How is the tipping in America? I'm visiting my uncle from Japan and I don't want someone to fuck with my food...

How is the tipping in America? I'm visiting my uncle from Japan and I don't want someone to fuck with my food. Why do I I need to tip and how much do I tip?

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apparently giving tips is actually insulting in japan, but im not sure. ask your uncle.

You tip after the meal OP so I wouldn't worry about it.

its after the fact, so dont worry. but if you want to tip its 20% normally

Waiting staff in america can earn as little as a couple dollars an hour and are expected to earn a living off of tips. Some states have rules to curb this, but most allow owners to basically not pay their employees.
Tip in cash and 15% is the normal minimum.
Card tips work too, but are taxed.

In France you don't have to tip :)

Don't fucking tip at all. They don't deserve shit unless they make the meal absolutely above average.

dont be a dick. At Least 20% or ill slit your ballbag open with a sugar packet.

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do never tip. these animals take jobs at substandard wages expecting you to subsidize their wages. they're basically asking for welfare.

punish their bad decision and encourage them to look for real jobs by not tipping them. thank you Japanese friend :3

Patently not true. Employers are required by federal and state law to bring the employee up to minimum wage regardless of tips, tips are just cash (often unreported) into the pocket of people who barely interacted with you and expect more from you than you did from them despite you being the customer paying for a service

>10-20% is customary
>only blacks and people you fuck with mess with food
>you don't need to tip, it's just customary to do so, like bowing in chingchong land.
>if your service was shit and food was shit, don't tip. they didn't earn it. even the guys in the back will suffer if the waitress/waiter sucks.

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The federal minimum wage for wait staff is $7 something. I exaggerate, but my point is after taxes and shit that's not really enough to live on.

In some states they have raised that, but they generally compensate by slashing hours and giving people only temp positions.

I love how angry some people get at the idea of someone not tipping as if you're committing a crime.

it's not meant to live on. that's what real jobs are for.

Do you tip on McDonalds? Tip if it deserves it

Double the tax if it good service. They really can't fuck with your food if you haven't paid them yet.

hot take, dude. enjoy getting people fucking with your food

Sell your cunt, whore.

That because you tip your cock in their ass.

literally 5 seconds of google searching disproves this

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>$184 bill
>tips by rounding to 200

Here's a start OP. If you tip like the person in that pic, you deserve to be lynched and your corpse desecrated.

>Do you tip on McDonalds?
yes, you don't?

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"Real jobs" is bullshit. Not everyone has the capability or access to schooling or training required to get a "real job" and how many electricians can one city have?

If everyone in the world was capable of rocket science and brain surgeries we'd have a lot of over qualified burger flippers.

You post this thread every fucking day what are you even trying to achieve? Seems too inoffensive to be bait

>I don't want someone to fuck with my food
this is so fucking backwards. You should be tipping because someone didn't fuck with your food (not even that, that's just the bare minimum), not the other way around. You should tip only if you receive good service, and NEVER EVER tip before you get your food

oh, if i get shit service/food, i never bother patronizing your shithole establishment ever again. i review bomb it on every site i can, from yelp, to trip advisor, to google, and so on. i am that guy. better come to work correct.

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I also get angry at parents who talk condescendingly towards their adolescent children, despite that being legal.

There isn't much. Unless you have a skill that someone needs. 3.2% unemployment but the last 2 years the 5 million jobs been most service jobs like retail, unskilled labor and low wage industry jobs.

Also in 34 states federal min wage is 5.40 for tip workers. You're better off at mc's fuck burger or sucking cocks after stripping.

I tip 10-20% based on service quality.

horseshit excuses. plumbers, small biz owners, insurance, management, culinary arts, carpenters, nursing, yea, no, there's plenty out there to do and a lot of it doesn't take schooling.

>simply because these jobs exist there is always and will always be demand for them and will never be oversaturated
please go outside

You literally said he was correct.

The information missed by both of you is that "because tips are paid in cash and generally untracked, that means very few workers or their employers know exactly how much a worker made in a year". It's a nightmare to sort out or prove, and you're fighting over pocket change.

Obviously this state of affairs is maintained intentionally, as it creates artificial tension between employers, employees and patrons, distracting all three groups from the fact that they have 1/1,000,000,000th the buying power and quality of life of the ones who actually wrote the laws enabling this in the first place.

All of those (except for small biz owner, which is a whole different ballpark with funding) require some form of PAID certification. How should I pay for this if I'm making minimum wage? Yeah let me just become a hobby nurse, you know, for fun. Fucking brainlet

horseshit. i had a janitor job and moved up to supervisor within 2 months, because i busted my ass and no one had to babysit me. 15 bucks and hour right there and full time. no college, no nothing. go to job fairs and learn more about your area. some areas do suck balls, so fucking move. if you're really poor as you claim, you don't have much to move, so do it.

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>15$ tip for some minutes of work
>its just one of her customers

You do know its 3 yrs of pass or flunk out and repeat training classes not including the 2 yrs of an AA.


If you can't afford 15% tip, you can't afford to eat out. Passing your bad fortune on to someone else incapable of preventing you from doing so is the ultimate in Nigger behavior.

i work outside on a daily basis, slappy, and quit acting like everything is oversaturated. its on you to find what's needed in your area or make the moves you need to. why are you such a helpless bitch? you better not have parents. i didn't have any and i figured this shit out the hard way.

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ok boomer

Jesus, that's insane.

America goes to show that the free market will fuck the common man as a general rule.

missing the point, entirely. big surprise there. not all jobs are surgeon and burger flipper. and not all licencing is the same. not all small businesses need employees, shit, bitches sell shit like handbags and keychains on etsy. your excuses bore me.

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If the service is shit, 10% is more than generous. I rarely go that low.

I sure will if they make zero effort. Plus here in canada they make an actual wage.

My tip is gratuity for the service. Lack of service should not mean a tip equal to excellent service.

oh god, it's too much to invest in oneself

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Yeah and a lot of it is over saturated. There's a reason factory work is the most in demand at the moment. It's because factory workers are a position that can easily be replaced, can be paid next to nothing, and suck so much dick no one wants to do it for long.

Construction workers never have problem finding a job, but business owners, contractors, and seasoned vets have to constantly cut costs or do the work themselves.

And yeah sometimes being too educated works against you so, everyone CAN get a job. But when your resume gets scanned by a system before any person even looks at it, you can be job hunting for years.

sure they can. maybe you should get a new job.

That literally means nothing. Congrats you found something in your area that worked out. Now find that same job in the next 7 cities in your area. Now multiply it by the fucking next 50,000 cites in the us minus anything that not accessible by a bus or hour in a car for that job.

