Shouldn’t share!

Shouldn’t share!

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hot more?

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Gf after anal

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Moar plsss


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drunk and sharing

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Good looking body


yea shes hot and wild...

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Who wants to see her asshole?

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Probably shouldn't share this volafile dot org/r/15x861w08

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Damn it posted sideways and I can’t delete it to repost it upright


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where from?

How wild does she get

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More of her in action

My gf

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Yeah dump em

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It's a fat ugly bitch dont bother anons

wow what a coincidence

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Like this?

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Well how about that shit. Damn near same outfit

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Damn that's good

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This one clearly looks better in it tho

holy hell

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Ummm... please proceed...

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Flabby as fuck

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Not exactly I wouldn't think

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Def looks fat from behind. Not thick. Fat

Yours just looks older

She is 30
I wouldn't call it fat

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Not everyone likes their women to look like little boys user.


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Not wanting fat rolls or cellulite on her saggy ass. Bro shes chubby all good

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Has yours had kids? She doesn’t seem fat maybe chubby in some photos. Mines in early 20s

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Post partum

No kids, just the life of a night shift ER nurse

I'm calling it thick, she's 34DD and has pretty wide hips

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Cuuuuute!!! Any nudes or even topless?
So sweet!

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Ass is wide but pretty flat

anyone have more of her?

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Chubby yes, tho her ass is anything but saggy

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This is my gf Josephine. I post her because I like making her an unaware dumbass webslut, and because she should be public property for random men. please save her.

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Goddamn ya'll motherfuckers are picky

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Ass looks pretty saggy here.


lets see more of josephine

Keep going.
Those are GREAT boobs. Nice erect silver dollar size nipples. Sexy mouth,too.
Any with the bra just off completely?

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Saved. Now strip her.

That’s exactly it. Mine is similar. Wide hips but not much real ass. I think of our girls worked their glutes out it would be fire

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Yes they are
>Anyone who doesn't waste their life away in the gym is gross
Is their logic half the time

Yes make her my property - if only to wank to.
Any topless?

Not the same user

yes sirs, thank you

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Just enjoy some titties

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Never said gross just could improve

Musta gotten mixed up in replies

Married slut i fuck

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Show face

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Fuuuuck more riding pls

saved more of her body

her tits are tiny

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Love those small tits. Would love to show her what a webslut she is.

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SO sweet - such cute, suckable nipples.
Any chance you can keep on going?

More doggy style pls

cute little tits hows her pussy


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Damn I love a girl in mom jeans

They are turning me on so bad!!!
Post any you have of em - omigod I’m so jazzed looking at her.

ass make up for it?

Join now before it's too late

the best kind

She moves her arms and them saggers probably touch bed beneath her


Tits and face?

Any full frontal? Any chance she has a little hair down there, or is she shaved?
Fuck it, just post more of those little sexy tits!

would be fun to see her reaction
no pussy unfortunately

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Bitch knows how to throw it back

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Keep going - anything you got!!!

Yes please

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They’re soft but not that soft.

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O Jesus I’m gonna cum to this girl. That cool?
Take off the blue top. LOVE that hint of bush.

Damn she’s fucking adorable I wanna hold this girls hand and buy her dinner

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please do

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My very petite girl.

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O man.., so close...
Another really good tit shot by my chance??

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She take facials?

Fuck you ain't lying


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Flat chested girls fuck like they are gonna make up for the lack of tits it’s great

Maybe not the best picture, but tiny tits were mentioned

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facials became her favourite! although she let a friend give her one before she let me, even though we'd been together over a year

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Got any Feet pics?


Is she proud of them, or embarrassed they’re small? So sexy

More. Yours is hotter of the two

Fuck that's good

Damn she even got room for dick?

That’s one nice big rosy nipple.
Any more or from a better angle?

Lol ikr. That's all she knows

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I wanna see her bent over

she's proud! she goes braless a lot, which I encourage so strangers can see her tits

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I wouldn't say hotter, I think they're both sexy

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outfit for one of her nights out - as you can see, she loves showing off her nips

please save and repost her, help make her a famous webslut

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Oh yeah she's got some room for some dick

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Cute feet.
More titties please!!!

If she only knows that, good thing she knows it so well

Alright ya horny bastards. Rate my girlfriend’s ass

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Hell yeah long slender feet this girl is 10/10

Jesus she is tiny. I'm liking this

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How many shirtless shots do you have?
Dump em and I bet we can help make her famous...

