Any medfags out there can tell me what this is? It is on my girlfriends belly...

Any medfags out there can tell me what this is? It is on my girlfriends belly. The red mark is a scar from a hysterectomy

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it's a third nipple

Nah its not


Doesn't look good. Keep an eye on it. If it gets bigger or gets a ragged shape, have it looked at

If you are anywhere other than the US go to a fucking doctor lol

What do u think it is?

In U.S.

Kaposi sarcoma

Hope you use condom

I wanted to cut it off with a razor

No condoms. She had a hysterectomy

Go to the doctor anyway, that's corona bud.

Kinda looks like sarcoma. Not a doctor

STDs don't care about hysterectomies.


Pretty sure she is only with me. We live together for 2 years. But yeah, I hear ya

Kaposi sarcoma, the cancer that developes from AIDS, the hysterectomy won’t save you

Are u a zombie?

Probably some dudes dried jizz. Cucked.

Funny user

Except it's not user

Here is another one that is on her side

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Ok. Get her to a doctor soon. See how the shape is irregular, and it has dark spots in it? Google skin cancer.

Now post pics of tits

I did. Most of those(melanoma) are a lot darker

You should definitely see a doctor, that could be skin cancer.
The good news is it doesn't look like melanoma which is the deadliest, and assuming she doesn't wear belly shirts 24/7 while outside, it's unlikely.
Most forms of skin cancer don't spread unless you're super unlucky, but you should definitely get it biopsied

Her ass looks better

Thanks user

I wasn’t trying to be though,

I know user. But its funny



Chocolate pudding or shit

Ask on /r/dermatology on reddit