I'm a black guy that just recently impregnated a 10/10 white woman. Why do white men hate me so much...

I'm a black guy that just recently impregnated a 10/10 white woman. Why do white men hate me so much? Can't you all just get one of your own instead of worrying about who I'm fucking? Are you jealous because you're all sexless incel weebs? Please Explain.

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Keep doing your thing, man. If we can mix race the entire world then governments can't divide us by skin color.

I do not hate, i pray that you impregnate all white women

Nah you're a chongdick incel who goes on Cred Forums to bait other virgin retards into falling for your shitty trap


>Why do white men hate me so much?

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Miscegenation is a cardinal sin and so is bestiality
Human beings hate you because you're a monkey who wears human clothes and speaks some mangled approximation of human language while dragging down human society
Women in general are born to be programmed by media, education, and entertainment. The only reason a white woman would ever sleep with a monkey is because she was programmed to accept this vile act as socially popular

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I'm not baiting. I'm completely serious. When I walk around in pubic with my gf holding my arm, i get the nastiest looks from white men for something that shouldn't even be seen as a big deal. The only reason I can think of is jealously. It's really not my fault they have a fat ugly whale at home they're afraid to show in public and I have pretty supermodel body snow queen walking right beside me.

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>I'm a black guy
Go larp somewhere else, Hiam Goldstein.

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>Are you jealous because you're all sexless incel weebs? Please Explain.

This is mostly it.

Am i supposed to post in ebonics like all the other uneducated black men u see in the ghetto or on TV? We're not all the same.

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OP is replying to himself to bump his shit bait thread


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This guy gets it

No, it's because black culture is seen as trash. Resentment towards white people, crime, drugs, bitches and money, the image it portrays could be better.

So when they see a white girl with a black guy, they find it trashy (the girl, for being with you, not you being with her).

Snowflakes get triggered by things that challenge their narrative
I'm with you. I wanna see what happens to those pussies when there is only 1 race of mutts


I feel bad for the guys in the photo. They all just got superAIDS fucking those crack whores.

There are so many beautiful single white women out there. The fact that they focus on my relationship and watch with envy is pathetic. GET YOUR OWN

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great idea, now they dont have to divide and conquer anymore instead they can just conquer

let them know brother
Tell these pasty fucks we are not all the same

White Wombs belong to Black Cock

>"pasty fucks"
>we're not all the same

Y'all are all the same

I would say that it'st mostly the latter. Personally I hope you are very happy. Just be a good Dad ok? Don't further the stereotype and fuck the kid up by being absent. Children need father's and studies show that father figures are incredibly important for girls, especially, to develop self-esteem and self-worth

Well i'm not into any of that. I love white womenz, never been to jail, only drink occasionally, don't worship the dollar, and hate gangsta rap. The fact that someone you deem as inferior could get with one of your own while u fap beside your body pillow every night must infuriate you. And i love it.

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first, you are not black
second, if you were a fucking nigger, white men hating you would be the last thing in your mind.
running from the police would prolly be the first

I'm just angry at all the cuck porn and how it's influenced people. Interracial's fine, it can be pretty hot sometimes, but I tend to avoid it nowadays because it always devolves in "OH GOD UR BBC IS SO BIG, HOW CAN WHITES EVEN COMPETE?" or some other Queen of Spades bullshit.

I just like seeing girls get railed by big dicks, I don't care what color they are, the girl or the dick.

if i was a girl this would be me.

I’m white and I love miscegenation. I want the world to mix race into one beautiful Human race.

Although I do want the predominant qualities to be as African as possible.....

I might actually want non-African genocide....


See, that's the exact attitude that makes white people hate you. Because they all know you think like that. They all know it's by resentment. Even your love life is an act of hate.


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Ain't nobody hating you, stupid nigger

I dont have a problem with white men. Just the ones that are incredibly racist. If my words are hurting them then they probably are just the kind of racist fuck I'd like to piss off by saying all this.

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Sure you did, little limp-dick.

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Ok, that actually makes sense to me. OP is real and a cool guy

Imagine having sickle cell

Probably because she kept screaming "no!" While you were impregnating her.

> Imagine having sickle cell

Imagine having atrial fibrillation

Then you sure must hate most Asians, because most Asians sure hate your ass.

OK Jew

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It’s funny how you post Blacked porn and not your “10/10 partner” truth is I couldn’t give a single FUCK about you getting with any race outside of yours... what’s your angle?? You want a racist reply? Sympathies with you?? Or do you want me to tell you how COOl you are?.....first off, I’m attracted to black,Asian and Latin females because they are sooooo much more fun to be around. Most White females in English speaking countries
are very judgmental, unfunny and boring. And let’s be honest now.. YOU as a black man have let down the black woman soo much in past decades that they can’t stand your asses anymore.... An average white man can take the BADDEST black, Asian or Latin females around, not because of money, but because we use our manners and are gentlemen...even old white men do better with females than the average black man with other races.. not racist, just the honest truth. So either STOP larping or pull your head out your ass you fucking moron.

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10/10 bait

>governments can't divide us by skin color.
weak tactic user
best kys to avoid division

This guy is mad lmao

>virgin detected

think i would post the mother of my child on /b? nice try white guy

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100% summing up this thread in 1 pic.

Love that scene

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prolly one of the best videos on pornhub my brotha

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So hot

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>we use our manners and are gentlemen

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>> refers to baby momma as "the mother of my child"
>> black

You really outed yourself there Goldstein

the fact far left still has some clothes on makes this so much hotter to me

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>I'm a black guy that just recently impregnated a 10/10 white woman. Why do white men hate me so much? Can't you all just get one of your own instead of worrying about who I'm fucking? Are you jealous because you're all sexless incel weebs? Please Explain.
>black guy
>uses words "incels" and "weebs"
>not a black guy, at all

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are you the same lurker who couldn't get responses to you first thread and someone recommended you post BBC?

We just dont want ugly half breeds running around. Anything mixed with black is immediately uglier by like 5 bumps on a 1-10 soooo 10/10 hits 5 just like that...

black males are 6% lets correct the meme

Half Black Half German. We dont believe you

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I think a lot of whites dont like HIV spread into the white community.

The fact you're on here posting this, and know what an "incel" is ... probably means you're not a nigger, and you most defiantly don't have enough going on in your life to be attracting and impregnating 10's

bait is bait

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Dont ruin it for him. It's fun to use your imagination, user.

Join now before it's too late

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Keep fucking, We're reloading our guns.

Im looking forward to the white boys saying enough is enough and going on a rampage and ethnically cleansing the coalburners, and negros.