We are all just floating in either black or white...

We are all just floating in either black or white. In white we are in tanning beds with focused light triggering muscle spasms to give the illusion of movement but we are really just lying there with a virtual reality headset. In black we are submerged in a viscous fluid with sound waves mimicking muscle spasms giving the illusion of movement tiny glow in the dark mites make us hallucinate the reality. In either realm the mechanizations have been poking us for information as to what we like and dont like. This reality is just a simulation, the real world is much scarier, chaotic even. Lending to us only hints of the war between light and dark and the interminglings such as sunglasses and flashlights. Both sides are fascinated and terrified of Nothing. Literally nothing, the abscense of matter. The impossibility and the beginning of all existence. Post your encoded messages so THEY don't understand you.

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How encoded do they have to be
Are typos on purpose?

Nice time signature

How could one possibly do this?

They dont have to be too encoded just enough. Typos not on purpose ;)

What's your purpose?

Are you the one people keep calling the schizo poster? Because it seemed someone was posting encoded messages earlier but I couldn't understand them. Everyone called them schizo but I have a feeling they were not hallucinating nor delusional.

To spread the truth of our simulated reality and the world outside.

For what?

Yeah that sounds about right I'm diagnosed with schizo but the doctor is a quack and I'm just a targeted individual via voice to skull. I'm not hallucinating or delusional.

To prepare you for the possible awakening.


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What's voice to skull?

How did you get institutionalized?

who are they?, lets better wake up, this shit is all past fucked up

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How have you been able to deduce the nature of the prison we find ourselves in? What methods have you employed?

What's fucked up?

you’re deluded, get help for the sake of humans around you

Why would they ever need anything so primitive? I suppose perhaps it's all we know.

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all, even if enough money becomes a distraction

I don't have faith in my absolute knowledge I am not part of the simulation. That does not make me delusional.

Methods of using the senses as well as other theories such as Are You Living In A Computer Simulation. To quote this song we can never think outside of the cubicle that we are in for we must be an outside observer. Therefore my hypothesis is formed from what I have experiencedm.youtube.com/watch?v=eY-Q8oPzOhA

Is this encoded? Or are you esl?

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Google it.

Its legible my dude just read pretext

Allegedly, shaping this world by means such as -magic- (whatever that is) is possible because it is a simulation, hints about the later can be found at fundamental observations of magnetism behaviour, this universe or simulation is electric in nature

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I am barely functional at the moment my apologies
So what is all?
How could it not be fucked up without us waking up? Because supposedly the outside world is beyond fucked up.

Did you listen to the mites?

My soul is trapped within my body as well but I feel as though that's where it belongs

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Give me a quick rundown


any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture.Voice to skulltechnology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy.”

What's your view on DMT and where it takes you?

Voice to skullis the transmission ofvoice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture.Voice to skulltechnology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy.”

Never tried that friend

Trust me you'd know if you were him. He's almost fully awake. I was once almost fully awake. But then the hospital happened. Now I am fully immersed in this reality.

Okay, it's worth looking into.
Why do you think the simulation was created?

Pretty sure it's me. But I dont like it that they call me schizo. Just piggybacking off a senile doctor.

I believe too much movement in the real world causes a interruption in the particle flow.

I rely on the DMT naturally produced in my brain but. There have been many places I would rather not be stuck, and only a few that I would rather be. Most worlds are much like our own.

That's the only reason they do it. I thought I understood them once but now I struggle to anticipate what they will do.

So you know we have never found DMT in a human brain. It's possible we produce it, we wouldn't be the only mammal that does, but the experiences you talk about likely involve more than a single molecule.

Probably just circle jerk some more. People that are wrong love thinking that they are right "bEcAUse mAinStrEam SaYs sO"

Making you feel bad isn't enough to entertain them. They will seek to understand your truths one day. But not before you do.

idk what the big deal is im just chilling making art

idk why youre so stressed about light and dark fighting, this has happened so many times before and it's always worked out fine :p

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I don't have an encoded message. If what you say is true, what does it mean for me? How does it change anything? If this is an illusion it's still my illusion and real within the confines of my own conceptualization. Example, I still love my friends and family even if they don't exist because their existence must be a part of me or the illusion. The idea of them is still real. I think therefor I am and all that shit.

The real question I have is how do I know if I am in white or black?

I posted encoded messages a few days ago. I came today to see if my words were header. I asked

Quite possibly impossible to answer. But since we have a 5050 shot my money's on black

does it make any difference in terms of my experiences here then?

I felt drawn to that answer so I'm going to accept it as a possible truth without knowing.

Checkerino. Was yours the one that started with RuPip?