Now go into college and get an edumacation. I work 5 hrs a month for 300k a year. Or get lucky and get a govt job. Private sector is rough.

Just speak with a accent and dont tip over 10

Someone needs to serve the food asshole. Tip them you piece of garbage.

I'm from France. It's worst in Europe. It's shit everywhere. Work for rice in China or to death in Japan. Atleast I get insurance for 100 monthly that better then back home for free.

wow thats a lot of words you work 10 seconds a day you must be bored

Yeah, but what if everyone tips shit and you only get a dozen or so customers. You could end up bringing home like $200 bucks or less. Then the weeks paycheck could be less then that. So you make like $1500 bucks on a good week, before taxes.

I mean it's not like they are getting totally fucked, just mostly fucked.

I will NEVER tip your kind. Now serve the food, get your shine box and keep your mouth shut servicemonkey.

it means i found a fit for me and i made it work. others ought to do the same and quit acting like helpless trash. like we owe them something for being a piece a shit that can't be fucked to improve themselves.

i've since been to college, have a degree, been in the military, and have worked for the gov't and as a contractor. gov't ain't all it's cracked up to be. in fact, i found them to be exactly the same.

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Yeah just move. Just uproot your entire life, find somewhere you can live for free, find a job that you can only apply for online without a computer or internet access. Then be amazing at that job, with a boss you likes you, and before you know it you'll make enough to pay your rent.

i do tip and very generously, but you're not owed it. i reserve the right to leave a fucking zero on that receipt. they can serve my food, but don't bitch at me about living off it. get a real job, like i already said.

>service shit
>still tips
you're a fucking tipcuck and you know it

shit service gets nothing
normal service gets low
good service gets better
extra service gets extra

What do you do for a living? besides talk shit.

Okay fine. 10% for shit service, sure. But that better be a punishment. Like I said, "if you can't ___afford___ 15%".

Don’t ever tip fuck em if they don’t like it oh well...... most restaurants don’t fuck with you’re food unless you send it back most waiters/waitresses make Minimum wage. If you’re a rich fag tip if you make the same as them leave nothing.

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I bet you're really confused why people keep calling Boomers out of touch, huh?

if your life is serving my beer then you aint uprooting much. you go where you can find work, then you make the rest work out. it's life 101. everyone else did it before you. what makes you so special? shit you got the internet.

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fuck fucking Tarantino for making this bit

just tip you pieces of shit

I'm a philanthropist and investor. I started working when I was 10 delivering papers, then got a job at a grocery store bagging groceries. That turned into a construction job, I took all of my savings and invested it.
Now my money works for me, and I yell at your kind for being LAZY PARASITES

Are people here really saying waiting tables is the best they can do?

i'm Gen X, but you can call me whatever you want. your opinion doesn't really count for shit when 'out of touch' means 'self-reliant'. boomers enjoyed the x4 value on real estate perk. i got shat on in 2008. fuck yourself.

Join now before it's too late

Sadly yes. NEVER tip them. EVER!

LMAO this nigger's from the fucking 1700s and thinks a "journeyman" is still literally someone who goes from town to town on a goddamn horse gaining experience under various guilded masters.

I am fucking well off. I am talking about those who are stupid and have no life experience.

Which is most people I have met.
Also who wants to leave their family if they like them? If you live in a shit poor town and have $0 to your name how do you move? What job will hire someone with a HS diploma and nothing else?
How do you afford transportation, new clothes, work resources. If you get a construction job, they probably want you to have boots.

yes, and they deserve every miserable second of it. i'd invite them to burn shit with diesel like 18yr old me did or scrub toilets like 24 year old me did, but they're above that shit. they want their painted nails and don't want to mess up the new ink they got on their arms, the faggots

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quiet you tip-expecting welfare queen
you're FILTH, trash, garbage, slime, ball snot.

you're literally expecting handouts, you have no honor, no integrity, no morals, you're like a prostitute: you'll do ANYTHING for a dollar.

looks like i found you problem, you can't fucking read. instructions and orders are probably hell for you.

Nice LARP.

LMAO that's my favourite response from out of touch boomers.

"I-i-i'm g-gen X! I swear!"

Cry to someone who gives a fuck, parasite.

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my point still stands. zero experience, zero shit to move. my first move was done with a goddamned backpack. 16 and hiked to another state. plenty of resources out there, especially for the noobs. homeless shelters and programs out the ass for those sorts.

See you've never actually been in that position and it shows.

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So you're good at investing and pissing on everyone else for not.

I had a job when I was 10 too, and the money went to keeping the fucking lights on and buying food. One thing goes wrong and a 3 year 10k savings account is gone.

ok faggot

5th night in a row with this thread, eh bud?

You're not making people think. You're not trolling anyone. You're not sparking controversy You're just being a weird faggot.

i noticed you didn't touch the point, so i'll accept your worthless capitulation. keep making excuses. you'll wake up one day in your 40s with nothing to show for it.

>on McDonalds
fucking ESL poorlets. global warming can't starve you all to death fast enough.

Another ignorant incel out of touch with reality.

The funny thing about that scene is it was set up to make Mr Pink look like an absolute dickhead, and he still throws in the tip at the end because (obviously) it's unfair for him to ride off everyone else tipping while he does nothing.

Idolizing Buscemi's character there is like watching Breaking Bad and thinking "hm, yes, Walter White seems like the sort of man I could look up to and respect".

I write
"pro tip: don't play in the street kid"

I have not ever been in that position, because I can't just leave my family. I hardly have a reason to live with them, without them I'd just kill myself and have 0 problems.

I did eat a lot of ramen and jelly on crackers as a kid. Working construction in the summers to pay the electric, shit like that. Idk how I would move to another state alone because it's not an option.

>the point

What point? Are you referring to your delusional belief that you earned the life you were born into?

Third attempt is the charm.

Surely you can activate an alter with enough effort. Infinite typewriters and infinite time, right?

Tips come AFTER the meal so don't worry. Leave a solid black line so some nigger can't fill it in after the fact. Might as well be a literal street performer. There's more dignity in it than SERVING and you own your own means of production.

yea well i can tell you there's plenty of mentoring programs, unskilled labor - bossman will get you some used boots, churches, shops and so on... they're almost always looking for people who just show up and are reliable. no phones, no bank account, no problem. there's just no real excuse when i know first hand, they're some lazy fucks that don't appreciate shit.

on the moving thing, sometimes it is the hardest choice to make and once you made it, you'll wonder why you hesitated. i did. sometimes you have to adapt and overcome. sometimes you have to endure the unknown.

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you're not fit for my attention. hang yourself tonight, you worthless shit.

Hey, I got a slave I mean temp agency in my town that hires people to work out in the factories. That works so shitty I'd eat a bullet before I went back out there.

