If there is no God, why are atheists angry about him?

If there is no God, why are atheists angry about him?

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They're angry about religious retards. I don't know what's hard to grasp about that.


It’s a weird thing to be butthurt over

The only imaginary thing I’m mad at are pink flying unicorns.

do you conflate everything?
perhaps it's time to leave your mother's basement

What right do you have to be angry at that?

You don't need a right. You can be angry about anything.

Why would god need a penis?
Who would he fuck?

They shit invisible poop on my truck. Dirty fuckers

We tend to be angry at people holding humanity back based on ignorance, such as preventing progress on the biological field, refuting psychological studies because "God knows better" or stupid fucking shit like that.

Also, the pope covering for other pedophile popes, some of which still actively work with children, and using God as a justification is a huge reason, dont you think?

When you demonstrate "god" without using faith, which we know is personal and unreliable, we can start talking, buddy.

me I hope, so I can call him Daddy instead of Father

I'd be angry too if someone kept trying to push flying spuck monster on me as well as base government policy on it.

This. I could care less about God. I dont like how religion always finds it's way into laws. It's the constant turmoil it causes in the world all because people have different imaginary freinds. And the pedos that get away with so much.

It's not God,m it's His asshole followers trying to control our lives.

I don't hate God. I don't hate Christians. I'm just sad. I'm sad and disappointed in the otherwise wonderful people I'm often surrounded by. People I laugh with. People I trust and care for. That they can be so enraptured in the concept of religion and completely miss their own message, becoming the very "evil" they claim to oppose. Its the same problem I have with every extremist. Willful ignorance in the face of irrefutable, objective fact. It's ok to be ignorant before encountering another view. It is ok to hold fast to your positions until the topic, whatever it may be, is fully addressed. It is ok to have every question fielded and to expect a response. However, the moment you stop listening because you are afraid of the answers. The moment you run back into that cave because you are afraid to be wrong. That is when you become the problem.

I don't hate God. I don't hate Christians. I am simply disappointed with the people in our world who are intellectually stunted by fear and pride.

damn bro. That's some heavy shit. Do you ever think that maybe you do the same thing though? Maybe you aren't really listening to those that believe, as they don't listen to you.

Because religion is the worst invention in history

Most people don't give a shit
Atheists are like Vegans. Some are insufferable self-righteous try-hards, but most are just normal people living normal lives that are healthier for cutting out certain things that others take for granted
And those others are the same, most of them are alright, but some just can't cope with other people being different and those are the assholes that never shut up about it

Religion is a tool of the vicious to control the weak minded, feeble and helpless. Sadly a lot of people desire to be dominated by a higher power telling them what is good and bad, so that they are not accountable for setting their moral compass.

It's disgusting. Without religion we would not be destroying our planet at break neck pace while half the USA smiles and waits for rapture.

This is a weird thought if you allow yourself to digest a high level perspective on what life is, and what it means to yourself.

First off, life as we know it doesn’t even make sense if you think about it. Don’t think too hard about it, just think about existence in general. It doesn’t even make any sense either.

So here is a thought experiment: we AKA people collectively seen to desire prolonged life, in religion’s case, external life, yes? For the most part, that seems to be the case.

So it is natural to be able to relate to the idea that the thought of death is not a good one. To be fair, it doesn’t to most. To think about our own existence disappearing for eternity, makes me upset. Why? I suppose maybe I carry the burden of life, love.

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a question not asked often, if at all:

Would you want to live for eternity? You would do anything you ever dreamed of a million times over, and still be right where you started with the concept of eternity. Does that sound appealing to anyone if you really think about it?

For me, I don’t know. Again, I personally get sad to the idea either way. I was raised in a Christian environment with no reason to complain regarding how I was brought up. I’m not saying I have any hard stance on religious or lack of views. I really am just unsure. So what works for me is this:

I try not to think about the inevitable, and don’t ask questions I don’t want the answer to.

Feel free to share your perspective.

I absolutely used to. I addressed it and actively pursue alternative views and discussions. I listen to npr and American family radio every day. I periodically go to church and temple. I watch debates and read ( less recently due to time constraints). I never assume a person is willfully ignorant until they prove it. Every person has merit and the only person that can change that is them.

I'm more comforted that now matters a lot, and it only matters right now. Unless you're very wealthy, intelligent or famous, its unlikely anyone will utter your name 80 years after you're gone.

I rather enjoy an important present, rather than all these experiences, the pain, anxiety and fear of the human experience all being some test. If the present is some audition for a forever future, then it seems to be an impossibly cruel one.

Are they? When? Why the projection before acceptance and communion?

What repercussion do they deserve?

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Whether or not eternity is too long, it is almost universally acknowledged that a century is not long enough.

Or your father's balls.
>semenal eviction

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Daddy Solivagus/Nyum~Nyum is here for all, so long as you lovingly cradle the balls.

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Atheism only opens the door for feminism and refugees.

literally 0 proof for the existence of a god but your fairy tale books, literally 0 proof of a complete non existence, both sides are retarded and irrelevant

Why are religious people only inclusive via their public exclusions, is MY divine query.

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you all love your father the devil the big showdown is coming watch the devils going to get whats coming to him

Because the people that do believe are so fucking stupid.

Do you think scare tactics work when confronting people that don't believe in the thing you threaten them with?

l'm not threatening anybody you had your chance to realise what this is and if you didn't then you were not meant to and if you decided to worship the enemy then you were meant to

True, atheism is a bastion of acceptance. No doctrine to fabricate a facade for one's hate.

This is like me telling you the loch Ness monster is coming for that dollar fifty he knows you have.

