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Almost 100% sure I found someone I know on here. If so, her nudes are better than expected.

I think my dumbass friend ruined my chances with a hot lesbian and I've been stewing

I fantasize with showing my gf´s students her hot pics, ik will never happen but thinking about it gets me hard

My sister and I have been in a romantic relationship for 25 years.

Yes. My sister. Incest. Yeah. Whatever.

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 9 and had a complete hysterectomy when she was 10.

We found out a month ago that her cancer has returned after nearly 35 years and now is in her colon liver and kidneys.

She wants to try kemo, but her encologist isnt optimistic. Im pretty sure my best friend for 45+ years won't live to see 2021.

I dont know what to do.

All you can do is be there for her as much as you can.

Only responding because of trips.
My wife's biggest fantasy is dressing like a scientist and narrating our sex in clinical scientific terms while I attempt to overwhelm her with pleasuring.

Made me lul 10/10

I’m a perfectly normal human being with a high salary job and is a well functioning member of society.

I am. But every day I see her just wasting away. Shes already lost weight from the cancer alone.. Now I have to wtch helplessly while she whithers into the ghost of my soul mate.

One things for sure, if she does die Im going to kill myself.

I cant live without her.

tbh it's a lot sexier than it sounds. I thought it was goofy at first when she described it to me but it's lots of fun.

>if she does die Im going to kill myself.
>I cant live without her.
I'm sure that's not what she wants.

I have very few friends, no romantic prospects, but have a professional job and $130K in liquid investments. Money means shit

You won't have friends/gf if you don't try to get them.

I agree that’s not what she wants.

You've honored her wishes in life, why not carry on her legacy?

Maybe not. But I cant handle living alone much less keep our business afloat without her. Shes everything in my life. Everything we've done was because of her strength and determination. Im just her brother.


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>Im just her brother.
Sounds like you're a little more than just that.

God dammit. Now im sobbing. I cant let her see me like this.

That's a mood dude. You could send them something without face and say it's the wrong person

That's hot.

Let it all out user. It's ok to cry.

Oh it is. Much more than I thought it would be.

If you are being realistic with yourself, why do you think you are in this current situation? What is it that you want exactly?

Was supposed to be a secrets thread, and now the thread is about supporting the guy whose sister is dying slowly of cancer.

That took a wholesome turn. I’m not complaining though, cry as much as you need to user.

My first girlfriend as a young teen left me with weird cuck and enf fetishes that never really went away. She was a huge slut, and I had a love/hate relationship with it, but after getting dumped I realized how hot I found it.

user you've got this. I hope everything will go well, and you have our love and support.

Thanks user i think you got it, I just think that for some youngster could be very hot to see the teacher like that or maybe im just mirroring myself, and you might be right but my girl is really paranoid and im the only one with such pics so if she finds out im screwed thats why i said will never happen, risk is too high



Join now before it's too late

I'm a 27yo virgin but I'm starting to notice that I don't care about it as much as I thought I would. Still is not something I'm eager to talk about.

You know, there is one bright side of all this. If she does die, Im going to be the one paying for the funeral arangements. So when I talk aboit her. Im going to tell everyone jist what she really meant to me. All of it.

My brothers and sisters are useless welfare rejects while Amber and I busted our asses to make something of ourselves. We did it for US. Maybe its time they all knew.

Sooo you guys really were intimate? Amber huh? That's a beautiful name.

You’re going to tell family you guys were together? Can’t you get arrested for incest?

I want to go into politics but I’m sure the government has records of our cell phone data and I once viewed child porn and if I go against the status quo I’m sure that shit will be leaked to destroy me. I just want change in this country. It’s not my fault I got molested and picked up bad habits.

Damn that sucks.

Join now before it's too late

Oh yeah you're fucked don't even attempt it. They DEFINITELY have that.

Probably shouldnt have put that there. But yes. We've been lovers since I was 18 and she 19.

Dont really care. But no. We moved to a state where its not illegal. But that doesnt mean we arent careful. People suck and its easier to live when theyre NOT up your ass about where you sleep at night.

There's literally billions of women named Amber. It'll be ok. So lovers and not fuck buddies? How did it start?

Harry Nillson type shit. I am sorry you have to endure this.

For real. Fuck this government for spying on us

Weve always been close. We slept together when we were little and when she got the tumors, I was the only one who could touch her.

We shared a room all our lives. When our parents tried to split us up, she would sneek into my room to sleep with me untill mom amd dad gave up and just let us be together.

As we got older we did the exploration thing but it wasnt really sexual. More like we knew each others bodies because we were so close.