And a lot of the people who lasted 1 or 2 days suggest that's normal.

I have lived away from home with a 6 figure job and gave it up for family...and grass. Mostly grass, but family was important too!

Outraged at a 15.86$ tip? Anyone with that mentality can fuckin off themselves.

If somebody chooses to give you double what you're making an hour, be grateful you piece of human garbage. There are a ton of other jobs you can get without a GED; if you aren't happy, go get another job you entitled cunt.

Tip if they they made your visit pleasant, don't if they didn't. It's entirely up to you and not on any level required. It isn't your responsibility to make up for their lack of income.

20% tip holy shit kill yourself. max i give is like 15% if service is good. You want 20% get a real job or suck it out out the tip of my cock

i never tip. FUCK that noise. ungrateful cunts get mad if its a low tip anyway so i just dont do it period.

I used to think I was entitled to maximum tips all the time because I was just so dang awesome. Then I grew up and got a real job.


i've been in jobs like that too and it got me on my feet. it's supposed to suck, that's why you learn, grow, meet people, get your name out there and work like you're getting paid 6 digits even if you're make 600 dollars a fucking year.

Pizza drivers always expect tips in canada such trash

>Then I LARPed some more and called up to mom "wheres my chicken tendies bitch daddys voting for Trump"

it's a richie bitch that's been cut off from daddy's wallet for buying 4000 bucks worth of bullshit. he's hoping she'll learn responsibility, but she'll sucker some sorry asshole into paying her way.

now i tip the hell out of my pizza dudes. always early and always hot/good. we have that relationship and it's worth every dollar.

Maybe one of these days you'll find what you're looking for.
In lak'ech ala k'in.

They just rounded up to $200, you illiterate chimp. It's 7.93%.
$200 bill means it's either a very expensive restaurant or a huge table (~12). If you're dining out in either case, you know better than to tip 7.93%.

Butthurt that best job you can get is at Applebees ? Know your worth. Don't let your wage be at the mercy of some guy.

I don't agree with such an exception to the law, but your reading comprehension is retarded. Go back to middle school

yeah... well when the fucking Mormons running the place promote retards because of nepotism you're kinda fucked. And resume building is a god damn joke, it's entirely about who you know.

If I cut all my vices I'd surely be a millionaire by now, a dead one, but a millionaire all the same.

>Proudly sponsored by: Soros Fund Management.

I tip as much as I can when I can. At one point in my life tips were the shit. I got to where I am today from tips.
So you can suck it sweetie.

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go pick it up yourself lazy ass

If you aren't capable of having a well paying, high skill job then you don't deserve to get well paid.

>it's entirely about who you know

Yep. The boomers in this thread all either
1) Don't really exist (paid posters spreading division)
2) Have no fucking clue how blessed they have been their whole lives.

so move. find something else. i agree with resumes. it is needed, but it's really about knowing people and having something you can demonstrate such as skill, reliability, etc. the resume is supposed to do that, but it don't. need that cover letter too. some cocksuckers in HR won't even look at your shit if you're not packing those.

feel like this thread proves all of Cred Forums is 12. everybody knows that wait staff dont get paid full minimum wage, how is it possible to be an adult and not know a single person who has worked in a restaurant?

Hey faggot you forgot my fries. Let me speak to your manager. What a fulfilling existance.

I already have a good job, you're just a trump mushroom cock slobberin gobblin lol

The Day of the Pillow is coming.

Choose your allegiances wisely.

another reason i have no fucks to give. i'd say most the people i know started there, but ended up far away. the few who still linger there have poor impulse control, live for their vices, and have yet to really grow up. they're all women too who mooch off an new man every few months or so until their looks took a shit. now it's Bernie or bust!

I tip $0 because if these servers want actual money for doing their job, they can either overthrow the establishment and demand better tips by killing their CEO and local politicians, or they can work a real fucking job where they aren't getting screwed over.

You'll really only get your food fucked with for not tripping repeatedly at the same place and I would wager even this uncommon outside of shitty chain restaurants.

Pretty solid for unskilled labor....but I really don't think they are pulling 78k a year.

i forgot that your perfect my fault

See previous comment regarding alters.

You are welcome to go down the list as long as you like. It's pretty clear the consciousness behind your posts is low on the totem pole.

I presume this post is unintelligible to you and that is by design. Your persona is grating.

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Being a blue checkmark on Twitter isn't a fulltime job despite what you think.

>$15 for like 10-15 minutes of work

I wouldn't tip this low but like, what exactly is the problem here? Why do waitstaff need to be paid more just because the patrons ordered more expensive food/drinks? I understand how tip is the actual wage but it seems pretty entitled of the waitress to be pissed off about $15 from just one table. She's serving multiple tables at once and they're in and out of there in less than 90 minutes. How much of their money does she feel entitled to?

i just don't make excuses and i genuinely want to improve myself. that's all. i can understand how the pursuit of perfection makes me seem perfect from down there in your little hole.

lol you're actually a faggot

all of it, you heartless cad

I'm sorry you worked 8 hours and made 50 bucks. Maybe you should learn to code?

ok i'm bored now. have a good night faggots. stop being worthless and weak.

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have fun with that perfection then buddy. try getting laid or smoking crack its pretty close

depends how well they did is all really

It depends on what you get: A waiter taking your order at the table, then bringing the food gets 15-20%. Order at counter but it's brought to you gets 10%. Order at a counter and pick up the food when it's ready gets no tip. (So not expected at McDonals.)

Some placers have a No Tipping policy, but they will let you know it. Some fancy places just add 20% to your bill. Fuck those places.


Just don't apply for suck ass jobs that pay suck ass money.

I'm a millennial who went into debt to get a comp sci degree then paid it off by working 70 hour weeks as a data scientist in the fintec field. There are tonnes of jobs in the tech field that can't find enough workers to fill them, same as shit like nursing and education. If you don't have a decent paying job it's because you're either too stupid or lazy to put in the effort to get one. Either way good luck surviving automation.

