This is Colton. While you were wasting your teenage years on Cred Forums...

This is Colton. While you were wasting your teenage years on Cred Forums, Colton was fucking and impregnating the girls who wouldn't even give you the time of day. How does that make you feel?

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You look like a Twink, Colton
(And what kind of name is “Colton” anyway?)

Dude's sexy has hell but has the face of an 8 year old.

Not gonna lie, I can see why, obviously fit, nice cock, why wouldn't they fuck him.

Good luck with the child support you fucking drone

Colton's from Arkansas. Guys like him don't understand why you autists don't simply get out because he's been helping on the farm since he was 9.

Sure because they don't teach sex ed he tried to pull out but what's the harm in a girl getting pregnant. He's too sexy and charming to have to deal with something like a kid.

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Colton sucked my dick when he was in grade school.

Colton doesn't pay child support. None of them ever asked for it.

Looking at his face I can tell women still don't give him the time of day.

the only thing i felt was the clicks of my mouse as i navigated the 'save as' feature of my computer and collected the pic into my dick folder

Colton is about 5.5" x 4.5"

Still wouldn't want this smoke. Lol

I've got more of Colton. He used to be my master back in high school. I did all his homework so he wouldn't out me as a fag

at least its not a nigger

post away fag

Fake thread. Just bait.

>that dick
>those cotton swabs
kek at little peepee

This is the one Master Colton uses on Tinder.

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A little bit of muscle goes a long way when your arms are that short. I bet you'l beat lots of people are weight lifting, but you'll lose to some random fat ass at wrestling.
I'm guessing your Colton and you're posting here to see what people will criticize about you if you post pics of your ripped body. You're probably wondering why attractive girls are still unimpressed with you. The reasons are women love height, your face isn't very attractive, and a lot of what women think comes down to your personality, which is unknown to me. You could still totally get pussy I bet, just not as good or as often as you might of been hoping for.

when I was wasting my teenage years, colton was probably teething

when I was in my 30s, he was impregnating girls who wouldn't give me the time of day

Oh, so you're aren't Colton. Why are you posting people you know onto Cred Forums? What are you tying to accomplish here?

why is he touching his face while working on an engine.

Circumcision did a number on him.

Colton pozzed my butthole with teh AIDS

Colton looks like he is fittin to get fucked up the ass

Jokes on him. I’m a huge fag. And I fuck guys like Colton, 3 at a time. So yeah, I’d breed his boipucci and delete him lol.

Impregnating? Why the fuck would anyone want to go around impregnating?

Use a condom retard.

I'm posting him mainly because I sort of want to talk about being a slave for 4 years in rural Arkansas. I put up with a lot of shit in HS because Colton was sexy and I didn't want my faggotry to become known to the whole town.

Man I wish I could have sucked his cock.

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How many times did Colton breed your ass?

It wasn't often. Probably 5 times at most. Master did it the first time because of a pregnancy scare when we were sophomores and he needed to relieve stress.

Most of the time it was just doing his homework, laundry, and covering shifts for him (and giving him the money I made during them). He knew very well I was his.

How old is he now?

lol, yeah alimony is sooooooooooo alpha

We're both 22.

My master doesn't pay any. No girl has ever asked. Though if any of them does threaten to take him to court, I've let him know that I'll just pay it as a thanks for him keeping my secret like how he promised.

One summer I cheated with this pregnant girl long enough for her to miss her opportunity to get an abortion

How were you his slave? Was it half just a sexual thing or was he actually abusing and taking advantage of you?

Dopey looking face, and all the abs in the world cant solve the nub hes got for a dingaling. His background looks rather pedestrian too, so upper middle-class at best.

He doesn't pass mediocre in my books, nice try though.

So this retard is a teenage father. Man, color me green because I AM ENVIOUS!

Word to the wise: dirt isn't attractive and fucking grease is even nastier.

It wasn't really that sexual. Mainly him giving me commands and I'd obey him because 1. He's fucking hot. And 2. He found out I was gay in 8th grade and he threatened to tell everyone unless I did what he said.

Between the time I was 16 to 18 most of the cash I made from my summer jobs went to him for example. In the end I don't mind. He let me have the privilege of getting to be near him and see him shirtless and nude.

>Find nudes of some dude you don't know
>"Hey guys, this is Colton."

ill bend that boi over any day

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So it's more of you just being really pathetic then him being a piece of shit?

pussy juice aint gonna clean itself off, fag

I never said my master was a piece of shit. I said I was his slave. I didn't specify if it was because he was a ruthless psychopath or if I was a closeted fag scared out of my mind.

Is he an actual mechanic, or does is that his attempt at getting pussy?

below average dick

Nobody in Arkansas talk like this. Arkansas fag here.

it's like when bitches at the gym pour water over themselves to make others believe its sweat

Colton looks like he was held back several times during 5th Grade

it’s above average