Question for men-

Question for men-
The first time you had sex, did you have difficulty getting a hard on?

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>The first time you had sex

not at all. I've been eager and ready to go for a decade. 10+ partners

Nope, I still dont have problems getting hard ons

when I eventually got hard enough for penetration I couldn’t cum

I did, and a few times after. Turns out standard condoms were too small and were killing my ween. Switched to larger ones and problem went away immediately

Not at all
However! After coming back from the military and getting my oneitis in bed I had a hard time getting hard
I had built it up into a crazy fucking thing that would never happen and when it finally did I was too nervous and couldn't bone her
We fucked drunk first and I was diamond hard but that didn't really count, when we tried it sober I sucked and went limp
I can definitely see you having a hard time if you've made losing your virginity some big deal

>the first time you had sex

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only one time, liked a girl so much I got nervous and couldnt get fully hard. had sex lots before and after and never ran into that problem again. probably the one that got away or some such shit

Sort of. But my girlfriend back them have me a blowjob and it solved everything. Just be honest with your partner about being nervous. If she's bitch about it then call her a cunt

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I did it with a was a first date and she was my boss and I needed my job so it eventually i got hard but I bruised her cervix with my massive cane.dont fuck the elderly they cant handle the D/10

I've never came from blow job until I met your mom.she could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose,man she was the champ

hang in there anons, your day is coming.
I recommend you do it with someone you love because all the insecurity you feel you have from being a virgin melts away the moment you're no longer one.

No lol. I was 15

No, but I did have a hard time cumming without my hand

but if you absolutely cannot wait, just get a hot 10/10 escort and make an night of it.

Yes. It's common and is associated with either nervousness or porn and masturbation addiction. If you don't watch porn and masturbate more than once a week, then it's probably just nerves and nothing to be worried about. As you get more comfortable with those situations, you'll be able to perform.

However, if you are watching porn and masturbating more than once a week, it's not a surprise that you have issues performing for the real thing when the time comes. Delayed ejaculation is also associated with the same thing and you need to cut back. Seek professional assistance if you continue having trouble.

OP here.
This is what happened to me.
The first time I had sex it was a dud.
Freaked the fuck out, which made me more nervous.
Cut back on masturbation and completely cut out porn, then used some dick pills the first few times again having sex.
After a few rounds I didn't need the pills anymore.

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yes I was nervois

>the first time you had sex

bruh,you realize what website your posting on right

Yes but that was because it was a person i barely knew in college. I have absolutely no problems now with women who im attracted to and i know - mainly cause i am freaked out about possible "blackmails" or disease etc.

Anyways i guess it's a matter of if you KNOW the person

>The first time you had sex, did you have difficulty getting a hard on?

Sounds like a weird problem to have. I get rigid real easy.

never had trouble until the past few years. always used to be able to get hard effortlessly, always used to last ~30 minutes and last ~3 hours on meth+heroin combo. i had a pretty difficult breakup with my ex of 5 years, her running away with another guy, and my 1 year old son being abandoned by her with her mom which resulted in homelessness and a relapse on drugs. during this time a heroin+xanax combo did not numb the pain so the next 'rational' thought was to just make myself lose my mind to not be aware of it. i figured the best way to do this would be to smoke meth everyday and take acid every 2-3 days. during this time i convinced myself i was a cyborg and attempted to remove human desires such as food, water, sleep, and sex. i only ate when necessary to survive, slept 2-3 hours a night, worked a job at a gear and broach shop, used money to help my son. also was able to travel between the 1st-5th dimensions at will (including controlling time), and saw math in everything. it was so overwhelming seeing geometric curve of of every single blade of grass that i tried staying with straight shapes (like man made structures) which were calming and during that time attempted to create a math more accurate than calculus to find peace with the outside chaos. after getting sober, after coming back to reality i still held onto some lingering thoughts; which included being disgusted with women to the point of not being able to look at them, not fapping (i'd just randomly cum in my sleep or in the shower), etc. and this went on for at least a year. then i met this girl; she wasn't a drug user, she was finishing her phd in math, she was smart, prety, and didn't judge me for my past. been with her over a year and have a major problem where i struggle to get hard now and when i do get hard i just stick it right in and try to cum as fast as possible in fear of losing my boner. i fucked up my brain REEEEEEEEE

nah i was drunk as shit and she gave me real sloppy head before she started riding my dick like a demented thing

go back to ifunny, bruhfag

I'm usually easy to get hard but whenever i get the chance to fuck a girl I either chicken out and my boner goes away or I just can't get it up. later that day i get hard and wonder if my body just dont want to fuck

>then used some dick pills
What is dick pills exactly?