> I exaggerate, but my point is after taxes and shit that's not really enough to live on.
If you're making $7/hr you'd have to work 18hr days 7 days a week to even approach a taxable bracket. Servers lie like motherfuckers to try to guilt people into further supplementing their income. Stop listening to their bullshit.

the US government Department of Labor has LAWS that regulate wages. THE LAW states that all employers must pay employees the minimum wage. for ALL jobs.
even waitressing etc. the only time that an employer is allowed to pay less than the minimum hourly wage, is when the amount an employee makes in tips, is over what they would be getting paid at minimum wage.

example - employee A makes 100 dollars in tips. their boss can then pay less than the minimum hourly wage, because what they made in tips is well over what they would have made with the minimum wage.

employee B makes 5 dollars in tips. their boss still has to pay them the minimum wage.

this is the LAW. are there some shady business owners who rely on workers general complete obliviousness to the law? sure. but BY LAW, every restaurant, bar etc needs to have the department of labor notice about wages, minimum wage and tips, on clear display where all employees can see it. pretty much every place you go will have one of these signs in behind the scenes areas (as in kitchen staff areas).

wait staff and bartenders are some of the most self entitled pieces of human excrement in existence. they feel that they are owed extra money from customers, for DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS which they already receive a wage from.
do you tip the bus driver? do you tip the police? do you tip the airline pilot? do you tip the construction workers? these people are doing their jobs and getting paid a wage. waiters and bar staff are not magically different.
fuck every single one of them. I never tip. ever.
in europe we generally find tipping to be retarded. the fact that it's expected is disgusting. and even worse than that is the fucking entitled attitude like in OPs pic.

"b-but we get paid less than minimum wage" - No, that is a 100% fucking LIE.
"but I can't survive without tips"
a waitressing/bartending job isn't meant to be something to support a family with etc. get a real job if you want better pay

>bitches sell shit like handbags in Etsy
Half a million listings
I bet bitches be Making bank in that market

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Kind of sounds like you're the one who will do anything for a dollar

>Why do waitstaff need to be paid more just because the patrons ordered more expensive food/drinks?

1) Everyone, at every level of organization, is aware of tipping culture. Even high-class establishments don't pay waitstaff very highly. Their pay increase comes from the tip value.
2) Larger tables require more attention (a $200 bill like in OP is almost certainly an "eight top" or greater). This is pretty simple: Four people is four drinks to keep an eye on, four people to take care of. Eight people is twice as much work. Which means tipping shittily is twice as shitty.
>pissed off about $15 from just one table
>she's serving multiple tables

See #2. Instead of serving two four tops, she's serving one eight top.
>How much of their money does she feel entitled to?
For an eight top with a bill of $184.14, she is expecting $2.75 at a minimum. Per person. Anything over $3.70 would make her happy.
Obviously, this was paid for by one person (which makes it even scummier, because one cunt is making the whole table look like cunts, their friends have no clue they're being treated to dinner by a shitty tipper). So OP's waitress feels entitled to $22.18 of the money at a minimum, $29.57 in an ideal world, and anything over $30 would have resulted in OP's waitress talking positively about the "big table she had last night".

To ensure we keep this directly related to the example that started this conversation:

If you can survive on 12$ an hour with a family, kudos to you. I support no one and have no bills and that shit doesn't go fucking far.

W/e man, that's just more of that, I don't have a problem so no one else should bullshit.

>Blugh. Imagine you're the one who paid this bill, now imagine your seven friends all saw it. That's all you need to do, really.
>social shaming. threatening social ostracization

Get a real job roastie

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I'm sorry you think in terms of jew money. I don't use federal reserve notes. I use things with enduring value.

Yes, we exist. That quiver of fear you felt was deserved.

It's all a matter of perspective. To me, the stupid and lazy people are the ones who can only think in terms of the status quo and being a loyal cog in the machine. To each their own, cog. I'll put in a good word with the machine, maybe you'll get a spritz of oil soon.

Heh. You really are going down a list. Try the next one, no alters here.

>W/e man, that's just more of that, I don't have a problem so no one else should bullshit.
What do you mean whatever man, you're the one who said the whole point is that after taxes and shit that's not enough to live on. I'm saying it's almost impossible at that wage-rate to even break into a taxable income bracket. Are you going to concede the point, or just deflect again?

that's because in france everyone is a stinky faggot

Your comprehension is shit and your search query is stupid. Kys, subhuman.

waiters and waitresses don't make the meal. literally all they do is walk 10-20 feet with a plate. maybe 30 feet if the restaurant is really large.

if anyone deserves extra (they don't, nobody does) is the chefs who actually make the stuff. even then though - chefs already get paid a fuckton of money and aren't whiny entitled little shits looking for handouts.

here's how business and transactions and the customer-service provider relationship works:

someone wants to purchase products or a service. they go to the person or business providing that product or service. they pay for it, they receive it.
in restaurants, the product is the food. the business provides food to customers. part of that transaction is having the food brought to your table. something which wait staff are HIRED by the business to do.
it is literally their job to bring food and drink to customers. that is why they were hired. if they weren't, customers would have to go to the kitchen and get their stuff from the chefs. this would be chaotic and a mess. this is why wait staff exist.

the customers pay the business (restaurant) for the food and that's it. done. they paid for the product. the wait staff are not entitled to the customer paying extra money to them, on top of the price of the goods, for just DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS.

the whole entitled attitude of wait and bar staff is basically "if you don't pay me extra money, then I'm not going to do my job properly, or I'm going to do something to your food".
FUCK THESE PEOPLE. they do not deserve fuck all. you want a tip? get a real job and stop being a parasite and human garbage.

pic related -

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imagine how much money per year, per month you would be saving just by not tipping. for some of you clowns its probally in the thousands. thousands of free money you a re just dropping in the toilet for no reason, literally zero reason. retards.

If you're civilized you tip 20% after the meal. If you're a nigger, you steal the tip off the other table and cum on the nearest teenager

Eh, I worked fin tech for like 5 years, lived like a student, paid off my debts bought a house and now work using ML and DL to train robots how to work in warehouses. Don't make as much as I used to but damn if it's not fun. On a serious note, once automation clears out Accounting, Law, the lower ends of retail and medicine what are you going to do to survive? The competition for jobs with low barrier to entry will be insane and a lot of people are going to be fucked aka not employed aka left to die. How do you aim to avoid becoming one of them?

>substandard wages
not true, by law all employers are required to pay at least the minimum wage as set by the Department of Labor.

this is the law.

>do you tip the airline pilot?

But if you tip your baggage handler, I guarantee you'll never suffer from lost luggage again.

You're welcome for the tip. ;)

Say they don't earn enough to file, they still have to pay state taxes and less then 20k a year isn't enough to support children.

I said w/e because im out

How to spot someone who's had everything fed to him their entire life. Just because they are expected to do it does not mean they wont' fight you tooth and nail not to.

>after taxes and shit that's not really enough to live on.
then get a better job instead of being a retard. hundreds of millions of other americans do so.


>mfw reading your comment

Attached: smiling-face-with-smiling-eyes-and-hand-covering-mouth_1f92d.png (160x160, 22K)

people like you is the exact reason i dont tip. when i get a large bill the look on the faces of the waiter when they see $0.00 tip fills me with immense joy on how she will rage on reddit about some cunt not tipping her that she will never see again in her life.

maybe if she gave me a handjob after dinner id tip her $40 bucks.

