Any advice for Anons trying to quit drinking?

Any advice for Anons trying to quit drinking?

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yeah,dont quit

what kind of soyboy doesnt drink alcohol

stop buying alcohol

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Look up local AA meetings. Changed my life

Depends how bad it is user. Serious alcohol withdrawal can be life threatening. Id advise professional help if you're really off bad. Other than that... AA? It helped me find a community which made a big difference. It's easy to make excuses for ourselves to drink. Significantly more difficult when you have accountability.


No one likes as quitter.have you tried heroin?if want to quit something try quitting opioids. You cant I promise

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try dancing or any other physical activity you find enjoyable

Taper off. Drink less and less over time, and find new things to take up the time you used to drink. I started joining some language clubs, started re-learning drums, and coming up with programming projects that ate up all my booze time.

If you can't quit on your own, you can join a group, or go to the doctor and ask for something to help you quit.

inhale your alcohol instead.

Just stop drinking. Like don't do it. It's easy.
23 here. Heavily drinking since 18. Father is also a heavy alcoholic. 37 days sober as of today.

Come on kid, you're in no position to give any advice about that.

I dont drink alot. But when I do I cant stop and I end up drinking an entire 40. Stay up for a whole day. Do something dumb

Then, I dont drink for like 2 months. I never have the urge to drink but if I ever have a couple it gets out of hand. Funny thing too is I dont smoke, its fucking gross, but when I drink I'll smoke like 2 packs in a night. Never have a craving ever

>stop drinking
>alcohol withdrawal ends in seizures and death

Yeah okay

I went from drinking every day, being able to finish a liter of cognac in a night. Just stop drinking. It's not hard. Just stop. Don't do it.

Depends how much of an alcoholic you are, but severe alcoholics need to slowly ween themselves off it or they might have a body shock that could be deadly

Moderate yourself, set rules and boundaries.

A whole 40 ounces of beer, eh? Hard core, man! That's like three cans!

I was drinking a 5th a night of whiskey for years. I just quit, because I was tired of feeling like shit all the time. Now I just usually take drugs, like perks, vics and smoke pot.. lol
Good luck

Don't berate yourself too often, try and make the goal temperance rather than rejection.

i quit 2 years ago.. just tried to take a break for a week.. it sucked.. thought .. well lets try 1 more week.. that sucked too.. but it was a little easier.. then after 2 weeks i didn't wanna fuck it up so I kept going... my gf flipped her shit at week 3 because I was a total alcoholic and suddenly i wasn't drinking anymore so then she was all over my shit so happy and in love..

now its 2 years later and i don't ever think about drinking anymore.. worst drug ever.. shit does nothing good for you..

now when I see people drink i just feel sorry
for them

Gin. Tanqueray

If you're truly an addict, congratulations, you will always be an addict. All you can do is change your addictions.

Most you can do is cut back until you can switch to something like coffee.

Withdrawal's a bitch BTW. It's like having the flu while experiencing migraines and dehydration. If you can't check into a dry facility for 2 weeks to a month, try to sleep through it and drink plenty of water/Gatorade. Cough, piss, voimit- whatever your body demands, and try not to think about drinking or sobriety. Change people, places and things, and find a good distraction that may lead to a constructive hobby.

Good luck

Jesus Christ kiddo, you haven't even lived long enough to have a serious addiction. You're talking out of you ass and you're embarrassing yourself.

It would be smart if you didn't reply.

Stop drink alcohol, drink milkshake is better, you will live longer and look handsome. Also dont warch porn it make you creepy. After you achieve all that your Love girl will come.

25 year old fag here.
Ive been to jail x3 over the past year from drinking irresponsibly (wandering black out). I drank almost every day for a month. I went to AA meetings for a while and it helped to a limit. Im smoking weed now, cravings aren't that as strong anymore. Don't get me wrong, I relapse every now and then but it's not as dangerous and It'll be months before I even want to drink again

>Start smoking weed.

>Switch to a less detrimental alcohol.

>Switch to a very potent one and drink it straight until you're sick of it and do that to ever alcohol until none is left to drink. Use your opponents force against them as they say.

>Quit cold turkey and chug water all day every day and go for a 2-4 mile run every morning or even just sweat in a sauna for 21 days and you won't have cravings for your addiction. 21 days to create a habit or break a habit.

>A little self control.

I'll take a big sip of my wine for you. Everything in moderation.

2016 Belle Glos Eulenoch, and it's damn good.

Think of the certain types of people in the U.S.A. I'm assuming you're American but use this thought process for wherever you are.

Think of the people who have no self control. Drink excessively, do drugs excessively, broke but keep on breeding. The general trash of society. The trailer parks, the ghettos, rife with lack of self control being manipulated by elementary school tactics in their every day lives, the Pavlovian classical conditioning to keep people on the hook for, well any negative aspect of their lives from those around them who are more aware of the world.

Do you really want to end up like them, or continue to be in that position if you're already there?

Stop being a retard and just force yourself.

Went from alcohol to opioids (hydros mostly, then oxycodone, then poppy seed tea....) back to alcohol. Shit is terrible.

>>Start smoking weed.

If hes like me, weed is straight up panic attack territory. It makes my anxiety skyrocket and is worse than sober by a longshot.

>>Switch to a less detrimental alcohol.

lolwat. Higher %, easier drunk without calories, that's about it.

>>Switch to a very potent one and drink it straight until you're sick of it and do that to ever alcohol until none is left to drink.

Haha what the fuck

That's not how it works. I'm at 40-50% per bottle or bust, nothing else is worth it. So I can get drunk faster.

>>Quit cold turkey

NEVER DO THIS AS AN ALCOHOLIC. Opiods? Shitty really fucking bad flu symptoms. Meth? Jesus fuck that sucks, but its fine.