I’ll definitely repost your girl

ok who has moar of this chick? seen her posted in these threads and saw a few yesterday but only saved one before they were deleted

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Holy shit I’m gonna cum.
Thought you said you had no frontal shots
Any with her facing the camera straight on?

not a huuuge number
thank you sir... I wonder if i'll regret this...

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Too meaty?

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More feet

Name her so we can make sure everyone knows her by name

That’s gonna do it... little in love...
How old is she?

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Tiny and tight user.

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Does she scream when she orgasms?

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Holy shit I bet you can see your dick moving in her little tummy

How's her ass?

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Oh she loves taking pictures of herself doesn’t she?
What’s your absolute favorite!,,please post!

Wife's tits. I love showing them off. Anyone want to play with them?

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Whoa. Hot. Any more?

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already did
more of a series of pathetic, breathy whimpers
depends on the size of the cock

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Probably ones like this, out in public she sent to me

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That is a great bikini body.
Now can you strip her out of the bikini? ;)


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Yes please. Me likely the big areolas.

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Hey body is pretty nice imo.

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when she came you could feel her pussy grabbing pulling you

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Ummm... please.... keep.... going. So girl next door sexy-cute.

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This bitch is gorgeous

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here's the slut showing off her nips for a guy who wanted to cuck me

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Please continue

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These are the two women I’m now most desperate to see completely topless.

gave amazing head too. woke up with morning sex regurlarly

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I wouldn’t be able to resist her if I were you I’d be fucking her til my dick fell off

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last bikini pic

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FUCK ME. Any even better? Keep going.
What a perfect moment to stop by this thread!!! She is my favorite.... trying to imagine her pussy grabbing my dick


Lol at girls that think guys wanna see artsy nudes

Surprisingly plump ass

Please no more Spam Granny.

Too fucking old. And that Medusa face

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Damn that's good shit, more topless in panties?

I wanna see her filled with dick

How many do you have?
Any more great tit shots? Or full frontal without the hand?

Want to suck on them?

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don't look

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Attached: 0LMAKxFs.jpg (2576x1932, 486K)

I have a nipple fetish and hers would do nicely.

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Attached: IMG_20200205_202639.jpg (1538x2048, 289K)

no sorry thats all i had. gonna have to imagine the rest

Keep on going!

she cucks me so maybe you can
no pics unfortunately
shall i post the nude that josephine hates the most?

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-shall i post the nude that josephine hates the most?-


Attached: z1RTmDcj.jpg (1286x1932, 174K)

Yes post it

Turn her around?

Hell yes

I’d fuck the color right back into her


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Attached: Pink dress head1.jpg (1632x1224, 137K)

super sexy. yum.

Attached: WiM1YCz9.jpg (2576x1932, 437K)

Why she hate it I think this one makes for the best target practice

best yet. so fucking hot.

Little fucktoy i had a bit back. Crazy in bed and in mind

o m f g
hair, too
must see kitty

mmm i want to see her take multiple loads on her face

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Seeing how this little slut likes to show off her body she’d probably enjoy all the attention

i wouldn't be able to stop fucking her

Attached: 20200205_203327.jpg (1538x2037, 1.16M)

Best shot i got. She was ome of those sjw that just wanted to get fucked in her ass

that was one lucky path to take

There we go

She liked to hear herself talk... id fuck her then drink... not necessarily in that order

Best tits and one of the prettiest faces on this thread.

she's a sub slut, she'd get wet and masturbate about being posted, although she'd never admit she enjoyed it
mine's an sjw too

Attached: josephine onoff.jpg (2896x2896, 543K)

Tiny and delicious


Perhaps. She was a good fuck

Any photos of her at protests or marches I wanna make a side by side with her nude

Wait do you have that middle shit all on its own, in great quality? Or others like it? That’s the best one yet!!!!


She did have great tits and a real tight cunt and ass. But was fucking nuts

Middle SHOT. Sorry

It’s posted halfway up the thread

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what's with the red patches?

Attached: 1580702282814.jpg (1125x1947, 1.19M)

sadly not but that's such a hot idea

Attached: j111.jpg (900x1600, 118K)

Used to do coke off her tits and shed snort it off my cock then suck it

THANK YOU! Josephine for the win.

Attached: 1580702769897.jpg (1125x1991, 1.26M)

Try going outside sometime

Attached: 1580702371410.jpg (1125x1972, 1.18M)

Hey made, could u post more of that girl, love her smile

I’m dead

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