Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
The Board Tour (ᵖᵃʳᵗ ᵒnᵉ) is over!

To celebrate, we're having a special Hunger games with 50 tributes
We're using murder Simulator, random stats and make teams

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The Tourist that finally came home

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Team with Orinrin

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This Cool as Hell Wallpaper
Team with Megumi

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This is team Cool Kids if anyone wants to join


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Richard Rawlings

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The Most Extreme Model

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I know its supposed to be random and all, but, could I have my pet wolf please?

Ledogelasi, team with cheems

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So did the rest of the tour go? I stopped at /o/

Team Christ obvi.


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Chester A. Arthur

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Pokemon Trainer Soldier

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What tour?

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/u/ poster

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>not a new IP

Hunger games in other boards.

I thought we picked you up when the tour went through /k/

Tour hosting across Cred Forums
We went from a to vg


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With Vex

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Oh right! I forgot, sorry


With Max and Vex

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Chan the Horse

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Soldiers got some pokemon to obliterate

P.S. Anyone that doesn't claim a team is for Team Cred ForumsChrist.

maybe i should add another then just to be safe

PS: They just go Unafiliated


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brushie brushie

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Team cool kids?

No. I claimed them.

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Where's Drills and my son Wetfat?

Tohru Adachi

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With Vex, Max, and Shyloh

(just cause its gonna take a while to fill)

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Dlanor A. Knox
>Also Bismarck so...

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Would like to be on the same team as Drills but not Chet Arthur

Cool kid it is

Doom Guy

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If it is teams then Heavy Weapons Gar going with soldier unless anyone else has better suggestion or if it is too late for more entries

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That Bee from the Opening Scene of the Lorax Movie

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You are the same person from /k/, ne?

That COOL Bee from the Opening Scene of the Lorax Movie

With That Bee from the Opening Scene of the Lorax Movie

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How about a team with me

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Nutella Girl

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albino kiwi

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Big Tits Kylie

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I added some, bc if every unclaimed trib goes on a team I'll have to do a second round because all tribs in a same team don't kill each other

2019 Boxxy

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Pikaballo, with Chan the Horse

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Darth Pepe

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Make a new code

Futa Bea

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Plague Champion

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yes i need a new one.


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i dunno man, my feet are pretty damn sensitive

Doug Dimmadome Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

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Katniss Everdeen

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3 Times Russian Roulette World Champion
Team Megurin

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Minecraft Kylo Ren*

Cutoff here
but only because trips

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Have you any idea how much blood must occupy that fucking schlong to keep it hard like that?

Thing's gotta be concrete solid 24/7 'cause there's nowhere else in her body for all that blood to go, god DAYUM


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>technically none of the genders on any of my team members are outright wrong

based rigs

>goth >goth
for darth pepe???

Praise Jesus, I guess. Good luck everyone!

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Medic with tf2 team?

as ready as teem cheems will ever be

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܂Goodluck Megumi!
Team OTP got this

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but can you give me a handgun

I picked it so it gave random stats
I've changed it

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Wait, I'm not a cool kid?

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Whats a khthon

You're a grease Monkey!

i was ok with it, just thought double goth was on purpose even tho it was randomized.


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What Chan is

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Ready, good luck everyone.

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May the best shitpost win

No he ASS Monkey

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You're a cool kid with me

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Hey Sue, Richard's in this one?

I'm gonna stop by to laugh at him

Also see if I can pick up some tributes

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You're that Kyon guy, right?

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Teem cheems will turn your precious kyoko into a table when they're done with you

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Danm, should have put InteliSniper

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Good luck

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No I'm from Persona

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wtf I thought naegi was supposed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student!

Damn, first round, Drills too

Guess its burrito time

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holy shit ledogelasi, it's just a game bro chill

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went the harem route! asahin was more thicc!

Richard NO!

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Avenge me Kyon!

Attached: RR2.png (1200x675, 759K)

I am now armed.

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These slides are huge

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The force is with you young sóywalker, but you are not based yet.

I seem to have a large stick, and I am based!