Attached: 1573266041918.jpg (1600x1141, 501K)

Never understood tipping in America .
It’s a hangover from the end of slavery, when they had to release the slaves, but still wanted to pay pittance wages - they came up with “tipping” as a subsidy for paying workers the equivalent of slave wages.

In the civilised world , we pay workers a decent wage so they don’t need to rely on charity.

Attached: 27486B1D-8AF6-45BF-8BFF-FA2DF77C35C7.jpg (640x1136, 33K)

>their friends have no clue they're being treated to dinner by a shitty tipper
Lol, it doesn't make the food taste any different. The only important things are how skilled the cook is how good the ingredients are, and how clean the place is. You already upset me by getting in my way and interrupting my conversation with my friends. You're lucky I don't throw hot coffee on your face before I pay for the food and leave.

>asking how someones day is and bringing their food to their table is hard
>I deserve tips that give me more than minimum wage

awww.... so you're too good for work then?

that's why even the white cooks cum in your food

Nice bait. That or you're just showing off how you've never worked lol

Waitresses get paid less than $3 an hour.

>Gets paid $15 to write down food then carry it across the room
>Can concurrently wrote down multiple orders at a time
Damn that's a really nice job.

Wagie detected. Fuck off. I won't tip at all if they give bad service.

This makes you a child.

While it is true that servant work is real work. It is the lowest level of labor: Unskilled if you'd like a better job you must have marketable skills.

It's great b8 for the great db8

Shit service = no tip, shit food = bad review. Otherwise based

>1500 a week
>Not good

Zoomers really are retarded. The propoganda has worked. Cosiedty is decadent and no longer values education. We are done for.

Pizza delivery boys are comfy friends. Tip them.

This is a cope. And a bad one

Agreed, America is a shithole. Literally the only good or worthwhile characteristic of this country is gun ownership. Othetwise, it's complete shit. People that live here and don't own guns are retarded cattle. T. American.

>If you can't afford 15% tip, you can't afford to eat out.
>people who can't afford to tip or are oppsed to it stop eating out
>restaurant gross revenue drops 60%
>subpar servers get their hours cut
>deadbeats like you get fired
In a perfect world...

Imagine how much money you'd be saving eating at home.

Imagine how much money you'd be saving if you had a housewife.

Imagine how much buying power you would have if women never entered the workforce.

Imagine the value of a dollar if the value of labour were over double.

Imagine thinking in terms of quality of life metrics rather than...

What exactly is it you're thinking in terms of? Do you even know what money *is*?

>"Real jobs" is bullshit. Not everyone has the capability or access to schooling or training required to get a "real job" and how many electricians can one city have?

no, your argument is bullshit. construction jobs commonly at entry level easily make over minimum wage. especially in certain states like new york, they make a ton. no education required either - not even high school.
a guy who didn't even finish high school and has no qualifications to his name can enter a company at entry level and work his way up to jobs like foreman or project manager, and make use of things like company training opportunities - where companies will put employees who are interested and show good work ethic, through training and getting qualified for things like heavy equipment operators, machine drivers, different certification courses and so on. the company pays for it because they end up with an employee who is qualified in a bunch of necessary stuff.

even people with no high school education can do this. it is a lot more common than you might think. difference is though, it actually takes real work instead of whining like a little bitch about having to carry plates of food.

>implying all restos pay their kitchen staff tips

I work in a higher end resto - food to be proud of. The back of house doesn't get tips, but waitresses walk out with 150+ a night for serving 6 tables for 3 hours of service.

>inb4 get another job

lol go cook the food faggot

This is some kind of bullshit, you are telling me that waiters have to rely on a tips to survive?


Ask me how I know that you've never worked a day in your life and have never lived in the real world...


No, the gun owners too.


bitch be glad you got more than 5%

Matthew 6:25-34.

I have practical skills and allies. I have no need for jew money.

What do you think people did before money?

People like you mean literally nothing to me.

>Waitresses get paid less than $3 an hour.
not true whatsoever. it is against the law to do so.

familiarize yourself with the law and regulations of wages and tips set by the US government Department of Labor, instead of spewing that complete bullshit.

>guest asks for food
>write it down, sweating, this is the pinnacle of stress
>M-more coffee, sir?
>Ho-how's everything?
>Quick chuckle
>The check? Give me a minute to bitch to the cooks who make the food about how much stress that conversation was

All this coming from a guy who thinks serving a table is hard work

Are you actually retarded? this is in the first parragraph
"An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 per hour in direct wages"

nope. its just cancerous american tip culture. most good resteraunts will give you minimum wage of $8-$9 an hour, anything less than that and its the retards fault for applying there.

These cunts get like $200-$500 per night from tips because they think their job is shitty when all they are doing is taking fucking orders and delivering food to a table. so they get paid ALOT of money.

now look at other minimum wage jobs, in retail for example. same minimum wage of $8-$9 an hour for cashiers/stockers/associates that get $0 in tips per night. retail is EASILY a more shitty job than walking from table to table yet they dont get tips.

American businesses can legally undercut their employees' wages by claiming that their tips make up to the minimum wage alongside the amount they're actually paid, even if those tips don't actually do that.

What *is* money?

I bet you’ve not really thought about the true answer to that question, have you?

Take out some money from your wallet and read what it says - probably something about “promise to pay the bearer...etc etc”,
Well, that “promise” is a lie.
Were we all to collect on that “promise to pay” , we would immediately discover that the wealth we are due never existed , the promise was a lie , and the entire global economy is essentially a legalised Ponzi scheme of ever increasing debt...if at anytime , we stop acruing more debt, then the economy goes into free fall.

Problem is, a perpetual growth economy is entirely at odds with a finite planet with finite resources .

So tell me...what *is* money?

Attached: F613E939-AE60-438F-93DA-A22DCFA67AE5.png (340x250, 3K)

>I support no one and have no bills and that shit doesn't go fucking far.
maybe you should:
1) get a real job
2) manage your money better and stop buying frivolous bullshit that you don't need
3) don't live in an overpriced shithole like a retard
4) get a real job
5) learn to read. I said waitressing etc is not meant to be able to support a family.

>if that amount combined with the tips received at least equals the federal minimum wage.
keep reading mongoloid

>So tell me...what *is* money?
Ashes and Echoes

>>deadbeats like you

Let's talk about coping, shall we?

Would either of you describe it as "coping" to feel the need to assert someone has a specific occupation because their statements made you feel attacked regarding how you treat members of that occupation?

I know. Introspection is hard.

That's okay.

The answer to the question is meant for you. This thread can 404 without a single written response to this post.

Just consider it for a moment. What is it about you that makes you believe that I work waitstaff?

