.jpg (640x640, 48K)

anybody save these?

based and redpilled. thanks friend

glad it helped, if you want to help me give me a good WWYD to that

Alright already, here is the uncropped version.

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Little sis. Found some pics while she was passed out drunk a few years back

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Been having an urge to bang my mom is a a bit chunky has a baby father that lives in Colorado so hasent been there in a while so I know shes been wanting to get some she is a horn ball so how can I come on to her

Goood maaaan user

They were in the archive. You're welcome.

my cousin. Flirt alot, think we're close to fucking.
We use to make out in our earlier years.

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Sister left her phone in my car one night. Knew her password and got some wins

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I do cock tributes. If you want me to tribute your female family members, hit me up on kik@ archiechipie.

my cute sister

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Without the period.

ty we’re there anymore? or did you make this collage of the three posted?

I made the collage from the three.

got kik?


>Has a babydaddy.
You have a chance. Just apply alcohol.


You're getting there. Now post the unblurred version.


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Are you the one who posted the hidden cam of your moms bate sessions a while back?


This thread still alive? I got a foot fetish story about my sis if any one is interested to hear it

I've deliberately let myself be caught by my sister while jerking off on the toilet, she even took a picture one time.

I'm interested


Interested af

You know damn well we wanna hear about this

Holy hell what is she to you

Attached: 9674EA98-5977-4CC6-BC03-D3D092265A70.jpg (750x571, 279K)

> Be me, 14 or so
> Family go stay with family over the christmas period
> Me, my 12yo sister and our parents stay with aunt, uncle, and cousins 15 and 11
> Sister is cute, short, well built blonde hair and freckles. Still a bit of baby fat around her face at that age so it gives her the sweet innocent look but shes also sporty and her tits are coming in nicely
> 15yo cousin is tall and naturally slim with black hair and perky tits, tanned because she's always at the beach
> 11yo cousin is fat af, nothing like her sister and not important
> Anyway, family decide to all go out shopping. I think my uncle was at work but not sure
> I fake being sick because I fucking hate shopping with girls
> Watching TV, playing vidya
> Get sick of their shitty games
> Exploration time
> Head straight down to the basement
> My uncles study is down there
> Start snooping
> Open his pc, just work shit
> Check his drawers
> Find external hard drive tucked away
> Moment of fear before I hook it up
> Nudes
> Pictures of my aunt. Nice.
> Start fapping as I go through poorly hidden folders
> Holy shit
> Pictures of my hot cousin from what looks like a spycam
> Getting changed, a few of her doing things like brushing her hair
> Videos too
> Fapping furiously now
> My sister shares her room while were staying there
> Never been interested in her that way but hes got a folder with a few pictures and videos of her too
> Fuck it, blow a load to my sister
> Looking at her perky tits and fit body
> Literally nothing of my fatass cousin
> Grab my laptop, copy everything
> Cum again
> Delete all traces I was there
> Go upstairs and spend the rest of the day jacking off
> Go home, start jacking to sister regularly
> Eventually get paranoid and delete everything
> Years pass
> Uncle killed himself a few days ago and I wonder if its got something to do with that

Horny young age of 12, just learned how good it feels to fiddle with my pp. Had a few experiences when much younger age of about 5 to 6 with my older cousin. She was really in to being tickled and told me to tickle her feet. Foot fetish developed and continues to grow to this day.

Anyways, older sis of 14 laying on the couch one day with her bare naked feet hanging off the end, dangling like fruit off a tree. Horny young me sees them. Sis has those perfect smooth feet a lot shaped like my cousins, very much my taste. Nice high arches, perfectly tapered long toes and good nail beds, painted ruby red at the time. Driving me fucking wild.

She is yakking on the phone with one of her beta orbiters, completely distracted by the stupid conversation about nothing. A couple minutes pass. Some hesitation...but can't take it any longer. I love in for the kill.

Sis glances up at me standing by the couch. She doesn't acknowledge me otherwise. I just spit it out. "Hey sis, can I play with your feet?" To my utter surprise, she says "sure"
Coolest sis in the world, btw

In a mental fit of disbelief, I plop near the end of the couch where my prize for sincere bravery awaits. Jesus christ, was I dizzy. I couldn't fucking believe she just said yes so unemotionally. I learned a thing or two about distractions and getting girls to do things that day. Cell phones are a blessing, just sayin'.

My rock dick felt like it was eating a hole in my pants. That first contact with her smooth soles was beyond paradise to my raging young mind. Nothing like this ever happened before. I had oogled plenty of girls at school around her age with nice feet, always fantasizing. Now it was happening for REAL.


murder all americans dclxvi


I agree, it wouldn't affect me because I'm not american

I had to help bathe my 11yo niece several times and it was honestly pretty fun

Work buddy just come out with it 2am one night shift:
“Family had a bar b que one night, it was late parents drunk and went inside.
Me, 10. Two sisters 16 and 17 they were talking ‘sex’ I didn’t understand but when they looked at me I just said ‘Ok’
They each used me for sex when they were horny up until they left the home, years later.
I asked what the relationship was like now days.
The forty year old shrugged and said “just like any other family I guess” .
Err, ok.