The summer after we graduated from high school, mom and dad took a vacation and we were home alone. The first morning we took a shower together. Again not out of the ordinary, but the fact we were alone made things different. We washed each other (which was a first) then we just went to bed together.

We spent three weeks discovering our sexuality. After that we were a couple. We went to college together, interned together, even built a business together. We put up a professional "married to the job" wall and no one so much as questioned it.

>I want to go into politics
>I’m sure that shit will be leaked to destroy me
same here. not as bad as you, but I've done enough fucked up shit and hurt enough people that I don't think I can get a job where I'm googlable.

I got molested by my sister. She was 13, I was 9. It started with us in the pool. I was curious and asked about seeing her pussy. She showed me. I didn’t think much of it. I was a kid. Then later on that day she called me to her room after a shower. I went and noticed she only had a towel. She told me to close the door, then dropped the towel. I got naked as well, and she told me to get on the bed. She got in top of me, no penetration. But she had her pussy on my stomach and she started riding me like that. I felt it was wrong so I said I didn’t want to do it anymore. She put on her towel and kicked me out.

Years later, I’m a grown man. I’m addicted to flashing my neighbors and I’m sexually attracted to 13 yo. I feel you user

Can’t edit but I meant to send that to the user that wanted to go into politics

What did you do?

I have a killswitch on my company's network and computer architecture. The beauty of it is I can make any of the employee's activate it whenever I want with ease and all evidence would be destroyed in the process. And my boss is totally unaware because he is a hapless bafoon.

*company I work for. Dunno why I said "my" guess i'm retarded.

a lot of fucked up relationship shit (fucked a girls sister and her best friend, repeatedly cheating on every girl I've been with with and convincing the side chicks I would run away with them, broke up two marriages with no plans to stay with the girl)

fetishes I've taken too far at one point or another: eating disorders, cutters, betrayal, humiliation, blackmail

I've cleaned up my act a lot, but I don't think I can show my face on TV.

An ex of mine was molested by her younger cousins, and I feel bad, but part of me finds that pretty damn hot.

I say I like Holden Commodores, but I secretly love Ford Falcons.

All my mates suck the cock of Holden, and enything to do with Ford they'll just shit talk without even doing the research.

And me, the only motor mechanic in my entire group of mates, I fucking love Falcons, especially the BF-FGX models, they're more reliable in comparison, and the sports models were better then Holden's equivalents.

If you spent that much time together you mustve been having severe blue balls to the point you wanted to stick it in and never pull out til you exploded in her.

at what age? Details user

Don´t do it dude kept the fantasy in just that, everything could go really bad trust me I know

That’s not too bad user. Honestly I think you can still do it.

Deep down when I reflect about social media and mass surveillance, I think we’re all sick fucks in some ways. That’s what governments must be discovering. We all have secrets. We come to this thread to see that we aren’t alone. Don’t forget we’re still literally animals. We’re fucking animals. Intelligence doesn’t make us something else. If anything it refines our animalistic instincts.

My biggest secret since I was a kindergartener losing my virginity
So yeah I’m into gts fetish so yeah. Have you’re way with that and try to be nice and if you’re not hurt “I’m not a good robot” should worry you. Anyway try your best to reply to this: only trip and dubs for heartfelt well articulated responses

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I'd say you're running out of time then. Fuck her as much as you can.

Seems like she would enjoy that under the circumstances anyway.

Not really. She's always been my friend and sister first. I didnt really think about her that way untill the day we first had sex. Even then, it just felt right. Like it was something we should have been doing all along.

Of course we get pretty freaky now. But back then it was more... Wholesome... If that word can even apply to our relationship.

I've sucked at least 50 dicks. My wife knows but she will never bring it up because she has cheated on me also.

This works out good for everyone. She gets to be a fat cow, I get to suck dicks and nobody talks about anything.

I flash my 10 yo neighbor. She liked it at first. Now she just goes inside when I open the curtain. Her parents have noticed and don’t let her play outside anymore. I fantasize about raping her.

Been cumming inside numerous girls for years. Lost my virginity at 13 to my also 13 year old gf. Blew my load in her as she oragasmed. As I got older I fucked numerous girls and would cum inside them. Some wanted it and some didnt know it or were too drunk to realize it and I didnt tell them. I have numerous stories of this. But overall I think most girls deep down whether they say they dont want to be impregnated or not, that pleasure they get from a good fuck edges them like a mans hard on would to the point theyll accept your seed as deep inside them as they can when they get horny enough. A lot of girls are bullshitters and deep down want to feel a mans cum inside them.

Care to explain?

