How do I get a girl like this to be my gf?

How do I get a girl like this to be my gf?

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Be rich

Easy girls are easy. If you can't even get one of them to kiss you, you got massive problems there buddy

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You need a lot of this...

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and money. Even if it means ending up with a 300 credit score.

...and a bigger this

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God she's so beautiful

Be 6 inches taller, fit, and rich. She'll come find you.

Serious answer...

Find out what makes her laugh. Present yourself in a way where you bring joy to her, such as making her laugh, and she will fall in love with you without ever realizing it.

It’s proven to work 100% of the time regardless if one is intro/extrovert.

you hipnotize her!

Be black

A self proclaimed thot? Why?
Those types are only gonna cheat on you, user
If you want to "date" one, get a nice car, nice clothes, go to the gym, act like a tool
If you want to fuck one, literally just ask if she has cashapp and an hour of spare time

>never had sex
>giving advice

You don't. I don't think anyone here can. Most of us can't get anyone, let alone someone who might be considered attractive

>How do I get a girl like this to be my gf?

like what?

Holy shit. We found a real beta orbiter. Kill yourself

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Pic related

Don’t we all, slowly?

White? Blonde? Slutty?

Just dress like a fag and go to an EDM concert

If you're here asking that question you'll never get one.

She would never be faithful. She's a whore.
I guarantee that there is a trail of ruined dudes behind her that fell for her and tried to make her their gf. Pretty to look at, probably a nightmare to deal with.


he's right. works for me too. humor and confidence are the key to getting girls

A slut?
You find one


Shock collar and straps. Ohh and the moyth gag so she cant bite during her blow jobs. Cause rapes your only bet op.

Be three black men

Ask Bill Cosby

Try talking to one idfk

Dont be a faggot. Im a 41 year old fat neckbeard. My wife is 26 and pic related. We have been together 6 years. I have no money to speak of .

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Ya but how bigs your cock? How good is your credit?

Less than 550 credit and pic related

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You're her sugar daddy, she'll leave you when tyrone comes around.

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Make a married woman laugh and you're halfway there with her. It don't work with the single bird. It'd start you off on the wrong foot.
You get one of them laughing, you won't get nothing else.

blind her with SCIENCE!

She works 60+ hours a week and im a stay at home dad. There are no black people in our town . she will never leave me.

If she's a promo girl, don't even try. If she's a waitress or bartender it's still hard. You gotta hang out at her work a lot, but WITH FRIENDS . You have to look like you have a fun life. Not a loser.

Is there more of this girl?