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ask away

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does the 8ball tell the truth?

pls tell me
does the 8ball tell the truth?

will i lose more weight?

should i fap?

will i lose more weight?

will i get a date this month?

Will Andy pick me?

Will I get a girlfriend in the next three months and will she give me a footjob?

Goddammit 8ball

Same question

Why the fuck did I ask again

Will i have her?

is op a faggot ?

Will I be single for valentines day?

Will she fall for me?

Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Will I get a gf before my birthday this year?

Will my relationship last?

>Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Is op a fag?

Is Keanu reeves the man

Will money get me bitches

Will i find happiness?

Same question

Will i ever get dubs?

Are black people truly inferior to white people?

8ball will I acquire a girlfriend

Should I get a new radio for my car or save my money?

Thank you magic ball. Should I get an expensive radio (yes) or a decent but cheaper radio (no)

Fuckin reroll I want a nice radio

I c...decent radio it is. Last question oh magic ball, should I pay someone to install it and get a warranty or fuckin DIY this shit

Will I pass my text tomorrow?

Will i get a girlfriend this before fall

>Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Will anand's sweet bussy return to 58

is god a dancing monkey with grey hair eating a pineapple in a tree?

Will I be a virgin forever?

Will i rape a slut today?

will i get over her soon?

Asking same

Will I win her back?

Will I get laid this weekend?

8ball, pls.

Will I get laid today, friday, or saturday?

Ahhhh, an improvement.

Youre just wasting your own time. Get on with it.

Has n knocked me up this time?

Will i have a date in the next two weeks?

fap tn?

by the end of the month??

Will I make it to class on time tomorrow?

Will the whites ever kill off all the jews and niggers and make america and europe 100% white in the next century?

i know you think im joking 8ball but im not, im serious, Will the whites ever kill off all the jews and niggers and make america and europe 100% white in the next century?

Is she thinking about getting back together with me?

Is she still into being choked?

Am I ever going to get away from this place?

is she only looking to cuck this guy with me?

Will i get a qt japanese gf this year?

Am I ever going to get out of this place?

Fap or nah

will the music im currently producing gain traction when released

Will that girl I fell in love with come back into contact with me?

Join now before it's too late

Will the warrior of the white horse and flaming sword be born in 2025

will the avatar be born at all

Will today be a good day?

Will it be triggered by external forces acting upon the earth

Fuck you and your bullshit. Will today be a good day?

is she sexually interested in me?

Is she sexually interested in me??

nice dubs

If so, is she planning on making a move on me?

dubs again, what are the odds.
If so, when I move?

Im dubbing dubbing bois.

Is she gonna make a move when I move.?

Does she have a crush on me?

Fuck yeah

I wanna fuck the shit out of her, feelings mutual?

magic 8ball, are you just trolling this guy with dubs?

I think it is, not posible to be dubbin this hard.

She want this load inside?

Fuckin hell, user.

Im dubbin a lot.

Now, check these up top on the right.

cant wait to fuck her, feelings mutual?

am I gonna get dubs?

Same question

c'mon lucky 8 ball

fine, new question, am I gonna get single digits??

8ball you cheeky bastard

Its fucking with you bruh


Magic 8 ball, Will I get at least a week of peace to fuck my sex toy to my fantasy's content?

will she keep talking to me



are your sources wrong?

so you're saying there's a chance?


Will I fuck her without her husband finding out


hell yeah

Will I get laid anytime soon?

If I cheat will I ever get caught

Can I fuck the 8 ball of I get dubs?


does she have feelings for me?

is reincarnation real

Has she masturbated thinking about me?

Ask again?

Does she finger herself thinking about me?

Will I finally fix the fucking printer?

K I'll ask again. Will I finally fix the fucking printer?

will she have good news this morning?

Are you lying?

was it all for naught?

will I ever be with her her again?

will i fuck her again

is that girl really gonna have me over on sunday?

yeah but how accurate are your sources?

am I the hokage yet