Part 1:
>Be me 17 complete virgin betafag
>Brain probably understood that girls wouldnt be happening soon
>Started being into traps
>Download Tinder/Grindr and searching for traps
>Unlike with girls im actually getting matches and there is some talking
>Be swiping on Tinder when i see a doubtful looking girl
>Look on her bio and there isnt anything about her being trans
>She is pretty feminine, could give it a try
>Superlike her
>About a day later i get a match with her
>After a bit of talking i was planning on asking her if she was a trap, but she said it first that she was
>Ok. Things are going well
>We both like japanese food
>Ask her if she would want to go out with me anytime to have some japanese food
>She says she knows a pretty good japanese place, but its kinda far
>never went there, say i would prefer a closer place
>she says they deliver and that i could go to her place and we order delivery there
>Say yes for sure
>We meet at her place the other day at about 7pm
>She is a bit taller than me, but looks pretty much like the pics, really passable
>We order the japanese food and she brings me to her room so we can watch Netflix
>We start watching a random tv show until the food comes
>The food comes and there is a LOT of food
>For some reason we eat it all, im completely stuffed
>We start flirting, she says she is really attracted to young guys like me
>We start making out and im immediately hard af
>She notices it, but doesnt say anything
>I clearly notice the bulge on her panties, it is pretty big
Just to make it clear here, im average to smaller size, but never had a problem really with it
>i start taking her panties off from behind
>she seems a bit reluctant to take it off, but lets me do it
>when she turns to me she is fully hard and the thing is huge, like 23cm
>And she takes mine off and sees a smol pepe
>I try to not compare them, but it is inevitable
If anyone is interested in the rest

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Your secret is that you are a normie. Congrats.

I frequently reply on my hamm radio despite not having a license


so i guess most guys are rapists who cum in girls without consent

>she takes mine off and sees a smol pepe
>I try to not compare them, but it is inevitable
>dont say anything
>not sure if she noticed that i was comparing, but she gives it a giggle
>after that i couldnt stop thinking about it
>we start making out but almost immediately my dick starts to get flaccid
>i try to not touch her with it so she doesnt notice it
>eventually she starts to get down on her knees to suck it and notices it is totally flaccid
>she tries to get it hard again by sucking it, but it doesnt work
>Her dick continues fully hard throughout all this and i cant stop noticing the size
>i say that i need to go to the bathroom and ask her for a second
>i run to the bathroom desperate
>i try to get it hard, but it doesnt work in any way
>she knocks on the door and asks if im okay, and that if it didnt get hard she could top if i wanted it
>i dont reply
>started getting dizzy af
>the japanese food hit me
>starts vomiting
>not sure if she heard it
>clean mouth and immediately run out of the bathroom
>she was still semi-hard completely naked sitting on the bed with a condom on her dick and lube besides her
>i say there was no way i was going to bottom
>she gets a bit uncomfortable and asks me to get clothed and get out
>i do it as fast as possible
>when i get home the adrenaline starts calming down and i get a boner kek

Naw. Stop while you're writing this trash LARP!


ive gotten girls nearly blackout drunk or blacked out to get to creampie them. alot of times they get so attached to you the next day but they honestly dont even know its because you knocked them up. i always do it at their place with a fake identity so i can just leave without the headaches.

Ever heard of DNA? Or a rape kit? It only takes one bitch to cry rape and boom, the police have a file of you from dna evidence

shame neither of them is being made anymore user

gonna have to start falling in love with corollas

Have you thought about having an open relationship? She might be down for an mmf threesome. Or maybe just be open to you getting dick if you’re okay with her giving you horns.

Ex gf was a highschool teacher, one of her students got my info and started texting me, long story short i ended up showing him some pics of her, pics ended up all over the school, we had to move from that town at the end. We broke up over it but not cause of that incident, she never find out i leaked them (i think but not 100% sure) did´nt worth it cause she was awesome

>Honestly I think you can still do it.

I think as soon as I started running, somebody with a bone to pick from ten years ago would come out of the woodwork and talk to the press about that time I tied them up, cut 'whore' into her skin and left them there sobbing next to an open door as I went and spent an hour watching tv with her kids.

I dunno user. I've come to terms with it. But I really do think I'd do okay in state politics if I hadn't fucked things up that hard.

How aggressively did you cut? Describe it if you’d like

Idk why, I've been getting this natural "high" lately, where I feel like I'm dead and flying. It's both lit and terrifying

I wouldn't call it agressive. I do it for the pain and the look of it, I don't go deep.

It was across the top of her chest, just above her tits, letters about 2 inches high. she couldn't wear anything close to a low cut top for a long time after.

