New Celeb

New Celeb

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oh, emma!

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she kind of looks like hilary clinton here

It's one of a nice little handful of things that we've got in common.

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Stop user, I can only get so hard.

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Bless you for posting Madi. I think it's about time to continue my balancing out.

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In that case, that was good timing, wasn't it? If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think I'd planned it.

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This girl is electric

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I have swapped to phone posting for reasons. I will see what I've got in the random folders that you might like.

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Maybe you'll surprise me, who knows?

In what sense?

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Never know.

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Not that I mind if you don't. Priorities, after all, and I've always made it clear that I'm a strong advocate for balance.

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I might have a few you'd like.

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That film's really good, you know. Conversation for another time, tho.

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I've not seen it.
I'm im no condition to be cutting up a webm and this one was a tad too big for b, but it needed to be shared with you. Vola/r/15xt5wjq0

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In the sense that she sends a jolt through you and makes you stand straight up

What is this?

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Ah, I see. That does make sense.

I've had this in my possession for a long time, I'm afraid. I think I can forgive your little lapses, tho, under the circumstances.

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If you don't have it so already I will get it Cred Forums ready later.

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Don't you worry about it.

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Oh my...

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God damn. Her midsection is perfect

I've been looking of pictures of her pouting like that for months. She knows she has dick sucking lips and tends to hide them

There's a lot of perfect on her person, if you ask me.

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She's just made to be tossed around a bit. You know, politely.

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jesus demi is so deliciously thick... if there was ever a celeb that looked like they like it from behind, it’s Demi

I know what you mean. I might even go so far as to suggest that the politeness would be optional.

Hide her lips? I've never really noticed that, how do you mean?

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She did a hot ones interview, got uploaded today.
As rare as it is for me to say something like this, perhaps even a bit of harshness would go a long way. She's practically begging for it.

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Yeah you're right. I would also like to be on her person

I bet you would.

The rarity of it is what makes it special. It's not like I didn't know you had a darker side.

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For sure

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Well I do love a powerful woman, but every now and again it can be nice to take charge. Besides variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

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Do you believe every celebposter has that darker side?

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boy, that escalated quickly

Maybe not that specific darker side, but everyone has their own little desires. I feel that's fair to say, don't you?

They say that because it's true. Besides, taking charge of a powerful woman is more rewarding on a number of levels.

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To be perfectly honest it is a lot easier to find women who are not so powerful, especially in the bedroom. If I didn't enjoy taking charge, I would really be limiting my options.

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Of all the celeb buttholes I've seen, hers is one of them

I would debate that, but then, my idea of what constitutes power is a little on the flexible side. In any case, it's good to explore both avenues.

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Such a beautiful neck. Perfect place to grip



At the end of the day, we all see things differently. As long as everyone has a good time it's all good.

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he was my favorite part of that whole movie

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Fresh. Anyone got requests?

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Exactly. How's your balance?

Now, now. Be gentle.

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I'll be gentle until it's time not to be

Just about right for the moment, but you know how fast those things can change.

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Something sort of like this, but with
this image

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I'll keep an eye out, then, shall I?

When is it time to stop the gentleness? Just to be clear.

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Oh that probably won't be necessary. You know me, I'm generally pretty content on my lonesome with these things.

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What's the name of the lady grabbing her butt?

Can't be too gentle when I'm trying to bulge her throat out.

I feel like you could find a way to do that gently. It'd probably be easier and more rewarding to go with the alternative, tho, so I see where you're coming from. So to speak.

I know that, but still. It won't stop me from keeping an eye out.

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does it not drop at midnight?

It may be a set time like 8am eastern US or something like that. Idk how it works, I dont pay for that Netflix bullshit lol

holy creap, somebody post something.

saw a cute 2 times in class and just fallowed her on insta and she fallowed back. should I just text her and say that I saw her and think she looked cute? yes or no

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Let's be friends then never speak again
It's cool, we can just pretend
We're friends and never speak again
See you soon, hope we can remain good friends

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why? I will just slide in the pm and meet her or something. Seems pretty good to me and does not fuck around

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k lol good luck

Until what?

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why you loling at me?

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New movie with nude scenes on Netflix

which netflix?

Shame we will never get more of them in their prime.

The US one but presumably it would be released on all.

she is looking like a hag lately

right, but which us netflix?

Tits were still good in season 3 of GLOW, but never be as good as they were in Community and the leaks.

I love those jewess tits

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tits are still fine but Christ her face has aged 20 years in the last 4

Its heartbreaking. She was so hot. That split black dress she wore last year, she was fire. But that fact? Spend your money and control the aging...

if you eat like that your be fat

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Miley butthole when?

