2D feet

2D feet

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my lungs hurt i sniffed too much feet *cough*

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3 images to start thread


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No such thing as too much feet
I spot a nigger
Fucking contribute fag

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am drunk

posted too much mud brown nagatoro feet and now my lungs are infected by her smell

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breathing around smelly girlfeet is dangerous ur lungs will get infected

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beating my meat to anime feet

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rip lungs

your breath is gonna smell of dirty girlfeet now. Hope u dont mind.

also french girls make wine with their smelly feet

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Fine wine

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rip lungs

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Smelly feet cure lungs

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you'll catch feet induced pneumonia from huffing smelly remi feet that haven't been washed in 500 years. Didn't you know? Better hold ur breath

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Mythra's feet also haven't been washed in 500 years
Weird fetish
Why do you like it?

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i caught foot induced pneumonia from huffing remi feet. Every breath stings now but have to learn to live with it :C

just plug ur nose with garlic or something if you want to give her a pedicure

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>just plug ur nose with garlic or something if you want to give her a pedicure
That's even worse
I'll rather enjoy her aroma

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enjoy ur poisoned lungs

does it sting to breathe yet?

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I think feet can be cute, but you guys are just weird.

Nah I can take it


take a deep breath first, mortal

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Sniffing is good

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i hope remi gives you her feet induced pneoumonia

enjoy ur lung infection

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Alright user what if you can no longer be able to sniff feet

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imagine the pent up stench after 5 centuries! Ur lungs would melt in an instant. Am immune though since the remi likes me.

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i know you guys are being autistic on purpose, but there is a little truth to it
i made my gf wear the same socks for a whole week straight, and she didn't shower some of those days
she made me worship them while calling me a loser and a freak and kept flipping me off while occasionally jerking me, until i finally blasted the biggest load to date
and for the rest of the night even after i dropped her off, if i covered my nose with my hand i could still smell her feet. the smell must have lingered inside my nose for the rest of the night


i sniffed girlfeet and then woke up with a bad cough and my chest hurt the next day

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they are being autistic and so are you.

Reading this turned me on
Too bad she's 3D

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>deep breaths~ mortal. I last washed them 5 centuries ago. I promise it wont hurt breathe

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You'll lose your smell sense after one sniff

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is ok have chest cold anyway

*snifffff* it stings :(

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Feet are like wine
They're better when aged

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tomoko feet are basically bioweapons

imagine the sniff after a full week at school. All the cute plants in her garden wilt from the smell. She doesn't mean to she like plants

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You can die one day
Be careful what feet you smell

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i have sniffed tomoko feet too many times. It stings lungs but am immune mostly.

Now u sniff~ might hurt at first but you'll get used to it

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I lost a lung in the process
She's too strong

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should talk to me about tomokofeet tbh

am lonely and want to spread her feetmonia

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I don't have discord

aw come on plssssssss

tomoko needs her foot stink to spread~

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that is a very rare tumko feet pic. Its from a deviantart page thats now deleted.

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Post moar rare Tomokos

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*plugs nose with garlic*

okie... try not to breathe though. tomo is known to not like pedicures

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*takes garlic off* *embraces true natural scent*
Im ded

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weak lungs tbh

*deep breath* ahhhh~ *cough*

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Please no more
I have a family

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aw come on its not that bad. You should only feel a long and painful burning in ur lungs

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anyone like when the girl is unwilling?

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But it's also painful

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how does it feel to breath around tomoko when she is barefoot?

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Both good and bad

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keep sniff

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But I don't want to die

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her feet scent doesn't kill u silly it just makes it hard to breathe and makes ur breath smell of her feet. Imagine giving tomoko some cute roses and having them wilt from her feet smell.

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What makes tomos feet so special?

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she's neet so she's not interested in pedicures. Just snffing her feet once gives you footmonia.

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Is overdose possible?

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nup. You're just gonna suffer by having ur breath smell like tomoko feet and being forced to inhale the lung burning scent over and over. You'll get used to it.

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take a deep breath near miku feet

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imagine the lung rotting scent

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So what is the ideal goal by sniffing Tomos feet

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if u huff her feet enuff and contract footmonia you can spread it to others by coughing out her scent near them (remember ur lungs carry her feet scent germs now)

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Best thread going right now tbh but could do without all the cringey commentary.

We all wanna sniff feets, why you gotta be faggots about it though holy shit

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i hope you catch foot induced pneoumonia from tomoko

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...i hope so too.

Also, checked.

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yes yes

fill this thread with biohazardous tomoko feet smell until it chokes the air from everyones lungs

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It's only proper to discuss important matters inside an important thread
Very well, Good Night user

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my lungs are starting to burn from the feet smell but gn

cute tumko

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not as cute as tumko feet tbh

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you are my favorite poster

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I jerk off to Astolfo's feet a lot

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Name a better loli footslut, you can't

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they are trap feet

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Still 2D and still just as good to fap to

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they are some girly feet, almost as silky as tomoko's (but not quite as biohazardous)

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tomokos smelly feet have polluted this thread

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Miku's sweaty feet are an international treasure. Ones I wish I could smell, touch taste and feel

good holo feets

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thread killed from smelly feets