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I’m sorry about killing that last one.

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And I guess I killed this one. My god. What is it about me?

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So I just wanted to ask... how do y'all feel about Kero the Wolf? That furry youtuber that was accused of animal abuse in those kiwifarms leaks a while back. The police have since dropped the investigation against him due to lack of evidence and he was found to not be present in any of the videos or pictures of the incidents, but he has admitted that he was posting in their group chat. I was just looking into it recently and I wanted to see what you guys think of him.

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I wish I could draw that well. Such fluid bodies. Such a combination of innocence and sexiness. I’m the raccoon drawfag from earlier. Iskra, wolfynail, milesdf, and coonkun are my favorites.

Yiff in hell.

We don't talk about animal abusers here. We love animals (some a little too much and they aren't wanted here either.)

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I don't think about it at all. I just like good art. as Dash said
>We don't talk about animal abusers here. We love animals

same here

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I am once again asking for fantasy fur

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what, like elf bunnies?

Will people stop posting this FUCKING picture?! It's hardly a turn on at all yet it haunts every single s/fur thread for years

But she has NICE FEET.

but she has nice feet

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Or y'know, kobolds, fantasy themed things kinda like this

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those are paws, user

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Holy shit the pathetic depravity is unending

you've cum to the right place

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hey doods

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Hi Fursi

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Hey, what's going on?

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If it's going to fuck me to death, why does it matter that it has AIDS?

Not much. Where have the fur threads been the past few days?

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I dunno, but feralfag has been making his "s/fur" threads advocating for animal rape which everyone ignores, so I just hang out in gfur when there isn't a real sfur thread up

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Last one I saw died early because some people started talking about banging real animals. Or because I posted my art. Might've been a coincidence.

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If it had just fucked me I would only have HIV. I would die before it turned into AIDS you fucking potato brained thunder cunt

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lemme see the yogurt

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That's the worst furry art I've ever seen!

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Turn off your all caps please. It doesn't help convey any message.

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You try so hard to be funny with that image, but you really just look like a massive cringy faggot. Literally nobody cares that you post that image of me.
>hurr I post it so you can reply!
Here's your (You), loser.

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Hot scene, but their faces look like potatoes.

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Luckily he got a lot better
Although he's pretty hit or miss at drawing penetration.

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My apologies good sir. ‘Twas my mistake to keep the caps lock key engaged throughout our discourse.

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My question was more along the lines of "do you think he's guilty or not?"

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She’s definitely one of the best

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He brought furries to light in a very bad way, I've definitely seen him used to start conversation about furries and other weirdos online in certain social circles. Like telling ghost stories but much much worse.

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Hiya JH

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Hey, how are y'all doing?

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heya, I'm alright
just settling in for a long weekend

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Oh, what are you doing this weekend?

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no plans, just going to relax, try and do something productive for a couple hours at least

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Time for a new face to be shown around here

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That sounds nice

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yup, gonna work on my art a bit, hopefully the results will be a little better this time around

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Join now before it's too late

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Due to recent scheduling changes I'll be around more often, maybe. So did I miss anything important?

Also, are these the only threads that use NS? Seems like even the standard cycle of porn threads don't have such a committed population.

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Gfur does, anime threads, some trap threads I think

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My favorite pic in the thread so far.

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fluffy butts

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Yes please.

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he is guilty of sucking his dogs dick, which is mostly fine

he is also guilty of encouraging horrible animal torture, which is fucking disgusting and i hope he never lives it down

we sure as fuck will never forget what he did

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Not much conversation going on these days? Or is this just a lull.

I guess I'll prod. I still a few questions I've never asked before, like do people come to these threads to actually jerk off?

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I rarely do, but lifting weights the past few weeks has definitely increased my libido, so I've been fapping to fur more often, mostly gfur but I still prefer real women

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I just kinda like to hang out here when I'm doing other stuff on the computer
rarely touch myself to anything in these threads, only when I'm unusually horny

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Not surprising. Most of the stuff you post isn't porn either.

But you two, along with a few others, always are the only ones who answer my questions. I want to hear from the anonymous strangers, what do they do in these threads and why. It's been so long I might as well ask my original question, why do people come here. Obviously community, but everyone has a different story as to how they got here.

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I started lurking in 2009 been a Cred Forumstard since
I watched and learned a lot from these threads
as for jerking it I've jerked it while in the most fucked up threads on Cred Forums before
if you haven't GTFO normie this is Cred Forums after all

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What about you, you're still a mystery.

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now that I can fap to

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who know's because I'm not going to say. Nick was it?

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