Anyone in the FL looking for a quick beatdown. I guarantee ill fuck any of you lil faggots up. Im a real OG son...

Anyone in the FL looking for a quick beatdown. I guarantee ill fuck any of you lil faggots up. Im a real OG son. None of you will dare mess with a real motherfucker like myself.

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Lol meet me at the oriental market in pine hills. We'll go

OP, next time you steal a picture off someone who beat you up and try to LARP as you are him, at least make it seem more credible.
you are a fag
an internet tough guy FAG

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Sure pimpsqueak, ill be there and not one motherfucker will come up

literally in my car to fuck any of you mommy's boy up. come try me sucker

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im in Jacksonville buddy, where you tryna meet up?

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not like you will do anything fucking fag

You’re taking this Notre Dame mascot thing too far

whatever faggot, ill probably drop you

im in the marines buddy, ill drop you on site OP. Post the location

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there's no M in that word, galaxy brain.
Come on over to Europe and repeat that, nigger lover.

lol whats gonna happen to me? am i gonna get SHANKED? faggot ill literally put one in your dome


we all know its the same guy faggot, keep trying

bro i would knock your ass out with one fucking punch, donkey kong smash your ass back to holly hills son with my 30inch biceps son. run your ass over with your own minivan nigga put you out like that cigarette ol bowl hat bean head ass nigga.

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this is a minion porn thread now

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If you act up, you'll get put into place, chickenswinger.

yeah im sure buddy, i would pipe down when u have the coronavirus

You smoke you're a fat bastard and dont even get me started on the womens hat.if you get back into your mom's car I wont break your back.get along son before your daddy gives your country ass a lashing

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So you wana fight or do you wana fuck? you are giving me mixed vibes faggot. I'm down either way. Pussy ass bitch! come catch deez nuts then ill beat your ass as i tear that shit apart. Look how small your hands are lol small dick boi

cringelord i would stomp ur fucking head in buddy


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hahha i will honestly kill you straight up

boi ill fuck your dead body when im done

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Join now before it's too late

Looking to fuck lil faggots in FL? Sounds hot. What area code?

shut up faggot i will stomp you out.

If I lived in Florida I would be down but on two conditions:
A. A KO and the fight is over
B. No weapons.