Walked outside my neighborhood with a baseball bat for the third time in my life, tonight...

Walked outside my neighborhood with a baseball bat for the third time in my life, tonight. Felt good to be the predator for the third time in my life. I passed a guy while smiling at him, he immediately avoided eye contact with me once I looked at him just as I was about to pass him.

Felt good being the Chad for about half an hour. I'd totally do it again. I might be a virgin, but at least my steel pipe is always gonna be longer than any of your guys' dicks, and I can shove it up any girl's cunt that I want after knocking her the fuck out.

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Lol Canadian? Yea right wuss

Bruh, your fat ass takes up like 3/4 of the car

Nice minivan, does your mom know you talk like this on the internet?

I need mass to swing harder. Besides, the guy with the bat makes the rules, so I can be fat as a whale, as long as I've a bat, I will always win any fight.

It's not a minivan, you nobats faggot.

Back seat, buckle up!

Don’t bring a bat to a gun fight

pretty sure that's a van m8

Yeah right until some dude walks up and mag dumbs a 9mm in ur fat ass .
Shit even I could shive you

Cringe thread

>a fucking leaf

I can throw a bat too.

>walks up
walk up get fucked up.

Let's go faggot

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Congratulations you picked the gayest, fruit loops-looking Teletubby coloured bat to threaten people with.

Okay mother fucker, pick a place and a time faggot.

you're going to get shot or cop a battery/assault with a deadly weapon charge

get raked leaf


OP can fuck off to the UK where a baseball bat isn't a fucking toy.

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>get raked leaf

Lold so hard.

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Yeah dude because you know everything and would just bash some guys head in walking twords ur general direction. You wouldn't even see it coming . But nice bait thread fat fuck

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It's very long and durable though. I once smashed my monitor to bits with it, and only the paint came off.

Yeah, if I get caught, people only carry 9mm/.45/.50 and nothing above, and those do nothing even with FMJ.

I can disarm a guy with a bar in about three seconds. And I'm a social worker. Get fucked, chad...

>Those do nothing even with FMJ

Okay, faggot. Shoot yourself.

I can disarm anyone with my shemag. Get fucked, Chadwick.

OP. Is your post creative writing or serious?

>post character's that are literally you

i really hope you get to learn what a 9mm can do

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I've trained in Wing Chun, Karate, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai for over 10 years, a bat only extends my reach, I've sweeped bikers off their legs before.

Yeah, but you probably haven't disarmed any bat wielding enemies with training.

Yeah, I know what a 9mm does, and it's fucking sad.

Been a while since I've given one of these out, but you deserve it.

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What the fuck do you think?

This is gold. Put me in the screencap.

you're right op what were we thinking, you're obviously a dumb larping faggot

I was hoping the guy I passed lurked here but apparently that's not the case. He seemed like one of those turbo chads. He said nothing to me, if he was tough he'd shoulder bump me or insult me but he said nothing, hahahahaha.

I honestly do not know.

Nice touch.

Standing applause

Then you can guess.

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you may win this round lardo but the moment you put down the club sandwich Ill sneak up behind you and open up your fucking jugular like a zipper and watch the butter hit the floor

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What a retard, you're just putting yourself in retarded positions where you don't stand to gain what you can lose. The lack of common combat makes these behaviours too common. Good one fuckwit,

Yeah bro im still smiling .
You should know then that a real street fight is nothing you could imagine .
I didn't learn any martial arts . Almost gotrobbed by 3 guys in a small street between two buildings . 1 is dead another in coma other guy on probation . You never know how shit will turn out . And I wouldn't even call myself a fighter

>I need mass to swing harder

my sides user.

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He's too ignorant to understand you advice.

Walking down the street with a bat that's what kid in tee ball do come knock on my door I'll meet ya there with the 12ga and some buckshot fucktard

What are you going to use to try to open my jugulars? Some cheap stainless steel blade? Ha, I'll grab the blade and fucking shatter it in my grip, then I'll turn around and throw the broken steel shards into your face at high speed like I'm firing at you with a shotgun.

