Why do women love niggers so much?

Why do women love niggers so much?

Are they themselves niggers?

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Because women want men! Not weak shit talking nerds like you.

Why do people still use the "n" word? It's 2020 not 1850.

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Yes they are disgusting selfish weak beings they should be beat like dogs they are

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Nogs are animals not men

Inbreds only have 20 words in their vocabulary. Black isn’t one of them

Basement dwellers like yourself aren’t human too. Your point?

check back in when you ever go on a date with a woman

Actualy i wish i had a chain to kill em all in one swing.

Pretty sure the girl in this pic was raped and murdered by niggers

You are all monkeys that is the truth

Yeah she was. Got what was coming tbh id kill her but i wouldnt touch her filthy pussy

I was right

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Claim my woman first, then you can claim me

Aint gonna touch those hoes

You need to by hung from a tree

Not to surprising they live like animals.

Both women and niggers live like animals.

no, men and woman of all colors

No just niggers. And all woman

They want the best offspring, and black genetics are the best.

>The Black Africanus species of human is distinguished by the amount of rape

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As long as you want a litiral ape as a kid... then yes.

Haiti :
Vectorborne diseases are common to Haiti and include Plasmodium falciparum malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.

Relatively common diseases wipe out African tribes because raping an infant is not a cure drinking the
infants blood is not a cure raping and drinking the blood of an infant after fucking a goat at midnight is not a cure, Those genes working overtime on intellect.