It all started when i took the laced gummies...

It all started when i took the laced gummies... im a shcizophrenic and really shouldnt be on drugs in the first place but now im having another eppisode possibly any advice asside from, "go neck yourself!" Dont get me wrong im considering it but thats like a last resort kinda thing

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gummies lace with what OP

Op here the gummies had k2 spice in them i think

>cbd cummies
OPs a faggot.

Spice i think jwh 108 or some shit

I thought that said CUMMIES

No shit i am

If only

Cred Forums will not provide any solid advice, go seek an actual medical professional and stay away from gas station CBD bullshit

Thanks bud

good luck Cred Forumsro

you took placebo
cbd won't get you high

I took laced fake cbd had someone else try the brand same shit happened puking and aggitation in a triplioe state

Of course cbd wont get you high but its not cbd its jwh i know bc i used to smoke that shit

where did you get it from? that's something i would expect from my shit hole area. I don't doubt that there's fake CBD. with the demand and lack of regulation. my area sells vape tanks full of cbd oil and local drug dealers take small amounts of real THC oil and top off the CBD tanks to turn a huge profit since these vapes are dirt cheap and people will pay top dollar for what they assume is real.

What the hell is jwh?


Gotten from a liquor store go ahead and google this company its a foldover

report that fucking place user. provided you don't die tonight.

I wont die i had them about a week ago and yeah i think ill do that

It always could just be that im paranoid but no cbd doesent make you puke and feel like a cheap pcp high

the website brings me to super chills instead of the name of the package and I've see other products with the same packaging with out the web address as well. this is very sketch user and you very well have a legal case on your hands. i can't imagine these are real at all. makes me wonder how much of the shit in my area is fake.

> sue the gas station
> call out of work to make it look worse
> go nuts even if you'd like

Im probably just going to give a tip i think

Like report the place

suit yourself user I'd sue them into poverty myself but doing what you want at least gets it off the streets.