Dissociation bro. 100%

So is this like a sadistic event? Like you do it to see her in pain? Not judging just wondering

My recent gf and I finally got time together alone to have sex, but I couldn't get hard. I didn't feel like a man, and I had to convince her to make sure she knew it wasn't her. I feel really bad, and idk why I couldn't that night. I'm gonna try to schedule a doctor's appointment to get viagra, but it'll probably be a while before I can get it. Is there anything I can get without a prescription to help me?

Take T supplements, work out more, and drink plenty of water. Headache medicine and orange juice help with blood flow. You've got this user

Relax user. Is this a first time thing? It’s okay it happens from time to time.

Not the dude you're replying to, but damn. That hit me

Fucked my best friend's mom, a several times when he was sleepin i used to sneak into her
room and fuck the shit out of her.
sorry bro

I don't think of myself as a sadist, but I do love seeing pain and desperation. That, cutting as a way of marking and ownership, and being able to break somebody down before you build them back up again.

I don't know how to describe it, but its amazing.

That would explain a lot. Thank you

It is, but I'm pretty scared that'll it happen next time. We are chilling at my place on saturday, and if I can't get hard then I know I'll feel really pathetic. I really like her, so I want to be intimate with her. She seemed really excited and I don't want her to think I'm not worth it

Thanks for the tips. I will make sure I got OJ and headache meds next time

My first gf loved to show off as a young teen. She'd go to sunbathe on her deck, and give a strip tease to anyone watching, just to be sure there were "no uneven tan lines." She knew the neighbors watched, and giving them a show got her off. She'd occasionally masturbate for her audience too. Shit was pretty cash money.

Bro don't get scared about this, i bet it was just a one time thing

The gas station boogaloo

You're a bit fucked..... but i like your style

I molested my 7 yo neighbor. I lived in a duplex years ago. She had a crush on me and would go to my window. I asked if she wanted to see my dick so I flashed her. Then I got her to suck my dick for a few dollars.

Later she went into my house and we dry jumped. I still get hard thinking about it

she knows..... she knew

I molested my niece. She was 12. I showed her my dick and kissed her when I was 15 or so. She’s about to graduate from high school and I’m thinking about going. I fantasize about her asking for sex or something

I drove an hour once to screw a 15 year old and drink. You can imagine how bad a little girl like that is at sucking cock. Totally regretted it.

how old were you though?

did she bite?

Details! Meet her on tinder? Family friend? How did you initiate?

I used to sell a research chemical called 25c-nbome in bulk to a kid as "acid". Since he never asked if it was LSD, I never told him it wasn't. It fucked a few people up including myself. It's my biggest regret in life and it's been almost 8 years.

I was 14

is it cheaper or something? easier to get?

24, and yeah but not my dick

like a hickey? where?

Yeah it was super cheap, that's why. I could have gotten the actual thing but it was over 10x the price. I paid like $20 for 100 doses

Neck and what not, lesson learned

I’ve been going to the rough parts of town to look at prositutes. They get me hard, but I don’t think they’re worth $60. They look like hood thots. Gangster girlfriends. But still got good bodies. Idk if I should fuck one

"official" explanation was that someone at school went through her phone cause she was not that careful with it but who knows, even her colleagues and boss saw her, nowaday in retrospective its kinda hot but back then was a mess

how will that happen without proof? No bruises. No marks. no memory sometimes. they dont say no. By the time im at that point that im ready to leave my seed inside them their too horny to resist.

werent afraid of impregnating her? Im guessing not if your risking getting caught you probably didnt care about pulling out either kek.

Holy fuck quads

i dont want to cause violence but im probably a sadist in a psychological way. I want to fuck and cum in as many beautiful women as i can. If they try to resist i get even harder and fuck them even more deeply. Even if they say no or stop after a deep thrust all girls let out even a soft moan of pleasure. They dont want it from you maybe but the fact your giving it to them against their will deep down excites them. Especially if you cum inside them. Violence takes the lust out of the thought. But passionate non violent forced sex and creampies get women turned on deep down.

they didnt want you, but you felt so good and their holding their belly thinking their carrying your child. Thats a whole other level of ownership.

My husband forces me to suck his dick every day. I hate it and he doesn’t understand. Most of the days I wake up with his dick inside my mouth or the other day when I tried to avoid and fought him I ended up with cum inside my ear. Divorce doesn’t seem to be an option because he refuse to pay a lawyer. I feel sad and lost because it’s too embarrassing to talk about it with my mother or my girl friends. I don’t know what else to do...but I’m heavily considering to cut off his dick. The only thing stopping me is that I don’t wanna be locked up..:

honestly how does a 7 year old act during sex? I cant even imagine what that must look like. Do they get so horny they talk dirty? Did she get to a point she orgasms? Or even tries to take your pants off?