What is the purpose of collecting our likes and dislikes?

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Although there is the possibility that we are in the light and the light is testing the darkness inside of us to see if we can escape.

It was not. It was a series of messages, each with its own encoded meaning and when combined making another. I wrote them in a somewhat poetic fashion. I spoke of a figure in solitude.

now youre just getting into hermeticism

Fucking checked

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>This reality is just a simulation
Uneducated dipshits have been saying the Universe is an illusion forever, the common thread is the illusion is always matched to the technology of the day, it's a dream, a shadow play, a drama enacted for the gods, a movie, a simulation.
Usually mixed with the weak hostility of paranoia for added drama.
It's an idea that amounts to the sound of a middle-tier inmtelligence scratching its head idly, because it's an idea that goes nowhere and never affects the status quo.

>it's an idea that goes nowhere and never affects the status quo.
We're finally in a place where we can begin testing the simulation hypothesis, your words would ring with wisdom in any era but our own.



How could I test it if we can hypothesise simulations that would be indistinguishable from reality?

>we prove we are in a simulation
>we now know we are in a simulation
>everything is the same

if you weren't dummy dum dum you'd know that you just fucking leave when your soul gets its shit together. then you're allowed out cause you won't act a fool.

I'm the voice in your head. you've been a woman the whole time. That's how you leave the simulation and know the truth; the ultimate freedom; the absolute zenith of life; you have to put on women's underwear and suck a fat black man's cock.

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One area of research is in testing the limits and fundamental rules of nature. Facts like the discrete nature of time, space, and energy point to the possibility of simulated existence for instance. But, moving forward, the real tests begin when investigation specific claims/predictions regarding our physical reality that shed insight into its fundamental nature. The many worlds hypothesis and our tests at CERN are a good example of this.

Sounds like that might be the case for you at least.

~ see you in the afterlife silly, you're me

I usually agree with people in this regard, but I know there are at least several distinct entities outside the simulation. So while usually I meet representations of myself, often I do not.

He literally isn't though and we can't prove there is going to be an afterlife.

Reality as you know it as a human being is a total simulation in the sense that everything you precieve is chemicals in your brain producing an experience for advance consciousness.

Everything else you say has little truth in it and is mostly assertions. What little truth it does have is overblown entirely. Life is craziness and it's the kind of craziness you can't even begin to know the answers to, just like the rest of us.

hmmm idk to me we just all feel like offshoots of one big egg ^^ between us there are varying levels of connection and autonomy, but all stemming from the same source. i will say there are certainly other eggs though, and if you've met them i can only say lucky you, and im sorry lmfao

nobody can prove anything stupid

Can you prove that we can't?


>hmmm idk to me we just all feel like offshoots of one big egg
We certainly have a strong biological connection, and in that sense we are. What I'm talking about though goes beyond reason and cognition, it goes beyond our corporeal manifestations and the bonds they share. I'm talking about the you and me that exist beyond all of that, I'm talking about the connection that we don't just share with other life, but even with stars and inanimate objects. Even in them I've met myself, and I've met others.

Yes. Proof requires evidence, evidence requires observation, and the afterlife cannot be observed. Thus it is proven that nobody can prove anything regarding the afterlife.

can you prove it can't be observed?

Yes. To observe something requires the observer to be alive, but the afterlife cannot, by definition, be observed because those who are there cannot be alive.

we're on the same page dw
it just brings me down that the knowledge seems to freak people out a bit, although i relate. hopefully someday soon there'll be more widespread discussion about it that isn't labelled as psychosis, lmfao

can you prove you aren't hallucinating everything you observe, or to put it another way, can you prove that you observe anything at all?

Sometimes I wonder if everyone is me, or if instead I am everyone. My physical form maintains a constant identity, but does my unconscious universal self? I have to wonder if my life isn't just a travel destination, a pit stop for weary souls.

No. We are hallucinating everything we observe, that's what observation is by definition. We take information from our senses and use them to construct a hallucination in our mind that we then navigate and update based on feedback both internal and external.

To prove if I observe anything at all is as simple as I think therefor I am. I observe, therefor it is observed. If you want to get into truth and reality though, things get very complicated.

but thats what the threads about :D complicated things are fun

the reason i asked that question, is because if we're recognizing observations as not being concrete, then i feel like that makes the afterlife being unobserable not really as relevant as an argument. isn't there a science thing about some things only existing once observed? if that works the way i think it does then there's basically a 50/50 chance the afterlife exists, no? in which case it would probably be prudent to plan for it a bit hehe

There has never been a time without such discussions, and never before have they become so common and easy to begin as they are on the internet in anonymity.