Never had this problem.
Only ever have had the problem of cumming too fast. Though now that im in my 40s, I do sometimes not get a hard on... but i blame my fat sexless wife.

Not at all and it was with an asian escort i was hard in my pants before she took it out. she blew me first and we fucked she was tiny like 5ft 2 and im about 8 inches but she took it Virgin or not sex is great did have to go slow and missionary but still great.

I jerk off to porn at least once a day and fuck my wife every other day if not consecutively
Never had this problem, maybe you're low on testosterone

Hmm i jerk it upto 6 7 times someday but i can still last hard in bed

No, I had the opposite problem: I couldn't finish. We had sex for almost 90 minutes, and I never came (I was young and inexperienced, so I couldn't make her orgasm neither), although I never lost my erection. My balls hurt.

I still have this problem sometimes when having sex for the first time with a new girl.

yeah i was drunk as fuck and decided i'd finally hit the landwhale that had been chasing me all year... never even got hard no matter how much she tried.. was disgusting

Maybe your a little bi/gay?

Naw, never had that problem although I had trouble finishing. The girl that took my virginity was my highschool oneitis and she fucked me even though (at the time) I was a fat greasy slob with fucked up teeth. I ended up marrying her 10 years later even though I'm still a greasy slob and I don't have a job. Inb4 she's ugly and settling for me - out of the 70ish women I've slept with she's in my top 3 for physical and emotional attractiveness.

I get a kick out of the kids that complain and moan about not being able to pull skin for whatever contrived reason they come up with. As long as you aren't an autistic fuck you can get your dick wet regardless of what you look like and regardless of your socioeconomic position.

No. Why?

yeah, and the first time with the girl afterwards

stress and being drunk is a bad combination

Actually yeah
It was kinda ackward as it usually is but like at one point I just could feel my dick and it just went down, I think it happened 20 minutes in

The first time I ever had sex it was right after a hand job and I already came so I was only semi hard and it didn't feel great. I didn't cum.

Yes I was 27 when I lost it and since I wasn't use to someone else touching my dick i could get hard.

Like all problems, not everyone suffers from this but there is a definite link.

Does size help

What the hell could size possibly have to do with getting hard or cumming from sex?

Idk maybe it prolongs how long youblast guys with big dicks always seem to last

I think you misunderstand the problem, it's associated with ED and DE. Erectile Dysfunction is self-explanatory, DE is Delayed Ejaculation: some guys *cant* cum from sex and it's associated with porn addiction.

Fuck nah. I was 15 so I ALWAYS had a hard on.

Absolutely not I was fucking D I A M O N D S and was fully prepped to fuck some pussy.

Not during and after my first time, but much older you find out some shit needs some more kinky motivation then usual

But my very first time, I was hard from the moment she asked me back to her place for coffee

Now make with the rest of this set!

This anons right i have a 9 inch dick first time 15 was great but now i cant cum even in a threesom but im always diamond hard

>The first time you had sex
fuck me

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I wish a nigga would

A little bit psychologically, she was beneath my standards.

No. The first time I went until she was sore. Like hours. Didn't cum.

The first time I had trouble getting hard was a few months into a relationship and I was anxious about not being able to get hard; and then I wasn't able to. She touched my dick and then asked "are you okay"? and I was so disappointed that I got super pissed off, and she thought I was mad at her. That moment stuck with her and it ended up leading to us breaking up.

You probably never needed the pills. If you're thinking about not being able to get hard; you won't. Your brain is telling your dick that something isn't right, and therefore it's not gonna get hard.


Kind of, yea. I was 15 so i had a boner 90% of the time no issue there but it was so uncomfortable and the condom sucked and I was nervous it was difficult to even stay hard. Didn't finish. The next 1000 times though, no problems. Literally sent my gf home with a limp practically every day soohomore year of hs I'm surprised her cervix didn't prolapse and just fall out at some point kek

Nope. I was really drunk and it was a girl from school who i had a massive crush on. Friends place after school one Friday for drinks while his mum was away. Girl rocks up, I’m super nervous so I start slamming drinks. End up in my mates little brothers room with this girl, friends are trying to watch through the window but eventually piss off. She ends up stripping completely naked. Had such an amazing body, not too skinny, nice tits and a real tidy pussy. Didn’t know that at the time. She ends up on top of me, so I could see her the entire time. Couldn’t believe my luck, no condom cum inside her heaps. She rolls off me, I get up go outside and throw up the vodka cruisers I had drank earlier. Spew looked like a rainbow, and I was truly the happiest man on earth