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Attached: queen of the seas.jpg (1140x702, 859K)

Don't worry I got this

Attached: adachi with a bat.png (429x502, 236K)

Not the most Extreme model!!

animals owning animals, I love it

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My worldview has greatly improved knowing I have outlasted Mister Rawlings.

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ezreal getting all the girls again.


Attached: 1579878310254.jpg (248x244, 27K)

cheems is such a nice guy

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Attached: RawlingsTequila.jpg (600x600, 66K)


Attached: adachi2.jpg (300x300, 10K)

Can we let heavy weapons gar win this so she can get the heavy update?

Good lord, We're losing people left and right!

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I'll grill up some more barbacoa for the burritos

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Attached: ahegaoJC.png (1200x676, 800K)

Do you think I would have a better chance of scoring a "Wye-foux" if I were younger?

(still based BTW)

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Attached: walter.png (300x209, 26K)

You can rest in peace now, Megumi

Attached: Bismarck 6.png (2228x2912, 1.55M)

Sorry JC, looks like I died pretty much right after though

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>check em
I concur

RIP team OTP

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Rip soldier. He could not count on his pokemon betraying him. Honestly I would have saw this from soldier

RIP us

Attached: 138.jpg (850x991, 135K)

The Dubs*

I'll get the cabbages

Attached: AdachiCabbage.png (1280x720, 1.38M)

them trips don’t lie

And already we're down 33 tributes, wow

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Ya'll want burritos too?

Attached: RRCooking1.jpg (533x560, 208K)

Attached: troit.jpg (665x629, 57K)

RIP Cheems

rip me

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Battleship? More like Thot Destroyer.

Attached: fire on my mark.jpg (1049x1032, 197K)

That was...unexpected. Even being based could not save me.

I do hope my section of heaven has something better to eat than Mister Rawling's awful burritos and tequila.

JC, may I join your eternal feast?

Attached: chester-a-arthur-standing-early-portrait-photo-print-18.jpg (342x425, 62K)

The Gars are still alive without their trainer

No hard feelings, hun. All in fun.
>die horrifically

Attached: ahfuck.jpg (363x512, 89K)

Do yo repent as being the second worst US president ever?

Attached: augmentedJC.jpg (200x244, 8K)

Btw, Do rock stars go to heaven? We still need live entertainment for the bar.

Attached: confusion.png (1280x600, 107K)

Ok. Now, what teams are still alive?

Attached: 1.png (757x1780, 1.92M)

Not me, that's for sure

Attached: 6fe3b1e509ac4f3fec201e454805e4c5.png (702x686, 440K)

The bees are absolutely killing it. Literally.

Was not James Buchannan worse than I Lord?

Attached: CAAT.jpg (1280x720, 105K)

Unofficial gar team?

Swoosh, swoosh
>The terror of the seas, the Bismarck and the Kriegsmarine

Attached: Bismarck gif.gif (268x268, 993K)

You did well to get that far young lady.

Now rest

Attached: enhanced-buzz-23600-1363880097-26.jpg (600x400, 29K)

Most. 80's hair metal is condemned though. We allow it on the radio, but the artists burn.

No. But, 45 is.

Alright, the killing seems to have slowed down a bit

We stan

Attached: 1.png (753x1530, 1.75M)

Take that, you damn bee

Attached: engagement.jpg (2383x1340, 315K)

I confess that I could have gotten by with only 60 pairs of pants

Attached: Chester+A.+Arthur+(+)+Fun+Facts_.jpg (960x720, 74K)

Truly, a sad day for bee-kind.

Attached: fuck.jpg (200x200, 8K)

Welp, gardevoir on gardevoir action

shit I'm late

Attached: 1.png (755x1607, 1.9M)

Attached: Pokemon-Emerald-large-1044.jpg (1100x618, 76K)

Who would your tribute have been?


Attached: this is not a good dream.jpg (2480x3508, 868K)

not telling


Long as it wasn't Wetfat...

not the waifus!

There will bee consequences.