Greentext story please. Im curious to know.

>I met a 35 year old dude off grndr
>Says he wants me to dress up for him
>Go over to his house
>Has me dress is his 14 year old daughters clothes
>He rough fucks my ass while calling me her name
>Was hot did it 3 more times

this is a meme but I still find it hot

You can only be a psycho if you find daily forcing your dick inside someone’s face hot

I just like fucking girls mouths when they're asleep dude.

Don’t me like furries irl
Secretly fap to them cause it’s kinda hot shit nigga

>bareback a girl
>she knows I’m barebacking her
>cum in her
>she didn’t expressly consent to a creampie
>I’m a rapist now
Public schools have completely fucked up you millennials

>they get so attached to you the next day but they honestly dont even know its because you knocked them up
Yeah, that’s how pregnancy works in the mind of a 12-year-old.

Honestly, same.

Have you had problems getting hard before? If not, then this is probably in your head, and medication (other than viagra) won’t help. And even viagra is just masking the psychological issue anyway, so you’ve got to figure that out.

I talked my gf of 6 years to let a mutual friend, female and half our age rent a room in our house for cheap. My sex life with my gf is taking a nose dive because I am constantly fapping while smelling this female roommates dirty panties and socks. So I have no sex drive from fapping multiple times a day. Picture relevant: the smell of her pussy has me addicted

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My wife often reads to me outloud from the books she's reading in bed... and I pleasure her while she struggles to be serious and read. Its the best :)

Have you talked to her about this yet? It might help both you a lot to do so. It'll help her to feel useful to prepare you for what's coming up, and it'll help you to start to prepare.

If you haven't talked to her about this yet, you're being a selfish dick to be honest. Find out what she wants out of all this, what she hopes for you.

I had a wet dream that involved my brother, twice
Shit is awkward

Its called being human, hang in there man... whatever you're going through now, its not permanent. For every terrible and awful time we've had, there's a good one that follows. When you're in the middle of those dark times, it feels like its all there is, but it's not.

I'm an old b-tard, almost 50 now... but that's the advantage of age. You recognize how ephemeral the good and bad can be. It all comes and goes, like constant waves. If something is awful, give it time... it will get better. There will be wonderful times you'll miss on, even if you can't imagine it in the middle of this darkness.

Do you think some people caught up with what has been happening between you two?

A lot of assholes on here, but good people too... B can be amazing sometimes.

Yeah it's most likely in your head. This one time I had this one night stand in the works. Hot girl, huge tits, short, pale as fuck. Go back to where she's staying.. with family. She isn't even sleeping in a room just on a thin foam mat behind the couch. Bad enough we pass her younger relative going from kitchen to upstairs. Two big dogs running around wondering who the fuck is this guy? Absolutely couldn't get it up. Didn't stop me from fingering and eating the fuck out of her pussy and burying my face in her ass. Eating a girls ass normally always turns me into diamonds. Not when some German Shepard is shoving his nose into my ass and my back while I'm doing it. Lol

U gay or u girl ?

Mark? Lol

Lmao you know user?

I'm attracted to kids, at least sometimes. I don't know if I can explain how it works, it's not a sexuality, more like a paraphilic fetish. Anyway I can't stand living with the things I've seen and the thoughts I have. I want a wife and kids more than anything but I'm terrified I'll never be able to for fear of hurting them

Girl with no good boobs to show, sorry user

Kas? Mark?

oh. I was just asking. I sleep next to my sister sometimes cause i have trouble sleeping sometimes. Sometimes i have dirty thoughts but i just want to sleep with someone next to me. It helps me doze a bit. Then i head back to my room

I understand that feeling, hugging a large pillow helps me most of the times.

I am pretty much addicted to buying Joi, worship clips from a femdom findom online. I've spent thousands of dollars buying her clips, buying her GC, and sending her tributes.

fake and gay

I still use tumblr to like and repost IR BBC porn. It's pretty much all I do at work.

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I'm really fucked up

That's all right bud. Keep your head up. U will get there one day. What do you look like?

Four months ago I had to go to the doctor for a post-surgical follow-up. I walked into the hospital with a pocket-knife in my back pocket with the intention of cutting my throat if the news was as bad as I was fearing it would be.

Congrats on the good news

I once jerked off with a slice of pizza and ate it (there was no cum on it).

Thanks, though I'll hold off on celebrating for now. I have another surgery in a couple months.

No one could ever love me, knowing what I did, and I hate myself for it. I don't know what to do and I'm scared. I have no suicidal impulses but I don't know how I can live with what I've done, and the knowledge that I can never have a healthy marriage--that I can never be completely honest with the person I love without hurting them and being resented

I'll pray it goes well user.