People fucking treat me like shit on a daily basis, they stare me down and fucking get in my way all the time, they should be glad I didn't crack anyone's skull open because I damn well had the right to, being mocked by society.

You got robbed. You killed and hospitalized people who are twig thin and have no power to their blows, sit the fuck down faggot, how many martial arts enthusiasts have you sparred full contact? How many tournaments have you won? How many katas can you do off of the top of your head? Do you even parry? What's your favourite stance? real street fights yield nothing to brag about.

Do that in my neighborhood and Ill shoot you.

>when you need a bat to feel like a man.

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I'm pretty sure I already have. You'd get a bat flying directly at you tomahawk style the second I saw you draw, so you'd better learn to draw fast, and soon, because I'm coming for you.

I went outside with it though, despite any consequences I went outside and nobody did shit to me, 3 times too. What the fuck have you done, you pansy ass bitch?

You get treated like shit, because you look like shit and act like shit.

No, I literally do nothing in public and people stare at me with angry looks all the time, and walk towards me so I have to get out of their way or we'll collide, everyone always fucking tries to start shit with me, again, I'm getting so pissed off from all the disrespect that I get on a daily basis that at this point, anyone of you mother fuckers could have a liter firing squad in front of me and I'd still charge you, until I have more led inside me than blood, I'd fucking charge you after being pumped with more rounds than you could count.

>Canadian flag does not check out.

Aaaah gotcha. You are a ugly tranny in Canada.

Now your story checks out.
This guy got you right.

You have no reason to be respected so you're taking the avenue of being feared. Adding to the reasons that you're not worth anyone's respect. It's all a flow on from your escapism and lack of will. You try to sound like a battler but everything about you is a comfort zone and quitter behaviour. Also, I'd fuck you up in a fight. Have you tried focusing on the behaviors of people that do garner respect?

Literally all we would have to do is pop you in the head and you hit the ground like the sack of shit you are

Reported to csis loser.

I doubt you could fuck me up in a fight, I doubt anyone here could touch me in a fight, I've given seasoned sensais runs for their money in various dojos and emerged unscathed. Yeah, I wasn't respected so I'll be feared, but I ain't gonna be a coward, not like any of you.

I'm going to walk around a random neighborhood with my bat tomorrow again.

Wouldn't that be all I would have to do to you? C'mon man, you know how much force a bat like mine can exert? I guess you'll find out soon.

>Not carrying a set of katanas instead
Even for a virgin standard, you're such a failure.

CSIS doesn't even care about their own fucking cops, do you really think they'll do something in this scenario? And even if they do, I can just go innawoods.

>getting nigger blood on yourself from excessive lacerations
It's like you want an infection.

Add a selfmade shiv, mate. You'll feel even better

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Na mate one of the was a bit smaller then me the other two taller and stronger .
Thesma guy had a 36. Or 38. In his hand the other two a baton and knife .okay they where coked out of their mind .none like I said I'm not into that stuff . Been pushing dope since I was a kid thats a way tougher school . Isn't that the reason you learn martial arts in the first place to defend yourself in these types of situations ?
Im not a killer or big guy or something just some dude that knows how to fight on the street and thats it . And if I may add this you seem to be an insufferable cunt be a little nicer and society will be ah-okay.
And just so u know im more on the skinny side
Enjoy my gf's ass

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This troll lacks subtlety. But at least you're committed. 5/10. Average ain't bad user.

You fucking fool. A 9mm can easily kill someone, and even if it doesn't they have a nasty habit up traveling up bone. I bet if you got shot witha fucking bb gun you would be on the ground crying and vomiting in pain.

