Rekt thread

rekt thread

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what did they do? catch it and take it away?

I assume they will eat it.

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I don't see anything in this one?

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The cement pillars used in these are hollow essentially giving it 0 structural integrity. They have already used so much of it to build the foundations of the buildings

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Blown to smithereens

This is rekt bread faggit

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His walls imply he was an unimaginable faggot. Pulling the trigger removed all doubt.

the structural blocks are hollow

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Yeah. That shit happens with pigeons in NYC, too. I just missed it, but one of my buddies saw it happen right outside of a bodega we had stopped in and he started freaking out. Some van just pulled up, a guy jumped out with a net, tossed it over a bunch of pigeons, scooped them up and the van took off. Good riddance, in my opinion.

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What's the purpose here?

Overshot the chicken quota in the five year plan

Partition blocks, these are supposed to be used for internal partition wall to reduce the weight on the building and easier for making internal renovation simpler later on without the need of heavy tools and risking the shift of tension to the support bearing walls.
Has good sound and heat insulation once set up.

Was not meant for load bearing at all but some construction manager goes cheap and mix them with regular blocks for walls meant to carry weight.

Containment, ill livestock mostly ends like this.
either get burned or buried alive, sometimes both.

assuming all the structural walls are made out of these blocks...
if so it would probably have collapsed already under its own weight

Ah. Thanks

Avian influenza?

That is when the main structural pillars comes to play, the building itself would still stand I tell you.
If those are done correctly you can even use gingerbread as walls and the building will stand tall.

It will definitely collapse easily but if the goal is simply to build something, sells it for profit and rip the buyer. that much will do. I can't find the article but I believe there was cases in china building collapses after tenant moves in to such building.

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The concrete blocks are fake. The insides are hollow and only the exterior is a thin layer of cement.

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Chinese fishing

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shit like this happens in china all the time - someone skimped on materials and pocketed the difference and is most likely connected high up in the party, and thus gets away with it.. they have so many people, and they're unarmed, that the government really isn't worried about any pushback, the country is 100% broken in spirit

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>males fight so they get rid of them
No. Males don't lay eggs so they get rid of them.

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