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I wanna suck the bobs

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This is your daily reminder that Jordyn Jones is NOT a celeb.

This is your daily reminder that a) no one cares
And b) it’s not gay to suck dick for celebs

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Do it.

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delet this nephew

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Got that in higher res?


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Goddamned VS loosening up their requirements. Taylor Hill and Romee are so fucking fat now.

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why would anyone wanne see a girl with a black dude? cucked and gay

>focusing on black cock this hard


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need to do daisy ridley since she actually got blacked lmfao

why do you focus on the guy?
it is all about the black guy when you watch porn


Attached: THwew2.jpg (3040x4052, 1.85M)

discord? and do you do non blacked stuff

that gif is hot. I don't give a shit about the guy, the girl getting fucked is hot. quit projecting so hard.


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looks like jessica pare, who on a related note has huge tits

Attached: Jessica Paré - En Vacances (1999).webm (320x212, 1.22M)

>photoshopping fake blacked cover for girls
>it is not about me wanting black cock
>I am not gay

No discord and what do you mean?

captions of other stuff

Taylor and Romee were both skinny-minis now they’re so fucking fat and it’s annoying. They use to look so lithe now they’re American skinny.


>American skinny
someone better tell Babs she's not American then, cause she's packing them on too

>only doing blacked stuff
>not gay

yeah right

you're fuckin dumb

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>American skinny
when super models are fatter than most girls I know

>for some reason this picture made me realize I'll never be like 15 again, just out there living life and sneaking drinks with the boys, having flings with qts from school on summer vacation and shit
didn't want these feels tonight

Romee now.

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Romee now.

Attached: 5F56722B-E2F1-4B79-A6D6-097EA7EE6194.jpg (1125x1386, 1.22M)

Romee then.

Attached: 44ECD56A-2CF8-4191-9EA9-9C5F571EF90C.jpg (760x1013, 101K)

she's much hotter now dude, what are you talking about

Are you American?

Taylor then.

Attached: F5ADF03A-A618-441B-87A4-317DCBEF4C66.jpg (495x619, 41K)

Taylor now.

Attached: D8033395-45C4-46F6-9FD7-38FC04DD6D40.jpg (3040x4052, 1.15M)

VS girls are getting chunkier and it’s annoying me. That is my only point.

chad is a chubby chaser

Many anons are chubby chasers

Models are models for a reason. Aka known for being skinny but VS is pandering to the body positive bs and has loosened up their requirements. Romee just looks so fucking bloated just look at this


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Many anons are American and think Barbara Palvin is fucking skinny l-fucking-mao.

We need picrel Taylor back.

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Fucking hell she looks like a plus-size model now. Such a shame.

Attached: 9072FEFD-7209-4648-A114-2F7A9DCFD2EF.jpg (3040x4052, 1.33M)

why should I watch vs when girls in my gym are better?


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VS ruins HF models.
Bruv look at picrel and compare it to She’s fucking fat by modelling standards, it’s why you don’t see her doing couture anymore.

Attached: 6757DB45-E922-41A4-B538-DC78FB8A961C.jpg (2000x3000, 1.34M)

And if you don’t see the difference between and , it’s either you’re blind or you’re American.

so happy we finally have some anons not afraid to speak the truth

I dont care

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chad we get it you like fat girls. keep your gross fetishes out the celeb thread. you already spam underaged, let's not add fatties to the mix.

Nice to see someone who agrees. I look at picrel and see a plus size model and it’s a shame. There’s a reason why skinnygossip are tearing Taylor and Romee apart, they both used to be proper thinspo but now they’re so bloated.

Americans think this is “skinny” but it’s not. It’s not supermodel skinny like that fucking mong who called me dumb a few posts back.

Attached: 663EC967-948B-4753-9F9B-161C09267080.jpg (3040x4052, 891K)

That Taylor in that webm is gone. Just look at her bloated face here: If you like that webm Taylor, you should be agreeing with me. She was fairy like then, now not so much.

cringe no model is as attractive as the most attractive actresses like vj

Attached: 1580572461947.gif (480x270, 1.04M)

yeah that mong is chad, don't worry about him. he is in the thread 24/7, and there is a bit of an open secret that he is severely mentally ill.

And even under that jersey you call tell those arms are skinny, now she looks like a plus size model.

It's not that I disagree
Its that I don't care

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>ree I don't care that i'm wrong

Rise and (make it) shine
>posts cover shoops
>ifag filenames
Making it real hard to be taken seriously, pal

Attached: IMG_20191107_035946.jpg (1536x2048, 600K)

All this arguing made me take longer to make this. Again, FUCK VS for making models FAT.