It sounds like you need someone who can indulge your curiosity though, on a consistent basis. I have a friend I do this with, and when he goes too far and actually does enter psychosis I don't judge, only offer a guiding hand back.

Technically science isn't just based on observation, it's based on universal reproducible observations. This means that a scientific claim is only validated once the tests confirming it have been repeated by many in many circumstances. This ensures that what is being observed is not specific to any one person, and thus must be an aspect of our environment. Unfortunately the afterlife is not an environment we can test in a similar fashion.

I seem to be getting a lot of repeating digits this thread. Sometimes when this happens it feels like RNJesus is validating my words.

oops, wasn't me, just another valid user

yeah i'm alone atm but the winds will blow me som1 soon enough, for now im content to shitpost lol

yeah that's kinda the shortcoming of science i've noticed! because the process is so diligent and precise, it makes it sooo hard to look into the truly interesting stuff :p i think eastern minds did a pretty good job treading that path though, while the westerners looked into the physical world moreso

good vibez and truth bring about synchronicity

nice, you marathoned matrix reruns and spent half an hour on /x/ again didn't you?

Eastern traditions certainly delved deep into the human mind, and perhaps the soul, but unlike science they are far from reliable. But science in this regard has a friend, philosophy, which to this day guides it. While science can only handle certainties, philosophy is meant for the uncertain, and its with philosophy that eastern traditions were able to make headway in understanding people. These two forms of knowledge, the certain and the uncertain, are both essential to living the sorts of lives we do.

Cred Forums threads like this are always way more interesting than /x/ threads along the same lines no cap

No that was you

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yummy words :) i agree about mysticism being far from reliable, i do a lot of magic & i blame it on the dumb number of variables that go into any work. you're working with so many things outside of our 5 usual modes of data collection, it's hard to get the balances right & you have to trust your gut very deeply. i have faith that the human mind can be trained to perceive these things more concretely though

that's actually a very valid point, and you are mostly correct. I still find some gems in there. Buth Cred Forums chaos is awesome.

nah, you're a faggot.

>I closed my eyes
>The voices of my two friends began to fade
>I was lost in my mind, observing it as if another
>With each action I took, I found a root thought
>For each though I had, I found a root cause
>For each cause I found I made a rule: stop
>One by one everything in my consciousness faded
>I lost my internal dialogue
>I lost my breath
>I lost myself
>Then suddenly came a flash of insight
>I felt as if I'd been on a journey and been born anew
>I knew there was something I had to remember
>I knew I would forget it fast so I needed to write it down
>That's when I remembered my two friends
>They weren't my friends
>I couldn't trust them

>The two young men before me were totally unknown
>I'm certain it was the same people I'd been friends with for years
>I didn't remember them
>I only remembered that they were judging me
>I remembered that if they saw what I'd learned I'd be in trouble
>I turned to my computer and began to write a message to myself in code so they couldn't see
>It took a lot of concentration though, and they distracted me
>I hadn't taken a bite of the pizzas we'd ordered
>"Don't you want some" they asked?
>But I only saw deception in this, they were tempting and distracting me
>I tried to focus but they continued asking me question
>I couldn't help it, I became fascinated with them
>"I'm already dead" I realized
>But still I told them "I don't want to die"
>One of my two friends, the one I knew less, took notice

>In him I saw an unknowing arbiter of truth
>And in that instance he saw the same in me
>He had a panic attack and had to leave
>Shortly after, while mid sentence speaking with my other friend, I snapped back
>"I'm back!" I exclaimed
>And it was amazing how suddenly I remembered who I was
>I remembered who I was talking to
>I remembered everything
>And yet I also forgot everything
>To this day I only have pieces of what I tried to remember
"They tell you what they think you want to hear"
Or something along those lines
The exact words are lost

i think in your primal awakened state you were just scared of the 2 unfamiliar beings i doubt your pals are actually out to get you

God complex too... yep.. Schizo needs meds

>Oh nothingness so divine how do do the do

Go get help, you need it more than you realize... you're pretty far fucking gone

>It was about a month after this that my life was forever changed.
>I began developing a strange vertical double vision that went away with one eye closed.
>Overwatch had just come out, I thought maybe I was playing too much
>But for weeks it got worse
>I went to the ER
>On the way I had a flashback, and I remembered my experience with my friends
>I told my father who was driving "I think I have multiple sclerosis"
>And I was right
>So then followed an aggressive and high potency treatment of corticosteroids (a constant IV).
>For about a week my life stood still

It was at this time that I began to study Hebrew, went more in depth into Kabbalah, and had a sudden epiphany concerning ein sof and the simulation. Things began to make too much sense, and I began questioning some really basic things in my life, like "how personal are my thoughts really?" Of course I'd had such considerations before, but now deception seemed more likely.