>helped my cousin set up her MacBook before she started college
>used her iCloud info to sync my MacBook photos app to her account
>any pic she take with her phone is now synced to my MacBook (even deleted ones are visible for 30 days
>been fapping to her nudes nonstop for months


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more pics

Share them, she's hot

she's pretty cute

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damn son

my aunt

Attached: 0515.jpg (191x756, 113K)

My sister

Attached: _20200129_133802.png (356x585, 196K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200207-120839~2.png (1080x1057, 889K)

She's hefty. Sturdy. You couldn't hurt her if you were trying.


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Time for the nudes now


every thread you say the same fucking thing. quit larping faggot nobody cares

Join now before it's too late

More poirage

More pics!


Wife's sister, stole her nudes from her phone, spycammed her while she showered at our place and managed to sneak into her room and sniff her panties. Best thing ever.

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Attached: 00000370-PHOTO-2019-03-10-16-40-52.jpg (976x1600, 157K)


Attached: 00000907-PHOTO-2018-08-02-14-26-31.jpg (1476x1600, 171K)

What kind of panties?


bump for origianl sister


my mommy, was just feeling her titties in bed as she slept.

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Attached: m3.jpg (1080x1438, 839K)

Attached: m9.jpg (1080x1438, 893K)


My moms thicc’ness

>inb4 face


Attached: FEA8A388-CEB9-4E35-94FC-4F7855AFA430.jpg (492x1134, 393K)

Stop posting pictures unless you are going to tell us who she is you fags

Is she your sister? Is she your cousin? It’s a FAMILY fap thread

Post more body then

> crawl up to side of bed with my cock in my right hand
> gently stick left hand under covers until i find her titties
> gently rest my hand on her tits and pat and rub them
> start squeezing a lil cause shes still snoring, get a good grip on her right titty and rubbed my hands between her tits, beating off so hard
> find her nipple and and rub it a lil, she almost wakes up, i cum all over the side of her bed

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how long have you been doing this? stolen photos? do you clean up the cum, ever touch elsewhere

My mum

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not bad

idk how long. she's shared nudes with me cause i left her some vids of me blowing a load to her. but ive stolen a few as well. i leave the cum usually. ive also felt her ass and pussy of course ;)

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you guys havent done anything else? she is probably waiting

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id love to bust a nut deep inside her or all over her face but its complicated. we did masturbate side by side once but she gets super embarrassed when i bring up doing it again.

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she probably licks the cum up after you leave. next time you are there user finger her asshole lightly, the time after that do it again. do it a few times then once you feel brave and she responds well to it put your tongue on her asshole when she goes to bed after a shower and lick her until she wakes up

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Had my daughter when i was very young, she kinda drives me crazy

>pic related

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My cousin

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take this famfaptards

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What a body on her!

My slut sister Rachel

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>be about a year ago
>be me
>be and old fag
>have a 14 yo daughter
>she has a phone obviously
>one day to on Apple iCloud
>flipping through picture backup
>suddenly dozens of pictures of nice little titles, some collide up pussy shots
>some underwear
>flipping through for about 30 seconds
>not even understanding what I’m looking at
>suddenly dawns on me
>start actually loling
>holy shit my daughter has her pictures backing up to my iCloud.
>look at the pictures over and over again.

I had a good time with them

In deleted everything as far as lurking fbi needs to know.

My cousin Jamie

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fappin with her was awesome. we just laid side by side on my bed on top of the covers and i pulled my cock out and started going first, she quickly stuck her hands down her pajamas into her panties and started rubbing. i got her to flop her tits out of her shirt and just stared at them while jerking til she was moaning and then i told her i was cumming and made sure she was watching my cock until i shot a huge load on my chest. her face was bright red and she was just so cute rubbing herself as i came.

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sounds hot check this out
motherless the website /B9DED77

omg- looks so much like mine...
For a sec I tough it was

tell me about it

Pic ?

Younger sister

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She has a great figure. Did you manage to grab any of her nudes? I want to see her pussy lips

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My sister

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Haha , wow I see what you mean. Big fuck off belly and tits on the pair of them

yeah- and that "not realy nice" face...
you should see her without glasses

Got me so hard for her

Go in then , let’s see

any stories ?

My mom in 1997

I was snooping through my mom's stuff and I found a shoebox and an old camcorder bag buried in the back of her closet.

In the shoebox there was dozens of old pics and nudes of her, and the camcorder bag had an old camcorder and 8 tapes. 6 of the tapes were normal family stuff, but two the tapes had a red sticker on them, so I put them in an adapter and watched them on a VCR and it turned out to be 4 different sex tapes of my mom.

I scanned all the pics to my laptop and I recorded the sex tapes off the TV with my phone.

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Stopped reading when you said you sleep in jeans

GOD DAMN user your mom is/was a fucking beast

user with nerdy cousin here. Why do I always find these threads as they're nearing 404

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Me and my sisters and mother have regular sex

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should be detained and spanked for committing crimes against fashion.

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Found on mothers phone

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