Attached: VJ.jpg (1000x1249, 1.04M)

ugly cunt

Attached: telltale shimmer.jpg (1080x1350, 495K)

Had to reframe and colour grade this.

Attached: 67418394_418185785574599_2372283031144620691_n.jpg (1080x1349, 220K)

how are u user?
delete this user...

Attached: qqsy1pvq72f41.jpg (1080x1320, 231K)

>shopp fake blacked stuff
>wants to see black cock specifically
>thinks he is not gay

WHY are you gay?

Who is that? She looks familiar bit I have no idea. Not good with celebs

lili Reinhardt would probably be another one that triggered celeb threads.
natalie portman would.
jodelle ferland would

It was one of you who fucking requested it

Attached: Jojoisfeckinsexy (4).webm (1920x1080, 1.4M)

>fat by modelling standards.

Nigga modelling standards are retarded.

How old is that vid? She looks younger there?

I don't really care what you fucking think bruv.

wasn't me man don't like any of that shit
didn't realise grossgore was here kek

Attached: rgxlbcnpktd41.jpg (1080x1317, 160K)

I happen to believe her cunt is as beautiful as the rest of her
Made me look twice, kek
I'm well, eating some cereal. How is your morning so far?

Attached: IMG_20180102_052843.jpg (1242x1245, 113K)

Beats me I'm just a coomer.

Attached: Jojoisfeckinsexy (6).webm (720x1280, 1.7M)

Just the truth you silly nigger.

Attached: 874c55ad39aef65b210df5867f244e69.jpg (407x610, 43K)

That body daaamn

I'm well. Just listening to the new album by the band I'm seeing tonight.
Should probably also get some cereal in a bit

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Attached: something about this...jpg (388x500, 100K)


i looove her legs!

Attached: Thorne Bob.jpg (754x1421, 122K)

Attached: 62f6e047a7c000283e2a0f87066b3938.jpg (900x675, 95K)

Should have slept in today. You'll have to take a couple of naps to be full of energy
Nice, lol. Did you do the Sage check 'em one too?

Attached: IMG_20190806_005942.jpg (1440x1800, 567K)


Her body is insane

Attached: 11.jpg (1333x2000, 220K)

such good lil slut

Be a good slut and let your hand take you to new places for Bella.

Attached: Thorne Nice Tiddies.jpg (1080x1080, 126K)

eh I don't like sleeping in. I generally feel worse if I do.
I should be fine tonight lol. Giving the moshpit a miss anyway

Attached: DZToyZRWAAAVkTu.jpg (720x900, 106K)

Attached: 277efc3e5c346137873a589b34152b47.jpg (1280x1600, 270K)

She really is.

Attached: Jojoisfeckinsexy (1).webm (640x640, 1.07M)

Already started!

Everyone else was the opening act. Time for the main event

narp, but i did do this one.

Attached: warship feet.jpg (1500x1500, 127K)

The very best

Attached: 60-605038_maisie-williams-hd-wallpaper-from-gallsource-maisie-williams.jpg (1200x1768, 176K)

Good boy. You need to make sure to get yourself fully worked up. You'll be milking out every drop for Bella.

Attached: Bella Bunny.webm (640x1136, 1.86M)

She looks best in "no make-up" make-up
Whaaat, why!?

Attached: IMG_20180625_185743.jpg (1564x2048, 527K)

Dem tits.

Yeah the no make-up make-up look is great on a lot of gals.

Attached: Thorne NOICE tiddies.jpg (1080x1080, 275K)

God damn my cock is hard af to that body

Attached: chloe.jpg (2500x1667, 900K)

Attached: maisie-williams-s1714x2400-454755-1020.jpg (1020x1428, 330K)

not really huge on being touched by strangers tbqh. I have pretty strict personal boundaries and pits obviously don't cater to that. I still have a lot of fun at shows tho just don't wanna be uncomfortable and have my vibe killed.
Still love watching the madness of a pit tho

Attached: 8u7fbd323df41.jpg (1280x1547, 236K)

You asked for it.

Attached: L-R.jpg (2400x3000, 1.6M)

As much as i love her body its her face that triggers my fap

Ive cum to her so much i just associate her with being my little cum queen


Attached: Bella Ass.webm (360x638, 549K)

Damn! Tonight the leg kink is strong. loving it

Attached: 999zzzznzzzu.jpg (896x1197, 739K)


Never saw that before, it's a good one too
You made me smile, user. Thanks :)
Makes her look cleaner, in lack of a more appropriate word
Understandable. Weird, but understandable
I hope you have a great time!

You're a good lad.

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