Whatever, you're still a pussy, you didn't do a damn thing but hold the bat while you jerked off in you mom's panties faggot

The fact that you use the term 'sensais' immediately makes me double down on the notion that I'd use you like a fleshlight. 5 years MMA, 6 BJJ, 3 Muay Thai and security manager for 4 years. If you need a bat to feel intimidating I can already tell you're a loser of the saddest kind. You're a coward if you need a bat and you find earning respect and bettering yourself too difficult so you do all this. What is the end goal of this pursuit? I assume it's a leisurely activity because you can't get any better at it.

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You not allowed to ride up front yet?

That's where mommies revolving door boyfriends sit.

OP is either making a really odd troll thread and/or is super autistic.

Fatty mcfatfat got the bat bat cus he dont got a six pack

Try to swallow it whole, faggit.

You are a cum slurping dick chewing faggot.

I hope someone caps your worthless ass.

so hardcore, better be careful you don't get arrested for being such a bad ass.

That's a softball bat.

>only 3 years of Muay Thai and a whole 6 wasted to faggot shit
You'd LOOK like a flashlight after I was done with you, I had the hardest elbows and roundhouse in all of my classes, they nicknamed me "thunder" because my blows against the training dummies created a thunderous roar within the room, I could snap you in half like a fucking deck chair with one roundhouse to the hip, I've already done so to a few steel sign posts with my rock hard shins, you'd be nothing to me, I only use a bat for the reach.

You dope fiend whore, I don't even have to refute your arguments to tell you I'd blow you to smithereens, you're a crack addict, I hunt people like you.

Yeah, feels good right up until you meet some nervous ccw spaz who mag dumps into your chest the moment you make eye contact.

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He'd have to draw first.

too bad you're too much of a pussy to do any actual crimes because your mom would stop making you tendies

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that's a women's bat lmao

we got a double badass over here

Are you the joker's retarded cousin that lives in a shed?

classes of what champ? Your exaggeration is pretty troll like. wp wp

anons guess how many times and how deep op has put bat up his faggot arse

maybe when you grow up your mom'll let you sit in the front seat

>this thread

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You seem like a total pussy.

Which he'll do when he sees some faggot with a bat approaching from 20ft away.

I could just say I beat a couple to death, took their shit, and you'd still call me a pussy for sneaking up to them.

I already stated that up there. Wing Chun, Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu.

"bullets do nothing"

"not even .50 cal"

nigga are you 8

Stop you're embarrassing yourself
You sound like pic related tbh

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>I need mass to swing harder
No, you need mass to create gravity you fat fuck.
You need momentum to swing a bat harder.

Also, pics or it didn't happen.

>you can't throw bats
>you can't sprint
>you can't hide a bat
Try harder faggot.

Let's not kid ourselves, this trap could whip the shit out of OP

Heh, dumb bitch women don't know how to assemble things.
That "State of the Union" was bullshit though. What a loud faggot.

Why are you in the backseat though?

It's where he dropped his tendies bro.

You dont because you have shit all to tell. On the Internet you can behelp everything, but even here ur just a cunt
Never touched meth in my life my Gf doesn't even domore drugs and has a masters degree in economics same as me you lazy shmok. Hunt people like me fuck sad to disappoint Im actually a real decent guy plus ur not getting in the gated community ,kek.
Stay mad Hillary 2020

>pics or it didn't happen
What's in the OP, you faggot

No, YOU are the one who is embarrassing himself.

Because the folks were driving.

RIP Chad Bigdick, died when an obese 14 year-old snuck up on him with a ladies' softball bat

So a bunch of meme arts and Muay Thai? HAHAHAHAHAHA WEWLAD I AM LAFFIN'
The meme arts are great for discipline and you managed to not even get that. Well done.

I'm telling your mom about this thread

fatty detected

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>because the folks were driving
Fucking hell
Op confirmed mommies good boi

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Funny to see how people are genuinely anger on the planet. It's an image that has been used before with the same wording, but she shitpost was not so angry as in here. There's a shitstorm brewing in the world right now that is going to be of epic proportions.