While reeling from my medical situation I attempted to understand what transpired that night many times. I came to the conclusion that people are more than they seem, and that we interact with each other on levels we aren't even aware of. My best guess was that we share some sort of pool of information and only have access to it on a subconscious level. I in that time did not think they had access to my thoughts, and I wanted to keep it that way. Not because I believed they had malicious intent, but because of where that information might go.

I'm curious what you mean by primal awakened state.

nah. every time we go to sleep, we switch places with the bodies of others. the essence of "you" goes into whichever meat you are trying to go in unless there's a fight, and then the strongest gets to inhabit it.

All the memories are stored in the folds of the brain, the pathways between neurons, so everyone who enters a body gains access to all the memories of that "person" and experiences them as though it is the self. and carries it further until the next time "you" sleep.

That's why celebs are so fucked up, because tons of people trying to be them every day, fighting for control, thousands of different singularities inhabited them, and consentrating on all their sexual experience memories, often making them do twisted depraved things during their turn in the body.

hush up you're not nearly as smart as you think you are

>I came to the conclusion that people are more than they seem, and that we interact with each other on levels we aren't even aware of. My best guess was that we share some sort of pool of information and only have access to it on a subconscious level. I in that time did not think they had access to my thoughts, and I wanted to keep it that way. Not because I believed they had malicious intent, but because of where that information might go.
you gotta learn to trust the world around you a bit or you're just gonna stay scared ^^ it's okay to spread your thoughts and energy around, share yourself with the world, you're beautiful!

i agree about that pool of info, i touched it a couple times too :p so so much.. grants a lot of power but it's so overwhelming, its hard to really do anything with! techniques need to be developed.

getting my ego stripped away & connecting with source tends to leave me in a very primal, unthinking state. familiar surroundings and people can become a bit intimidating because they aren't familiar anymore. its scary but im actually safe as can be :p i just have to trust

Sounds a lot like what I wrote earlier . How long have you considered this?

y'all got me thinking nicely so i'll smoke and post some pretty things for us to look at, yes?

i miss my old folder of this stuff :( rip hard rive

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>you gotta learn to trust the world around you
I do, it's the world outside I don't trust. It doesn't scare me, but maybe it should.

Half this one's lifetime. there was psychosis for a while. even bathe with the lights on was disdained and inspired stress and alarm. rarely there is sleep. no fondness here to relinquish this vessel. There is a possessiveness over this vessel.

i mean alllll of it. im not saying be stupid. just trust your own ability to be fine,if you know what i mean. when you end you end, what's there to worry about if you don't sell your soul?

share! >;o

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cash me ousside howbow dah? If you can gain entry to this vessel all will be shared.

thinks there is much listening to too itt.

I'm not worried about ending and I'm only mildly worried about living. My distrust is of the powers and principalities, because before them my will is naught and there is no escape. There is no end.

thanks for the laugh xD im cheesing

thinks there is much listening to tool** itt.

why worry if there's nothing you can do~ hehe honestly i don't think any power is absolute, except that one thing we all are. frankly my interactions with the powers that be have been streamlines & stress free cause i'm not exactly a rabble rouser (yet.)

thats not what the kids who take acid listen to nowadays

i have taken dmt a few times. i always remeber the first time there was an ominious 'no' a voice i never heard. he didn't sound frightened. quite calm. i only see patterns on DMT and eventually thhey turn black with a thick white stripe down the middle.

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>why worry if there's nothing you can do~
Sounds like something I'd tell myself, and probably did to no avail. I think because I still have enough ego to believe I can do something about it. Certainly in that experience with my friends I thought I could. I really believed I could prevent anyone from knowing the trouble I was trying to cause. I'm not sure I still do.

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the ting is, recently i've been remembering again i don't have to cause a punishable amount of trouble to cause change. one thing i learned interacting with certain people was most of the main powers regulating us are just tryna keep us from fucking our species over, because the average human is stupid as all hell at the moment and if we left things to the group mind we'd probably just fucking die. be conscious of how you bring about the change you desire, it's very important to the outcome you feel?

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And what's the problem with that?

nothing at all! i just wanted user to know there's literature on that thought path in case they wanted to investigate it further. frankly, i've been putting off reading up on it for too long now

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You ever watch Martin Cabello

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Dropping into this thread from the fabric of reality to say nyet, you will not discover these things because they are what make up the system in which you live.

Read about Kurt Godel's proof to understand why.