Please don't kill yourself, whatever the results

It's all mental user. Destress, work out a bit, stop watching 9 hours of porn every day and you'll be hard as a rock in no time.

I have raped my younger sister and told her she would embarrass herself and the family if she told anybody. She's 13 y/o now and the other day she said "I shouldn't be ashamed of what happened and I don't care if it will embarrass the family I'm going to tell everybody what you did to me last year." I think it has to do something with her getting older and realizing how fucked I would be if the secret got out. I needed something to use against her so I took pictures of her naked while she was asleep and using them to blackmail her. I tried using the pictures to fuck her again but she says she rather have me just post the pictures on her fb than to have sex with me again. Our parents are leaving next week to see family across the country so we will be home alone, I'm thinking during this time I tie her to her bed while she's sleeping and rape her for a couple days.

I'm through the worst part - the first surgery had the highest risk of complications - but I'm not going to breathe easily until things are over.

Short version though - if something does go catastrophically wrong it basically rules out having a normal life, so that thought's still gonna be in the back of my head.

i hope there will be pictures and videos ...

>Got 14 yo cousin to send me nudes when I was drunk.
>stole some she sent to people on facebook since she didnt log out on my phone
>didnt log out of her snapchat either
>i would post some of her nudes on her story for a few minutes to see how her friends would react.
>posted her twin brothers snapchat on Cred Forums and had people send her nudes to him

Yeah we read about it last night

>She's 13 y/o now and the other day she said "I shouldn't be ashamed of what happened and I don't care if it will embarrass the family I'm going to tell everybody what you did to me last year."
And then everybody clapped.

gtfo with your malware links

If I do it I'll definitely be recording it and use the video to torture her. I'll constantly remind her how dirty it is having a sex tape with her own brother


where are you guys from? why would it bring embarrasment to the family if everyone knew?

you stupid dude

Parents are from Hong Kong, moved to America for a better life and to start a family

Thst's no secret, on Cred Forums everyone is

>over at friends place
>play beer pong with his little sister and her boyfriend
>everyone gets super wasted
>friends little sister goes to sleep with boyfriend
>we head to his room to play video games
>watch him play for a bit
>get really drunk idea
>get up and tell him im getting water
>go to his sisters room instead
>see them laying on bed passed the fuck out
>i prod the sister whos closest to door
>whip dick out
>start jerking off a foot away from her face
>i lift her arm a bit and let it fall
>dead asleep
>i grab her hand and wrap it around my dick
>the sensation of her cold hand around my warm cock felt amazing
>i start stroking myself with it
>do it for about a minute
>decide i need to head back to room now since its been kind of long
>get water and head back to friends room
>later on decide to "get more water"
>go back to little sisters room
>shes still in pretty much the same position
>grab her hand and start stroking myself again
>i squeeze her hand harder around my cock
>stroke slowly for a good minute
>getting ready to burst
>control self
>decide not to cum all over the place and make a mess
>gently put her hand down and leave
>go to her bathroom edging the entire way
>grab her face wash and cum in it
>feel relieved
>finish up and i open the door
>friends little sister is standing outside the bathroom
>still looks sleepy
>says shes gotta pee
>i laugh and give her a hug and say goodnight
>go back to friends room

ok, got a clothed pic of the girl?

With those quads nothing can go wrong

I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times

Howd that go?

I jack off to a pic of my 67 yrs old mom's ass in panties

How'd you get a pic of that?

Gf of 6 years broke up with me, wants to get back together. But I met this other girl, who is prettier, working on her bachelors, and has a lot more in common with me. This girl has shown interest in me, but now I’m conflicted. Idk if I should go back to my ex I have a kid with, or maybe see where things go with this other girl.

I pretended I was texting while talking to her. She was putting on clothes after a shower

Join now before it's too late

Excellent, didn't touch her or anything like that but it was still pretty fun

this one I took when she was sleeping

Attached: e6gf41.jpg (638x720, 38K)

hmm i was thinking she would be a tight litlle asian :(


She's kind of tiny but pretty tall for her age she's the tallest out of all her friends

Attached: 1v7c096phgf41.jpg (1758x842, 113K)


looks super hot in that pic tbh, got a full body one? just leave out the face if you want

ive noticed this too.

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I sorta have a kink towards having sex with girls that don't want it. I never raped anybody - that is to say, violence was never an option and a spoken consent was always present. But one think is what they say and the other way is what they feel. Somehow, when the girl doesn't want it, but does it anyway, it feels different.

Might greentext some of those if asked.

Dont post CP

got wickr? or disc?