The funny part about bats is, if you don't ever practice with it and you whiff, which you probably will, you will be so incredibly fucked. And then, after it's taken away and used to pound you into a bag of pulp, you will then go to jail for aggravated assault. (the other guy can walk away scott-free after using it to protect himself). This is one of the better threads I've seen in a while.

My sides

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Chad's dont sit in the backseat of a vehicle.

We have a winner !
Shed? Thats my rooms walls design.
Stop making me feel bad

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>you sir win the internets, my dearest kek to you

You’re a gross, no neck, big titty having, sweaty fat fuck. Someone should run you over next time but they probably don’t want to fuck up their car. It would be liek hitting a hippo.

Me too.

They're not gonna be very memey when you're lying on the ground in a pool of your own blood. Looking at a trail of your own intestines stretching faaaaar far over the horizon.

I've practised plenty with bats. If I whiff it, I spin and strike again with added momentum, if I get it taken away from me I use me thunderous legs to snap the guy in half like a deck chair. mother fucker my kicks are stronger than that of Joe Rogans'.

HEY, that's illegal.

>OP complains about being stared at weirdly in public
>Thinks lugging a children's baseball bat around giving people creepy stares is a good idea

Golly gee, I wonder why anyone would look askew to you? You sound like you lack the self-awareness to figure even that much out

>What's in the OP, you faggot
Well right now, I guess it's a giant fucking dick.
Because he's a little bitch that won't post a real pic.

people getting trolled to bits

This IS the real pic, what are you talking about?

I'm not fucking trolling.

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Way to sit in the back seat.
Mommy taking you to practice ?

>He relies on a woman for self worth

>Won't post actual pics
>Won't time stamp
>Won't tits or GTFO!
I think your time here being an attention whore has come to an end.


They would, they really would. I've been in more altercations at my uni job than you've had fights. Which karate move taught you disembowelment retard? You feel like you deserve something yet you refuse to earn anything, arrogance meets retardation

this is quality bait I'd even say this beats
> Canadian nightcrawlers

Oh fuck

Fun's over

Thread cancelled

>bullets do nothing

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How gay. I bet the guy that avoided eye contact with you was your reflection.

Are you allowed to be this rude in canada?

Klar immer doch .

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better kill me if you ever hit me with that bat faggot

It seems like you're trying to exert control over your surroundings because you feel powerless. I feel that way sometimes too. There are much more constructive ways to take control in your own life. I hope you seek out a therapist and look for healthier ways to deal with your frustrations.

Spats with union students, lanky, twig thin, little whores, are not altercations, yet you call them as such, that's cute. I may not deserve respect, but I don't deserve disrespect as an alternative, so as a result they'll get suffering.

Then what happens next should surprise you. But everyone in the thread should ask for a pic and I'll send it.

reminds me of something my dad would say


I'll drop the bat and put you in a clinch motherfucker just for that. No one ever escapes my clinches.

>>attention whoring


>Yeah, if I get caught, people only carry 9mm/.45/.50 and nothing above, and those do nothing even with FMJ.

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Shut your Canadian ass up nigga lmaooo you ain't shit

>despite any consequences I went outside and nobody did shit to me
Maybe because the majority of people don't want to go around killing other people?

op would get fucked by that trap.
> he's that gay

You're in for a shock buddy, but you all have to beg me to deliver.

I want a pic with time stamp u fuck

Wrongo you drongo, club security and events in a few dodgy areas that lead to arrests. You try to extrapolate on your own data an not theirs and look stupid. You deserve disrespect

alright guys wrap it up lets go home

>waaah, pay attention to me, beg me, tell me I'm special.
>> attention whoring

>this thread
good stuff op hope you bash more homeless nigger skulls loser

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My extrapolation is certainly a whole legion less despondently myopic than your pathetic excuse of a bunch of assumptions, your definition of a "dodgy area" also obviously differs from mine.