P.S. Is this entire thread a distraction from your inability to cook for yourself at home?

there needs to be more people like me that stop giving shitters like you more money than you actually deserve. ridiculous that you fuckers think you are entitled to free money because you gave someone a glass of water any monkey with shit hanging out their ass can do.

Attached: ed8f16b869c4c697767407900e981b96.jpg (700x743, 263K)

Canadian here,

It is a revolution that the cooks also get tips, because the 12$ an hour waitresses are bitching that the 15$ an hour cooks don't deserve tips for making the food the customers are tipping for.

Nah bitch, if you want tips to compensate for your wage than you only need 1 table every hour to tip you 3$, and we all you there are more tables than that and if that were the case than you're making more than qualified workers.

Coming from this industry, it is no surprise waiters stick around for a life time and take on those sweet 5k max tip tax declarations. They're making bank on those tips with no sweat

Well if I quit drinking and smoking I'll have a ton of money, but I would spend it on a gun and eat a bullet. Being sober means I have to face the existential dread that life is just work and watching bullshit tv shows until you die alone.

I recently went to Canada (Scotfag here) ,
First time in a country with a tipping tradition...
So I was paying my bar bill, and the barman goes “and the tip?”,
So I asked “what’s the customary tip? “ and he said “Thank you ! I can tell you are Scottish ...if you were English you wouldn’t have even asked”
Of course I have him 20% because he seemed like a nice guy....but then again, so did everyone in Canada.
The only arseholes I met on my trip were Americans.

Go figure

Attached: BA003D51-8307-41E9-868D-47288E61B43D.jpg (968x681, 39K)

>literal redditspacer trying to talk about coping

if you are working for a job that pays you 2.13 an hour, regardless of tips. kill yourself for being so stupid.

But they can just say you did, and say you're lying if you say you didn't. you absolute fucking moron.
Don't make it so obvious you've never worked.

not op, but the problem, however, is that waitressing does support someone more than comparative status work, with less the work

>get a real job
why is everything such a zero sum game to you? a lot of people eat at restaurants and expect there to be waitstaff. how is that not a real job when it is a service that a lot of people are willing to pay money for? why does being comfortable with your own life mean nothing to you unless others are punished despite performing necessary functions in our society?

Money is not tipping some cunt $15 just because she looks cute.

I worked as a waiter who got 2 dollars an hour. If I didn't earn tips to compensate they would pay me the difference to 7.50 this is how the service industry works. Tips are their wages. Unless you are working so slowly you deserve to be fired you will always make at least 7.5 cause that's basically no money. Never once did my employer pay me anything more than that.

Boo hoo. I always round my bill btw. Me paying you more than I owe you is generous and thus ought to be as convenient as possible. Even if I pay with card flat simple charges are better. I usually do 10% rounded up or 20% it'd the bill is quite cheap and they nailed it. I'll just round up the nearest 5 if their service is shitty. I won't even calculate the tip. I will just write my total. Nice Reddit spacing retard.

Fuck off pedo

not op.. but..
>how is that not a real job when it is a service that a lot of people are willing to pay money for?
>implying I'm going to a resto for the service

Idgaf who serves my food, as long as the food is good.

No shit, any employer can falsify accounting records. Why would you think that's inherent to the waitstaff profession?
>Don't make it so obvious you've never worked.
That's rich

if you are living off tips alone, its not a real job. you mind aswell be sucking dicks in a back alley and get more money because you deciding to work for an employer that pays you 2.13 an hour is pure unfiltered retardation.

>Take out some money from your wallet and read what it says

Love your rhetorical style, fyi. We're cut from teh same cloth. I literally walked my father through this about three months ago. Had to walk him through the whole process of how the Federal Reserve manages inflation through the printing of currency, loans monies to banks, etc etc. Took a few months of repeating the same points for him to really get it all, but he did prove that even boomers are capable of learning when given an abundance of patience.

>So tell me...what *is* money?

Well, look at your dollar bill for me.

That "legal tender for all debts public and private" bit?

That's a typo.

It's tinder.

That's what your paper money is. The part you use to get the kindling going.

Now, as for wealth, well...

Wealth is a stack of firewood prepared and ready for winter.

>real job

Just highlighting this post for those reading, "real job" is one of a series of trigger words used to activate programming alters in humans who have been victims of personality fragmentation. You are already a victim of personality fragmentation. I am not here to protect you.

Emotional states are used to control you, be wary of anyone who attempts to induce a specific emotion in you, it is a form of manipulation. (ofc apply this with prudence, your friends trying to make you smile when you're in a bad mood is manipulation but... it's probably okay manipulation).

Then you just literally confirmed what I'm saying? Thank you I guess.

You’re such a shitty little fucker dude.. It’s common decency to tip the way things are now. Stop being such a stingy Jew.

ITT: bunch of waitresses trying to justify why they make more than the rest of the restaurant staff for the food they think they're being congratulated on.

>mah quality service

come to the land of opportunity where you can barely earn enough to survive. Thank christ I live in a country with at least some worker protection, a minimum wage of $19.49 an hour, it still means that you'll never be able to buy a house or live even remotely close to where you work, but at least you wont die in a ditch.

>2 dollars an hour

who's fault is that retard? there are plenty of resteraunts that will pay atleast $8 + tips. you were just too fucking brain dead and desperate to look around.

Attached: k.jpg (900x865, 469K)

If common decency also costs money, but its optional to pay or not, ill always choose not to pay. america is owned by jews, im surprised it doesnt cost money just to breathe yet. fuck off.

>Order on a tablet
>Food runner brings you food
>1 button per table to summon a waiter if something isn't right like a flight attendant

Welcome to the future faggots.

Can you provide my daily 2800 calorie load by cooking up a batch of money?

I'd appreciate a youtube tutorial. Walk me through your methodology. What's your favorite preparation? Does a $50 bill taste best, or does stripper ass give $1s a woody flavour that's preferable?

>you can't eat money, Bill

Wait, I can't? Well, that's okay. I've got a hole in my roof that needs patched up, we can thatch it with some of those dollar bills.

>money isn't waterproof

Well fuck. I guess at least I can sew a bunch together and wear it as clothing.

>you can't- wait

Yep, that's right. We've finally found a use for money. I was thankful to have you aboard for this journey.


This is fun. How many terms are on that list of yours? I've got a private list of guesses going for which you'll use next.

The best service is one without some dumb waitress thinking they deserve more for the job they're doing

Spotted the people who have clearly never served in their lives. just because business owners SHOULD do something, doesnt mean they will. laws be damned. What is a server living off $2.45/hr gonna do, sue them? ha. Get real.

