Knock me up white boy!

>Knock me up white boy!
Would you breed her black pussy?

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no but i’d stretch her arsehole out

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What a beautiful ass, those legs really compliment it too.

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seeing the white man breed these ebony queens is so hot!

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No but I would fuck that ass until it gaped

Anyone have pics of ebony bbws with plump lips? Im in desperate need of more pics of women like that. The bigger the better. Nigger lips were made for sucking white dick.

Her asshole is already streched

It's natural and addicting

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I need to fuck her mouth


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Why are they so fucking hot Cred Forumsros? Every atom of my being wants to dump hot load after hot load into their chocolate cunts.

Black women are living fertility goddesses and are made for sex

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Ovulating black cunts are for white seed

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Absolutely! I want to have my genes Africanized then be made sterile so my only lineage is beautiful black babies. I want African genes to take over the planet!

Seek a black woman and worship her.

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Sauce on this gross shit

Why sterilize yourself when you can just keep breeding black queens?

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Well after like a dozen kids I want her to guarantee that no white children will be made from me. Her genetic domination over me.

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I guess, I'd rather just become a multi purpose breeding slave

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As long as black babies are being made by someone I’m happy.

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she is fucking stacked

Coom challenge

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What do you mean?? Why are you self hating? I get that black women are attractive but your self hating like a cuck?

yes, absolutely
no, not even if god himself asked me to wingman

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wish all of that fell on my tongue

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anyone know of videos where the black girl is saying like

"gimme that white dick white boy" or something like that

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Me on the right


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They're just at their best when they're at their biggest

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He'll yeah I would.

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Black asses are the tonka trucks of sex

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Don't want my children to inherit the crime and murder genes.

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I'm focused on the mamaries user

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After you, Tenda

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Just kill yourself
remove your faggot genes from reality

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Yet another thread devolves into one faggot keeping the thread on life support.
Gee I wonder why?
Maybe it's the fact that nobody wants this shit tier fetish?
Maybe it's because you faggots have hands down the most cringe inducing dialogue between each other. Real people do not talk like this.

Imagine being this much of a cum brained faggot. Kill yourself.

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Had a thread yesterday that lasted well into the following afternoon, choke on a dick faggot

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the only niggers that are passable have mostly white features

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I would murder her and her entire nigger family. And I would get away with it.

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Join now before it's too late

She is really tall what the hell.

If you think this photo is representative of how she looks IRL then you're officially a moron.

niggers in general are ugly so I'll say it plainly, mr kike... why are you here?

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stop it kike


maybe if you're a faggot

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goddam i wish i could spend my weekends with some pet negresses

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I’m tryna do that by making only black babies.

oof XXX


see im meant to breed and nsa are 0% to continue much less continue living

always been like this literally from start to forever

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Yes this. Great advice.

Gorgeous skin shes glowing. More?


women should worship me

I'd call the zoo and ask if they lost a monkey

I don't want kids

Not gonna lie, Any "Man" who passes on a thick thigh thick ass and nice pussy, is a fucking moron who needs a rain check...Prejudice is ignorance...

Found the actual faggot

Me again, Side note, Prove me wrong. Pro Tip - You are far to stuck up arrogant and probably uneducated if you think you can prove me wrong...

Imagine the smell

THIS! Exept the skin color

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Would breed 12-17 year old black pussies.
It's not considered pedophilia in Africa.
In Africa, as soon as the girl hit puberty, she's completely a woman.

I'm seeing a married 25 year old black bbw. She hates her husband and let's me do things to her. I fuck her raw every chance I get, like this weekend

I may or MAY not have a Black Child Already

Story time Cred Forumsros

>Be me
>Pretty much a virgin
>Only fucked one girl, felt kind of like a pitty fuck at first but bitch went south fast wanting to plan kids and shit after only a month (20 at this point in time)
>ffw a few years
>still haven't made contact with a female since her
Friends roast me for it but what ever.jpg
Friends hatch plan to get me to get my dick wet.
>Hey user you have until the end of the year to fuck a girl or else we're gonna get you the raunchiest tranny hooker off back page
>Take bet thinking it'll be a walk in the park
ffw a few months
>Hey user it's almost the new year and you haven't fucked a girl yet
Hatch plan
Swipe on any and all profiles on bumble as they don't lock you out of swipes and shit
Match with some ppl talk nothing really happens
get a msg
>Hey user you cute what's your favorite movie?
>Msg back with some bs answer form google
ffw a few days
Get a msg
>Hey user got something for you
open msg
>Hey user my room mates out for the night tonight come by
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.jpg
>Sure I'm off work at 8 I'll head by after
Get off work head to hers
Get another msg
>Backs open come in
It's show time.exe
I enter a room haze filled smelling opf fried chicken and watermelon
Oh fuck yes.wav
Proceed to enter another room
She's waiting pussy out and ready to be ravaged
I whip out my 20 inch cock FULLY erect
Proceed to pound her like the bombing of London in WWII
Ejaculate so hard Epstein could feel the propulsion in the grave
proceed to finish and leave the next morning
msg the Cred Forumsros about a deed well done and show them the msgs for proof.
Realize after I show the boys proof I raw dogged it
Mfw I didn;t ask if she was on the pill
Mfw she's leaving back home to stop pursuing a career in film
>Mfw I just prevented another angry black woman from pursuing a career in Hollywood
Mfw im safe from the tranny

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