My version of a dodgy area would be
>hanging corpses
>bulky men with machineguns holding the leashes of angry bulky pitbulls
>skinny topless bald men covered in tattoos holding machetes and automatic pistols with extended magazines
>everyone is wearing garbage bags or human skin

Not enough people are begging me for a pic with a timestamp but I've got it ready. I need a lot more people to ask for a pic with a timestamp.

My version of a dodgy area is erupting volcanos and a skeleton army, fucking pussy faggot

Keep it, bitch. I'm jerking off while calling in to a cancer telethon today.

I wish you'd hilt my ass.

You need a bat to walk suburbs you retard, you don't know dodgy areas. You're literally deranged and don't train nor work in a hostile environment.

Okay then my version of a dodgy area would be a burning hellscape with a sea of people impaled on spikes along with giant eldritch horrors which cannot be comprehended in this dimension torturing clusters of souls for eternity as well as a lake of fire hanging from the sky raining constant brimstone and lava downwards. Faggot bitch nigger pansy cock sucking cum eater

I'm 70% body fat, you think I'm scared of your puny 9mm?

My version of a dodgy area is just me and shadow the hedgehog fighting eternally for my cum

Damn, that's deep.


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that really feels like a dad joke other user is right are you a father user?

Holy duck dude these niggas retarded 10/10 thread

I agree OP is an idiot, but what is the formula for momentum user?
Because me and the rest of the science community have been using P=MV where p is momentum and M is mass and V is velocity... meaning you do need mass to swing harder you mong autist

They call me slippery Pete. I'll slip out quick and rub my dick on your feet.

Ooh, hardman.
Don't hurt us with your bat hardman.
We are very affraid.
Such power.
Please keep us informed of your walks with a bat - it's fascinating and very scary.
How can I become like you?
Is it as simple as buying a bat?
Or do I need to be autistic too?
Either way I hope to some day be as impressive as you.

And that's how to write a sacastic poem

Now every time I’m in Canada and see a fat little neck beard carrying a ladies softball bat I’m gonna have to kick his ass...... the way you’re acting here is precisely why you deserve disrespect by anyone who comes into contact with your, what we can all assume, fat sweaty ass.

Good luck bud. Get a running start too, you'll be surprised at how much torque this bat generates.

You're a weak faggot who likes karate. How old are you?

7/10 bait. Not bad at all

It doesn't matter. What matters is that I could snap you in half with little to no effort whatsoever.

It does matter, I want to make more fun of you, tell me chief. I'd heel hook you in seconds on god chief xx

Thats not chad fag, its cringe. You only feel powerful imagining attacking random unarmed strangers while armed. Quite sad.

Did i really just read this right? Holy fuck OP has down syndrome

>trying to successfully heel hook
You'd actually try to heel hook me or anyone? You'd actually try to raise your leg up to an altitude where I can just stomp kick you to the ground, I wouldn't even need a bat for this, the second you raise your leg, I'd launch you backwards and it's game over from there.

Why not disarm people with your charming demeanor...


Attached: 1559704895400.jpg (500x375, 47K)

I wouldn't be below you tosspot, i'd blast double, crush your guard, force half, do it from standing.

The only thing you could destroy is a family size serving of ready meals OP.

Until someone shoots you and you're on the ground crying for your mother to bring you tendies. Life doesnt have a respawn option.

Jesus Christ this is either 10/10 trolling or 11/10 autism. Pure cancer thread

>starting with a blast double
Okay buddy, that would be your fatal mistake, because you'd have to charge me and I'd stomp kick you backwards as I stated before, BD also opens you up for a proper knee and I can rupture your neck with a hammer fist, I could also sweep kick you while your legs are bent and you'd lose balance. I'm a kicker bud, you won't get close to me, you'll never get close to me without taking a face full of my shoes.

I have accelerated mitosis, I can recover quickly from everything. Perks of working out and taking supplements.