I’ve been to restaurants in China that are exactly this...order with a tablet from your table, button on screen to summon the waiter...
The future is now...only in China

Attached: 6F972ADC-E7F5-4BDF-8A77-64FF39AB1E66.jpg (500x370, 47K)

get a load of this faggot

Attached: 1580608782226.gif (170x138, 1.99M)

you're right. it's easy. but you pay me to do it so you don't have to do it your goddamn self

if i provide a service, i expect compensation

Not op, but you're dumb you faggot

>Implying a waitress cooks the food people are tipping for
>Implying any wait staff doesn't make more than minimum wage

>Nice Reddit spacing retard.
Heh. God bless automation.

>just because business owners SHOULD do something, doesnt mean they will

Fuck, the only reason I got safety goggles and a mask when I was working with hazardous materials was because I documented myself asking for three months and then threatened a lawsuit.

A run down of the global economy since 1911
Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom - Bust - Boom
^^^ you are here

Ok this is getting to a level that is a world beyond simple retardation.

those that make $2-$3 an hour for being a waiter, where the fuck do you work?

restaurants like outback you can make up to $13 an hour and still get tips.

>What is a server living off $2.45/hr gonna do, sue them? ha. Get real.
If in a market a laborer negotiates a $2/hr wage, feels this is unfair but is so lacking in skills or whose behavior is such a drain on an operation that they cannot negotiate for a higher wage elsewhere, it sounds to me they're earning what they are worth.

Attached: 1580608572739.png (749x767, 444K)

25% for excellent service 20% for service youre happy with and 10-15% for bad service, and nothing for shit service. i generally tip 20% seeing has how most waitstaff do a decent job with being friendly and somewhat attentive. if its super busy ill cut them a little slack as well. ive only never tipped maybe twice and that was because of rude spic waiters

>implying implications
Money is worthless, fag.

If you believe that paper money has value, you deserve everything wrong that happens to you as a result of your erroneous faith.
This video has spawned many a youngun's love of economics.

Only humans with physically traumatic brain injuries are capable of believing the USA is actually capitalistic. You'll have to work harder.

Shit dawg, I've been to restos in Thailand, where you get lead to your room, given pieces of paper, make your order, and then press a button near the door whenever you need service. The future is in private and traditional service

If your economy is based on the exploitation of unskilled labour, and your business model cannot support paying them a living wage, such that the unskilled worker can not afford to work, then your business model is at fault , not the unskilled labourer

you are getting compensated, by your fucking employer you fucking ass worm. you dont need aditional money from the customer when your boss is paying you, and if you do you have made some seriously bad life choices.

like i said before, you mind aswell go suck dicks from a back alley, youd make more money and it would more dignified than depending on customer tips to live.

Attached: d5a9e4f00372d880f7871e5b8e59c322.jpg (1280x893, 875K)

Did I say it was anyone's fault but my own? Shit man u rite. I *thought* what I said was how much i got paid when I was a servant, but now that you have pointed it out i DID say that it's the fault of the paying customer. Got DAMN pedophiles have such good insight.


Lmao. 2800 Cals? Are you a runner or just a fatty?

>This guy even does hard manual labor
This is getting we wiz kangs tier retarded.

This, be on the up.

This is honestly so comfy. How many socially retarded watriesses will ask you shit like "what brings you here" or try to make small talk. Fuckin tablet menus don't do shit but upsell better than the waitress.

Why do the literal slaves of society get trips and not me? :(

go back to commie 101 fag

0/10 for tryhard

How fat are you that your daily caloric intake is 2800??? holy fuck, eat a salad.

If an employee's hourly productivity is worth less than the sum of their wages plus regulatory responsibilities and other costs, why would an business buy their labor at all? To put it another way, why would you as a business owner hire someone who costs the company more every hour than they generate in productivity?

thank you for your army service cocksucker

stop expecting people to tip you faggot. you are litterally a begger on the street at that point working slave labor from a employer that pays you in peanuts.

you fuckers need to understand this and fuck off with the tip entitlement.

it's probably all in semen, too

Nah, 10% minimum, 15% for good, and 20% for great, and even then the percentages dependent on if the tips are going to the kitchen staff. Idgaf about the service and how much you refilled my coffee. I care about the food.

If I'm paying some dumby 15$ on my 50$ receipt than 5-7$ of that better go to the kitchen who actually made the food I enjoyed.

Don't even get me started on bartenders, especially the ones at self serve bars.

>a living wage
Kike terminology.

You know what it was called before it was called a living wage?

It was called a wage.

>2800 Cals? Are you a runner or just a fatty?

I work.

>>This guy even does hard manual labor


Whence does a federal reserve note (United States Dollar) derive its value?

BMI 20. Six foot, do the math on mass yourself.

Go perform some physical labour for a few months. Real work that results in a real result. Go on a hike too, for pleasure.

Also, experiment with fasting and enemas roughly once a week. Keeps your gut clean.

It's pretty easy to burn off a lot of calories if you actually execute labour in your spare time.

Yeah, and I bet you leave your waiters and waitresses Bible quotes as tips, dickfuck

Attached: 1580525609521.gif (384x384, 1.92M)

it would be great if everybody listened to people like this, then they'd fucking starve because there's nobody to serve them

a latter day seccessio plebis


I find it interesting you're preoccupied with thoughts of men swallowing cum.

I'm sure you'll tell me more about this interest of yours regardless of what I say.

I honestly believe the anti-tipping sentiment comes most strongly from people who are 40+ and still can't cook anything without instructions off the back of the box.

Can you please show where I said I expect people to tip me? Pedis have the same reading comprehension as the children they want to fuck.

Waiters are a worthless nicety, fast food proved this.

>actually believing this shit

I remember being a teen

You work for your money, so money = time, you tip them money for nothing = you give them your work/time, so you become their voluntary slave for nothing...

Attached: a_jar_of_awesomeness.jpg (1242x2090, 719K)

Time is money only for people whose times is worth something. Literally any able bodied human being can be a waiter. Their skill has zero worth.

yeah 10 15 20 is what i was taught, im an autist who only goes to a few restaurants that i really like, so I like to give the staff a nice tip

Did you know that saying "We should kill all pedophiles" is protected speech under the first amendment?

There is no imminent and actionable call to violence in that statement. So it is entirely legal (in the USA) to say: "We should kill all the pedophiles.".

The statement IS anti-semitic however. Gotta be wary of that.

>I remember being a teen
Really? We were really gambling on you blacking it out on account of all the trauma. What's the earliest experience you can remember?

Why do you think people would starve if no one tipped you? pretty soon your shitty monkey job will be replaced by apps and robots anyway. go fuck urself.

Giving a good service is not the same as faking a smile and ask you twenty times if you are ok. Tips are the most stupid consequence of wild capitalism.