>boobs present and articulate
>hips already wide, definitely post-puberty
>pussy obviously shaven, and not for the first time
>based on this, the estimate age of the girl is about 20

not a pizza, faggot

Full on pussy? Shes gorgeous

you'd be surprised how many kids shave at a young age

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you need to look at the posts it's replying to. It's his 13 year old sister.

>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact

Yeah my girlfriend plucked her first pube the first time she saw it and continued to do it to this day, never had pubes at all.
Probably my fault for saying how perfect her cute little bald pussy was

I’m sorry user.

I made my neighbors fight till the point where the cops showed up and arrested both of them and took the one guys kid away.

I only jerk off to pizza...
Same same

sucked off a horse and let it cum in my throat


How old was she when you guys started fucking?

9 when we started getting frisky, but 10 when we started having sex

wait just a minute this has gotta be bait. this was literally a thread not that long ago.

And you were how old?

Dude just relax. This happened to me my first 5 times. Just bite the bullet and explain that you’re nervous. If she’s a good girl worth putting time into, she’ll be cool

15 at the time

If it's a fetish and you are attracted to adult women as well I fail how it is a problem.

Think of it this way user if you had a rape fetish for adult women that wouldn't make you want to rape your mother. Why would having a daughter be any different?

I really miss fucking my cousin

Agreed with other user. This is hot.

This sounds dumb:
I panic at the thought that my attractive and cute coworker is into me.
I'm married with kids and as long as said co-worker has no sexual interested in me I enjoy talking to her, but I don't trust myself enough to know how I would react to her trying to seduce me

Frat girl here ;)
Too busy to post this week, sorry. Hopefully I can spent some time here next week.
Bye, and be nice ;)

your roleplaying is awful, go lurk on a bus

Remember, guy larp, be nice ;)

Not sure if larper or real femanon, but you are so funny and subtle.
How was last week-end, guys DAP'd you?

Seriously considered selling my moms dirty panties for cash. Just to make a few extra bucks.

How will that make your situation any better?

Can you even fuck her with her having a complete hysterectomy? I must be ignorant and not really know what is being removed

Come to Amsterdam and buy me pizza then.

In high school, a friend of mine blackmailed his little sister into having sex with us whenever we were over.

ages? how did he bm her?

She was 11 or 12, we were 15-18. He found out she was talking to and sending nudes to older guys.

details ? did she cry?

Hard to say if the tears were from crying or from gagging on cock.The first time it was just him, me, and two other friends. Made her stay in the basement with us all night, we took turns until the sun came up.

insane, poor girl must be scared for life. how long ago was this (how old is she now)?

Took me 2 seconds to google.

Attached: 17073.jpg (400x320, 106K)

About five years ago now. And if it wasn't us, it was going to be some guy four times her age, as evidence by all the guys houses we ended up driving her to at her request.

Fucked the neighbor's boy with his dad when I was 16 and he was 11. Saw him and his dad through the window one night, so I figured I could tell them next time I was over.

So I guess she can still fuck


I go on cam chat sites to fap with questionably aged grils.

When I was 16 I used to cum in my step-sisters drinks all the time at night and then leave them in the fridge. I really regret it now but at the time she was conceited and annoying and I took a lot of pleasure in seeing her swallow load after load unaware.
She’s super nice and chill now and I haven’t told anyway.

I get really horny from time to time. Its more of an urge really. I call it my itch. Usually I do slutty things to satisfy it.

M or F?

Almost cheated on my SO, still feel like shit about it. Didn't tell her because she already has trust issues and I don't want to give myself a bad name.


Reminds me on that Tom Segura bit about the medical scrubs


GF cheated on me a while back and i still think about it and masturbate.

She can't keep getting away with it!

I've had a high stakes gambling problem for most of my adult life. addiction really is a bitch.

I ended up in a lot of debt with a loan shark and he ended up talking me into a game of poker with my teen daughter as collateral. I lost and he took her as a down payment, putting her to work as a prostitute to pay down my debts

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266938752540 chrome remote desktop, take over my PC and enjoy my gfs nudes behind her back

>seed inside them
>no proof

Nigga your DNA can be swabbed out of her pussy with the rape kit. That's what it fucking does.

You are so vain, cheating girlfriend.


Had the neighbor or daughter seen yet.

How old was she when it happened?

Kind of a secret. The most beautiful, seemingly-prude, Sunday school “honor thy father” chick I’ve ever dated was also the most promiscuous. Her father is a Pastor and she acted the part but would suggest really crazy, blasphemous shit. I’m not really religious and it still felt wrong.