Alcohol? You will fucking seizure and die. I seizured once, fucked my head up by hitting it on a toilet. Concussion is cumulative, and I have 2 now, and its effects are for life.

This idiot knows nothing. Ignore them

Detox program is great, alcohol is the most serious drug, and I really mean that. It's just socially acceptable.

start lifting weights. get a trainer to write down a diet and lifting program. youll get shredded and the endorphin addiction will take over.

Avoid friends that drink and situations that involve drinking for a bit. Drink lots of water, work out a little bit or even go for walks, focus on hobbies.

Nah i was addicted as fuck for 15 years to the point i went homeless because i couldn't even get up for work. Quitting cold turkey was the best thing I've ever done. Literally nothing worked I just quit and forced myself to not drink. I was sweating for weeks itching for a drink but it eventually stopped and I went back to pooping normally

This guy gets it, I’m in the methadone camp for life myself and coming to terms with it has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

That's called "luck of the draw". If you're a serious addict to alcohol, it's a gambit with cold turkey. It could be totally fine you could be fucked. I was not fine, I was fucked. Friends I had who were longer alcoholics than I was were fine. Like smoking, some assholes get to 100 years old with no problem, some nonsmokers get lung cancer at 30.

> I went back to pooping normally

I gotta say, quitting opiods did wonder for my goddamn shitting capabilities. Never was happier than when I could take regular shits.

start doing weed and/or shrooms. soon you'll never need the poison that is alcohol

I don’t want to be that guy even though I am, but your just reads so typically naive like “yup not gonna drink, I’ll just fuck casually with opis for a bit instead...” No one is ever able to do this. But hey, maybe your special, I’m sure your mom told you that you were growing up. She probably still does.

I limit myself to only 2 or 3 beers after work. Eating beforehand helps fight the craving to drink more

>ok boomer

Best of luck fam, I've been battling alcoholism since my divorce. At least I'm still clean from opioids.

Drink with a dedicated or reliable group.


Not to derail detox-bro's plea for help or whatever this thread is supposed to be, however I don't think I've gone without drinking for more than a couple weeks in the last ten years, and in the last two years I was drinking 10 +/-2 8.2% beers a day (at least), which I gather is equivalent to a fifth (750ml) of liquor in terms of alcohol content.

I'll often wake up feeling a bit hungover, and drinking again helps get over that (work from home, try to wait until noon most days), but a few weeks ago I just woke up feeling better, i.e. not hungover, and stopped for a couple weeks.

I kinda blows my mind because of all the documentation about how drinking as much as I did for as long as I did should have some serious, potentially lethal, withdrawal effects. And I had nothing like that...was a little bored, but it wasn't until a couple weeks later that I started drinking again and slipped back into the habit.

Serious shit, from everything I read the liver will completely regenerate in 2-12 weeks (I know, huge range), but I know that if I made some big lifestyle changes (in my case, not working from home, with sexy wifey and vidya around all the time in remote rural cabin) I could make other lifestyle changes including drinking less and moving more where my 31 y/o liver would completely reform.

It's not easy, but it's easier than you think gents...just stop being lazy and make some changes in your life. Working on those changes myself...its not the first time I've changed myself to become better, but certainly the first time due to a physical lifestyle...getting older i guess

Actually, while rare, he is right, withdrawal for a SERIOUS alcoholic is life threatening bad news. Seizures, and hallucinations so fucked up its terrifying. I didnt get seizures, but Ill never forget the hallucinations of those fucking things coming out of the walls at me.

Take advice from Cred Forums

Try camping with no alcohol for 3 or 4 days, bring weed a good friend or three, and a good hit of DMT for the day before you leave. It has to be the day before you leave. By the time you get home and you've mentally processed seeing new dimensions you won't give a shit about alcohol.

Some people can get addicted to one thing, but not another (depends on the person). For me, I'm the type of person to get addicted to downers (alcohol, benzos, opiods) but not stimulants. I once did coke every other day for 2 months in my mid-20s and was able to quit like it's nothing woth no cravings. Booze is something that i can't quit for more than a week.

Also consider microdosing on shrooms. Feels like you are drunk but doesn't leave you shitty in the morning. Makes you feel like you want to go out and engage with people.

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Detoxing in a tent? Vomiting, sweating shaking, diarrhea, a tent. for two-three days. in a tent

Drank a pint of bourbon a day from 50yo until a week ago. Quit cold Turkey. No withdrawals. Finally getting my sleep pattern back.
Don't feel like shit in the morning.

Problem will come some weekend, when I will want to get blasted and watch tv.

Hope to save some money now.

64 now.

good for you! I hope you can live a longer life


The dubs of truth
Also my birth year. This is a good omen

Just don't turn into one of those temperamental old sensitive fucks that can't handle mean words from retards and then relapse into old shitty habits.

This. Wanting to stop and admitting you have a problem to others is a good first step.

Do you mean like from faggots on/b?

There's a difference between just drinking alcohol and being a drunk.
Anyway, I've never been an addict but maybe try this, when you get the urge, try to do something else instead, something you enjoy.
Play a game or watch a movie or something, jerk off, whatever.

>jerk off
Finish work. Go to bar with mates.
Beer bro?
Nah I’m good. Whap whap whap...

Kek, I feel like most drunks don't do their drinking with friends at the bar though.
They do it at home, alone.
Moderated social drinking is fine IMO.

Drinking is best for your farthole. Killuminati

I managed to wean myself down by drinking heavily watered down bourbon so I was dropping my actual alcohol consumption while still quenching the physical drinking urge.
Now I can just casually drink a little and every now and then and a lot when I want.

>Any advice
Don't pour

Na beer , virgin margaritas. Urine is a good substitute