>I have accelerated mitosis, I can recover quickly from everything

Big oof


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>be me
>out on a jog
>eyes staring ahead blankly
>not really paying attention
>suddenly catch a scent
>fucking wreaks
>like sweat and hot ass
>look to my left
>some fat 35yro virgin wearing jeans and greasy tshirt is staring at me from across the road
>i stop for a sec, ask if he needs anything
>necktard shakily raises a chinese metal bat at me
>"f-f-fuuu-fuck off-ff ffffagot, i-i-i could k-ki- kill you"
>draw my m&p9 and tell him to go home
>he actually pisses himself has he runs away

Attached: 1577174428902.png (404x536, 364K)

Okay then.

I wouldn't have to charge your lumbering ass, stomp kick/oblique kick dies prior to a feint that your anxiety-ridden ass couldn't deal with. I'd drag you down and fuck you

Chad time is paid time. Dont come wimpering around, who does that except criminals? Dont fuck w that shit. Especially in the night. Fuck off.

That assumption about me being a lumbering giant is what'll kill ya. I'm certainly a giant, but not a lumbering one. Your feints won't work on me, I'll counterfeint and immediately follow up with a solid sweep, or a roundhouse, then I'll repeat until your ribcage is in pieces from one side.

Yeah, dont go out there

You keep outing yourself as someone who doesn't fightt, a counter feint is a bite, so you're retarded. Which sweep? A roundhouse is the worst answer to a takedown heavy opponent. You're an idiot

Maybe he isnt autistic? Or he IS scarry autistic like that movie "The accountant"......I am un nerved!

He was nicknamed thunder. Because it's short for Thunder thighs ya fat ass sorry to break it to you.

Just like it better that way

Okay, so maybe I don't know all the martial arts terminology, but I know for sure that you would not be able to counter a roundhouse kick, you say it's the worst answer for your kind, but you don't explain how exactly a devastating blow to your ribs from the side would be a bad idea if you're trying to close distance, also, I'd do a leg sweep. You don't explain anything. I do, who's really the idiot?

Youre just begging for attention at that point. Id really like to explain that part but not w words but the universe has other plans. No time for swinging arms

Wow. Seriously what a loser. Just go kill yourself

Attached: yamate.jpg (252x256, 12K)

people probably think you're like that tranny that went ape shit with an axe


Attached: 1567798396946.png (619x626, 111K)

You won't be explaining any other way than with words. You certainly wouldn't with Joe Rogan if he round housed you.

It's a lot more than what you've done already. Nigger.

>Even with FMJ
Call of duty fag detected.

I barely play cod. FMJs are rounds used for penetration as opposed to hollow points retard.

I already explained the ABC's on raping you, you'd never get toposition and after I attack your turtle and choke you out, I'd use your mouth as my cock holster, you'd do nothing because you know nothing about grappling, all the NCAA chads fucked your crush

>lil white boi
story checks out

bat yourself***

That's not what a chad is, retard. A chad doesn't succeed from intimidation, that's a bully, your're confusing the two.

>I can shove it up any girl's cunt that I want after knocking her the fuck out.

and you wonder why you're an incel. Go work on yourself and quit being a dumbass.

Attached: tenor.gif (360x202, 1.23M)

I used to ride around in my whip w a flame thrower and a belly dancer selling bathsalts in front of under covers u little bitch I'd wrap u up and smoke u down in a second. Cunt

Attached: 1580273081031.jpg (810x818, 38K)

Very nice thread Op 100/10 bait

Attached: IMG_20200203_131746.jpg (680x382, 44K)

>you'd never get toposition
What position? I only have get into my stance and spin, which takes no time at all, all the while you're trying to close distance to me, trying to get a grip on me, I'll be kicking you continuously, I could kick your legs out with me leg sweeps, I could knock you off your feet with my kicks, how could you stop them? How would you parry them, how do you stop something so powerful, you can't, you won't dodge it because my reach is too vast, you won't block it because it's like trying to block a motor vehicle, what'll you do? Me kicking you would be no different to getting hit by a sledgehammer, you can't stop a sledgehammer from any direction, same goes for this. You're delusional. Jiu Jitsu is a MEME.

