Chaturbate /jadesmall/

chaturbate /jadesmall/

public chat on, get in here!

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Not clicking that.

Use words,faggot

found her on accident.


Is this even legal? She sounds like a fucking goblin.

Found her channel

front page? not bad Cred Forumstards

Reminder:It is technically illegal for anyone to look at her video while she is nude in it.

don't temp me with very good reasons


"Tempt" others with them.

It’s like she got tangled up in a washing machine agitator


Get in here to plan:


bro wtf is that
yo wat

bump her


How I feel

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this is terrifying

What the fuck

What is that thing?

just go ahead and kill yourself for making us look at that


How can anyone seriously argue this thing shouldn't be killed?

which one of you dumb fucks gave her all that money

How did user make you look at it? You clicked it nigger.


Lmao this

It looks and sounds like an alien tho, we should really study it


Looks like a plucked chicken

Holy shit im fucking giddy from watching this shit.

Join now before it's too late

Be nice guys, this world has enough bad shit without making more

I've always wanted to fuck a gringotts goblin. Now I finally can!

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Some autist went straight to “hello this is Cred Forums” and got banned rofl

Please, Cred Forums is responsible for a good third of that bad shit

I wonder if she'd ride in a basket on my back while I battle in the future, shiny and chrome

is that a turkey


I know so let this poor little thing live lol

Which one of you sick mad lads will donate the tokens

So that's how it feels to chew five gum

She needs to get blacked

what the fuck is that potato lookin fucker

I've read allot of fucked up shit on here, but your disparaging of the honor of the potatoe is by far the worst!