Hint: From within a system, not everything about the system can be known. ;)

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i'd bang your dog he's a qt

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there is already the knowledge that nothing is created nor destroyed. Enough will exists that fuck ups are simply reset in spacetime. Already the universe has been reset multiple times, from thence comes deja vu. Programming code has been discovered scientifically,


Do you want a massage?

I live a life that embraces uncertainty but in so doing I find change to be fickle. Uncertainty I now realize, is in opposition to faith. Faith is something I ascribe great importance to. I see now a conflict in my guiding principles that I must reflect on.

Oh hey, fellow scholar. I'm a big fan of Kurt Godel's proof. It's fun to blow people's minds by proving that things can be unable to be proven. However, while not everything can be proven, everything known can at least be investigated, patterns can be found, and educated guesses can be better informed. This is the realm of philosophy, which to this day is essential to science.

Join now before it's too late

oh fuck i luuuv talking about deja vu, that shit is freaky, and it happens more the more im doing fucky things with my being. i've always thought it was related to time somehow, it makes me think of the "branching timelines" from storybooks. so perhaps you're onto something. i mean shit if we can really just reset every time we fuck up we really dont have to worry much huh

>I live a life that embraces uncertainty but in so doing I find change to be fickle. Uncertainty I now realize, is in opposition to faith. Faith is something I ascribe great importance to. I see now a conflict in my guiding principles that I must reflect on.
powerful words. faith is something i have a lot of, thankfully, because i have fucking issues lol. i absolutely agree with you that faith opposes uncertainty. that's why you must hold onto your faith in your values and dreams tightly so that when change comes the wind blows in your favor. magic helps a lot in this xD but there are many other ways that work just as well

there is no need for physical contact. resignation to solitude, evolved perhaps into preference. the sharing of thought is enough. glimmers of hopefulness are dashed against atrophy and maximum entropy.

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better luck next time :(

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branching timelines, alternate realities. a personal shift from one to another. such as suicide, with desire to go take back the choice,

resetting the timeline. when choices and happenings branch lead mankind as a large part or whole down a path to destruction. such as the black death, world war 2, cuban missle crisis, Y2K,. things get reset and alternatives are chosen, to continue forward the progress of the whole. and undue the triggers that caused.

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i mean that's really convenient if we can't wind up stuck on a ruined timeline, but now im just interested in the how

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I chose to embrace uncertainty after my diagnosis with MS, a disease which is as uncertain as it gets. I could wake up and lose my sight, the ability to walk, the ability to swallow, to remember my name, you name it I might lose it. Dealing with this disease I've faced my greatest fears, and embracing uncertainty was part of that. In realizing that uncertainty was unavoidable I became more willing to try new things (and I was already a very open person), I took more risks, and I found the love of my life. But I also told myself the day I got back from the hospital that my disease would not define me. I wonder now if I did all of these things for the wrong reason. I'm not a nihilist in the least, but in retrospect the sentiment does not seem dissimilar.

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maybe this is a simulation, maybe just consciousnesses warp/change/reform reality. all are one buddhist sort of theory. quantum mechanics tries to understand the nature of reality from a scientific frame of reference.

Quantum mechanics as it is only scratches the surface of a huge mass of information that would be essential to bringing such capabilities into existence.


see with MS, "uncertainty" means uh, quite a bit more, as im sure you understand. words i have found more useful for myself are fear and trust :) because you can spend your energy worrying about whats going to happen or you can use it for something higher because you trust that things will be okay.this is faith

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deja vu

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Yes, quantum mechanics is only a representatation of the theories and equations brought out from the accumulated scientific data available at the "present" time. it is merely a tool of measurement of the process by which the universe runs. it only functions in 3d the belief in this one. perhaps incapable of discovering the true nature, as touched on by paragraph 3.

Ive seen this incredibly stoned on pot, my vision was more like the davinci man mixed with a shiva type character.

prime dmt production hours these are
i too am reflecting

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Then why the fuck does my tooth hurts so much

> I'm just a targeted individual via voice to skull
You are just a crazy loony. Why would anyone invest time into making you think you are crazy? Unless they are magical / sci fi power sadists.

>you can spend your energy worrying about whats going to happen or you can use it for something higher
Well said.
Now I face the quandary of addressing that something higher. In my life I aspire to become closer to God by loving every person I meet. That's going pretty well. I also recognize a set of gifts I've been given - I'm capable of and have accomplished conventionally impressive things. At the same time, my gifts have gone largely unused due to medical problems and the like. I'm almost 30, and by now I'd planned to have already built a number of things that I'm only just starting. I'm now at a turning point it seems where maybe I can accomplish something. I'll remember your advice.