No rekt'd thread???

No rekt'd thread???
Rekt'd bread.
New content edition.

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OP is a big fag

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Fucking miles got ghetto. Did Keiko and Molly leave or is that fucking terran smiley?

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Is that actually real?

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Did he finally fuck Molly? The sexual tension between him and her in that episode where she got lost in time and came back as a QT Asian wild whore was insane

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>No rekt'd thread
nice fucking job nigger

Chief finally broke under the weight of all the misfortune piled on him

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This is the older thread, smart guy

That bling 100% isn't acceptable uniform code. Unless starfleet eventually did get as shitty as it seems it is now in "Picard" ( I do like the show honestly it's just dissapointing seeing such an institution I looked up to for so long becoming so shadey.)

Also when did the chief get promoted to full commander?
Maybe he snapped from everyone calling him sir all the time..

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Nah, but she's a little older now than she was in that episode so maybe they'll touch on it in the new series!

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I think this should be O'Brien bread now

Actually O'Briens' different rank insignia over the years always bugged me.

O'Brien must suffer!

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O'Brien was the only NCO
Probably why

That extreme (?) sternum skin grab thing the jem'hadar do always bugged me too. Who does that and why does it always incapacitate someone so well? It makes me think Miles has an excess amount of sternum skin or something iunno

There were lots of crewman and a few specialists I think but they just didnt get any insignia at all.
I thought the hollow single pip made sense but it didn't leave much room for any grades being further down besides just not getting anything on your collar at all

How I view this board.... interesting

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You look like a Chinese dyke user

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It's star trek
Vulcan nerve pinch and shit. I suppose I. Order for someone to grab a sternum like that it would take strength and ability which makes it impressive on the screen. Could also be homage to Indiana Jones or something.

I don't recall but I still think it was die to his NCO status and being Chief.
The reality was that O'Brien was effectively the 4th or 5th most senior member of the crew.
The Chief earned his place and commands respect even from captains
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>The Chief earned his place and commands respect even from captains

He hacked a half looted Cartesian space station (DS9S1) to fly at 1/4 impulse. Respect.

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I understand, thanks for your input.
I'm just thinking along the lines of inconsistencies over the course of TNG/DS9. I find it funny, but I know irl they just hadn't considered NCOs up to that point, or any kind of rank system for them. The lowest rank you'd see was ensign and it seemed certain that everyone on the crew graduated the academy and became an officer.
Someone must have realized that didn't make sense so when O'Brien met Worfs dad who was an NCO on the Intrepid it seemed like they were addressing the issue. Yet it still showed the Cheif wearing full Lt. pips. Which is silly to me.
Shoulda changed the insignia on that episode. Before that it seemed chief wasn't really a rank more that he was just the guy in charge of transporters. Hence transporter chief iunno

With same method, Geordi moved an entire moooooon. It's nbd really

Although OP failed hard, I do like how this has turned into a Miles Edward O'Brien thread, who is so based that he doesn't even need to be a fucking commissioned officer.

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How did Sergey Rozhenko know he was a chief Petty officer when there was no dialogue about it and he was wearing Lieutenant pips?
Oh the mysteries

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Riker even called O'Brien 'Lieutenant' once in S2, as he usually wore LT pips by then. Only when Worf's adoptive dad make mention of his rank did it finally become certain that O'Brien was a non-com.
In S6 they finally gave him one hollow pip to denote Chief, but he was soon to join DS9 anyway, where they eventually embellished the non-com insignia.

Trek being such a big universe makes the pips small potatoes that just got overlooked for some reason. Probably some behind the scenes or offscreen content to explain it.
I thought the bigger issue was Bashir implying O'Brien went to the academy.

O'Brien also didnt have any formal training in engineering. He literally tinkered his way to Chief engineer of DS9.
He was a also one of the very few main members from Starfleet in both TNG and DS9 who had actually seen combat going into the respective shows even if that wasn't his lore at first on the Enterprise

Kinda sad how O'Brien became the tactical officer on the Rutledge, becomes a combat hero early in his career, then 15 years later he's standing in the Enterprise transporter room like a piece of furniture. Fucking guy should have gotten a commission. Shit, even Rand got a commission.
It's also a tease that neither he or Worf seen any action on AR-558. But that was the point, I suppose.

this is my fetish, post more.

I like to think Bashir just meant for some courses he must have took now and then. But that theories just to keep me happy, I know that's not what it sounded like.

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Get out. This is now an O'Brien thread.

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Although Miles barely appeared in S1, it's fucking cool that he was in Encounter at Farpoint, piloting the ship from the battle bridge. So he was in from the very beginning. A redshirt as well!

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The staff admitted it was a mistake that made it in.
Not like most people even know what a Chief petty even is.

I think the biggest ball dropped was not teaming O'Brien and Barclay in a later episode. If anybody would have been good for Barclay if would have been miles.

Ironically, O'Brien was the only one that Barclay ever pulled rank on (Jr LT, but still).
I also think he and Worf made reference to Barclay early in DS9 S4.

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By the later seasons of TNG I felt that the only other personal in board the Enterprise capable of taking command both in ability and in crew respect were riker (obviously), data (no shit) and O'Brien

Maybe the chief did something he can't talk about and took a lower key position for a bit.
He did work for the 'ol section 31

I think originally Gene didn't want there to be ANY NCOs in Starfleet. They were barely mentioned in TOS and only came to prominence with O'Brien in TNG and particularly DS9. Again, some thought 'Chief' only made reference to Miles' role as Transporter Chief.
Most of the Maquis on Voyager were given provisional NCO ranks, with only Chakotay resuming his commissioned rank and Torres being awarded the rank of Lieutenant j.g. along with the position of Chief Engineer having washed out of the Academy.

Indeed. He had about 20 years of experience by late TNG. It's a shame he was never put into a command situation other than in 'Disaster' where he was literally telling everyone what to do, while Troi was nominally in command.

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well thats an interesting approach to a diy fleshlight...

Even just am episode where miles ends up comming an away team to get back home even though he's outranked simply because everyone knew he was thean to lead.
Kind of like a reverse of that TOS episode where Spock was iin command but the crew resented and faught him along the way to escape the giant cavemen

Pay attention, this is Chief O'Brien bread.

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Even when trying to be a bad guy colm still looks like a pub bro

Yeah, it would have been cool. Still, I think O'Brien made suggestions that were usually heeded by officers.
There was also that brief moment where he images he was in command when he's being cross-examined about Worf's shenanigans. Plus the cat and mouse with a homicidal Garak on Empok Nor.

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I'd be proud to have a drink with him.

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I was curious...
Colm doesn't use Twitter or that shit
Also found this

The provisional rank insignia always felt like they needed a mention on screen about them instead of leaving it all to the nerds.

What was up with Chakotays rank? The bars show Lt commander but he's never once refered to as Lt commander and it says Commander Chakotay during the titles. Weird

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He fucking deserves it.

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I thought it was funny. An obrien statue would be perfect and it very well may happen

Indeed. Funnily enough the TOS movie uniforms made the distinctions between officers and non-coms very clear, as well with rank insignia. But of course, Gene lost control of the movies after TMP. On TNG they never really came to prominence until Gene stepped back. Of course there was the crypto-Romulan Crewman Tarses from S4's 'The Drumhead'.
As for Chakotay's rank, you're absolutely right. Why that was never acknowledged, I have no idea.

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I hope so. Will they have him standing behind the transporter console, or posing with a phaser rifle fresh from killing some Cardie scum?

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The TOS movies were so detailed with the uniform insignia, not just rank pins. It's kind of a shame it took until season 4 of ds9 to bring any of it back at all.