I doubt it nigger

ur life is cringe

Kicking=Halving your base=easy for me. Kicking anyone with weight on their legs means you won't sweep.

I'm asking you how you're going to handle getting slammed into by my steel shins. Answer my question.

LOL! get with reality kid, any quarter meathead can get hit with a bat in the head and still shoot you down

youtu.be/9WfO9LWyaAo found his youtube

No, that's not how this works, bullets are a lot smaller than a bat.

Not even close.

Shins are below the hipline, so irrelevant, you lose. 0 grappling = fucked in modern meta

You avoided my question. Hip line means nothing when we're talking about you surviving getting hit in the ribs from a roundhouse now again, my leg is coming at you, what do you do? You won't lunge towards me, you won't be fast enough.

Never seen someone so desperate to be referred to as "bat-man" in my life. This is fucking comedy gold. Keep on keeping on Cred Forums

Your shins need to reach me, they don't require me moving in, so you halve your base and get checked, I do, I really do, So you getpushed on one leg and I fuck you

Hipline always matters, it's your base, I now know you've never fought.

Swaz all maria at that point. Good luck, user.

That's so fuckin cringy, jesus did you read what you just typed? My god.


you forgot your maga hat faggot

Nice Larping until someone draws a gun.
This can end bad user if you don't realize it yourself.
Find another hobby

No mafia

Yaknow what really grinds my gears...

Same gun I carry. Of course also got the newer ones with no safety. Why the hell would I want a damn safety? I'm trying to kill if I pull it out, not be safe

Why are you sitting in the back? Is your mummy driving you to McDonalds?

No, I'd hit you as you try to close in, you get knocked on your ass or your side, and that's that. I could also just tear you a new asshole with my bare hands, and fuck you in your fresh wound, I could knock you out and drill a big hole in your skull to fuck you in, brains make the tightest cunt after all.

Fraid hes just fraid of the sginglort

Theres nothing down here

Fucking get wrecked in a hole dipshit

Let your whip roll intotraffic w u in it

Sports are fun olayed when can play

Walking my cat when batshit moron came outta knowhere

Aw Man I’m late to the party.

oP what do you dress like and what would you say about your body language

I dress like a man and my body language is English.

Not crooked witch

Violence is never the answer user. It be rough in the wilderness but that shit wont fly

I’m telling you man. There has to be something in your walk, or your dress, or the way you communicate that sets people off. I have the same problem because of scoliosis ( creepy posture) and also mental problems which I think give off the impression that I am dark/sinister when I am not. If you can accept these things about yourself but also be somewhat open to make changes perhaps you will feel less alienated and won’t feel the need to do things like this.

The world might be cruel in itself at times but I promise you that the worst part about being alive is the hell we bring upon ourselves.

Beyond that is whatever you want it to be user


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>Takes pride in english language

I'm fucking dying

>people only carry 9mm/.45/.50 and nothing above, and those do nothing even with FMJ.
Because you're going to Naruto Run and they'll never hit you.

A gun shoots further than both of those. You're a weasel among wolves.

Only cause I opened that shrek gif

>I've trained in Wang Chung , KFC, Kung Pao, and Pad Thai for over 10 years,


Your fat ass is going to have a coronary if you ever try swinging that shit. Taking this pic probably had you out of breath.


what a pathetic exucuse for a man.
bet you already fucked your own ass with that thing.
limp dick loser!

Dont do druugs twotines haha im just chaotic good

Btw, thaT bio class was real af

This autists going to get himself shot in such a clear cit case that the courts will actually take the niggers side.

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>I went outside with it though

what a hero.

neck yourself faggot

It is what it is.