Why do all the dem candidates look like serial killers and/or molesters...

Why do all the dem candidates look like serial killers and/or molesters. Yang seems decent but I bet he has kung flu and can't compete.

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> Why do all the dem candidates look like serial killers and/or molesters.

That’s funny since Trump and Epstein were best of friends..

Hate to be this guy but trump literally bragged about molesting women like a month before he was elected. All the Q and pizzagate right wing people are fucking hilarious for overlooking Trumps self proclaimed sexual assault, his relationship with Epstein, I mean even his fucking legal council is only well know for 1) helping get OJ off and 2) multiple allegations of rape from underage women including his niece.

He’s going “deep under cover” any day now he and resurrected JFK jr will arrest hillary Clinton

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>Yang seems decent
Did you even watch his town hall yesterday? Of course you didn't, why am I even asking. Dude comes across as a complete fucking fake.

Most of them are molesters

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Just because you dont have the balls to take what you want dont hate on actual men, junior.

I’m pretty staunch republican but this is all true. We’ll never be able to call dems out for bullshit like this again unless it’s far worse. I’ll pretty much vote for any sack of shit that lowers taxes though, the market is doing great

Can you write any dumber? Son! This is your mother. Go to bed. Get off the internet.

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Yang is the best choice my man, everyone else is fucking old.

Think about it, we all know that technology decides the future and which candidate can even fucking use a PC?

Check this shit out from Yang. Without a pres that understands investing in tech its just a matter of time til some fucking shit hole like Russia/China out pace us and we all start catching their logs in our mouths.

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>I’ll pretty much vote for any sack of shit that lowers taxes though, the market is doing great
Honest question: would you vote for a candidate like Trump if you knew that he would lower your taxes but in order for him to maintain popular support he would start committing genocide against Jews, Muslims, Blacks, etc?
I have a bad feeling most Republicans would accept this trade off, though I wanted to ask actual Republicans.

Republican here. Yes. Of course, nigggggggg.

I'm the first 3 but i hate sanders.

bro, unless you make over $100,000 a year then Yang's Freedom Dividend will put you up.

and a lot of us could quit our shit jobs, pool our cash, build our own communities, invest it, etc.

Yang wants to legalize prostitution.

Yang wants to legalize weed.

Yang wants to legalize shrooms.

Yang wants to give you 1k a month.

Its about Americans getting to choose for themselves if they're into that shit, hell I'm not but I'm libertarian and I'm into Americans having the fucking freedom to decide for themselves.

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I agree.. however i like bootygiege better, He's more moderate which i like.

It seems like nobody values pragmatism anymore.

There is no Actual Republicans. Or Democrats. Just Debt Slaves playing a social Sportsball.
The whole thing is a bread and circus shit show.
We are nothing. It is nothing.
Corona virus will destroy the new world order.
We could be free?
All the Demographic Replacement is just trying one set of slaves for another.
We all die.
All are worm food.
There is no Genocide against Jews, Muslims, Blacks, they are all constructs of the mind and will.
There is no net loss in the mass death.
The universe is a hologram.
You are a holographic projection of an idea.
Down with the NPCs.
Stop the Demiurge.
Break space time, drop the ice walls, and ride the flat earth turtle to valhalla.

sounds like communist propaganda to me

Yeah, that’s what I thought.
I ask this because part of Pelosi/Schumer/Clinton’s strategy was to let the Republican Party drift into trafficking in Neo-Nazism and White Nationalism, and (their logic was) that Republican voters would simply find it unconscionable to vote for these kind of candidates.
I can’t believe the Democratic leadership was so naive to run with a strategy like this. The system jails a shocking number of poor people, overwhelmingly Black and Brown. It isn’t that far of a leap to locking them up to simply exterminating them. The Democratic leadership isn’t fit to lead if it cannot comprehend what the average shitposter on Cred Forums knows.

Bad faith logic there user.
You're not as smart as you think you are.

Meanwhile, in the Senate....

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I'm voting for butt gigs

Yeah, but the problem is that if you start handing out $1000 a month without first breaking the market position of the rentier class (e.g. the landlords, credit card companies, insurance companies, etc), that $1000 is going from your pocket right into theirs. The only candidate who would put us on the road to fighting the power of the rentier class is Bernie Sanders.

You fuckers should have made bernie president 20 years ago then, a 80 year old man should be enjoying retirement, not have to fight for the survival of the country he dedicated his whole life to

Never claimed to be some genius.
All I said was that in 2016 I knew that there were enough voters in this country to elect a real menace like Trump; that voters would elect someone who played footsies with Neo-Nazis as long as he lowered taxes.
Evidently, that was more than what the Democratic leadership understood.

because you are an irrational plastic two faced fake who thinks if it looks good than its good and if it looks bad it's bad.
try putting your faith in evidence and consequences you deontologist

>enough voters
there's just 500

The cleaning lady was trying to get nazis on the right into leadership? Your right, shes an idiot. She cant even take trump down with the media eating out of her bands.

>I'll just make random shit up and see it it sticks.

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*if it

Jews with pure hearts will always make sacrifices for people who are unworthy of them.

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user, half the country loves the guy.

>make random shit up
What are you talking about?

Read the idiot I was replying to. Some people need to get outside on occasion, user.

And you can thank Assange for this one.

I shouldnt have said that. Hes someone with an opinion, just like me. My bad.

>half a billion suggestions
only 500 votes actually chose the president