Attached: 143._That_Bee_from_the_Opening_Scene_of_the_Lorax_Movie.png (800x463, 716K)

New game tomorrow, probably

You just had to open ya dang mouth

Why the anti wetfatism?

Attached: 1.png (751x1443, 1.5M)

I am in full-throated agreement!

Attached: CAA Wincard.png (600x397, 271K)

Would rather poor Wetfat miss the games entirely than feel bad for being late.

I ain't no priest, bro. The confessional is over there. I got tacos though.

Attached: sweetpartJC.jpg (1139x1600, 419K)

rip gars

>New game tomorrow, probably
I cri evrytim

Are we really gonna go one kill per slide now? C'mon!

Attached: 1.png (752x946, 1.02M)

I warned you.

Attached: suspense.jpg (200x200, 8K)

I shall eat them in memory of you!

Attached: CAAFashion.jpg (579x837, 244K)

Yeah, we are

Attached: 1.png (763x1171, 1.18M)

That bar is sounding pretty nice right about now, JC.

Attached: relaxation.png (1344x756, 1.89M)

At least cute helped Liven things up...

Attached: 1.png (756x709, 792K)

This is it.

Attached: oh fuck it might bee happening.png (300x300, 51K)

Alright, last 2!
Who's winning the Tour's last game?
>Cute (darth) Pepe

Attached: 1.png (756x654, 731K)

I ain't reading all that.

The VIP room is pretty shitty.

Attached: classiestJC.jpg (1500x1500, 190K)

"Cute you are a fucking worthless braindead scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate you are."

atleast darth pepe avenged me immediately. very based.

ggwp op.

Putting all my money on black (and yellow)

The bee, because Pepe == Kek which is heretical

Cute Pepe!

Attached: 1576811918151.png (1289x1309, 43K)

Darth Pepe for the win bb.


Attached: 71052954_p5.jpg (733x827, 175K)


>check em

Attached: 6C435E26-4559-4241-BD2C-DB5ADDEF0A8F.png (134x134, 25K)


Attached: winrar.png (759x171, 174K)


Attached: adachiline.png (1274x796, 199K)

oh god this is so sad

Not only did he win, he was also a top killer, very nice job

Attached: reaping.png (762x704, 787K)

>Darth Pepe used Order 66 to his advantage


Well, that was certainly interesting. I died early but I got to watch Chet Arthur squirm in the afterlife.

Thanks for hosting

Attached: RawlingsLost.jpg (919x1280, 196K)

Thanks for hosting

Attached: 1468378889531.jpg (1280x720, 67K)

Son of a bitch

Attached: d6667c490a884dab85138e4d9d148c29.jpg (770x664, 69K)

Thanks for hosting

Attached: happiH.jpg (471x550, 114K)

Congrats Pepe
Thanks for hosting, Rigs.

Attached: chilling with the kriegsmarine 2.png (1452x855, 1.44M)

Thanks for hosting Rigs!


Never underestimate the power of the Dubs!

Attached: based darth vader.jpg (728x455, 29K)

Thanks for hosting!

Attached: 3d3994b88b7af6b84f36e71854f7f7fd.jpg (1000x751, 153K)

Grats Pepe and thanks for the game Rigs

I honestly, don't follow.

Thanks. Nice trips. Grats. yada yada.

Attached: JC18.jpg (240x240, 52K)

Thanks for hosting

Attached: waving adachi.jpg (480x360, 19K)

THX for the host OP! GG everyone!

Attached: Darth Vader.jpg (1920x1080, 216K)

Wait? Who are you?

Thanks for playing everyone, and all those who joined in on the board Tour, thank you! Couldn'tve done it without y'all! That's gonna be it from me for the rest of this wekk, but take care guys, stay frosty

Attached: rigschillin.jpg (512x512, 92K)

those are trips my guy

Don't ever post as Vader. I will kill you.


Fucking killing it, Riggs,

* blarts *

Thanks J, have a night

Attached: 067b4d7d-4f12-4a19-9d4b-f810c27acfcc.gif (400x400, 196K)

not that many quality darth pepe images.

I will. Just poured one

Vader is sacred you new shit.