Waitress brings me a glass of champagne then a filet mignon, she comes by the table once and brings me back another glass. She comes by to ask me about dessert and wanting none, brings me the bill. 85 dollars. I'm expected to give her around 13-17 dollars in tip.

The table beside me orders a coca cola, she takes order for a burger and brings it, she comes back to refill the glass, and returns to ask about dessert, wanting none he gets the bill for 14 dollars. he is expected to pay 2.25-3 dollars in tip.

For the exact same service, I am expected to pay 7x the amount just because my meal costs more.

The waitress probably did almost none of the actual work preparing the meal, pouring the drink, bussing the table or washing the dishes. She walked food from the kitchen. people gripe about how little the employer pays them, while at the same time only a shitty bitch of a waitress makes much less than 100-200 dollars more than her wage a night. Tipping is bullshit.

>I was only pretending to be retarded

Generally, 15% is considered "normal" but it depends on the amount of food ordered (i.e. quality of service + amount of work). Lets say you're fucking disgusting and order a post-meal burger before your dessert. That's three dishes + drink for one person, which would normally amount to around $35 at a casual dining place. Something like this, if you're by yourself, would warrant a 15% tip for standard service you'd expect. However, if you're with another person who does the same thing, it's expected to tip 20% for the same "average" service due to greater amounts of work. Similarly, if you order something small (like some $10 meal during lunch break) it literally doesn't matter how much you tip since it'll be one dish and a small amount of work done. This gets more complicated when you go per state because some states allow slave wages ($3.75) with compensation through tips to make the difference and no "Right to Work" policy preventing spontaneous firing without legitimate cause.

tl;dr tipping is fucked and unless you're with others in a group just tip 10% or better yet, not at all if you never plan on going back anyway because fuck waiters and waitresses.

>It is anti simetic
Fuck dude lost. Hard chuckle.

Tell me that image is a joke.

Are you capable of describing the last meal you cooked for yourself?

If so, please, describe it for me visually. If you can get the other senses involved, that's great.

Oh nice, we're back to the list. Next one down, no programming activated yet.

Honk honk. In lak'ech ala k'in.

Epoch: 1582387860

Nothing is secret to those who are meant to know.

by working as a waiter that gets paid 2.13 an hour you are expecting people to tip because thats the only thing you can live off of while your employer pays you shit covered peanuts from a monkeys ass. Not the customers fault, not the managers fault, but its your fault for choosing to live as a BEGGER.

No one is going to act on loli posters anyway faggot, stop projecting worthless values.

Attached: sample-0c911a871d2d60636d87a51a0d4a1fe2.jpg (1400x891, 236K)

> (You)
>Tell me that image is a joke.
Nope, that is the reality you live in now

i dont give them even that. they are lucky if i even write the zero next to the tip line faggot.

Ah shit the pedo strikes again with worthwhile insight. Please keep giving me (You)s they are so pleasant to recieve

It actually is fake tho :/

ITT: Delusional dropouts coming to terms that SERVING is a nigger tier job.

This is just untrue, you are either trolling or ignorant.

I appreciate the signposting, fren. As long as Nelson Mandela is still considered dead by the public, I haven't traveled too far.

Kiddiefuckers deserve the rope.
You're welcome for that hit of dopamine I just gave you.
Come back any time.
In lak'ech ala k'in.

Attached: (you).jpg (1600x1000, 191K)

I don't know what you're talking about but you have great taste in cunny

Reverse seared cowboy rib eye, cooked to medium rare on weber charcoal grill. instructions provided by the barbeque pit boys.

Unfortunately for you captain faggot, i know how to follow youtube instructions to cook for myself. if i ever want to not cook because im too lazy i just order on uber eats and not tip the delivery driver who is getting paid $26 an hour to pick up my fucking food. i almost never eat out unless its to appeal to some tinder slut im trying to fuck. waiters are not needed and will be replaced soon enough.

you can keep projecting tho.

Attached: sample-7aefba464f1241f311bc25fd2fe4462e.jpg (652x1000, 135K)

It's very easy to tell that everyone on this board in underage

The image is gamer girl pee. Belle is probably hydrated anough that her pee wouldn't be that color anyway.

Congratulations, you cooked a steak.

Anything that requires more than 4 Cooking in the Sims?

it's a jewish custom - paying poo wages to employee and shifting the responsibility to a client.
If the client don't pay (voluntary money) the worker will hold a grudge against the cilient - not employer
choosing beggars subhuman culture

Attached: happy merchant.jpg (220x220, 19K)

And ill never get the rope captain projector. so here is another loli you can secretly save to your computer while projecting.

i only save the best

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Exactly. See my post here:

Yeah there are always fakers pretending to buy the expensive stuff

The next logical step is to sell body fluids after bath water fren

Tips are not paid in cash.

You are a waiter, why are you are implying you can even cook anything beyond cereal? if you could, and considering you chose the food industry to work in, you would be a cook making $15+ an hour rather than a begger making $2.13 an hour.

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Yes. Most are.

>You are a waiter
This is news.

Not in my experience

Cooking the perfect steak is art. go fuck yourself.

Ya, he cooked you in his reply, you waiter parasite.

I never ever tipp!

If you visit Europe don't panic just pay what is written on the menu. You don't need to care about that at all.

Tax is already in the product, service like in most of the civilised developed countries. I heard that they got that in China. Which is commi state....but...hey let's move on.

I got paid by my employer who is also paying my health insurance.
If something happens to me he is covered and I'm too.


Yep we got social healthcare. I'm paying for it even when I'm not using it but it fuckin works. Alive and without debt and if something happens I'm covered pretty well. Indeed.


I don't need to pretend a fake smile for few shekels. Just be quick and polite, that's it. Everyone is happy.

You tipp only on end of the month (when you got your paycheck)or if you like someone and would like to go there again to have some chat or more.

Tho I love that you got there big plates with mountain of food and drinks. Remember eat healthy or this plate will cost you your house.

Move your uncle here to Europe and we will take care about him that he can have a decent peaceful life.

PS: no reason for me to be good in English. Peace and have great life

Please say that greedy cunt lost her job?

Did he? Because I pretty much expected "I cooked a steak once". And that's exactly what I got.

>hi im karen.

Back to the list I see. Next one down, no alters here. Here, I'll weed a few off your list:

That oughta save us some time, I'm working towards a goal woth this operation. Give me something new. Really do your best to trigger me, earn that paycheck.

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yay this thread again

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The point is that there are many people in other industries that get paid minimum wage, and for some reason nobody feels they should get paid extra by the customer.
Tip every minimum wage worker, or tip none of them.
Plate carriers are not special