Well you all haven't seen it yet but when you do it will be too late

>Christfag logic

We're butthurt because faggots like you not only shit up internet forums and proselytize on the side of the street like clowns, but we have faggots like you in government offices, shoving your beliefs down everyone's throat and taking away rights and freedoms from people. Your god is part of an institution that has been raping and molesting young boys for decades and is given a free pass. Your god inspired the dark ages, which resulted in a huge gap of human knowledge being lost along with thousands of historical records and art pieces destroyed.

This is just mentioning the Christian god...I could post more about all the shitty things Allah has inspired people to do. I already know your dumbass is probably writing some shit like "Well it wasn't God who did those things, it was people, and people are evil and imperfect!" Not an excuse. Point is if people like you didn't gain your entire worldview from some fucking scrolls in the desert written by poor sandniggers thousands of years ago, the world would be a much better place. So yeah, fuck you and your god


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The shadow of the loch Ness monster will loom over the window to your bathroom, and then you'll hear it. " psst hey, you got any change?" and you'll say, "how much do you need" and he'll smile his giant lake monster smile and say "about a dollar fiddy"

God is the language of rape and its believer's its primary students/subscribers.

Which is why Satan crops up every now and then and is a non-religious person to drive home the habit of helping is heuristic in nature.

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This post is trying to drive a stake through a stone vampire's heart.

God is the distribution of exponents over a rising field of polynomial experiences.

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Yeah probably. But i think with enough stakes the stone will eventually crack. It happened to me. I used to be insanely religious. Went to Christian school for years and was in church youth groups in middle school and high school. When you actually use your brain its not hard to see that it's all bullshit, but the reality of realizing everything you were taught to believe about the world and people and life is a hard pill to swallow. Almost had a breakdown in the middle of my spanish class when it started to click in my head. Most people sense this feeling approaching and runaway from it. Probably like OP. But hopefully one day he'll be brave enough to admit it.

>If there is no God, why do Christians never shut the fuck up about there being one?

I'm taking the fucking bait.

We are not angry at god. We are angry at the dogma and violence committed in the name of god.

Every conscious entity has to go through a memory egg hatching cycle. Some are worse than others. I find the 'collective lie' story (AKA THE ONE) from The Matrix to be the most horrifying because it is like a big reve that the whole universe is just raping you.


Habis? Apa yang sudah habis?

Because they want to be one. Either by virtue of being or being attended to by.

"Communism" is a religion to some people. If you're over 40 years old, you'd know this is a washed up argument. Why are you involving yourself in something you don't have money for? God or no god? Get a job you idiot.

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But if I get a job christian charity wouldn't exist.

Then go be a useful idiot for an organization that won't respect you. This is the problem in America, you wannabe, yes "wannabe" Marxist have it in your head that these "capitalist" owe you money that you have never earned in your life. Take that commie money, you useful idiot. No one is stopping you. Nobody wants that crap in America anyway, normal people go to college and earn their living with help from people who don't want to kill everyone.

Aboriginal Elder KumKum here. What's an America?

I am a foreigner. If I get a job then my country would not be a regime that America could not exploit.
>What do, my American overlord?

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"Communism" nor fascism spreads wealth. It destroys wealth and old heads and historians know this for a fact. So once again, go be a useful idiot in the ghettos and "get that money". Go try and exploit a government that doesn't work with you.

What is wealth if not quantity that others you force to count for you, fellow chinaman?

hahahaha you ARE STILL trying to convince an average white american should respect communist ideas. youre a literal waste of fucking time. probably don't have a job or an education, just waits for someone to pay his way. you're fucked up. suicide is your best bet bud.

Here, God. Hold all me kekling shekels real quick, I'm about to drop a phat beat on these niggaz and hood ratz.

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learn how to earn a suitable living in america for yourself, kid. or get the fuck out no one cares.

I agree. So much easier to live by the word of anyone except yourself instead of having integrity for your daughter's divinity no matter what other Father's claim as worthy of exclusion or death, fellow Republican.


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You all live off attention amirite?

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you can't convince me. i'm in my 30s and live in the heart of america. communism is surely not in our best interests. everyone works and KEEPS what they earn, ok wannabe Stalin. if you don't understand, go live somewhere else i dont care.

Memes, actually. That and limiting pathways to rehabilitation and exclusion.

>kthx bai Gnome Chompski

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How does one SILENTLY identify communism, fellow sharp-eyed Legal Eagle?

For I have no education and some words terrify me so, for the Bible preaches truth!

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Only if you're a slut male or female. l use the term slut broadly

*gasp* the path hath opened mine eyes! I just need to pay OTHER PEOPLE and never get paid!

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What isn't a slut trying to get the attention of their silent fantasy, O buddha of the buttsex and penetrations of moistened orifices from which divine vibrations spring eternal?

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>More virulent than incest and more contagious than a handshake!

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To the unfaithful and dismissive of Cred Forums He-suss, let my blessings be upon their buttholes twice-fold for prostate gold!

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Fetish porn is where its at

What's your fetish?

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genuine atheists don't give a fuck about you Godtards.

t. a Deist

We're not, we're angry about theists who try to force their rules on other people and we're angry at how theists spread psuedo science and the impacts and damages that come from that.

Define force. Where on the faith did you express unwanted inclusion or education?

Because religion brainwashes you from birth to beleve in a god. After that you suppost tk beleve everything this book tells u too and its understood as perfect. Were not mad at god, just disapointed and a bit angry at the peiple sourounding him.

How does babby born? How babby language? Where does babby member berry?

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A group always fast-identifies and forms cohesion through primary exclusions and slowly through mediated inclusion vectors.

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