She invited me to church and after her Dad went to host Sunday school and everyone left blew me in the pews. One time she made me pull out and cum on a bible. Would rub my dick under the table while her family said grace. We fucked in the Sunday school classroom and she cleaned up with one of the charity cancer tie off blankets. We dated for five years and almost got married. I could probably go on for hours about the crazy shit she did, but her church obsession is the only really “secretive” thing. I miss her sometimes, but it’s fun spreading her gospel of crazy to other girls I’ve dated.

old enough to be your daddy, faggot.

Share more, this is interesting and kind of hot.

I find it hot, care to give more details?

Her life at home was pretty prohibitive. She wasn’t allowed to leave unless she was “decent” so she’d bring a backpack when we hung out and change into the skimpiest shorts and top imaginable. She also had a weird thing about PDA. We were flirting in a target aisle one day killing time before a movie when a crotchety old woman started schooling us about being decent. She stared the old woman in the eye, guided my hand to her butt, and over-exaggerated a moan. The woman grumbled about finding a manager and we split. She blew me in the theater behind a family of five when I divulged I’ve had a crush on Hermione since I was a kid. Despite all of this she was weirdly virtuous about certain religious things. She used sexual contact as a way to denounce shit she felt wasn’t truly religious I guess? It is hard to explain, but she’s smart and had a surprisingly progressive interpretation of the Bible.

Her Dad tried to “quality time aggressively chop firewood to send a message” with me, so she texted me to come over that night and snuck out. She giggled and shushed me until we got to the woodshed. Dropped her pants, knelt down and bent forward to rest her forearms on the chopping stump right beside an ax sticking buried in it. Turned her head, smiled, and wiggles her butt with her tongue out. We fucked against that stump for what felt like an eternity. If memory serves, that was the first time she let me finish in her.

Well she started to realize something was weird cause a couple of colleagues even students started to asking her out, once she confiscated a paper from her class where they were discussing her body with a lot of details, but that was just the beginning

Damn yall this is still going? I'm proud Cred Forums

Slightly related, but I don’t understand why people bitch about “LARPing”. Usually LARPs are hilariously unreal “fucked my triplet cousins in three different rooms while none of them knew about the other” type shit. On the other side, I’ve told true stories that are romanticized (obviously as they’re memories that I treasure) and it’s either met by “lol nice LARPing faggot” or an obvious LARPing is way more popular. Everyone’s hunting witches on this site but they have no clue what a witch looks like. Lol Either that or virgins don’t know a true sexcapade from a ridiculous lie.

What do you want to do with that money?

Surely there is some special interest you want to pursue. You know what will make you a lot of friends? Build a common house for the community you live in.

Or say you like comic books, or RC vehicles, or musical performance, go to some people you know, who are REALLY into that stuff, and provide a new shop for them to operate out of, with a workshop/studio in the back to utilize at their pleasure.

I cheatd on my gf with a an asian CD and got fucked in the ass. And enjoyed it.

Haha like that’s some crazy amount of money you have. You’re an idiot.

I got my little brother to beat his meat to nudes of my girlfriend.

I was posting in last thread before it 404d. My Uncle and younger cousins came down to stay with the rest of the family for two weeks over the holidays. It was my first time seeing my male cousin (15) and female cousin (17) since they were like 10 and I was looking forward to hanging out with them. And while male cousin turned out to be an effeminate spoiled brat, his sister jumped at the first opportunity to go for a drive with me.

Pic related was chosen because they look extremely similar. And that girl isn't cp/jb she's a verified model on reddit gonewild.

Kinda nerdy bookworm type until her sexuality starts coming through in a big big way. She does swim team and track and her private school, and my aunt/uncle are always going on about how she's gonna be a lawyer or doctor or fucking president, but once we got to talking she opened up pretty quick about how she hated them for smothering and sheltering her for her entire life, and trying to choose her future for her. She said she planned on going to the same uni I go to, which is several states away from where aunt/uncle live, and she hasn't told them yet.

After scoring some weed and ecstasy, both of which she had never tried, I asked if she wanted to come back to my apartment and hang out, but no pressure if she didn't. She immediately started begging me to take her with me.

Now, brief exposition: I spent 3 years caring for my grandfather after his stroke left him paralyzed over 70% of his body. When he passed he arranged for me to get a large portion of his life insurance to pay for uni and the time I cared for him, as well as their house eventually passing to me when my grandmother passes. So I spent the summer turning his workshop into a 2 story apartment. Now it's the perfect hangout.

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My older brother used to play with me on cam in order to get girls to masturbate and send nudes. Eventually started doing it for men that would send cash and amazon cards.

My friends have no idea how badly I wanna see them jump my unwitting ex and have their way with her. I wanna see her get used and suffer

The fact that you're on here disproves that statement.